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    Just found a way on how to extract 16.5's soundtrack and wanted to post it here. Should be near identical to how the CD release will be. If there are any issues feel free to let me know. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1RyPdyDBP5vAHB7JkhspXFy1H12XGR8ku/view?usp=drivesdk
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    Btw most of the file names are reversed [02]Lucid Dreamer is Old Bar Adam [03]Lunatic Dreamer is Lucid Dream [04]Nightmare Diary is The Darkness Brought In by Swallowstone Naturalis Historia [05]Old Bar Adam is Lunatic Dreamer [06] The Darkness Brought In by Swallowstone Naturalis Historia is Nightmare Diary The rest is ok
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    ah... the Char folder is in different download. it puts in your waifu as the BG (note that the chars is ZUN's drawing). here's the link to download it from the creator's website. Fun Fact: You can add your own image. The image must be at 4:3 Ratio (640x360 or 1024x768 and so on) or it will be stretched, then name it to "thl_(chara first name)" e.g. thl_Reimu or thl_custom1-3. Then put it in the "%Touhou Launcher 1.12\th\char". and you will get error message if a file is moved or missing.
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    Uploaded the OST for Touhou 16.5: Violet Detector
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    Release Information Type: Shooting Game Publisher: ZUN Date of Release: August 10, 2018 Comiket 94 Tracks: 08 Track List 01. Nightmare Journal 02. Lucid Dreamer 03. Lunatic Dreamer 04. Nightmare Diary 05. Old Adam Bar 06. The Darkness Brought In by Swallowstone Naturalis Historia 07. Eternal Spring Dream 08. The Concealed Four Seasons
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    Release Information Type: RPG Publisher: FocasLens Developer: FocasLens Year of Release: ??? Language: English Patched Keyboard Controls Arrow keys - Movement (Z) - Select (X) - Cancel (C) - Swap Items (A/D) - Navigate Menu left/right (S/Space) - Open Menu Gamepad Controls Direction Pad - Movement (A) - Select (B) - Cancel (X) - Swap Items (L/R) - Navigate Menu left/right (Y/Start) - Open Menu Description Storyline: Touhou Puppet Dance Performance (TPDP) starts off with the player character being transported to Gensokyo through unknown circumstances by Yukari. Seemingly there to help solve an incident that occured recently that involves mysterious puppets that seemingly came out of nowhere. These puppets represent all of the maidens of Gensokyo, and its up to the player to solve the incident whilst finding a way back home. Gameplay: Plays heavy similar to Pokemon. If you've ever played Pokemon, you'll quickly grasp this game. A few key differences though. All the "IV" stats are now shown through Ranks (C-S+) "EV" stats, movesets, and even abilities can be changed on the dime using the PP that puppets receive throughout each fight. All "HMs" are replaced by key items that serve the same purpose. Puppets are caught through something called soul threads, these require you to set, then KO the puppet to catch them. Completely opposite to Pokemon. A whole new type table (See "Other Sources" for info on how to see this type table) Other Sources: A good site for extra helpful information on TPDP is of course, the TPDP wiki. Link here. Here you can view the puppet dex, type table, abilities, and even the locations for the puppets.
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    Release Information Type: RPG Publisher: クロスロッジ Developer: クロスロッジ Year of Release: Reitaisai 11, May 27, 2012 Language: English Patched Description Fushigi no Dai Bouken Chiruno Kenzan!, literally translated as Cirno's Great Mystery Adventure!, is a roguelike game created by クロスロッジ and the first game in the series. The main character of the game is Cirno who must investigate an incident that made her friends disappear. The gameplay is similar to Fushigi no Gensokyo series, the main similarity is the heavy use of randomized dungeons and effects, while Cirno explores a randomly generated dungeon using real time moves, she collects items, fights monsters and if she leaves the dungeon, she can sell off the items she found. Cirno may also earn money by completing various tasks and mini games.
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    The file itself is not working. I am able to download it just fine, but I am unable to open it.
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    Make me wonder if we can clear the game without photography
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    I'm reuploading and uploading new fangames. The downloads for the main games might have detonated themeselves because of the new file size limit.
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    Version v01


    IMPORTANT: If you have problems with the games such as insanely high fps counts or glitchy full screen, download this and put the contents of the zip into the folder of the wonky game. 90 percent of the time will fix the problem. Release Information Genre: Bullet Hell Publisher: Zun Year: 2002 Language: English-Patched (ShrineMaiden.com 0.8) Silhouette On Cover: Flandre Scarlet (Extra Boss) Character Information Playable Characters: 2 (Reimu, Marisa) Shot Types: 2 Each POC: Requires Max Power Plot Point A thick scarlet mist is covering Gensokyo; it blocks out the sun, which causes affected areas to become cold. Our heroines believe the culprit lives in the newly-materialized Scarlet Devil Mansion, and so they depart with the goal of “questioning” those who live there. Mods * Retexture Patch This replaces all the imagery in the game with crisper, higher-resolution textures. Sprites are also updated with those from newer games. You pick between versions where the hitbox is never visible (as in vanilla) or always visible. * Focus-Only Hitbox Patch A patch that causes your hitbox to become visible when you’re Focusing (the behavior of all games after this one). (I don’t know if this is compatible with the Retex Patch.) Unique Gameplay Mechanics * This is the only Windows game where you cannot see your hitbox while focusing. Rank. *A hidden value between 0 and 32, higher rank values increase bullet speed and the amount of bullets, having the most prominent effects in boss attacks. *Rank goes up as time surviving goes on and goes up dramatically with spell card caps. *Rank goes down by 16 when you are hit, not killed but hit, meaning a deathbomb WILL decrease rank. Some spellcards decrease rank when bombed IE Water Elf. Scorefile Th06 Scorefile (EoSD).zip * This scorefile was provided by an unknown source. * It has true 100% completion status; Extra is unlocked for all characters and shot types.
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    Yeah.. a lot of downloads detonated itself, it seems the Site Editors doesn't know why either. for now just use this link for the emulator, it's NekoProject 2, pre-configured and did the job fine. i set the CPU to 32 and the GDC at 2.5 Mhz. you might want to configure it yourself, see the guide in this link. and the games download isn't available for each individual games. but the Packed (1-5) games works well. if you open the retro era section you will see "Want to download entire era instead of individually? Click below"
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    Version v01


    Release Information Genre: Photography Publisher: Zun Year: 2018 Language: Japanese Character Information Playable Characters: 1 (Sumireko) Plot Point Unknown.
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    Really fun to play! It was also very fun to figure out how to install. Even made a short clip based on how it was to install! Seriously, it's really fun! 4.mp4
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    There are no files in the download of this album.
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    Version v01


    Release Information Type: Single-Screen Action Game Publisher: ZUN Date of Release: August 15, 1997 Comiket 52 Tracks: 15 Track List 01. A Sacred Lot 02. Eternal Shrine Maiden 03. The Positive and Negative 04. Highly Responsive to Prayers 05. Strange Oriental Discourse 06. Angel's Legend 07. Oriental Magician 08. Blade of Banishment 09. Magic Mirror 10. the Legend of KAGE 11. Now, Until the Moment You Die 12. Civilization of magic 13. Angel of a Distant Star 14. Iris 15. Theme of Eastern Story (Unused)
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    Version v01


    Release Information Type: Shooting Game Publisher: ZUN Date of Release: August 15, 1997 Comiket 52 Tracks: 18 Track List 01. Record of the Sealing of an Oriental Demon ~ Pure Land Mandala 02. Hakurei ~ Eastern Wind 03. She's in a temper!! 04. End of Daylight 05. Power of Darkness 06. World of Empty Dreams 07. Bet on Death 08. Himorogi, Burn in Violet 09. Love-coloured Magic 10. Record of the Sealing of an Oriental Demon ~ A Phantom's Boisterous Dance 11. Complete Darkness 12. Extra Love 13. The Tank Girl's Dream 14. Forest of Tohno 15. Legendary Wonderland 16. Hakurei Shrine Grounds 17. Sunfall 18. Sealed Demon's Finale
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    Version 1.0.0


    So I decided to share some of my Touhou animated cursors that I've been using lately with you guys, since most likely their original sources will be gone after some years like some already did. Have fun! Also, I do not own anything, I just made a pack with a bunch of cursors that some artists from NicoNicoDouga and Pixiv have made VirusTotal Scan: https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/55be865e462bd4695c69125751d8725f6359a38731db2141bb155add856b2fe0
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    Version v01


    There are a total of 3 "game" items available for download, located below the game information. * Touhou Sky Arena -Hayate- (the original game) and Touhou Sky Arena -Kurenai- (the sequel) are individual, standalone games, which will each work fine by themselves if you like. However, having both is necessary if you want to link the games (thereby creating Matsuri). * The third item, Touhou Sky Arena -Matsuri-, is a game-linking patch that links Hayate to Kurenai, in effect forming one cohesive game; thus it requires you to have both games to work. To alleviate confusion, think of the process as a synthesis you'd do in a video game: Hayate and Kurenai are the base materials, and the Matsuri patch is what you actually perform the synthesis with in order to link the two games. * The individual games must both be formally installed for the Matsuri patch to read them; therefore, to enable you to create Matsuri, we cannot follow our usual extract-and-play format for Hayate and Kurenai - instead, in each game's download, what is provided is the game's installer and a bulk update patch that will bring that game fully up-to-date. Release Information Type: 3D Arena Fighting Publisher: Area-Zero Date of Release: March 13, 2011 (at Retaisai 8) Version: 1.51 Language: Japanese Default Controls You can change these in the TSAConfig found in the game's folder, or using the in-game options menu. Arrow Keys: Move Character/Menu Navigation Z: Slide/Dash (Menus: Confirm) X: Ranged Attack C: Melee Attack V: Shield (Menus: Cancel) S: Ascend D: Descend Q: Lock On W: Center Camera A: Trigger/Shift; this is used for spell casting, as follows: -> A&X: Spell Card -> A&V: EX Spell Card -> A&C: High-Tension Spell Card -> A&Z: Climax Spell Card -> A&S: Mirage Slide Front -> A&D: Mirage Slide Rear Space: Change CPU Behavior Enter: Pause/Menu/Start Button Esc: Pause/Quit Extras * Networking Instructions by Bp3500 * Custom BGM Guide * Spirit Orbs Translation How Character Selection Works From the top to the bottom of the picture seen on the right. Control: Set to 1P-4P, CPU, or an empty slot. Team: Set to Team A, B, C, or D. Character: Choose from the available characters, or pick Random. Type: Either shot type A or B. The only real difference between the two is the Ranged Attack (X) and Spell Card (A+X). This includes charged shots which are done by holding down the corresponding button(s) and letting go. Level: Set the handicap. More stars equals more health. Main Menu Explanation Arcade: Basically Story Mode; you play through that character's story. Sky Adventure (Matsuri Only): Each time you clear a stage, you get to pick from 2 places you want to go next. Vs: Select 1-4 players to fight. You can set teams or have a battle royale. Network: Play with other people online through the internet. You can host locally, or connect to the FlyNetwork System lobby. Survival: Fight endless battles which get harder with each victory until you're defeated to see how long you can survive. Tutorial: A ticker near the bottom will display various commands and teach you how to play/fight. Training: Set CPU actions and difficulty and practice with them to get used to the game. Play Recording: Keeps track of certain game statistics. Replay: Review saved replays. Options: Adjust a few in-game settings. Exit Game: Closes the game. Understanding the Tension Meter Each BGM possesses its own unique tension meter. Tension level affects play by enabling or disabling different abilities. As time passes, a little bar passes through the meter, indicating where the tension level currently stands. This process repeats when the music loops. Low Tension * Disables Fast Fly * Disables Mirage Slide Normal Tension * Characters have access to their typical ability set, minus the specials mentioned below. High Tension * Unlocks High-Tension abilities. * Melee Combo Extension (to 5 Hits) Climax Tension * Unlocks High-Tension & Climax abilities. * Melee Combo Extension (to 7 Hits) * Unlocks Finale Attack Individual Game Information & Downloads Touhou Sky Arena -Matsuri- Game included in the download Year of Release: 2012 Version: 1.58 This is a game-linking patch program. It performs the linking of Hayate and Kurenai (below). This makes all content from both games available, including all characters and stages. It also makes Sky Adventure mode available for play. This is a tool and hardly contains any content itself; it merely performs the synthesis. You must have both Hayate and Kurenai installed, as well as fully-updating both, before this patch can link the two games together. If you don't have both of them, download them below in their subsections. How Do I Use This? This is pretty easy to use. It should find both the component games just fine by itself if both are properly installed on your system; you can just tell it to go ahead and perform the linking process. It's important to note that once the games are linked, you can no longer play them in an un-linked manner (although, why would you want to do that when you have full access to everything this way?). So What Does It Do? Where's the Matsuri Folder? You won't have a combined Matsuri folder, nor an official Matsuri executable, when the merge is done; both of the component games will still exist in their usual folders (so in a physical, folder-visible sense, the games remain separate). Instead, what happens is, Matsuri will replace the individual games' executables with ones that are capable of reading data from the other game's folder on a technical level. Well Then How Do I Play Matsuri? You just run either Hayate or Kurenai with one of their newly-replaced replaced executables, and if everything was done correctly, Matsuri will automatically take over from there. The only difference the chosen executable makes is which opening video you'll see when you open the game. Combined Character List (18) Reimu, Marisa, Cirno, Sakuya, Youmu, Alice, Suwako, Utsuho, Aya, Sanae, Flandre, Suika, Reisen, Mokou, Koishi, Tenshi, Kogasa, Nue Combined Stage List (19) Training Room, Hakurei Shrine (Daytime), Hakurei Shrine (Evening), Forest of Magic (Daytime), Forest of Magic (Nighttime), Moriya Shrine (Daytime), Moriya Shrine (Cloudy), Scarlet Devil Mansion (Daytime), Scarlet Devil Mansion (Snowy), Scarlet Devil Mansion (Crimson Mist), Youkai Mountain, Hakugyokurou, Palace of Earth Spirits (Daytime), Palace of Earth Spirits (Nighttime), Eientei, Bamboo Forest, Bhava-Agra, St. Kawafune (Daytime), St. Kawafune (Nighttime) Matsuri's title screen, combining the two component games' title artwork. Note the "Matsuri" subtitle as well; these things indicate a successful merge. ^ | Link with Patch | / \ Standalone Game Standalone Game / \ Hayate's title screen, with standalone art. Note it has no subtitle, as it's the original game. Kurenai's title screen, with standalone art. Note the red "Kurenai" subtitle. Touhou Sky Arena -Hayate- Included (Includes Game Installer & Bulk Update Patch) Year of Release: 2011 Version: 1.51 This is the original game; it will work fine by itself. This is one half of the synthesis materials you need to create Matsuri. Characters in This Game: 10 Unique to This Game: 8 * Reimu * Marisa * Cirno * Sakuya * Youmu * Alice * Suwako * Utsuho Also in Kurenai: 2 * Aya * Sanae Stages in This Game: 12 Unique to This Game: 6 * Forest of Magic (Daytime) * Forest of Magic (Nighttime) * Scarlet Devil Mansion (Snowy) * Hakugyokurou * Moriya Shrine (Daytime) * Palace of Earth Spirits (Daytime) Also in Kurenai: 6 * Training Room * Hakurei Shrine (Daytime) * Hakurei Shrine (Evening) * Scarlet Devil Mansion (Daytime) * Moriya Shrine (Cloudy) * Youkai Mountain Touhou Sky Arena -Kurenai- Included (Includes Game Installer & Bulk Update Patch) Year of Release: 2012 Version: 1.51 This is the sequel; it will work fine by itself. This is one half of the synthesis materials you need to create Matsuri. Characters in This Game: 10 Unique to This Game: 8 * Flandre * Suika * Reisen * Mokou * Koishi * Tenshi * Kogasa * Nue Also in Hayate: 2 * Aya * Sanae Stages in This Game: 13 Unique to This Game: 7 * Scarlet Devil Mansion (Crimson Mist) * Eientei * Bamboo Forest * Palace of Earth Spirits (Nighttime) * Bhava-Agra * St. Kawafune (Daytime) * St. Kawafune (Nighttime) Also in Hayate: 6 * Training Room * Hakurei Shrine (Daytime) * Hakurei Shrine (Evening) * Scarlet Devil Mansion (Daytime) * Moriya Shrine (Cloudy) * Youkai Mountain
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    Version v01


    What, did you think the mischief had ended? Absolutely not! Proving that the popular series showing the ongoing adventures of the Three Mischievous Fairies cannot be put down by repeated disasters befalling those who do its art, we are now treated to another attempt to show us what our most beloved comedy team is up to these days. As it turns out; quite a bit – as the cover depicts, Clownpiece joins our favorite fairy troupe at this point, multiplying the mischief and mayhem!
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