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    My thoughts: My contribution: Orchestral remixes are my favorite class of remix. It's hard to find really good ones, but once you do, they stick with you. Thanks for this, Drunken_Flower. I look forward to this becoming a monthly highlight for the Shrine.
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    this month theme is *drum rolls* Orchestral imma go a bit different this time This Month Album: Bonus: *wheeze*
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    Hey, everyone. I'm Autumn. I've been browsing around this site for a while but didn't realize it had a forum until just recently. Hope to meet new friends and have fun on here!
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    I won't dither on with my thoughts of all of the pieces (I haven't got particularly much to say on all of them anyway), but number 9... My God... It absolutely swept me away. The music along with those stunning images made me think about an open world Touhou game with this sort of music, a slower pace, and a somewhat darker tone. Almost something like Zelda: Breath of the Wild. I don't even know how that would work, but I want it. ZUN plz splash out all of your budget XD. Anyways, I'm ranting about unrelated things now, so here is my contribution :D. === CAUTION ====== CAUTION ====== CAUTION ====== CAUTION === === CAUTION ====== CAUTION ====== CAUTION ====== CAUTION ===
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    Alright, the official Moriya Shrine community music circle Moriya Records now has a publically available and free album of remixes for you all.
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    Hello, I wanted to share my fan music here. I started trying to make music because I like Touhou and surf rock, but there aren't many such arrangements, so I tried making some myself so that I could listen to them. Although I started with surf rock, I like trying out new genres, although I've been hesitant about trying out completely new sounds that don't fall neatly into any genre. It's my dream that more people would make Touhou surf rock arrangements. This below is a playlist of my Touhou and Len'en fan arrangements, new music being added whenever a new one comes out. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBxyd_TQCLWHsCCwnEKV4SsLsW1Z33aKI Some of my best tracks, I think, are: - Waves are for the Surfers - As Aventuras de Alice no Ipanema - Inchling of the Space Castle As of this post, my currently newest track is Rad Surfer. I currently compiled my Touhou fan music (and other music I made) into 3 downloadable "albums", which can be found here: https://shogikappa.tumblr.com/music (I recommend the Google Drive links, as of the time this post was made) Most of the music (though not all) in these albums are already on my SoundCloud/Youtube. These are just offline alternatives. Out of these 3 albums, I rank Rocking n Surfing as my favourite, then Aya's Bauhinia Anthology, and finally my first, Seaside Surf. I've written a little article for my third album, if any of you are interested: https://tangent-ghwaang.fandom.com/wiki/東方文華集_~_Aya's_Bauhinia_Anthology Thanks for your attention.
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    Basically a topic where i post music i found each week has it's own topic/theme/genre my priority is to cover a lot of genres and discovering obscure circles other members allowed to post their own music respecting the week theme also feel free to comment and rate and maybe request. although the name is "Weekly" most likely i will do it each 2 weeks or so and yeah... im bad with naming genres so... yeah... yeah. First Week Touhou Angelic(???) Vocal it mainly focused on the Vocal quality and Lyrics meaning im not crying...
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    Oh! here I was with my ignorance!!!! thank you
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    I don't care for leaks, never have, never will. But this. This is gold. Also one thing I have noticed recently is there actually seems to be quite a lot of support for Reimu going around. Maybe I just hadn't seen it earlier, but it's almost like there's been this burst in popularity for her, at least in some corner of the internet. Not that it affects her chances of getting in, but it makes me happy to see that people at least want her in, regardless of if she actually makes it or not.
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    What, did you think the mischief had ended? Absolutely not! Proving that the popular series showing the ongoing adventures of the Three Mischievous Fairies cannot be put down by repeated disasters befalling those who do its art, we are now treated to another attempt to show us what our most beloved comedy team is up to these days. As it turns out; quite a bit – as the cover depicts, Clownpiece joins our favorite fairy troupe at this point, multiplying the mischief and mayhem!
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    Release Information Writer: Zun Artist: Aya Azuma Publisher: Ichijinsha Type: Manga Original Run: 2010 - 2019 Synopsis: There's a new face in town; hermit Kasen, whose most distinct feature is her tightly-wrapped injured arm. More importantly, exactly who is Kasen, and why is she suddenly helping everyone out? Is she really a hermit? What's the secret behind her bandaged arm? These questions and more are answered or are to be answered in the future. Series Notes: Series concluded on June 14th, 2019, and the final volume was released on September 27th of the same year.
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    Do you get any kind of error message? I don't know about this error, but maybe try running the Japanese version of the game and see if it works - the problem could be with the patch rather than the game itself.
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    uh no that is a false warning how patcher work is they modify the game data using suplementary .exe and antivirus aint like those kind of stuff
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    I am looking for a long-time Touhou fan that I can interview for a college project. I am doing a writing assignment on Discourse Communities and I am doing mine on the Touhou community. One of the requirements of this paper is to have an interview with an "expert" in the community. If you are up for doing an interview please contact me either by steam private message or through my discord, Israphant #2970. I would prefer the latter but I check my steam just as much since I don't visit this forum a lot. If your are interested please contact me as soon as possible, the deadline for the assignment is the 9th. Edit 11/5/19: Thank you for all the replies and participants, I have found my interviewee have conducted our first interview. As such, I will be locking this thread.
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    Yea I also exist, i'm the Moriya Owner btw hi. I sent you a message on discord with my current discord account, a Narius#2971. Been a fan for 4 years and actually own a decently sized touhou community, so I might know enough to answer a few questions.
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    Uploaded Mohican Sandbag albums Updated this thing over here
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    This is not a glitch, you have to complete Sanae's campaign first in order to unlock the others. However, you can download the scorefile to unlock all of them if you want them all available from the start. Please note that there are actually only three campaigns in Hisoutensoku; Sanae, Cirno and Meiling. (Hisoutensoku is considered an expansion of Scarlet Weather Rhapsody, so the characters that were already in that game don't get new campaigns. Of the 5 new characters, Suwako and Utsuho are unfortunately left without any campaign at all.)
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    A general guide on the game demo: You should set your locale to Japanese. The game opens in fullscreen (no windowed mode yet). Use arrow keys to move, Z/Enter to confirm, X/Backspace to cancel and Esc for Start. Aside from arrow keys, there are only 4 buttons in-game; Z/Enter to dash (referred to as Graze), X/Backspace to attack, C to bomb and Esc to Pause. There is no built-in gamepad detection so you'll need to rig it yourself. Be aware when using in-game binding that there are only 4 buttons: the equivalent buttons to ☐ is dash, ✕ is attack, ◯ is bomb and Pause is Esc. These are atypical controls so I do recommend customizing them. Currently only Reimu is playable, immediately enters a boss fight without any tutorial. You have 5 lives (only the first 3 of which can double as bombs), an oil percentage (which I'm still unsure as to exactly what it does) that is probably a debuff that fades over time, and a stamina meter (spent by dashing and attacking, regens quickly when on the ground doing neither). There is no jump button so your only means of upward movement are attacking and dashing in a direction. Attacking and dashing defenst against enemy danmaku but not their charge physical attacks. Holding a direction while attacking does change the attack (in midair it does shoot danmaku but only at a 45 degree angle downward). The Dash/Graze is charge-based. Reimu's bomb uses 1 of the first 3 lives and releases 8 orbs that deal 3 damage each but it can be cancelled by the enemy if they hit you before you cast it. Marisa and Kogasa have 2 phases, Yuugi has 3. If you do enough consecutive damage during their non-final spells you can knock them down for a bit. In-between retries, do not spam the attack button because that's the cancel command. And give it a few seconds before pressing confirm because the game can bug out if you go back in too quickly and/or if you make too many moves during the first spell. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The following are opinions. Bombing's not worth it since it draws from the same resource as lives. You can only launch danmaku at a 45 degree angle in midair so it's also unreliable in exchange for draining stamina unnecessarily. Basically, danmaku is currently useless and melee is the way to go. Keep dashes to short bursts and close to the ground unless you're setting up a slam attack. Upward & downward melee will give you enough DPS to carry you through almost all of the demo; the up-down combo generally destroys the first phase of bosses. The point of the game is to efficiently manage your stamina and engagements, using attack/dash invulnerability to simultaneously avoid getting hit and spam melee on the boss. The hardest phases are Kogasa's 2nd and Yuugi's 3rd. Kogasa keeps jumping to the right corner until the end of the stage where she goes left, so getting into melee range is a little trickier. Yuugi slams the ground a couple of times, making danmaku waves. The first wave won't reach you if you go to the stage ends but after that there's so much danmaku it's hard to keep up invulnerability. The trick is to go into her 3rd phase with as many lives as you can, dash in and spam DPS when she's stopped slamming, and never be under her when she's midair. DPS and figuring out spell patterns does feel nice, but danmaku's been nerfed to high hell (haha) and movement's still unsatisfying. The restraints on danmaku and flight are jarring and I absolutely hate the lack of a jump button. Bombing's useless since you have a vulnerability period before you get it off and you could use that life for doing more melee DPS instead. In my opinion, not a very good demo.
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    Added Sparrow's First Love to Fan Print Works by Mitsumoto Jouji.
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    Well, you know my answer. This combines the bullet hell aspects and jest general Touhou, and it's combined with a platformer. I grew up on Mario Bros. so you can understand the hype coming from me. Tasofro, you did it again.
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    Touhou 17.5 has been announced! And it looks like it's going to be a... platformer? I think? This game is another collaboration between ZUN and Tasofro (hence the distinctly not-ZUN artstyle), however it's also going to be the first official Touhou game Tasofro have made that isn't a fighting game (they have made platforming Touhou fangames in the past, though). What do you think of this? I'm really excited that ZUN is letting Tasofro do something new with the series again... who knows, maybe this will spawn an awesome series of platforming spinoffs, like how we have several fighting game spinoffs? Anyway, while at this stage there is a lot we don't know, there's one thing I do know: those sprites are crisp af.
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    https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=8109 Thats usually the case if you don't have directx installed on your PC, so normally installing the directx package from Microsoft solves that error, and just a note on that installer, it at first unpacks itself and then you need to launch the installer in the folder you unpacked it into. Edit; and installing dlls that way doesn't work as you also need the software that dll accesses
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    i have seen the demos going around, it looks like an awesome boss rush platformer. i do think that in invisable dash last too long but the art is epic, combat looks slick and hype and we may see some faces who have not appeared for a long time (manga exclude as all appear in those all the time). overall looking forward to it. those sprites are epic. P.S: i know one faces has shown up to surprise people and fans alike.
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    I really like this idea. I opened the tab expecting there to be 3 - 5 songs or something, then was a bit blown away when there was something like 27... I don't have time to listen to all of that! But I listened to the first few, I quite liked the first one. Anyway, keep doing this, it's an excellent idea, I'll certainly share some songs too when a theme comes up that I know a good song for!
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    I love how half the comments are people talking about the files being corrupted, and the other half is people complaining about danmaku "unfairness". Do you not see the "hell" in "bullet hell"? The Touhou series is generally regarded as one of the most balanced and refined series of BH shooters out there. if you are having problems with the diff, well, that's on you. you either don't have the mentality to understand spell card patterns and the like, or, you just haven't played/practiced enough. my best recommendation is to go and try to beat TH06 on all diffs 'cept luna. once you can do that, start working on 7-10 simultaneously. once you can do all that, congrats, you should now be able to attempt playing this game. Touhou is a series that's meant to be played chronologically. The series requires practice, literally any game with a basic understanding of game design requires practice to be "good" at. most likely you just haven't played enough, or you have shit perception. Now as to the people with corrupted files, the people uploading these files do so on their own time, and have no obligation to fix everyone's complaint if the file works for them. the game runs, and overtime the file will be updated by other admins/mods or the same person. Don't expect these files to be golden as soon as they're released on this site. maybe here's an idea, try helping out, and seeing what you can do to improve the file quality, maybe see if you can de-corrupt the files, or give your working version of the game to a staff member here so they can sort it out. also, ik i'm bad with caps, so, sorry if the caps (or lack thereof) makes it hard to take what i'm saying seriously. i'm too lazy to move my hands in an awkward position bc of hand problems I should probably take the time to fix that tho.
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    From what I can gather, it seems like you need to do each update sequentially. I came to that conclusion from the "099_101" patch being much bigger than any of the other files, meaning each patch has content the others do not cover. So after setting up the game from "gsw_setup_v099.exe" you'll need to go through each patch starting from the earliest date to the latest (as of this post, that would be "gsw_update_100_106"). The first patch in particular will take a while to detect and patch the game files, so I suggest doing something else in the meantime. Latest content patches here: http://www.sanbondo.net/gsw/download.html
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    This game is fun but I can only go far as Stage 5 before accidentally ramming into a bullet cause of eyesight on my last life and goodbye 1CC run. Did multiple retries, used all characters and spirits, and none of it was successful.
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    I found a revamped version of the Touhou Launcher that supports up to TH 17, I'll leave it here just in case someone wants it.
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    I have the feeling some of these random Cirno drawings are going to be useful for me in the future. Y'know, for replying to messages and stuff. My friends who don't know a thing about Touhou are about to be hella confused
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    Banjo was loved by all sides, he was a good choice and i'm glad he finally made it in. DQ Hero is also a good choice, though definitely an obvious one though. Both of these characters are popular and were good choices. Reimu's gonna be a hard one to justify, but I can see it happening for sure. Touhou needs a real good western game, not a spin off or a third party made but real game in the western market that people like. I'm saying this in general, this might not be the necessary criteria to be in smash.
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    Release Information Type: RPG Developer: FocasLens Publisher: FocasLens Release: ??? Language: English Patched Keyboard Controls Arrow keys - Movement (Z) - Select (X) - Cancel (C) - Swap Items (A/D) - Navigate Menu left/right (S/Space) - Open Menu Gamepad Controls Direction Pad - Movement (A) - Select (B) - Cancel (X) - Swap Items (L/R) - Navigate Menu left/right (Y/Start) - Open Menu Description Storyline: Touhou Puppet Dance Performance (TPDP) starts off with the player character being transported to Gensokyo through unknown circumstances by Yukari. Seemingly there to help solve an incident that occured recently that involves mysterious puppets that seemingly came out of nowhere. These puppets represent all of the maidens of Gensokyo, and its up to the player to solve the incident whilst finding a way back home. Gameplay: Plays heavy similar to Pokemon. If you've ever played Pokemon, you'll quickly grasp this game. A few key differences though. All the "IV" stats are now shown through Ranks (C-S+) "EV" stats, movesets, and even abilities can be changed on the dime using the PP that puppets receive throughout each fight. All "HMs" are replaced by key items that serve the same purpose. Puppets are caught through something called soul threads, these require you to set, then KO the puppet to catch them. Completely opposite to Pokemon. A whole new type table (See "Other Sources" for info on how to see this type table) Other Sources: A good site for extra helpful information on TPDP is of course, the TPDP wiki. Link here. Here you can view the puppet dex, type table, abilities, and even the locations for the puppets.
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    On the Touhou Fandom wiki there's a translation page: https://touhou.fandom.com/wiki/Moedan:_Translation, I don't think it's 100% complete, but it's the most I could find.
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    Release Information Publisher: ZUN Date of Release: December 31, 2007 Comiket 73 Tracks: 24 Track List 01. A Dream Transcending Space-Time 02. Selection 03. Mystic Oriental Love Consultation 04. Reincarnation 05. Dimensional Dream 06. Tabula rasa ~ The Empty Girl 07. Maniacal Princess 08. Vanishing Dream ~ Lost Dream 09. Visionary Game ~ Dream War 10. Victory Demonstration 11. Decisive Magic Battle! ~ Fight it out! 12. Disunified Field Theory of Magic 13. Sailor of Time 14. Love of Magical Chimes 15. Strawberry Crisis!! 16. Dream of Eternity 17. Eastern Blue Sky 18. Eternal Full Moon 19. Maple Dream... 20. Game Over 21. Ghostly Person's Holiday 22. Winds of Time 23. Starbow Dream 24. Phantasmagoria
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    Release Information Publisher: Zun Type: Book (Illustrated) Original Run: 2004 - 2007 Synopsis: In a carefully-chosen location in Gensokyo lies a shop dealing in curiosities and outside-world items, Kourindou. CoLA tells of the events that happen in Rinnosuke's shop, mostly from his own perspective, as he deals with the girls as both actual customers and as freeloaders who just come by to use his stove to cook.


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