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    I am Avvercus. I know tidbits about touhou and have been interested in learning more about it for a while. My favorite character is Marisa~
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    Version 1.0.0


    Release Information Type: Bullet Hell Developer: Team Shanghai Alice Publisher: Team Shanghai Alice Release: Reitaisai, May 5th, 2019 Language: Japanese (currently untranslated) Character Information Playable Characters: 3 (Reimu, Marisa, Youmu) Shot Types: 3 Each Description (please fill in) Unique Gameplay Mechanics (please fill in)
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    More drawings have appeared from the outside world near the Great Hakurei Border! As usual, I've upped the contrast on the photos to make my faint lines appear. Maybe I should just go over those lines pushing harder. Sanae is a bit out of proportion, and she's wearing a bit of a Reimu face, but I think the picture looks good. And as for Sakuya… . Actually, I've noticed a line on her apron that I forgot to erase just as I'm writing this. That's annoying. So far, I've drawn many significant Touhou protagonists/playable characters. Reimu, Sakuya, Sanae… and yet, I can't help but feel as if I'm missing a certain, sticky fingered someone from this gallery...
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    Time to mention it here too. Can't really hurt Both, Touhou 17 and it's OST, are available for download now. Game: OST:
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    Yukkuri Shiteitte ne! Source: https://twitter.com/korindo/status/1121939960007782403
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    It works! Many thanks, friends
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    Here’s a picture of my recent purchases. Aside from JoJo & Corpse Party, this has been my most ambitious craze. I’m missing volumes 5 & 7 for the Manga, unfortunately. Also, I’m still pissed that I had to buy another copy of my shirt.
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    Created a page in which you can have a better view of the albums that we currently offer. Also added a link to said page in the description of the Spin-off Content Music page.
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    Out of the Touhou games I've played (everything up to 11 so far (not counting some spin-offs), currently playing through 12), my favourite is definitely Imperishable Night. I too could write an essay about why I think this game is one of the best in the series (in my opinion), but that's something for another time. Admittedly, the fact that IN is also the only Touhou game that I've beaten the extra in so far probably contributes more than a little to my liking of this game and its characters. The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil also deserves an honourable mention for being the game that got me so captivated with the franchise to begin with, plus it has a top tier soundtrack.
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    Honestly, I was going to write an essay to describe which game is my favorite. But I don’t wanna bore the readers with my rambling that everybody’s already read over ten years ago, so I’ll get to the point. Imperishable Night. Subterranean Animism. Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom. All three appeal to me the most because the gameplay, soundtrack, and storytelling are equally superb, in my opinion. Course, I’ll admit the sprites for IN made me laugh more than they should. Especially Sakuya’s derpy eyes... Sorry ZUN. Do Fangames count, too? If so, then Disappearing of Gensokyo ranks high, in my book.
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    From the album: Marisa Kirisame

    © amashizuku_neko

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    From the album: Marisa Kirisame

    © rakugakiinuno

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    Welcome to the Shrine. Hope ya have a good time! Please pardon my belated message.
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    name 5 of the hardest touhou games for you mine are: 1. LOLK 2. UFO 3. SA 4. HRTP 5. WBaWC Demo (on lunatic)
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    Ranking the fighters sounds pretty tough, but I’d rather do that than work on a map background. At least I can give my honest thoughts on the tier ranking systems.(Even though I don’t play by tiers.) Would you rather dedicate your life to becoming a Witch. Or devote yourself to becoming a Hermit?
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    oh i found the yuka patch and its like marisa's shots but re designed i thought she would get her shot from PoFV
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    Name 5 games that gave me trouble? That's easy: -Touhou 1 -Touhou 2 -Touhou 3 -Touhou 4 (my emulator can't even run this one properly, so I'm already defeated on the title screen lol) -Touhou 5 Okay, joking aside, I'll actually name the windows era games that gave me trouble (although that's not to say PC-98 games aren't hard as well. For the record, of all those games did give me trouble except for Touhou 3, which felt strangely easy). So, keeping in mind I haven't played 13 and onwards yet: 5 - MoF. I've heard a lot of people say this is one of the easier games in the series. And I do agree, for the most part stage 4 is the only really difficult bit. Until Kanako. She probably is one of the easier final bosses, but the combination of a more punishing continue system and bombing system certainly doesn't make it feel that way. And she still does have some really hard spell cards. I've only ever beaten this game using Marisa A (normal difficulty), and that's coming from someone who has always preferred using Reimu. 4 - UFO. On normal difficulty I can make it to Byakuren (with a continue here and there), but then I hit a brick wall. Also the UFOs are just the trolliest things. It often feels like it's just not worth chasing them in the later stages. 3 - SA. I only play this game on easy difficulty to preserve my sanity. Enough said. 2 - EoSD. This game is super fun, but when going for a 1cc it all goes downhill at Patchouli. And it's mostly because of how difficult it is to tell when her rotating lasers have their hitbox open and when they don't. But at least I can beat this one thanks to continues. 1 - PoFV. I don't like it when my enemy can survive a super long time by just not getting hit. Meanwhile I have to constantly navigate through insanely dense, fast moving random bullet patterns that I can't just casually weave past because I'm not a computer. But maybe I just don't understand PoFV's mechanics well enough. Btw I don't know why I numbered these because they're in no particular order.
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    Touhou Patch Center has announced the translation for Touhou 17 demo. "Th17 demo patching is complete now and several translations are nearly finished (QC is still running)" Download for Standalone Patch (English): http://www.mediafire.com/file/b1fix92hyjszbqd/th17+(thpatch_en).zip Source: https://twitter.com/thpatch/status/1127304207051231232 If you already have thcrap installed and want to manually add Touhou 17 demo to the list. (Warning, this is a long post)
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    try this http://www.mediafire.com/file/ez032c5y4zd60a0/t7.rar
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    Version 1.0.0


    Information Type: RPG Author: Cirno Language: English Platform: Windows Description Moriya Saga is a fictional game made in RPG Maker that details a completely fictional story involving the Moriya Shrine community. There are 2 playable characters, one being Cirno and the other being Sci, which each follow different stories and visit different locations. Both protagonists have different party members with different playstyles, and fight different bosses, so it's like two games of the same style in one, kinda. That said this isn't a serious project, and a lot of the resources are taken from other sources, meaning I don't own any of the graphics/music/etc that I use in this project, and I don't and never will make any money off of it. So far there is only one chapter for both routes, but regardless I would still love any feedback you have on it. The style is turn based RPG, so basic in that sense. Controls Arrow Keys: Movement, menu navigation Z: Confirmation key X: Cancel key Shift: Sprint
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    Game won't play, gives me this error. I have all the files in the folder downloaded so not exactly sure what I'm missing. OS is Windows 10 (English) if that helps.
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    Starting from TD the classic era system was used again and you can continue up to 5 times iirc Also you can save replays before you want to continue unlike classis era which you're only able to save replay if you choose not to continue (This could be wrong but you can try it by yourself)
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    Circle: Jerico's Law Release: 2017-05-07 Track Count: 13 Track List: Intro Belief in Conviction Made in Blood The entrance to the different world Life Game Rising Greenwich in the Space To bring illusion Interstellar Manipulate Emotions Welcome to moon Vertigo of Butterfly Luminous Sky Outro
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    um well medicine because patchouli could make a potion to cure poison would you rather be forced to 1cc SA on lunatic and people wont accept you until you do or be forced to 1cc LOLK on lunatic and people wont accept you until you do
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    Personally serve Kaguya because unlike Flandre she probably won't kill me on the job. Also because I love IN. Would you rather: be able to use danmaku IRL or be able to dodge danmaku (so basically anything flying towards you) IRL
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    I looked through my own set of download files from this site, and SA is the only game with any replays by this TAO69 fella, as well. I downloaded each game as a Guest, but I’m not sure if that has any effect on downloads.(Wasn’t even aware there were scorefiles linked to each game until I sifted through this site’s pages again.) Sorry for barging in. But as one bright side; I got to listen to my favorite track from SA with zero effort. ’Cause I suck too much to reach Koishi myself.
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    According to Alternative Facts in Eastern Utopia, Tengu (the ruler of youkai mountain) is a hierarchical society and Hell is a meritocratic society. So... If i have to choose I'll rule over youkai mountain since hierarchical society sounds easier to rule (I think since I don't really understand how these society works) Which do you prefer: Going to Chernobyl with Utsuho or going to Antarctica with Cirno
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    So which game will you be getting guys, Wily Beast Version or Weakest Creature Version? Oh wait wrong game franchise.
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    From the album: Jojo References

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    Version v02


    What, did you think the mischief had ended? Absolutely not! Proving that the popular series showing the ongoing adventures of the Three Mischievous Fairies cannot be put down by repeated disasters befalling those who do its art, we are now treated to another attempt to show us what our most beloved comedy team is up to these days. As it turns out; quite a bit – as the cover depicts, Clownpiece joins our favorite fairy troupe at this point, multiplying the mischief and mayhem!
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    This is an example comment. This game is hard af...
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    Release Information Publisher: ZUN Date of Release: August 13th, 2016 Tracks: 10 Track List 01. Old Adam Bar 02. The Darkness Brought In by Swallowstone Naturalis Historia 03. Reverse Ideology 04. Outsider Cocktail 05. Omiwa Legend 06. Pandemonic Planet 07. Adventurer's Tavern of the Old World 08. Rural Makai City Esoteria 09. Lost Emotion 10. Hangover of Bedfellows Dreaming Differently
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    More beautiful arranges from my favorite doujin circle of my favorite touhou OST


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