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    Hello! I've never really been part of online community before, so I don't know if I'll actually post much... but oh well. I discovered Touhou through music remixes on youtube and started playing EoSD since 2018. I haven't beaten every Touhou game I've played, but so far I've tried games 6 through 9. I wanna start 10 onwards soon. As for my other interests, I like programming, I play Nintendo games, I'm learning Japanese (but still a complete beginner) and I occasionally cook Japanese food. Nice to meet you, have a nice day : )
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    Well... for me, i read from the oldest first. but some people read differently. wew... a wall of texts.. AND take note that the music CDs have stories in them So yeah... if you want to start with date, there it is if you want to start from popularity, it's either The Inaba of the Moon and Inaba of the Earth, Wild and Horned Hermit or Forbidden Scrollery.
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    Hello everyone, nice to meet you. I've been a big fan of Touhou and been playing the games since 2013. I started with Touhou 6: EOSD and worked my way up. I've played tons of the fangames and listened to tons of the soundtracks and remixes/covers over the course of my time. Aside from Touhou, I'm also a big fan of JRPGs and Survival Horror games. I'm hoping to try and be somewhat active in Forums or Discord as I'm kind of nervous speaking online. If anyone wants to show me something new or teach me new strategies please do. I love learning new stuff about Touhou. Where I'm from I'm probably the only person who likes Touhou so hopefully I'll make some good friends here. Thanks for having me
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    I'm not sure I'd be as concerned with people "destroying the fandom" as I'm seeing in this thread. If people decide they don't like touhou there may be a period with some minor backlash, but over time it'll just mean a return to the quiet build of the original fandom before smash. Worst case scenario is that most people are only creating touhou content because they find it subversive to their culture, and once that changes they move onto the next thing, ala hipster effect. Most dedicated artist will still be around, memelords will still dominate the discord (based on steam chat atm, I cant really check discord on my schedule). Fresh blood brings life & variety, not stagnation and death.
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    TH06: As of the 2019-02-25 build, thcrap's support now covers everything the old static patch did and more, and we now recommend it. TH14.5: You're hosting v1.11 (from 2015) with the outdated static patch, the current version is v1.41. TH15.5: You're hosting v1.00 (from 2017), the current version is v1.10. thcrap support and its English patch may be sort of glitched and janky, but is still widely preferred to Tasofro's attempt at an Engrish translation among the community, from what I've gathered. TH16.5: The English patch was completely less than 48 hours after the game was released, which apparently was still too long for you to notice its existence? Here are correct standalone packages for TH06 and TH16.5. They're only missing the BGM files, which can be supplemented from any other package for these games. (That'd be the bgm/ directory of TH06, and thbgm.dat for TH16.5.) As for TH14.5 and TH15.5, updating them to the latest official version, adding the English standalone packages, and running them a few times to get all the updates should be enough. Lastly, I'd like to ask you assume just a bit more responsibility. Keeping track of any updates from your "suppliers" (read: ZUN/Tasofro/thpatch), at least on a sort of regular basis, should kind of be expected from a site of your size and notoriety, as well as in your own interest? We regularly get people coming to us with support issues that would not have existed if the premier Western Touhou piracy site wasn't lagging months or even years behind current developments.
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    My apologies for necroposting. Just wanted to share my small hoard, I’m building up. The Remi stuff belongs to my brother, but everything else is mine. Though, I’m missing my Welcome Hell t-shirt...
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    Hello everyone, and it’s quite nice to meet you all here! I go by Murasa these days but people used to call me Yoshie, if I may be honest. anyway, my interest in Touhou sort of started back in 2016, I think? There were several pieces of the series that lead me to discovering Touhou, but one namely was Scarlet Curiosity.(Needless to say it sparked my curiosity in the franchise, ahaha... Sorry about that.) Since then, I’ve become totally enamored by ZUN’s work, and all he’s inspired. Especially his music. Apart from this series; I enjoy playing the guitar, drums, bass and keyboard. Reading about Eastern folklore. Playing & reading horror games/stories. So I’ve rambled enough about myself. I hope we can be good friends in the near future. It’s been a long while since I’ve joined an online community so I’m really nervous, to be completely honest. take care! P.S: This is not an RP profile. Captain Murasa is just one of my faves. Apart from Hecatia, maybe.
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    Hello, nice to meet you guys. I'm glad I finally found a place about Touhou, I'm probably the only person whose ever heard of the franchise here Anyway, I've been playing some of the games since I registered here and I gotta say, it isn't easy at all. WAY HARDER than most games I've played before. But it's also pretty fun, love those colorful patterns. Also, helpful tips and advices are very appreciated, especially from the pros around here
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    Hello and greetings from your destitute self-appointed vice-president of the Doujin Manga Club! I've been thinking about making a little competition lately, something simple and fresh yet stylish. The basic idea is a treasure hunt for a Touhou manga, official or otherwise, that best captures the essence of daily life in Gensokyo. Now, what do I mean by that? To put it cleanly, a manga that tells the story of one character or multiple characters going about their lives in a way that could be seen as an average day. For examples: a manga wherein Sakuya is tending to the everyday duties of being a maid at the Scarlet Devil Mansion. Or a manga about Nitori trying to make a new gadget or gizmo. Or even a manga about Reimu trying to stave off her hunger pangs. Just to think of a few. Once all the submissions are gathered people would vote on which one they think best fits the theme and the winner gets bragging rights and maybe 5 bucks or something. The rules would follow as so: 1) One submission per person. 2) Each submission can only be one chapter. The length of the chapter may vary. 3) If you made a submission you must vote or else you sacrifice your right to be in the runnings 4) Can't vote for your own submission So, who would be interested? If anything this first competition would be a trial run, see what works, see what doesn't. Laying down the groundwork for future competitions if everyone is into it.
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    Release Information Type: Simulation Game Developer: Sisonoha Publisher: Sisonoha Release: Comiket 83, on December 30, 2012 Language: Japanese Description Set in a vast open area and without specific storyline, USC allows player to roam freely through a flat 2D world and is given considerable freedom in choosing how or when to approach objectives such as exploration, gathering resources, crafting, and combat. However, the game has two definitive objectives: survival where players have to gather natural resources and maintain their life, and creative where players can make various things such as building house, library, etc.
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    It must be a coincidence that Zun's birthday was also mine yesterday and it's also a coincidence that I'm into Touhou. (PS.Happy birthday Zun!)
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    I uploaded 55 to 57 and updated 58 to 61's screenshots and descriptions:
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    Might as well throw in my two cents. First, yeah, it would be kind of cool to how Reimu would look in Smash, but honestly, I would see Reimu being way back in terms of possibilities. While Touhou may be decently well known in Japan, and have a small, but growing fanbase outside of it, there are a lot of other franchises and characters that are more popular/well known/in demand. The only reason I can think of for Reimu to be more likely is that I've gotten the (obviously very distant) impression that Zun is a chill guy and probably wouldn't ask for as much money as others would. Of course, I also say this with no grasp of Nintendo's business model, so . . . Second, an influx of new fans just really means more of everything. More newbies, more noobs, more creators, more haters, more artists, more trolls. There would be a disproportionate amount that would think ill of the series because "your character got in when it should have been my character", but that would (hopefully) pass. Sadly, I can tell you that there are already people out there who hate Touhou "because it's popular".
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    That would be EPIC. seriously. if she shows up, the whole fandom will explode. And since some SSBU fan will probably convert to shintoism Touhou as well, the Fandom will be bigger than ever before (brace yourself when that happen). so yeah... we all like to see her in SSBU.
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    I made the official game's descriptions match the ones i used for the fangames, i also uploaded covers for most of the games and updated screenshots how i could. Ah, and now the games have their full name.
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    For me personally, there were a lot of pieces that drew me to this series. It really started when I listened a re-remix of Night Of Nights, played by the Epic Sax Guy. Then I watched a One Minute Melee vídeo of DIO vs Sakuya.(I had no idea who this Maid was initially, and had hoped that DIO would win... I was pleasantly mistaken.) Then came Scarlet Curiosity, which I bought on PSN. Obviously, I only knew of Sakuya so I was totally confused by what I was playing lore-wise. But it kept me interested enough to look for more, so I came across The Disappearing Of Gensokyo on Steam, and bought it along with all the DLC.(When in Rome, no?) At first, I wasn’t too convinced by this blue-haired girl holding a lightsaber.(Tenshi. Sorry for my ignorance back then.) But then as I kept playing and picked up Mystia, I picked up another tiny head for a white-haired girl, noticed she carried a katana so I was immediately interested in this girl. Youmu instantly became a favorite of mine when I actually started doing research on Touhou characters & lore. Finally, I ended up picking up yet another game from Steam. Though, I wasn’t aware this was an official work. I thought the drawing was kinda cute. So I ended up enjoying Hidden Star in Four Seasons, despite the Japanese dialogue, but I got the gist of it thanks to Wikia pages. Eventually I nabbed Imperishable Night. (From this website, no less.) beating it a few times on Normal. Though, I got destroyed several times before winning without Continues. Next came Subterranean Animism, which I really fell in love with. No matter how much it hates me, ahaha... Now I’m here, scooping up every available Touhou game, fan-game, Manga and merchandise I can find... And that my wallet permits.
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    Made basically unnoticeable changes to very minor errors on a few game pages: Mystic Square Embodiment of Scarlet Devil Perfect Cherry Blossom Phantasmagoria of Flower View Shoot the Bullet Scarlet Weather Rhapsody Antinomy of Common Flowers Hidden Star in Four Seasons
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    Good to see you! We always want new people into Touhou, regardless of how active they are. If you feel like you wanna talk to us more, be sure to join the Discord server.
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    Release Information Type: Action/Platform Developer: MyACG Studio Publisher: MyACG Studio Release: 11 Jan, 2018 Language: Chinese (default), English (switchable in options) version: 3.1.0 The game has all the DLC. Description "The Disappearing of Gensokyo" is a Touhou Project doujin game made with our love and heart, we hope you enjoy it. A game from MyACG Studio, a Chinese doujin game fan circle. We have re-imagined Touhou as an ARPG, creating this "Danmaku-Shooting-ARPG". Fight against different kinds of enemies, and defeat the powerful bosses of Gensokyo! We hope this game will be a good experience for those who are both new and knowledgeable of Gensokyo - the world of Touhou Project! The game's Steam page (please buy it if you can): https://store.steampowered.com/app/776490/__The_Disappearing_of_Gensokyo/
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    IMPORTANT: If you have problems with the games such as insanely high FPS counts or glitchy full screen, download this and put the contents of the zip into the folder of the wonky game. 90 percent of the time will fix the problem. Release Information Type: Bullet Hell Developer: Team Shanghai Alice Publisher: Team Shanghai Alice Release: September 22, 2002 Language: English-Patched (Touhou Patch Center/THCRAP) Silhouette On Cover: Flandre Scarlet (Extra Boss) Character Information Playable Characters: 2 (Reimu, Marisa) Shot Types: 2 Each POC: Requires Max Power Description A thick scarlet mist is covering Gensokyo; it blocks out the sun, which causes affected areas to become cold. Our heroines believe the culprit lives in the newly-materialized Scarlet Devil Mansion, and so they depart with the goal of “questioning” those who live there. Mods * Retexture Patch This replaces all the imagery in the game with crisper, higher-resolution textures. Sprites are also updated with those from newer games. You pick between versions where the hitbox is never visible (as in vanilla) or always visible. * Focus-Only Hitbox Patch A patch that causes your hitbox to become visible when you’re Focusing (the behavior of all games after this one). (I don’t know if this is compatible with the Retex Patch.) Unique Gameplay Mechanics * This is the only Windows game where you cannot see your hitbox while focusing. Rank *A hidden value between 0 and 32, higher rank values increase bullet speed and the amount of bullets, having the most prominent effects in boss attacks. *Rank goes up as time surviving goes on and goes up dramatically with spell card caps. *Rank goes down by 16 when you are hit, not killed but hit, meaning a deathbomb WILL decrease rank. Some spellcards decrease rank when bombed IE Water Elf. Scorefile * This scorefile was provided by an unknown source. * It has true 100% completion status; Extra is unlocked for all characters and shot types. Th06 Scorefile (EoSD).zip
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    Release Information Original Title: 東方リズムカーニバル!紅 (Touhou Rhythm Carnival! Kurenai) Genre: Rhythm Game Developer/Publisher: Focas Lens Released: 2012 (Reitaisai 9) Language: English (Patched) Description Plot Point: Aya Shameimaru was finding stories to make into articles for her paper. However, finding fresh and good stories was no easy work. Then she became inclined to go to the Scarlet Devil Mansion she happened to pass by. Aya had a hunch that something interesting was going to happen, so she decided to visit. Controls: Z = A button, Confirm, Advance X = B button, Cancel, Go back Spacebar = Pause button Arrow Keys = Used to move around the menu and is also used in some minigames. P = Screenshot (saved in the Screenshot folder as a BMP) How It Works: Essentially, it's a rhythm game. You pick a scenario (minigame) to play, press buttons in time with the beat, and win. And by win, I mean you get points for your timing, and at the end you get a medal (bronze, silver, gold) based on your performance. Each minigame uses its own keys out of the typical Touhou controls (such as Z, X, and the arrow keys) depending what is necessary to do during that minigame.
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    Oh, that's a good point. Hmmmm... I want to say that "daily life" can be canon and non-cannon just to keep the pool of potential entries large. If you can see a reason to limit entries to be only one or the other I'm all ears.
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    I'l give it shot. Do you have any resources that will help find these doujins or is the idea to go in blind?
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    Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday dear Zun, Happy birthday to you.
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    Oh it was Zun's birthday yesterday? That's cool, does the Touhou community do anything special on this event?
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    Made by the jealous, for the envious. Feel free to ask if you want to know a pictures artist.
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    huh.. it seems you tried to open the file directly instead of downloading it. i see you using Edge, Edge having problem that saves download files as ".txt" file. dunno about this one, but i recommend to move to another browser. maybe add Download Manager for extra touch. and about that signature, open your account drop down menu which located at the top right edge of the website > account settings > signature
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    Release Information Type: Action/Platform Developer: Peposoft Publisher: Conagusuri Release: Comiket 79, 2010 Language: Japanese Playable Characters: 5 (Byakuren Hijiri, Minamitsu Murasa, Shou Toramaru, Nazrin and Ichirin Kumoi) Controls Move: Arrow keys Jump: Z Shoot: X Switch Characters: S and A Description Touhou Koukayaku (English: Eastern Rainbow Medicine) is similar to Rockman series and features the cast of Touhou Seirensen as the bosses. Touhou Koukayaku actually is a vocal and instrumental album released by Conagusuri at Comiket 78. Later, when new album "Touhou Shinmayaku" released at Comiket 79, the game version of Touhou Koukayaku was included as an additional item. At first, you'll play as Byakuren Hijiri. but after beating the bosses you are allowed to switch characters. Just like Conagusuri's Gensoukyou Fantasia, this game also uses tracks and includes promotional videos taken from the original album. Plot Point: I dunno, it's Japanese so I can't read it, something to do with Nue and you must defeat her for some reason, so yeah have fun with that...... BYAKURENMAN! ALL THE WAY ACROSS JAPAN! How it works: It's a Megaman type game, you go to stages and do your thing, except after each stage you recruit the members of the Palanquin ship, and use them to aid you in your mission to beat Nue for some reason. Yay fighting someone for an unknown reason! Difference In Characters: As you unlock each character you will begin to see the differences they have between each other, the main factors to look out for are: Float time, movement speed and weapon type. Different Sections: In each stage there is four sections (The last section is the boss battle) and every time you enter a new section, your health is refilled, so no having to look for cheese (The health restoration items) before you move on. UFOs: In order to fight the boss rush you must collect UFOs in each stage, you can find the location of said UFOs by getting Nazrin and looking around in each stage until Nazrin gets a blue circle on her, how you get the UFOs when this happens? Well, you go look around the area where Nazrin is all "Oh man, a UFO is around here." (Normally left or up of where the indicator goes off) and turn into Shou to reach the areas with the UFOs, once you have collected them all the question mark stage will now be available to enter (The picture will show all of the bosses now that you have all of the UFOs) and good times will be had if you loved fighting the bosses of the game. Description by Nitorium.
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    Release Information Type: 2D Action/Platformer Developer: LION HEART Publisher: LION HEART Release: Comiket 84, August 12, 2013 Version: 1.10 Language: Japanese (English - Steam) Character Information Playable Characters: 1 (Tenshi) Description There are four styles which can be fully customized to possess whatever bullet/spellcard type you wish. Important: Dashing through an enemy's attack animation will trigger a scarlet aura around the enemy. Attack the enemy with the Sword of Hisou to trigger a weather change effect. This is necessary at some points in the game to proceed. Scarlet mist on the ground are sources of large revenue. Use Sword of Hisou on them. You cannot activate them if you have full charge. Bosses sometimes will appear with different spellcards depending on how well you're faring. Taking multiple hits will result in your screen glowing red on the edges. This means you are close to death. To reverse the effect, you must stop receiving hits to regenerate constitution. Bullets/Spellcards can be bought with points that you have accumulated in the pause menu. The game's Steam page (please buy it if you can): https://store.steampowered.com/app/994020/Tempest_of_the_Heavens_and_Earth/
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    It's working... is it the link that broken or the file?
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    Link seems to be working for me. Wonder what it could be.
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    It would be nice, but honestly I don't think the time is right. As some have already pointed out, the franchise isn't very well known in the west and there are other characters from more popular series that have a higher demand to be included. Maybe it would be better, if all the Touhou games so far get realized as it would expose more people to the games and then Reimu could get included.
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    I think is because this is repeated twice in the address bar. Just try deleting this. "https://moriya-shrine.nyc3.digitaloceanspaces.com/" It worked for me.
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    I would love to see Reimu DLC in smash. I think she would make a great character. The only thing I fear is that Sakurai would probably want a character everyone is familiar with and Reimu is mostly known in Japan. Not many westerners are familiar with Touhou unless they've browsed the internet regularity. Though in the past Sakurai, has put characters in the game that didn't have an origin game released in the west yet so that's not much of a barrier really. The only thing that's gonna bother me about this is fact that Touhou will go from being known in west as a niche game to a popular game that everyone will know about. This means: - Newbies digging up old memes - Let's players making rage compilations - Lots of really dumb uninspired video game parodies - Never forget that there will absolutely be a wave of undeserved hate from random people who will create an anti fandom just because they're tired of people talking about Touhou. I might be over-exaggerating just a bit but I can guarantee at least one of those things. Bayonetta got a lot of undeserved hate I remember that.
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    Artist: Foxtail-Grass Studio Year: 2012-05-27 (Reitaisai 9) Track Count: 18 Track List: 振り子時計の見る世界 フキノトウ そよ風のハンモック ゆらゆらぶらり きっとずっとどこまでも アサガオ 日陰と帽子と風鈴と 氷だらけのアイスコーヒー 雨のにおいに誘われて キンモクセイ 風舞う紅葉と実の薫り きのこたけのこ 夕暮れ赤とんぼ 雪化粧に包まれて ホットミルクの一息 ポンチョの中の天国 瑠璃色プラネタリウム ゆめのおわりに Additional Links: Virus Total Scan 7-Zip Download
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    Artist: Foxtail-Grass Studio Year: 2011-12-30 (Comiket 81) Track Count: 9 Track List: 銀の絨毯、一雫の花片 Snow Mountain 隠れ里の呼び声 アイリス Stairs to Heaven 桜花爛漫、夢遊幻界 Cattleya Planetaria -Catt. Edit- メグルユメ Additional Links: Virus Total Scan 7-Zip Download
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    I can't speak for everyone here, but as a programmer/self-anointed game designer I've a few concerns on the docs themselves that I can go into in PM's/with your approval to get into some legalese/gray area/uncomfortable topics. Biggest concern though is that you've got a concept for a game, but no specifications on what the project is going to be structured around (that I could find in the second document with the specifications on levels and collaborator tasks). Specifically I'd like to know what systems I'm going to need to use to create the game before going in. Is this project going to use Unreal? Unity? Custom Engine that the programmer needs to make? Modifying a touhou game? Etc. I would not leave this up to the individual developers to decide as file formats, workflows, and workloads can vary drastically between engine platforms, so even just picking one at random can create a much more concrete and manageable problem than a vague goal. Plus if you specify a platform and lose a developer their work is potentially salvageable by the next dev so long as they both understand the tool set. (Also I'm not sure but I think your listed labels might be backwards, the "general concept without spoilers" url took me to the more in depth document that had spoiler tags.)
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    All games from Touhou 13 to 16 have now been updated with the new THpatch, and uploaded to Digital Ocean, the download links here have been changed to reflect that
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    The music in this series is definitely a highlight. I'd say ZUNs one of the best there in the industry and I know it's one of the things the series is most well known for.
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    Artist: Foxtail-Grass Studio Year: 2011-05-08 (Reitaisai 8 ) Track Count: 10 Track List: 蟲達の夜想曲 泪雨 月明りのバルコニー planetaria ちいさなスキマのしきがみさん 星海のエソテリカ サジタリウス Hepatica GateCode:XXX 天気雨 Additional Links: Virus Total Scan 7-Zip Download
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    Artist: Foxtail-Grass Studio Year: 2010-12-30 (Comiket 79) Track Count: 9 Track List: 秋風月 Mountain Journey White Memories ささぶね Mysterious Road 秋鳴りシンフォニー 神語り Lupinus メグリネ Additional Links: Virus Total Scan 7-Zip Download
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    Artist: Foxtail-Grass Studio Year: 2010-03-14 (Reitaisai 7) Track Count: 9 Track List: せせらぎの向こうに見えた幻想 昼下がりの憂鬱 Romanstone 豊穣の大収穫祭 風に舞う木の葉と神の社 現を断ずる妖の森 星空のユーフォーロマンス かわくだり 雲流れ Additional Links: Virus Total Scan 7-Zip Download
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    How does the Rank system work and what do they mean on this website?
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    Version v01


    Release Information Publisher: Ichijinsha Writer: Zun Illustrators: Moriki Takeshi, Genji Asai, Kususaga Rin Date of Release: July 28, 2009 Type: Illustrated Reference Book Synopsis: Marisa wants to take a few minutes to sit down and truly analyze everyone's spell cards, hoping that it will reveal some greater truths to her - or at least allow her to figure something out about where she wants to go with her own magic. Dive into the surprisingly-analytical mind of everyone's favorite not-so-"ordinary" magician as she discusses the strengths, weaknesses, and other aspects of the spell cards she's seen - even her own cards are not exempt from analysis: she provides her thoughts on her own cards as well.
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    Version v01


    Release Information Publisher: Ichijinsha Writer: Zun Illustrators: Kususaga Rin, Alphes & Tobi Date of Release: August 11, 2005 Comiket 69 Type: Illustrated Official Fan Book Synopsis: Bohemian Archive in Japanese Red, lit. "Eastern Album of Words and Flowers") is the first official fanbook of the Touhou series. It is written by ZUN and drawn by Kususaga Rin and some others. It features Aya Shameimaru writing a newspaper about the Touhou world, with some comics and newspaper articles. It also comes with a music CD featuring tracks from Phantasmagoria of Flower View.
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    Version v01


    Release Information Publisher: Zun Type: Book (Illustrated) Original Run: 2004 - 2007 Synopsis: In a carefully-chosen location in Gensokyo lies a shop dealing in curiosities and outside-world items, Kourindou. CoLA tells of the events that happen in Rinnosuke's shop, mostly from his own perspective, as he deals with the girls as both actual customers and as freeloaders who just come by to use his stove to cook.
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    I've always felt that The Concealed Four Seasons and Emotional Skyscraper ~ Cosmic Mind are masterful works. Though I may only like the latter because some of the best vocal remixes have stemmed from that theme. But above all, Tonight Stars an Easygoing Egoist gives me chills. I love the crowd cheering in the background, the clapping makes it feel so alive and dynamic. Tonight Stars will always be a personal favorite.


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