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The Touhou franchise is so well-loved that other developers have been making their own Touhou-related fangames for years - and many have been doing a very good job of it lately.  Here we offer a selection of many of the best-made and most popular Touhou spinoff games.

You do NOT need to contact a admin or mod to upload your content. As long as you meet the requirements, you can upload it yourself. 

Please note of the following guidelines:

- You must be in the Verified group to gain permission to upload. 

- Game cannot be more than 300MB in size. If, for whatever reason, your game is larger than 300MB. Please contact a mod or admin and they will upload on your behalf.

- Although a VirusTotal scan link isn't required, it will be better earn the trust of our members and make it more likely to download your content.

- Be as detailed as possible in the description for your game.

- Please upload your content within it's respective categories. 

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