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Sometimes, games don't run right, or you want to have a way to do things such as extract the games' data or music, or make your games more accessible.  Here we offer popular tools that will fix issues or change your experience in helpful ways.

~Make Life Easier~

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  1. PC-98 Emulator ~ Neko Project II

    Credits and Links:
    Kurzov and Feeva ~ Instructions and screenshots
    http://nenecchi.html.xdomain.jp/#PC-98 ~ source of the emulator. Keeps getting updates.


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  2. DLL Installer

    For those of you having the DLL issue with your games, this link with provide you with the installer for the DLL files needed to run most of the touhou games past the classic era.


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  3. Input Display

    Pretty true to its name, this gives you an input display that you can drag around, and even customize a little.  Since it reads from the game's memory rather than directly from your controller inputs, it can also show you replay inputs.  It auto-detects any of the games it's compatible with when it's opened, so you don't need to connect it to anything or give it any information.  The author acknowledges that the reason it doesn't have anything for the photography games by default is because those games don't map all the input values properly.

    Stuff You Can Customize
    > KeyUpImg: The image used for un-pressed keys.
    > KeyDownImg: The image used for keys being held down.
    > BGColor: The general background color of the window, which uses hex values.
    > Button positions are mapped to X/Y coordinates relative to the top-left of the window; the window will expand to fit things that have positive coordinates, so you can make your buttons as large as you want or customize where everything is however you like.  (To remove a button from being able to be seen, you can just give it negative coordinates; it's programmed not to display anything with negative coordinates.)
    > The Address List lists per-line a game's executable name and the address of its input bit vector.  You can add or remove as many entries as you like, as long as you make sure it will work.  Valid addresses start with 0x, followed by 6-8 hex-digits.  This allows compatibility with future games.

    Support List: Th06 (EoSD), Th07 (PCB), Th08 (IN), Th09 (PoFV), Th09.5 (StB), Th10 (MoF), Uwabami Breakers, Th11 (SA), Th12 (UFO), Th12.5 (DS), Th12.8 (FW), Th13 (TD), Th14 (DDC), Th14.3 (ISC), Th15 (LoLK)  


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  4. DirectX 8 to 9 Converter

    This fixes full-screen issues in Classic Era games in Windows 10.  Simply stick the folder's contents in the game's folder; to uninstall, just delete them.

    Specific things this can fix, among other things:
    * Fixes EoSD's unlimited framerate when in full-screen.
    * Fixes IaMP simply not working in full-screen.
    * Enables exclusive full-screen instead of Borderless windowed on Windows 10.
    * Enables compatibility with lots of screen-recording and streaming software (for example, OBS).
    * Enables compatibility with various third-party graphics tools (for example, MSI Afterburner and SweetFX).

    There's only one known issue in IaMP with character sprites being blurry due to poor sprite filtering.

    Support List: Th06 (EoSD), Th07 (PCB), Th07.5 (IaMP), Th08 (IN), Th09 (PoFV), Th09.5 (StB)


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  5. Scorefile Converter

    This thing generates text and HTML summaries of scorefiles.

    Support List: Th06 (EoSD), Th07 (PCB), Th07.5 (IaMP), Th08 (IN), Th09 (PoFV), Th09.5 (StB), Th10 (MoF), Th10.5 (SWR), Th11 (SA), Th12 (UFO), Th12.3 (Soku), Th12.5 (DS), Th12.8 (FW), Th13 (TD), Th14 (DDC), Th14.3 (ISC)


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  6. Touhou Toolkit

    This is a tool that will allow you to extract, modify, and repack game data.  Specifically, what this tool can get for you is:
    > th*.dat files - Game Archives (Can Extract & Repack)
    > .anm files - Image Archives and Animation Data (Can Extract, Convert to .png, Repack)
    > .ecl files - Stage Scripts (Can Dump & Recompile) [These files are what contain the contain enemy layouts and danmaku patterns.]
    > .msg files - Dialogue (Can Dump & Recompile)
    > .std files - Background Scripts (Can Dump & Recreate)
    We've included the latest version of the GUI, which is found in the Bin folder.  At the moment, the GUI supports all of the non-Retro bullet hell and photography games (no fighters); it's important to note that for games the GUI doesn't support, you can still run the appropriate command line executable to get your data the hard way.



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  7. Touhou Launcher

    This is a tool that gives you a panel from which you can run any official game you've got, as well as offering support for adding your own entries to a different tab for fangames.  Naturally, this does require you to tell the launcher where each and every one of your executables are, but that's about it for all the Windows games.  (Entries on the official games tab go from being black and white to lighting up in color as you tell the launcher where each game is.)  It's a bit fickle when it comes to the Retro Era games, as it can only be given a shortcut to Neko Project II (which is what will open when you click one of the retro games).  It also has the ability to download and extract replays to the appropriate games' folders, having its own built-in browser that goes to Gensokyo.org, RoyalFlare.net, and ThReplays.BlogSpot.com for easy acquisition.

    If you don't like the button images, don't fret; you can check an option in the Settings tab for custom game images so you can assign your own button images!  Instructions for how to format the pictures so that the launcher will read them properly are found in the Settings.
    Supports all official games to date (all the way up to LoLK) and any fangames you put on its Fan Games tab.


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  8. V-Sync Patch

    The primary purpose of these patches is to make it so that the games have reduced input delay.  Instructions on how to apply the patches is included, and instead of asking you to get the new EoSD dll file separately (as TouhouWiki does), we have included it here.

    However, these patches also come with the other following features:
    * Enables use of Ctrl to fast-forward replays in games before this was a thing.
    * Fixes display glitches in PCB Cherry values and UFO scores.
    * Option to select full-screen or windowed in games before this was a thing.
    * You can elect to fix the MoF Marisa B power glitch.
    * You can change the size of the games' windows in windowed mode.

    Support List: Th06 (EoSD), Th07 (PCB), Th08 (IN), Th09 (PoFV), Th09.5 (StB), Th10 (MoF), Uwabami Breakers, Th11 (SA), Th12 (UFO), Th12.5 (DS), Th12.8 (FW), Th13 (TD), Th15 (LoLK)


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