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Touhou 15.5: Antimony of Common Flowers [OST] v01

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About This File

About This File

Release Information
Type: Fighter
Publisher: ZUN
Date of Release: January 5, 2018 (Steam)
Comiket 93
Tracks: 58
(Track list to be added eventually)

What's New in Version v01


-Re-uploaded to file server. No changes made to file itself. 

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I extracted the English track list from Touhou Wiki, with some RegEx and Excel magic. For fellow fans of mass renaming, here it is:

01. Seeds of the Incident
02. Being Things Eye To Eye
03. The Ground's Color is Yellow ~ Primrose
04. Dichromatic Lotus Butterfly ~ Red and White
05. Mushroom Waltz
06. Love-Coloured Master Spark
07. The Palanquin Ship Flies in the Sky
08. The One Jointly Responsible
09. The Traditional Old Man and the Stylish Girl
10. Equality Under the Law of Dharma
11. Emotional Skyscraper ~ Cosmic Mind
12. Constant and Unchanging Temple of Worship
13. An Odd Couple
14. Omiwa Legend
15. Shining Armillary Sphere
16. Shoutoku Legend ~ True Administrator
17. The Ravine Kappa's Technological Prowess
18. Akutagawa Ryuunosuke's ''Kappa'' ~ Candid Friend
19. A Rose Blooming in the Underworld
20. Hartmann's Youkai Girl
21. Two Minds of One Body
22. In the Deep-Green Tanuki Forest
23. Futatsuiwa from Gensokyo
24. Shinkirou Theatrical
25. The Lost Emotion
26. Grandiloquence
27. Immortal Red Soul
28. Reach for the Moon, Immortal Smoke
29. The Inverted Castle Lit by the Setting Sun
30. Inchlings of the Shining Needle ~ Little Princess
31. Scheming Outside the Box
32. Overcome a Thousand Trials
33. Battlefield of the Flower Threshold
34. Dream World Folklore
35. Last Occultism ~ Esotericist of the Present World
36. Corridor Stretching to Eternity
37. Lunatic Eyes ~ Invisible Full Moon
38. Sleep Sheep Parade
39. Eternal Spring Dream
40. In High Spirits
41. Night Falls ~ Evening Star
42. Yorimashi Between Dreams and Reality ~ Necro-Fantasia
43. The Curtain Shall Rise Soon
44. Tonight Stars an Easygoing Egoist (Live ver.) ~ Egoistic Flowers.
45. Floating with the Tide
46. Possession Flowers Yet to Bud
47. Sprouts of Suspicion
48. Occult Attract
49. Neo Bamboo Forest in Flames
50. Branches Reaching to the Truth
51. Bell of Aeons
52. Blizzard of Scattering Possession Flowers
53. Flawless as Clothing of the Celestials ~ Yellow Lily
54. Bhavaagra as Far as the Eye Can See
55. Catastrophe in Bhavaagra ~ Wonderful Heaven
56. Unknown X ~ Occultly Madness
57. Possession Flowers in Full Bloom
58. The Eternal Steam Engine

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On 7/6/2018 at 5:40 PM, Athan said:

For fellow fans of mass renaming

I have my work cut out for me.

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The Perfect Possession Discography features three tracks not included here. Not sure where they'd fit in.

59 - The Blooms of Spirit Possession {U2 Akiyama}
60 - The Yorimashi Sits Between Dream and Reality ~ Necro-Fantasia {U2 Akiyama}
61 - Tonight Stars and Easygoing Egoist ~ Egoistic Flowers {U2 Akiyama}

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