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    i made this for him also last year's also i just realized this is last year thread
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    Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday dear Zun, Happy birthday to you.
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    Hmm, not really sure what you would count as a "discovery", but something interesting is a fanmade piece for a character supposedly never actually was in the series (it's difficult to tell if they written or is just an urban legend), which kind of goes to show how far the Touhou fanbase goes with this kind of thing. Funny you mention the Remix Tournament, I should really get around to finally making another one while people are all stuck inside . . .
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    So today is this sacred day when god came to this world
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    Hello, I'm Spirit_Medium and I joined about a day or so ago. Unlike other people, I'm on mobile, so I am not able to play Touhou without borrowing anything. However, I was still able to achieve some stuff. I'm also into Ace Attorney as well.
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    I've very much enjoyed contributing to the Other Game Music thread, and I'd like to start doing something similar with Touhou related music. This thread will be for the sharing of musical discoveries made in the Touhou fandom, whether they be remixes or original works in the style of Touhou. There's been a few threads like this already, but my hope is the more open-ended style of this will make it more accessible. If anyone hasn't checked the Remix Tournament and Monthly Music Sharing threads, there's some great music to be found there! To start off, a comment on a LENK64 video led me to this circle. Apparently they do remixes in the styles of the games. For example, Bad Apple!!, but in the style of Touhou 11 ~ Subterranean Animism: I've appreciated quite a few of their covers. If there's a Touhou related piece of music anyone would like to share, please do! I'll commit to contributing once a week.
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    i'm also a fan of Azur Lane, my favorite soundtrack is from the stage 6-4 (Yuudachi boss battle). Poi poi
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    Already been more than a month since I posted something. Time flies fast. Here's another track from a game I used to play. Maybe I'll set up an emulator to replay it
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    Release Information Type: Action/Platform Developer: Peposoft Publisher: Conagusuri Release: Comiket 79, 2010 Language: Japanese Playable Characters: 5 (Byakuren Hijiri, Minamitsu Murasa, Shou Toramaru, Nazrin and Ichirin Kumoi) Controls Move: Arrow keys Jump: Z Shoot: X Switch Characters: S and A Description Touhou Koukayaku (English: Eastern Rainbow Medicine) is similar to Rockman series and features the cast of Touhou Seirensen as the bosses. Touhou Koukayaku actually is a vocal and instrumental album released by Conagusuri at Comiket 78. Later, when new album "Touhou Shinmayaku" released at Comiket 79, the game version of Touhou Koukayaku was included as an additional item. At first, you'll play as Byakuren Hijiri. but after beating the bosses you are allowed to switch characters. Just like Conagusuri's Gensoukyou Fantasia, this game also uses tracks and includes promotional videos taken from the original album. Plot Point: I dunno, it's Japanese so I can't read it, something to do with Nue and you must defeat her for some reason, so yeah have fun with that...... BYAKURENMAN! ALL THE WAY ACROSS JAPAN! How it works: It's a Megaman type game, you go to stages and do your thing, except after each stage you recruit the members of the Palanquin ship, and use them to aid you in your mission to beat Nue for some reason. Yay fighting someone for an unknown reason! Difference In Characters: As you unlock each character you will begin to see the differences they have between each other, the main factors to look out for are: Float time, movement speed and weapon type. Different Sections: In each stage there are four sections (the last section is the boss battle) and every time you enter a new section, your health is refilled, so no having to look for cheese (the health restoration items) before you move on. UFOs: In order to fight the boss rush you must collect UFOs in each stage, you can find the location of said UFOs by getting Nazrin and looking around in each stage until Nazrin gets a blue circle on her. How do you get the UFOs when this happens? Well, you go look around the area where Nazrin is all "Oh man, a UFO is around here." (Normally left or up of where the indicator goes off) and turn into Shou to reach the areas with the UFOs. Once you have collected them all, the question mark stage will now be available to enter (the picture will show all of the bosses now that you have all of the UFOs) and good times will be had if you loved fighting the bosses of the game. Description by Nitorium.
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    Release Information Type: 2D Platforming/Action Developer: GATLING CAT Publisher: GATLING CAT Release: Reitaisai 6, on March 8, 2009 Language: Japanese Description Recently, more and more youkai are wandering in the mountain and Momiji goes on patrol to drive them out. Touhou Katsugeki Kidan (English: Eastern Colourful Action) is a two dimesional side scrolling action game starring Momiji Inubashiri with traditional elements such as danmaku and grazing. In most aspects Katsugeki Kidan’s gameplay is perfectly typical of most ordinary action platformers, where the game is split into levels and the goal is to reach end of the pathway and defeat the boss before progressing to the next stage. Katsugeki Kidan also has several light RPG features such as a levelling system, a shop system and a replay system where the player is allowed to repeat any of the desired previous stages.
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    Release Information Type: Action/Platform Developer: GATLING CAT Publisher: GATLING CAT Release: Reitaisai 7, on March 14, 2010 Language: Japanese Description Some time after the events of the first game, more demons are coming out of the underground and momiji is tasked with driving them out again. Touhou Katsugeki Kidan Dai Ni Maku is the direct sequel to the first game, a two dimesional side scrolling action game starring Momiji Inubashiri with traditional elements such as danmaku and grazing. In most respects Katsugeki Kidan’s gameplay is perfectly typical of most ordinary action platformers, the game is split into levels and the goal is to reach the end of them and defeat the boss before going into the next stage. The second installment retains previous features such as the levelling system, the shop system and the replay system where the player is allowed to repeat any of the desired previous stages.
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    It's kind of tricky... Regarding Reimu and the gang get beaten up by the lunarians like Yorihime and Toyohime, but yet struggles at Junko, that was defeated by the protags, Yukari, that was stated by the fandom as the powerful character was retreating against Toyohime at that bamboo forest. For my opinion, if there's no limitation (No spell card rules) the tier would be: 1. Yukari Yakumo, the boundary sage Of course, if it's not the normal Yukari, she could easily banish the youkais in Gensokyo with ease, not counting the lunarian of course. And coould kill someone in instant via boundary of life and death, yukari is comparable to Hecatia; Or eve superior 2. Sagume Kishin, the word amanojaku Yes, without Yukari's power of boundary between Silence and noise, Sagume is unstoppable. She turn lies into reality that would make the world fall into chaos just by saying; And, did I mention that she was the one making the urban legend incident far before she was introduced in LoLK? 3. Reimu Hakurei, the heroine of the story Well-Well, the Wakimiko has became the third place's winner. She was superior in youkai exterminating and handling, her power to float out of reality is strong too, and she extremely intangible in that state, so with the majority of Youkai at Gensokyo,She could just make a total massacre out of it 4. Watatsuki sisters, the lunar, perfect deities of the palace They could summon god with ease, and could wipe all 'Impurities' known as Gensokyo, and could just destroy the great hakurei barrier via the powers of the gods 5. Remilia Scarlet, the scarlet devil With the power of manipulating fate, Remilia's power was actually out of imagination, she could foreseen her own fate too. 6. Sakuya Izayoi, The chief of the SDM's maid Manipulating timelines is one of the strongest powers of manipulating time, her past and present skill was a spot on too, and her changeling magic would sure shock her opponent as shocked as they can, could just vanish Gensokyo's timeline of creation easily 7. Junko, the pure fury Refining the impurities by removing it was a great deal, pure Oxygen could just kill you and purifying the universe means nullifying it, leaving a void opens for eternity, the impurities of the attack everyone uses could just nullified via the power purification 8. Suika Ibuki, the embodiment of dreams and pandemonium Her mist form is intangible and her density manipulation is uncomparable. Plus, she could make minds more 'sparse' and destroyed the moon once 9. Hecatia Lapislazuli, The deity of hells 3 Bodies, a deity of the world's hell, and stated by ZUN itself as the strongest. But, her potetial threat would maybe going to break the Hakurei barrier, and destroys the moon 10. Keine Kamishirasawa, The teacher of the historians As you could see from her power, Keine's power is to eat (Possibly means destroy/ just simply hide) history, her varieties of history ranges from the Hieda clan's history to gensokyo's history. But her power was still weak; Hieda clan's history wa the Hieda's and out from her control Yep, you could disagree with me, this is just my opinion
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    Happy birthday! May this year's Touhou be a good cheer for all the community there!
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    Out of context picture
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    Well thank you, and your drawing isn't too bad. My favorite so far is the pixel arts, since I know that pixel art isn't easy and I kind of wish I can do pixel arts.
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    Hello, I'm new here and I wanted to joined this because I wanted to showcase my art and since I do a lot of Touhou fan arts, I decided to showcase it here. I hope you like it.
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    It may be stupid question but i checked all profile options etc. And i dont see any way to change your username so i decided to ask it here so maybe one of you guys will help me. I may be blind but im pretty sure its not there so thats why im asking so could someone please help me with it?
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    click on the down arrow, and then Account Settings Or just go to https://moriyashrine.org/settings/ and then
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    Release Information Type: Action Developer: Ocean Dreams Publisher: Ocean Dreams Release: 2009 Language: English Description Desperation of Alcoholic Dream is a Touhou project fangame developed by Ocean Dreams, the player must help Suika travel around Gensoukyou to find her missing gourd. Suika will have her punch attack, magic and charge attack. Suika also has a special attack called "last spell" which is able to attack all opponents on screen. The game consists of six levels and before starting a mission, playing the tutorial mode is strongly recommended. Please note that the game comes with Perpetua font, place this into Windows font folder to display ingame text.
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    Welcome to the forum site! It's pretty chill here but not that active.
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    Honestly i dont know why but i would want to few quite weird ones so: - Crossover with Heroes 3 Might x Touhou - Crossover with League of Legends x Touhou (i really would play any translated moba with touhou characters and lore) - Crossover with Torchlight 2 x Touhou - Some Final Fantasy games would be nice too but i really like lore of most of them so im not sure about it - Maybe Hearthstone too but im pretty sure few Touhou TCG games already exist so it wouldnt be really unique
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    Sure can't wait to see Reimu fight Phoenix! May I order a Touhou X Cooking Mama kinda game? All I want to know is what they eat and drink.
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    Release Information Type: Bullet Hell Developer: Team Shanghai Alice Publisher: Team Shanghai Alice Release: September 22, 2002 Language: English-Patched (Touhou Patch Center/THCRAP) Silhouette On Cover: Flandre Scarlet (Extra Boss) Character Information Playable Characters: 2 (Reimu, Marisa) Shot Types: 2 Each POC: Requires Max Power Description A thick scarlet mist is covering Gensokyo; it blocks out the sun, which causes affected areas to become cold. Our heroines believe the culprit lives in the newly-materialized Scarlet Devil Mansion, and so they depart with the goal of “questioning” those who live there. Mods * Retexture Patch This replaces all the imagery in the game with crisper, higher-resolution textures. Sprites are also updated with those from newer games. You pick between versions where the hitbox is never visible (as in vanilla) or always visible. * Focus-Only Hitbox Patch A patch that causes your hitbox to become visible when you’re Focusing (the behavior of all games after this one). (I don’t know if this is compatible with the Retex Patch.) Unique Gameplay Mechanics * This is the only Windows game where you cannot see your hitbox while focusing. Rank *A hidden value between 0 and 32, higher rank values increase bullet speed and the amount of bullets, having the most prominent effects in boss attacks. *Rank goes up as time surviving goes on and goes up dramatically with spell card caps. *Rank goes down by 16 when you are hit, not killed but hit, meaning a deathbomb WILL decrease rank. Some spellcards decrease rank when bombed IE Water Elf. Scorefile * This scorefile was provided by an unknown source. * It has true 100% completion status; Extra is unlocked for all characters and shot types. Th06 Scorefile (EoSD).zip
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    Release Information Type: Action/Platform Developer: INSIDE SYSTEM Publisher: INSIDE SYSTEM Release: Comiket 81, on December 30, 2011 Language: Japanese Description Touhou Madanzan 2nd - Unbelieved Heroes is the fourth game of the Gendanshou series, the final completion of the Reitaisai SP2 trial version (2011) and also the direct sequel to Touhou Gendanshou Y - Unlimited Heroes (Comiket 80). The game features several upgrades with Marisa Kirisame and Reimu Hakurei as main characters. But unlike the previous series, now the player only uses sword attacks to cut off all foes at close range. With this, the player becomes more powerful than ever and is able to create more combos. There are four substages and bosses that must be defeated before reaching the final battle. The game tells the adventure of Marisa and Reimu in a quest to restore their lost memory.
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    According to Nook on the new translation repository: "We are still working on the patches for Dream and Complete Box. There is expected to be a big update to CB in June that will hopefully contain the rest of the content, so most of the heavy-duty work on that will have to wait until then. Thank you for your patience and understanding." While neither patch is out, note that every stage aside from the two new intermission stages are translated (sans special quotes from characters not deployed). With the Dream thread being archived finally, the full translation of the stages are available on LP Archive. Scarlet, Mystic, Eternal, Dream While not often coming up, Clarste (the main translator) also answers questions on his blog when asked and talks about the series occasionally.
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    Release Information Type: Action/Platformer Developer: Why so serious?, tea_basira Publisher: Why so serious?, PLAYISM Release: 13 ott 2019 Language: English (can switch to Jpn/Ch) Description Gensokyo Night Festival is a 2D action-exploration game set in the world of Gensokyo. Join Suika Ibuki as she wreaks havoc throughout Gensokyo against the backdrop of the festival held at Hakurei Shrine. Use Suika's powers of controlling "density" and "sparseness" to go up against all sorts of colorful enemies and gimmicks in this 2D combo based action game title. Join the almighty Suika on her journey through the beautiful world of Gensokyo. Consider supporting the devs by buying the game on Steam if you can: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1122050/Gensokyo_Night_Festival/
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    A Touhou vs Capcom game would be so hype. Especially it they use the effects and style of Mavel 3 or tatsunoko. The cast of both would also fit in with each other very well.
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    Eyyo mah stalker, Eye'm Mizuiro and dis is mah meme album
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    So I decided to share some of my Touhou animated cursors that I've been using lately with you guys, since most likely their original sources will be gone after some years like some already did. Have fun! Also, I do not own anything, I just made a pack with a bunch of cursors that some artists from NicoNicoDouga and Pixiv have made VirusTotal Scan: https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/55be865e462bd4695c69125751d8725f6359a38731db2141bb155add856b2fe0
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    The descriptions in the menu and some other things are still in japanese how do i make things english?
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    Version 1.0.0


    The first album of the Moriya Records music circle that recently started up in the community, where talented artists of the Moriya Shrine get together and collaborate to create touhou remixes. We even have our own bandcamp, linked here: https://moriyarecords.bandcamp.com/album/melodic-procrastination
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    A (Very late) Happy birthday to ZUN. May he be happy creating his games and know we all wish him the best.
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    It must be a coincidence that Zun's birthday was also mine yesterday and it's also a coincidence that I'm into Touhou. (PS.Happy birthday Zun!)
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    Release Information Type: 2D Platformer Developer: Tristama Publisher: Tristama Release: Touhou Fan Game Jam 3 (January 13th, 2019) Language: English Controls ARROW KEYS to move X to shoot Z to jump Description Mima wants to prove she still matters and that she isn't a dead character! Time for adventure! This game was created as part of the touhou game jam and as such the download link will redirect you to its native site.
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    I guess I'll do an intro post since I'm new here. Hey. I'm Kazanma. Might've seen me from a few other places on the internet, particularly if it involves Tales Of, Senran Kagura, Shin Megami Tensei, Etrian Odyssey, recently Devil May Cry, etc. But I'm not here to promote my other accounts on other platforms (as of right now anyway). First time seeing Touhou was probably back in 2013 when I first saw references to the games on youtube through things like RageFest (since I was more into Fire Emblem back then), but I didn't get to try the series proper until sometime in Summer 2018 where I played Perfect Cherry Blossom on a friend's computer for a little bit. Then, a couple days ago, said friend gave me the files for both it and Embodiment of Scarlet Devil, so I could get into the series proper. But my EoSD copy was glitching out a bit, so someone on Twitter sent me here, so I signed up. Not sure I'll be on all THAT much but I'll try to check in now and then. I'm enjoying the series so far. Wasn't all that interested in the Bullet Hell games, but I'm having more fun than I thought I would with them, so that's a plus. Still need to try one of the fighters, probably 12.3 or something, not sure exactly where to start. Not sure if I have a favorite Touhou character yet (I'm pretty sure just trying to learn EoSD and playing a bit of PCB isn't enough to really gauge that), but I'm liking them so far. Sorry if I can't keep up with many conversations or whatever. Most of me rambling about EoSD is handled on my Twitter as of right now, but I may check in. But if you've seen me before, then hey, good to see you again. And if I meet someone new here, glad to see you too, hope we can get along. ? Also, this is probably a predictable comment but the music is already infecting my brain. It's too good. I've been getting a lot of kicks out of EoSD's first stage theme, funny enough.
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    Since there already was one for orchestras and metal, I decided to start one for Piano and violin sonatas. It's more or less the genre I listen to the most. This one is pretty popular but by no means is it any less amazing. It's Marasy's cover of Dream Battle. I feel like the arpeggio at the start really sets the mood and it only goes up hill from there. The transition to the main melody is superb as well. It's one of my favorite covers from Marasy.
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    Introduction to Touhou for Newbies You've never once before played Touhou? Well, we're not here to look down on you for it - this section is here to teach you how it all works, starting with a basic concept introduction, followed by instructions on how to actually get started and play! Subsections on This Page * What is Touhou? * Aren't these in Japanese? * Getting Started * How to Play * Reading the Screen * Pickups & Automatic Collection * Focusing & the Hitbox * Focused Fire vs. Unfocused Fire * Bombing * Moedan What is "Touhou?" Touhou is an extremely popular series of vertical shooting games of the "bullet hell" or "curtain fire" variety, also known as "danmaku," where enemies not only shoot directly at you, but also fire patterned bullets to weave through. Created by Zun, the Touhou game series entails an ongoing story of events set in the fictional realm of Gensokyo, revolving mostly -though not entirely - around incidents regarding the main character, Reimu Hakurei, and the Hakurei Shrine. The series is best-known for its beautiful bullet patterns, seamless story development, and intriguing character interactions; like typical RPGs, character personalities are well-developed, considering the game type, and the dialogue is infused with both drama and humor, making Touhou fun not only in the combat aspect, but also interesting to watch unfold. Aren't these in Japanese? Originally, yes. However, we save you some trouble by pre-applying English patches when they are available, especially when it comes to the official games. (They also come ready-to-play; no need to use potentially confusing methods to use an .iso file to install them.) Getting Started The stories may differ, but how you actually begin playing never does. Every shooting game in the series always asks the same three things before you get started: 1) Difficulty Selection The first thing you're asked to do after hitting "Start Game" is to select your difficulty level (seeing as not everybody is able to walk in the rain without getting wet when they first start). All Touhou games come with four selectable levels of difficulty to choose from: - Easy - Normal - Hard - Lunatic 2) Character Selection There are two or three (or occasionally more) characters interested in resolving the game's incident, and you're asked to choose which one you'd like to play as. Reimu and Marisa are always available choices, and in recent games, Sanae has started making regular appearances, alongside other characters in some cases. Different characters, as you'd expect, have different shot types. 3) Shot Type Selection After you've chosen your character, you're asked to select from two or three shot types that character has to further customize your experience (except in specific games where characters only have one shot type, in which case this step is skipped). Once you choose a shot type, you're whisked away to the gameplay screen, where play begins!! How to Play Now you have to know how to control yourself, yes? Here's how it works: Menu Keys (All Games) [Z]: Confirm [X]: Cancel [Esc]: Pause Shooting Game Controls You'll use the bottom key row in addition to the arrows for movement: [Z]: Fire [X]: Bomb [Shift]: Focus Photography Game Controls If you wanna play "Shoot the Bullet", "Double Spoiler" or "Violet Detector", here's how it's done: [Z]: Shutter(Hold to display viewfinder, release to snap.) [Shift]: Focus (Hold Focus & Shutter to speed-charge camera.) [X]: Flip orientation of frame ("Double Spoiler" only) Fighting Game Controls Playing IaMP, SWR and UNL is more complicated than shooting straight up, of course; it makes active use of six keys on two rows. Only SWR and UNL use the spell card buttons. [Z]: Melee [X]: Weak Projectile [C]: Strong Projectile [A]: Dash Great Fairy Wars Controls Since you can freeze stuff, it controls differently from the other games: [C]: Auto-Fire [Shift]: Focus [Z]: Freeze (must hold briefly to charge first) [X]: Bomb Reading the Screen On the left is the playfield, of course. On the right is the information panel, which keeps you informed of your remaining lives and spell cards (bombs), current power level, and other things like your score. A game's unique counters (such as Cherry Points in "Perfect Cherry Blossom") are usually displayed in the lower-left corner of the playfield (as is the case for the UFOs in "Undefined Fantastic Object," as shown in this screenshot). If you're playing a game from any modern era, the difficulty level you're playing on is also prominently displayed somewhere on the right side of the screen. Pickups & Automatic Collection Along with enemy bullets, as you destroy enemies, the screen also becomes populated with all sorts of pickups; there are unique ones in some games (those are explained in the individual games' sections), but in every one of them you'll run into these two things: Power-Ups. Obviously, it's a good thing to have tons of firepower, and this is how you get it. Collect power-ups to gradually increase your firepower (items bigger in size are, of course, worth more power). In classic titles, you start at 0, and max firepower is 128 points, increasing your firepower every 32 points; in most modern games, you start at 1.0, the max is 4.0, and your firepower increases every whole number. Point items. These add to your score, and are worth more points the higher up on the screen you collect them. In classic titles, they're something like coins from "Super Mario Bros," in that when you collect enough, you're automatically awarded an Extend (extra life), though in modern titles, they simply add to your score (which, depending upon exactly which game, may or may not have much to do with getting extends). There are two other fairly commonplace pickups that appear in more than one game, so I'll explain: Spell Card (Bomb). It doesn't matter whether it's a large star with an "S" or a smaller square with a "B" on it, if it's green and looks important, it does the same thing - it adds one spell card (bomb) to your stock. (These don't appear in games where bombing costs you a power level instead of coming from a separate stock of bombs.) Life Pieces. In some modern-era Touhou games, you can collect 5 of these hollow stars to directly earn an Extend; they're dropped by bosses and minibosses in some games, and also dropped by red UFOs (in "Undefined Fantastic Object," of course). Automatic Collection of Items: It can be hard to keep up with all the items floating down the screen, so when there's a small lull or a good opening, there's another way to collect items. In all Touhou games, there is a point about 4/5 of the way up the screen called the Point of Collection, or POC for short. If you manage to maneuver your character above that line, you automatically collect all items that are currently on-screen. Some modern games are even nice enough to tell you at the beginning of stage 1 exactly where the POC is (as shown here in UFO). Focusing & the Hitbox When you hold the Shift button, your character Focuses. This has three very important benefits: 1) It visibly displays your hitbox (the part of your character's graphical sprite which, when a bullet hits it, actually makes you die; more below). 2) It slows your character down for precision movement. 3) It switches your character from unfocused fire to focused fire (more on that below). Focusing is what makes weaving through seemingly impossible bullet patterns possible. If you can squeeze that tiny dot between two bullets, you live, regardless of if bullets are touching any other parts of your character's sprite. Focused Fire vs. Unfocused Fire Firing while Focused and firing while unfocused are very different, and it's important to know how to use each to your advantage. Unfocused fire allows your character's full movement speed, and generally revolves around area coverage; you get good crowd control this way without much effort. Unfocused fire is generally used for stage enemies, but can also be useful for bosses who move around a lot. Focused fire slows you down for precision movement, and your character will concentrate their fire directly above themselves (well, in most cases, anyway) to cause maximum possible damage to a single target. For obvious reasons, focused fire is the generally preferred way of battling bosses, but can also deal with pesky normal enemies. Bombing It is pretty obvious to any newbie that using a spell card (bomb) causes massive damage to everything onscreen. However, the point many players emphasize on using bombs is that they clear all enemy bullets from the screen - in other words, rather than bombing to cause damage, players prefer to bomb when they get themselves into a situation they cannot get out of any other way, thus being able to continue on instead of dying. Characters generally start with 2 bombs, and can acquire more by grabbing spell card pickups, though they'll also be given their default 2 bombs back when they die if they died with less than 2 bombs in stock. Be warned that some games in the series do not differentiate your bomb stock, and instead cost one Power level to use (which ones are noted in the indivdual games' entry). Moedan Moedan is a training game for newcomers to Touhou. You play as Flandre Scarlet and are given two spellcard options: Wide Shot and Linear Shot. For game information and for download links, please check the following page: Moedan
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