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    Can’t beat a classic! Happy 9 day everyone! https://youtu.be/5wFDWP5JwSM
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    Found this when searching subbed Touhou vocal arrange, and man... I thought IOSYS only do Denpa, Funkot, and Gamelan... Oh wait, Sumireko's AoCF theme has some dubstep hint on it. Anyways, here's Third Eyer! A parody of bonfire by knife party, with added loli voice and Satori's theme
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    A new youtube channel uploading Touhou arrangements called GENSOStorage has started uploading recently. Touhou doujin creators can use a form to submit their works to the channel; the aim is to help promote and archive both new and existing touhou arrangements. It seems like it could become a great outlet for smaller creators, so if it grows it could give exposure to a lot of really obscure stuff.
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    Aunn is good pupper.
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    LOL indeed. Yesterday was the one year anniversary of jssf's first Remix Tournament. In commemoration (and in case there's anyone who hasn't seen it yet), here's one of the pieces that was featured. The original thread is linked in the first post of this thread. Also, a CROW'SCLAW piece for no particular reason. I've been holding on to some discoveries in anticipation of another tournament in the future. We'll see how long I hold out, eh?
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    Today is the day where we celebrate the strongest Touhou theme! Happy ⑨/⑨ everyone!
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    Some videos which I've known about for ages, actually. Ran back into them and remembered that this thread would be a good place for them.
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    Great, I’ve uploaded them here. Tell me if there’s anything wrong with them, and feel free to upload them to Soulseek or anywhere else for that matter – the more the better. Hopefully, volumes 1, 2, and 6 should be coming too at some point in the next month(s).
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    I actually discovered this track on Bandcamp. The artist has only posted two of their remixes on Youtube that I can find, but they've done others.
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    Release Information Type: Bullet Hell Developer: Team Shanghai Alice Publisher: Team Shanghai Alice Release: Comiket 72, on August 17, 2007 Language: English-Patched (ThCrap Self-Updating Standalone) Silhouette On Cover: Kanako Yasaka (Final Boss) Character Information Playable Characters: 2 (Reimu, Marisa) Shot Types: 3 Each Description Reimu's shrine isn't exactly frequented by Gensokyo's residents, so faith in the shrine's deity has been declining. One day, Reimu hears a strange voice that tells her she should close the shrine's doors for good - a message she doesn't take very well. Seeing that there's a new shrine on top of Youkai Mountain, complete with its own lake, she deduces that the one responsible lives there, and heads on up. Unique Gameplay Mechanics Faith System * To really get anywhere point-wise in this game, keeping in convention with the idea behind the game's story, you must show faith in your ability to play the game. How do you do that? Hitting/killing enemies and collecting items are the ways you can fill the Faith Gauge. * The longer you can maintain the Faith Gauge, the more points everything is worth (which is a ton of help for earning Extends in this game). * If the gauge empties due to you stopping killing anything or collecting items, you gradually start losing Faith Points. If you die, you lose half your total Faith value (because dying shows a lack of belief in yourself). Bombs Cost Power Levels * In Mountain of Faith and Subterranean Animism, there are no Bomb (Spell Card) items, nor is there a Bomb count. Instead, you consume 1 power level to bomb in these two titles - be careful of your bomb usage. Scorefile *This scorefile has 100% completion status. scoreth10.dat
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    As a fan of the Monster Hunter Series, I just want to say I AM BEYOND HYPED FOR MONSTER HUNTER RISE!!!! I'm already in love with the Japanese aesthetic of the game, and seeing the new movement options expanded even further than Monster Hunter World, and just... yeah... There are even shrine maidens, and felynes pounding mochi, and the first environment is a ruined shrine in the wilderness, and FULL VOICE ACTING, and... When I finally get to play this game I will make posts about the music! But for now, since this is the other game music thread, I should probably share some music here instead of just hyping up for something non-touhou related, so let's get back to Monster Hunter World. I haven't actually played this game in the series (RIP my PC specs) but I've been listening to some of its soundtrack recently. It's been interesting hearing how they remastered some old themes in this game, especially since returning monsters' themes have basically never been updated before World. I wonder what they will use for Monster Hunter Rise, the World versions, the classic versions, or make new versions? Also worth noting that World used an adaptive soundtrack that would change according to different situations, but the versions I'm posting here are their standard battle themes.
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    Release Information Type: Bullet Hell Developer: Team Shanghai Alice Publisher: Team Shanghai Alice Release: September 22, 2002 Language: English-Patched (Touhou Patch Center/THCRAP) Silhouette On Cover: Flandre Scarlet (Extra Boss) Character Information Playable Characters: 2 (Reimu, Marisa) Shot Types: 2 Each POC: Requires Max Power Description A thick scarlet mist is covering Gensokyo; it blocks out the sun, which causes affected areas to become cold. Our heroines believe the culprit lives in the newly-materialized Scarlet Devil Mansion, and so they depart with the goal of “questioning” those who live there. Mods * Retexture Patch This replaces all the imagery in the game with crisper, higher-resolution textures. Sprites are also updated with those from newer games. You pick between versions where the hitbox is never visible (as in vanilla) or always visible. * Focus-Only Hitbox Patch A patch that causes your hitbox to become visible when you’re Focusing (the behavior of all games after this one). (I don’t know if this is compatible with the Retex Patch.) Unique Gameplay Mechanics * This is the only Windows game where you cannot see your hitbox while focusing. Rank *A hidden value between 0 and 32, higher rank values increase bullet speed and the amount of bullets, having the most prominent effects in boss attacks. *Rank goes up as time surviving goes on and goes up dramatically with spell card caps. *Rank goes down by 16 when you are hit, not killed but hit, meaning a deathbomb WILL decrease rank. Some spellcards decrease rank when bombed IE Water Elf. Scorefile * This scorefile was provided by an unknown source. * It has true 100% completion status; Extra is unlocked for all characters and shot types. Th06 Scorefile (EoSD).zip
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    Since I don't want this thread to die, I'm going to continue to post Rivals of Aether content here (sorry for the hijack lol). Anyways, a group of creators (not me) are doing a resprited Reimu. One of them's Hakureign, who made the two 3D Reimu Smash Ultimate renders on Twitter. Others are people who worked on Yuuto Ichika (that blue patchouli oc). I just found this out via Smashboards, but the reveal's a part of an Unofficial Workshop Direct that came out yesterday. (Go to timestamp 5:48). The art style seems based off the new Hakurei Shrine stage that released a while back. Her alts look like 1) Reimu Hakurei (6:04) 2) Marisa Kirisame (6:11) 3) Sanae Kochiya (6:15) 4) White Reimu from the fighting games / Concealed the Conclusion / Disappearing of Gensokyo / etc. (6:23) 5) Alice Margatroid (6:26) 6) Hong Meiling (6:46) 7) Cirno / Daiyousei because of the green bow (6:55) 8] Blue Reimu from the fighting games, 2nd player select (7:06) 9) PC-98 Reimu (7:06) 10) Youmu Konpaku (8:08)
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    Source : https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/37240795 Warning ! Artist is *very* NSFW
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    That error means the game is already running. Try restarting your computer before starting the game.
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    Unfortunately for some reason I didn't find this on ⑨ day but I'm posting it now anyway. Also yea we need new remix tournament
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    I don't know if this will become a larger thread, but I wanted to share this video and didn't think it would fit elsewhere.
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    This PowerPoint presentation's an oldie but goldie. A classic that I'm surprised hasn't been posted here yet. https://dokumen.tips/documents/compositional-techniques-in-touhou-music-jtaomusictouhoumusictheorypdfcompositional.html
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    Hey all. Happy ⑨ Day! Maybe we'll finally get that Cirno Luna Nights update on next 9 day XD (Also hello Ken Hisuag lol)
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    Beat me to it; I'd been holding onto this one for the past month. Well planned, sir.
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    Release Information Type: Bullet Hell Developer: Team Shanghai Alice Publisher: Team Shanghai Alice Release: Comiket 67, on December 30, 2004 Language: English-Patched (ThCrap Self-Updating Standalone) Silhouette On Cover: Kaguya Houraisan (Final Boss B) Character Information Playable Characters: 8 (4 selections as teams of two - Reimu & Yukari, Marisa & Alice, Youmu & Yuyuko, and Sakuya & Remilia; later on, characters become selectable individually once unlocked.) Shot Types: 1 Each (So 2 when playing as a team.) POC: Focus-Activated before Max Power; Always On after Max Power is attained. Description The real moon has been replaced with a fake the night before the Harvest Moon Festival! The girls know the gravity of this situation - the moon carries more importance than simply being the subject of the festival. However, they've only got a single night to resolve the issue, so they've created teams in an attempt to expedite the investigation as much as possible. Our girls hurry, knowing time is of the essence, but can they resolve this incident in time? Unique Gameplay Mechanics Time * This game's story is time-intensive; the game begins at 11 PM, and if it becomes 5 AM at any point, the game is immediately over, even if you had additional lives left over after having successfully cleared a stage. Thus, you don't want to run out of time to investigate the incident. * Continues cost half an hour each. * Time generally advances 1 hour at the conclusion of each stage. However, if you meet the Time Point quota for the stage by collecting Time Orbs, which you normally earn by killing enemies, then time only advances half an hour at the end of that stage, which frees up enough time for one additional Continue. Although killing enemies is the default way to earn orbs, it isn't the only possible way; you can earn more ways to get orbs - see below. * If you never meet any quotas, you have enough time for exactly one Continue. Human/Youkai (H/Y) Teams * Unfocused fire comes from the team's human, and focused fire comes from the team's youkai. * The H/Y Gauge at the bottom-left of the playfield tracks your recent firing trends, and awards you a bonus if you've mostly been firing as one type recently; thus, you can work toward one bonus or the other to suit the situation you're in. -> 80% Human or More: You start earning Time Orbs just for hitting enemies; you start earning orbs gradually the entire time you're causing damage to enemies or bosses. -> 80% Youkai or More: You start earning Time Orbs for grazing; all grazes become worth saved time. * The H/Y Gauge is also pushed toward Human or Youkai by which character collects the Time Orbs. * Some enemies can summon spirits to assist them. Humans can shoot and defeat spirits, but Youkai shots go right through them. Spirits are worth massive Time Orb bonuses. Last Spell Cards * All main bosses of each stage have a Last Spell, but they don't normally use it. If you meet the Time Point quota by the end of the fight, then they'll use it against you. If you earn the right to face off against a Last Spell, while fighting it, you will be unable to Bomb, but getting hit won't result in loss of life or time (although it will cost you the spell card; you won't capture it). If you beat it, you get more Time Orbs and a boost to your score. * The player also has Last Spells! This game lets you deathbomb more easily than other games in the series, but this comes at a cost of an extra bomb (2 instead of 1). When this happens, the character's teammate jumps in and uses a stronger version of their normal Spell Card. Scorefile * This scorefile was originally acquired from an unknown source. It was then improved upon by Dark Kijin, and the spell card collection completion was brought to 100% by Drizzle. * It has 100% Extra availability, and more notably, 100% spell card availability in Spell Card Practice. * [Difficulty-Character clearance is under review, but is not 100%.] -> You can help get this scorefile to 100%! If you have a scorefile which improves upon the progress in this existing file, please submit it us! Th08 (IN) Scorefile [Dark Kijin & Drizzle].zip
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    Hello everybody! I've been messing around with the 3D engine in Unity and I made a little touhou fangame in it: Name Touhou Treasure Hunter Fairies Description Plot Point: Cirno lost a race in the Fairy Forest and the punishment for it is to collect items around Gensokyo. How It Works: This is a item collection game, with local multiplayer support (player 2 can join as Daiyousei). You'll travel around 10 different places on Gensokyo, looking for the needed items while the other fairies patrol the stages. If you get caught you lose (on multiplayer both players need to get caught). Saving: This game autosaves after completing a stage. Release Information Type: 3D Platformer Publisher: Kira - Games&Stuff Language: English Year Of Release: 2020 Default Controls (Keyboard / Xbox Gamepad): -WASD Keys / Left Stick: Move -Z / A : Jump -Left Shift / X : Run -P / Start : Pause -Mouse / Right Stick horizontally or Left & Right Bumpers: Move the camera -Scrollwheel / Right Stick vertically : Zoom in and out Trailer Download Link https://mega.nz/file/mUIQEQ7B#o4VDKJj1lsusKgzDhUf90hhzRlysPTpbYBlqHOJw3gw Hope you guys enjoy the game! Greetings, Kira - Games&Stuff
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    You could've posted this to the "fangame" portion, but this is kewl still!
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    I stumbled across this recently. My initial assumption was "the world's longest Touhou remix," but it's actually closer to a concert than a medley. If you're willing to watch it with the captions on for the full three hours, there might be a vague story going on. Either that or it's just game dialogue. Regardless: the visuals are nice, the music is pretty good, and even a few of the transitions are noteworthy. If nothing else, it makes a good substitute for a playlist while studying or something.
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    is there a way to see the minimum requirements?
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    I would like to take this to make a small announcement. In an attempt to broaden the Moriya Shrine name, I have decided to release a image hosting site! Now you're probably asking yourself "Why?! of all things!" To which I reply, why not? I mean there is so much one can do to advertise a piracy site anyway. lol Anyway, the purpose of making our own image hosting site is for a few things: -Anything can be posted, even loli. The only thing i ask is use common sense and don't post shit like humane gore, child porn and all that. Everything is securely stored locally and because of that, we are not regulated to any TOS. -virtually no limit as what can be stored Keep in mind. This is NOT part of the main site. It's completely independent of it. So while the main site does not allow NSFW, our image hosting does! So how does it work? Simply go to https://img.moriyashrine.org and start uploading...that's it. If you use ShareX and would like us to become the destination, do the following: -Open ShareX -Go to "Destination settings" -Under image uploaders, select Chevereto (that's the framework used) -Upload url is https://img.moriyashrine.org/api/1/upload -api key is fe50a674b6bdfa4b086c1dc5f0431f83 -Tick "Direct URL" It's still in it's early stages so stuff like tags and a decent search function is not yet fully ready. But it will be soon! Any suggestions or requests you would like me to add to it to make it more friendly, let me know and I will do what I can. Thanks!
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    I discovered SO MUCH awesome stuff today. There's too much to post it all, so I'm just gonna put some of the best/my favourite ones here. Just know that this is only the tip of the iceberg...
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    Although not my favourite circle, did you know that Shinra-Bansho have a 24/7 music livestream? It's the last thing I expected a doujin circle to start doing, but is certainly not unwelcome. It does a hell of a lot for making music more discoverable. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ICFcwRiZuY
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    This discussion came at the perfect time; SGDQ featured an official Touhou game this year.
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    Update on Touhou 17.5: Tasofro have shown a new trailer for the game, and will apparently release beta 2 sometime in September. Since I didn't get the chance to play the first beta, I'm looking forward to this! Also, according to this trailer Kanako is gonna be a playable character! She got the short end of the stick in Hisoutensoku, so it will be interesting to get the chance to fight (and see the story) from her perspective.
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    Update on Touhou 17.5
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    Uhm.... from the steam gameplay, I would have to say that we should wait a little more until they update this game a little more. It's not optimized very well, it's controls were mapped incorrectly.... etc. If you do want to play this game, you should have a good PC and use a controller, otherwise you're gonna have a bad time. This next bit was taken from steam: Format: Controller button - Keyboard button - Usage in Preset A LT - K - Descend LB - J - Melee attack Left joystick Up/Down/Left/Right - Up/Down/Left/Right - Move Left joystick press - Y - Switch dash Left navigation Up/Down/Left/Right - (not accessible) - (no use) Start - (I didn't find this) - Menu Select - (not accessible) - (no use) RT - L - Ascend RB - I - Shot attack A - D - Toggle B - S - Dodge X - (I didn't find this, but I guess it's E) - Spell Card Y - W - Switch firing Right joystick Up/Down/Left/Right - 8/2/4/6(small keyboard, with Num Lock on) - Move camera Right joystick press - (not accessible) - (no use) This was posted because the actual thing they gave us doesn't really let us read what we have to press to literally move and such. Alright, that's all I had to say. It doesn't seem like a bad game, but make sure you have a good PC and a controller.
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    i love and hate this game at the same time
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    It's the eyeball icon at the top of the text box; fifth from the left, between the strikethrough and link icons.
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    This is without a doubt the most overlooked Shanghai Alice Bullet Hell. Short, yet entertaining, Fun, yet not easy And... Speedrunnable! Plus, the art style is really visually high-quality, and reminiscent of an Isekai Quartet show. Don't overlook this game as a quality choice.
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    The game is extremely laggy, has inverted colors, and is upside-down.
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    I don't care for leaks, never have, never will. But this. This is gold. Also one thing I have noticed recently is there actually seems to be quite a lot of support for Reimu going around. Maybe I just hadn't seen it earlier, but it's almost like there's been this burst in popularity for her, at least in some corner of the internet. Not that it affects her chances of getting in, but it makes me happy to see that people at least want her in, regardless of if she actually makes it or not.
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    From the album: Marisa Kirisame

    © rakugakiinuno

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    Wow!! you make games! that's awesome! I'll try it later..
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    This is an example comment. This game is hard af...
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