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  1. Here's mine. Posted in the other thread too because why not. Together With Hekaa-Chan
  2. Sorry for the inactivity, as you can see I no longer have administrative powers. After beginning to work full-time and conflicts with other staff members I became inactive. I'm always happy to provide recommendations though! Together With Hekaa-Chan is one of my favourites, period. It's very cute and lighthearted.
  3. Sorry for not being very active lately - I was planning on doing a lot more things with the club, but that's been on hold for a moment. As evidenced by my lack of activity on the site I've been on a hiatus. I'll probably be back in August (hopefully) once I'm done moving in to my own apartment. I have some cool things planned for both the site and the club. Until then, add me on Discord if you wish to contact me. Until then, please wait warmly.
  4. My personal favourite is anything here. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/13-2KIBOnSKQlG2-Ys41ryAuK8_6t79_nAhlhU2i6dKA/edit?usp=sharing Have fun.
  5. Version  


    Title: The Melancholy of the Magicians Artist: Chikage Circle: Kinokodou Released: Comiket 77
  6. Version  


    Title: To The Stars I Give My Wishes, And To You I Give Me Artist: Chikage Circle: Kinokodou Released: Comiket 76
  7. You should start an art thread.
  8. Version  


    By: Hot Dog Chuck - It's far from what you're thinking, pervert. :L - A few things happened here and there, Marisa welcomes Alice to her own home, invites her to make a Doujinshi together, and what comes next...I'd like to hear more about your opinion on what comes next. :I
  9. Version  


    By: Poprication - Finally, a "Mari x (-insert name here-)" where the latter isn't named Alice! - Leaving aside my burning hatred for the Mari-Ali pairing. This one features Marisa and her inner thoughts about Reimu. How she tries to compete with her, understand her, and get up close and personal. All because they share so many sentiments and experiences together...
  10. Version  


    By: Vivit Gray - Had this one been authored a year later, maybe Sukuna would've made a cameo. :L - Remember the old saying "curiosity killed the cat"? Well, do you remember the old American movie "Honey, I shrunk the Kids"? Read it, be curious, find out what happens in this story.
  11. Sakkun




    By: Ennui Akadako - Guess who got into age old religion? Marisa has finally met her match when her danmaku theft is stopped cold and left with one less option. With the advice of a mischievous hermit, she gets into the arts of Taoism and baits Reimu in to help her.
  12. Version  


    By: Hitomishiri - So Marisa wants to be a woman in this one, eh? Q: Well what's the best way to make someone a woman? A: Dressup!! Seriously though, simply messing with her isn't enough. You've got to enjoy yourself while doing it, am I right?
  13. Version  


    By: Sou Soul - She might. She might not. Either way, what's to lose by finding out yourself?
  14. Version  


    By: Custom Size Released: 2010-03-14 - Okay, this might be taking it a little far, but... - Find out for yourself. This one says it all!
  15. Version  


    By: Shironegi-ya - Here's a step up from the cliche and cute. Alice gets an invite to another drinking party at the Hakurei Shrine, and goes only because Marisa urged her. She's very bitter towards Marisa, despite her relations with her. Why, you might ask? Find out. ?
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