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    note: tUMG isn't a game hi, currently working on an art piece with the (majority) of the touhou cast in a hopefully unique style. not sure what to do with it once it's done but progress is fine as of right now total characters: 75 (roughly) let me know which design is your favorite!
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    I would rather play PCB without focusing, because it would be easier than lunatic SA with no power, even on the earlier stages for me. It would also remind me of playing SoEW. _(:3 」∠)_ Would you rather: Marry Kaguya, become immortal, and move in, but you two will always hate each other. You can't get a divorce or move out, but everyone will treat you the same way as Kaguya and do almost whatever you want (You are friends with the rest of Eientei) or Teach idi⑨t fairies to read and write everyday in Gensokyo 300 yen per hour, for several hours. (≖ ͜ʖ≖) You will do it now, until the moment you die Edit: I didn't expect the person replying to choose the second option for some reason. Maybe I should have made it teaching math instead of reading and writing but oh well. ╰(▔∀▔)╯ Thanks for replying
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    I got introduced to Touhou like a month or two ago; on a game convention for board/rpg/figure - games mainly. There was a Touhou room though and I had never heard of it. I never explored Japanese pop-culture that much before, because I didn't use to think that it was my cup of tea — except for like... Nintendo and Pokémon. But I recently started to get into some animes and I guess that's why this Touhou game room appealed to me at this point. At first I didn't understand that all the games were with the same characters. My first impression was that this was some society of weebs playing asian arcade games. I tried one of the bullet-hell games, but what really got me was the fighting games. I played Immaterial and Missing Power and immediately the lovely music caught my attention along with the intro. Also the characters intrigued me. All characters were unlocked and Remilia was the girl of choice, the one that I first took liking to. Also the gameplay was very fun for a fighting game with all the projectiles and the spell cards. So when I left — I thought that this was something I had to check out at home! So that was my introduction to Touhou and I'm quite amazed by the amount of fan-content and spin-off stuff and the fact that there is such a following. So yeah, I'm quite a newbie around here. I currently play the classic era games. Excited to explore more games and other things related! Other than that; I'm a guy from Sweden, I turn 27 this year and I work as a software developer. On my spare time I usually do stuff like coding on my game-project, play music, drink beer, go to gigs, grow chili, go fishing. See you around!
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    I wonder who's associated with my birthday *Checks August calendar* *Sees Hata no Kokoro* Of course it's the person who feels no emotion. OF COURSE IT IS! Oh, and also the crazy moon doctor. because THAT makes sense!
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    Good on ya. Mystic Square is one of my personal favs, along with 08 Imperishable Night and 11 Subterranean Animism
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    I'd rather be a hermit. And fighting off Komachi every weekend doesn't sound all that difficult, if you're a hermit. On an unrelated note, I think this is the best use of the nine ball I've ever seen: Now, here comes Shinmyoumaru with her mallet! Would you rather: -Be giant -Be tiny
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    You know, teaching fairies to read and write doesn't sound like that bad of a job. I'd definitely take it over a loveless marriage any day. Would you rather: - Become a shikaisen (and if so, what would your soul container be)? - Become a hermit, but have to fight off the shinigami every weekend?
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    From the album: PC-98 What-Ifs

    A what-if scenario between Youmu Konpaku and Kutaka Niwatari in a hypothetical PC-98 port of the Wily Beast and Weakest Creature demo. Screencap from actual gameplay of a version of Mystic Square modded with the Mystic Square Toolkit (MSTK) http://lunarcast.net/mystictk Screencap text (including scores) edited in post-production with GIMP. Pixiv: https://pixiv.net/i/75546790 (includes ten other screencaps)

    © Touhou Kikeijuu © 2019 Team Shanghai Alice; image CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0 Silent Sinner in Scarlet

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    I usually don't interact with any fandom, but this place seems peaceful enough to do so. So here goes my attempt to say "hi". And find some people to talk, I guess. I heard the name "touhou" first in 2015 I think. Not sure. I didn't play the game at that time, simply because I thought it wasn't interesting. Anyways, 6 months ago, while I'm listening to something on SoundCloud, I see something called "Native Faith" recommended to me. Usually those recommendations are bad but I don't have anything better to do so I click. I like it immediately, since it's fast paced and piano. Then I search about the song on the web, find about Touhou again. This time I decide to give it a shot since that music was pretty good. And it was a good choice. My first game is Touhou 10 (cause of "Native Faith"). Absolutely loved it, Touhou(s) are the only game(s) that feels fluid to me, after Dead Cells (which is an epic game). I also loved the art of the game, it feels like fresh air after all those "normal" games (xD). It looks weird, childish and cute at the same time, which i like. And the music is just plain awesomeness. When I first heard Sakuya's theme (Luna Dial) in game, it made me thought "Oh sh*t, she is going to kick my ass". As of now i have played 6, 7 and 10, but never finished any. Got to the last stage in all of them in normal difficulty, never managed to beat those damned last bosses. My only goal is to finish every game in Normal difficulty, other difficulties are near impossible for me (expect Easy, lol). My fav character would be Marisa, because I always wanted to be a (ordinary) magician as a child. She is the funniest too (and most energetic?) I think. Which fits me irl. So, that's it. BTW, I use Linux (Void Linux) only. Any fellow Linux users here? EDIT: Forgot to say, this website is really well made. Good job.
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    Marisa gonna steal some books from Patchouli again My instagram- https://www.instagram.com/p/ByxIRERgBar/?igshid=1c8mqojvxxi5r Or pixiv https://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=75256933
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    Hey, My name is Alex... or Axl. I'm from So Cal so it's mandatory that I call everyone "Dude". I got int Touhou probably years ago from an Iosys music video on a related videos section. I enjoyed playing the games, even though I suck. It's like the Dark Souls of shooters. I was immensely active, looking at fanart, reading sfw doujinshi, but the hype sort of died down. But now, I'm back on this and discovered this site while trying to find games to download. I am enjoying the fighting games of the series. Doremy is currently my favorite Touhou girl. I have two main hobbies, Hockey and Music. I love playing and watching Hockey. My two main teams are The New York Rangers and The Anaheim Ducks. I will be making my main team the new Seattle team when they debut in 2021. Favorite players include Johnathan Toews, Bobby Ryan, Derek Stephan, Drew Doughty, Henrik Lundqvist, Paul Kariya, and Sean Avery. I have a love-hate relationship with Scott Niedermayer, though. I play winger on my hockey teams. I have a hobby of listening and rating albums on my RYM page. I do need to listen to more Touhou doujin music. if you have any recs, don't be afraid to shout at me. Here is top 100 albums list. Sorry if this was a lot of info about me. I look forward to socializing with you guys. Also, am I allowed to swear on this forum?
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    Finished. this was fun. I cut off some of the lower ranks. number one was expected.
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    I added more screenshots, Now we have both versions (I edited my previous post too) Comparison 2 Original (Japanese): Official in-game translation: thcrap, Subtitle mode: Off thcrap, Language: English (Subtitle mode: On)
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    Comparison 1 Original (Japanese): Official in-game translation: thcrap, Subtitle mode: Off thcrap, Language: English (Subtitle mode: On)
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    Release Information Type: Bullet Hell Developer: Zun Publisher: Zun Release: 1998 Language: English-Patched Character Information Playable Characters: 2 (Reimu, Marisa) Shot Types: 2 Each Description Youkai have once again begun to swarm the Hakurei Shrine, prompting Reimu and Marisa to separately head for a lake in the mountains - the apparent source of a tremendous power surge. The two reach a gateway underneath the lake which transports them to an odd fantasy world - the location of the mansion Mugenkan, where the mastermind supposedly lurks. Unique Gameplay Mechanics Introduction of Focusing * This is the first bullet hell game in the series where you can Focus, which will slow you down for easier bullet-dodging (although your hitbox doesn't become visible when doing this as it does later on in the series). Hidden Rank System * As unbelievable as it may sound, this entry in the series brings with it a Rank system. Basically, the better you play in one run (collect lots of items, gain lives, don't bomb or die), the higher the Rank will be, the harder attacks will become, while dying and scoring little with decrease the Rank. This mechanic disappears after Touhou 7 - Perfect Cherry Blossom. Dream Bonus * For all your scoring needs, this game introduces the Dream mechanic. Aside from Power and Point items, the Dream item makes its appearance. These items increase your Dream by a set amount per item, maxing out at 12800. This value is added to the Point item's, so for example, grabbing a Point item at the top of the screen (51200 points) with 12800 Dream will bring the item's value to 64000. Scorefile * It has 25% completion status (Extra is only unlocked for Reimu A). -> You can help get this scorefile to 100%! If you have a scorefile which improves upon the progress in this existing file, please submit it to us! Th04 scroefile (Derllyn).zip
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    It seems like you are trying to download "Komeiji Satori no Jousou Kyouiku" For me it works fine. I can clearly see that you have Opera browser installed. Have you tried using Opera browser?
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    Release Information Type: RPG Developer: FocasLens Publisher: FocasLens Release: Comiket 89, on December 30, 2015 Language: Japanese (English patch included but not installed) AKA Gensou Ningyou Enbu - Yume no Kakera Installation Instructions Refer to the video at the bottom of the page, courtesy of Drunken_Flower. The base game is also included with this download. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Description This is the expansion to the popular fangame, Touhou Puppet Dance Performance. It plays very similarly to the base game with the main differences being the story plays out in a slightly different order, and puppets featuring Touhou characters from 14.5 and 15 are now included, which the previous game did not have. Additionally, new areas can be found in the expansion, as well as a new puppet type, the Warped type. In this game's story, the player character finds themself transported to Gensokyo, to learn that a strange incident is occurring; many puppets shaped like familiar Touhou characters are running around Gensokyo, and no one knows where they're coming from. At the same time, people have learned to tame these puppets, and many are using them to battle one another in a form of new sport. Regardless, the player cannot return home until the incident is resolved; they decide to use these puppets to help solve the incident, so that they can return to the outside world (why would you ever do that though). For those who don't know anything about Touhou Puppet Dance Performance, it's basically Touhou in Pokemon form with a few key differences, those being that the equivalent to what IVs are in Pokemon are visible in TPDP. Instead of being a numerical value between 1 and 31, it's a letter grade between S and E-, S being the best a stat can be and E- being the worst a stat can be. The way moves are learned and EVs are gained is also significantly different; when you hit the requirements for learning a new move, you can learn it through the Edit screen of your puppet where you can learn a skill from the entire list of what's available to the puppet at that level, though they cost PP to learn which is gained through winning battles. You can also use PP to reinforce stats, which is basically EVs except you have objective control over them. Evolutions are handled in the form of style changes that every puppet has available from level 30 onward. Every puppet gets the option to evolve into any of three forms, two of which range across Power, Speed, Assist, or Defense, depending on the puppet. In Shard of Dreams, a new Extra style is available as the third option for any puppet to evolve into. For example, Chen at level 30 can choose to evolve into either Extra Chen, Speed Chen, or Assist Chen. You can only style change once though; the only way to reverse it is through reincarnation which is only available postgame. https://youtu.be/uO6S2akrRes
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    Cool I wonder if there are any 2hus associated with my birthday *checks* *sees Kurumi* *looks up who the hell is Kurumi* aaaaaaaaaand it's a PC-98 character... from the one PC-98 game I haven't even played... Well at least I know who Rinnosuke is
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    Release Information Type: Realtime Strategy Developer: Tasogare Frontier Publisher: Tasogare Frontier Release: 2007 Language: English-Patched Other Vitals Playable Characters: 32 (Colored by type; see "RPS Information," below.) EOSD Team Meiling, Sakuya, Patchouli, Flandre Hakurei Team Cirno, Alice, Marisa, Reimu, Suika PCB Team Chen, Ran, Youmu, Yuyuko, Yukari IN Team Tewi, Reisen, Eirin, Kaguya, Mokou PoFV Team Medicine, Yuka, Aya, Komachi, Shikeiki MoF Team Minoriko, Hina, Nitori, Sanae, Kanako Special Extras (2) (Available only in Free Select Mode) Keine, Suwako RPS Information The three unit affinities work like a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors, and knowing which unit type is better than another can help you make decisions as to which units to buy when you're playing on a difficulty that gives you info as to which enemies are next, so you can attack or defend better: * Melee is strong against Danmaku * Danmaku is strong against Flying * Flying is strong against Melee Spellcards You'll have 5 spellcards that you can use a single time each if you really get in a pinch that grant temporary bonuses; use them depending on exactly what kind of pinch you're in. From left to right: * Fire: Damages all enemies in an amount equal to half their max HP (also damages offscreen enemies). * Water: Respawn rate of dead units is increased tenfold. * Wind: Increases all animation speeds for your units (movement and attack speeds). * Metal: The bookshelf becomes temporarily invulnerable: enemies cannot steal books. * Earth: Your units gain temporary invulnerability; nothing can harm them. Special Note When computer-controlled, Marisas don't bother with attacks: instead, they go straight for the bookshelf (this applies to all difficulties, so be careful when you're up against a large wave of Marisas!) Special Modes Once you meat the games as all teams and earn Free Select, you also unlock the special Extra modes: *100k Mode. Start with 100,000 coins. *Swarm Mode. Waves contain even more enemies. *Thief Mode. None of the enemies bother attacking: like Marisas, they will now all rush for the bookshelf. *Dual Mode. Waves will now consist of a mix of 2 different characters. *Surround Mode.Each wave will now come from absolutely everywhere instead of having one particular offscreen area where they spawn from. *Boss Rush Mode. "Regular" waves will now consist of 3 normal-level boss characters, and "boss" waves will now consist of one giant boss. *Tower Defense Mode. Your units spawn on top of platforms with no way down; enemies will rush for the bookshelves. *Endless Mode. Even after the clock reaches midnight, the waves will just keep coming. Description * Please note that this game ONLY runs in an unchangeable 1024x768 resolution; if your monitor's resolution is smaller, there is absolutely no way to change the game's resolution to fit; even attempting to fullscreen it or force 640x480 through compatibility options does not work. Plot Point: Patchouli is sick and tired of Marisa stealing books from the library (tell me something I don't know), so she decides to strengthen its defenses by creating magical dolls to guard the books. Unfortunately, Marisa stole the book Patchy wrote on how to make the dolls, so everyone else knows how to make them too. Patchy's only hope is to create as many dolls as she can to defend her last stronghold that is the library. How It Works: You start with some gold to purchase your initial supply of units, which spawn at start point(s); each unit is unique, is one of three types (melee, danmaku, or flying), and has special abilities. You have as much time as you like to determine starting units and positions before starting. To begin, hit the large [Start] button in the lower-right to start the clock and the battling. As each wave of enemy units attacks, you can either let your units' proximity reactions go, or you can tell individuals or highlight groups of units and command them to go on the offensive. Defeating enemy units awards you more gold to make more units so you can handle larger and more powerful enemy groups, whereas if you neglect your duties, the enemies will make it to the bookshelves you're defending - if they steal all the books, it's game over. When the clock in the upper-right hits midnight, you get a wave of boss-type Marisas as the final wave. If you manage to fend that off without losing all your books, you win! Character Info: At first, you only start with Patchy's own EoSD team, but beating the game as each new team unlocks the next on the list; if you beat the game as all six normal teams, you unlock the 2 special characters and the ability to create a custom team with any characters you want using Free Select Mode. Difficulty Info: The game comes with 4 difficulty settings (Easy, Normal, Hard, and Lunatic). The difficulty you choose determines the following things: * Total time. Easier settings are shorter and less involved; higher difficulties last much longer (the clock moves much slower), forcing more strategy on your part as to who to upgrade or purchase more units for. * Time and warnings between waves. Easier settings provide more time between waves, and provide more info as to what they consist of (Easy tells you everything, including exact character, type, and where they're coming from; upping your difficulty tells you less and less until you get to Lunatic, which tells you absolutely nothing). * Wave strength. Easy is very forgiving; upping your difficulty means stronger waves appear sooner and more frequently. * Accessibility of the bookshelf to enemies. Easy puts tons of obstacles in the way, Lunatic hardly gives the enemies anything to walk around at all
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    Here I am hoping this thread can include non touhou art as well. Admit-tingly I don't do fan-art very often. Just finish this Digital art piece today. I'm still not totally satisfied with it and thanks to it being digital I can go right back at it again. I am open to feedback and if anyone would like some feedback to improve on their own works let me know.
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    Thanks, Kurzov! ^_^ The new file works perfectly! You have my respect.
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    From the album: Kutaka Niwatari

    【東方鬼形獣 〜 Wily Beast and Weakest Creature(PC-9801風)】 魂魄妖夢vs庭渡久侘歌 [Tōhō Kikeijū ⁓ Wily Beast and Weakest Creature (PC-9801 style)] Yōmu Konpaku vs Kutaka Niwatari DeviantArt: https://silsinn9801.deviantart.com/art/PC-9801-style-Youmu-vs-Kutaka-804316931 セラフィックチキン(PC-9801-86バージョン) Seraphic Chicken (PC-9801-86 Version)

    © CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0

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    just started today, its hard but super fun
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    Oh! Those are some good ones Reminds me that I did not think about any themes from my days of Nintendo console gaming. I then thought about Yoshi's island catchy swingy music. Now when I'm listening to it I'm feeling a bit nostalgic of course, but I also think about how irritating some of these levels was. I also hear the whining Mario-baby in my head. So there is mixed feelings about these songs And yeah! Also we have the Donkey Kong Country theme. Loved all the different settings and how the soundtrack was perfect fit with the backgrounds and stuff. Some highlights:
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    (/ ‘з’)/ I used to listen to Kirby music before I started listening to Touhou music. I don't listen to it that much anymore, but I wanted to share something I don't know how to bring the video here, so I just put links
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    Hey, let's revive this thread. Been listening to a lot of game music lately. Here are some of my top stuff at the moment: The soundtracks for early Blizzard games was really something special. Especially the catchy baroque-ish tunes from Warcraft 2 Tides of darkness. Played Warcraft 3 A LOT more because it was a great game and the campaign was one of the best campaing modes for an RTS I think, but I don't know if I can remember anything of the soundtrack from that game. Another one of those games is Diablo. Both the first and second games had really nice soundtracks, but I love the creepier atmosphere from the first game! Also, many Bethesda games — both early and new — do have great sountracks. The OST from TES 4 Oblivion is really nostalgic for me. Some tracks are very calming! There is much memorable music in the whole series, but one that especially comes to mind is the sountrack from the first game, Arena. I haven't played very much of it. Just some exploring and some dungeons and quests; it's such a hard game to play. But the soundtrack is very memorable and got some really catchy tunes. Here are some other faves; the soundtrack of Clock Tower. Great horror game too! Also the soundtrack of Halo and some really great stuff from Might and Magic 6: The mandate of heaven: So... I have shared some great stuff here! I wanna see more posts in this thread now Because I guess the Touhou community holds a lot of people with a special interest in game music and just music in general!
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    Select the content you want to hide and click on the Spoiler button Or click on the Spoiler button, and import your content there. Actually wasn't necessary to hide the image, we used the hide content option for to avoid to scroll a lot through the page.
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    A few days late, but the image for the new season should finally appear on the home page
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    One of my current faves are Suikas theme from Immaterial and Missing Power: https://youtu.be/n_4c1vzWvns?t=6558 Very exciting intro — Like "now, get ready for some intense shit!" . Then the build up with the piano and trumpet; lovely! It's quite repetitive, but the melody is so intriguing. It really got stuck on my brain when I first heard it.
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    Haha! Cool. I deselected a lot of games tough, but in that way I got almost only the characters that I know. So thats good It looks like I've got many draws here Will be fun to do this again later!
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    Thanks for welcoming me and taking your time to give me some interesting information I actually didn't know about the two styles of Touhou fighting games. I'm definitely going to check out those as well!
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    Welcome! Enjoy your time on the forum. We are very friendly here. I think its worth playing every Touhou game, but if you are particularly into the fighting games and are thinking of properly getting into one, but not sure which one to practice, some info that might help: There have been two 'styles' of fighting game in Touhou - the 'ground-based style', which the first three games fall under, and the 'floating style' which is every fighting game after that. It's kinda hard to explain the differences but basically: -Ground-based games are more technical (street fighter-style command inputs for specials, high and low block, etc) -Floating games are easier (single direction input for specials, only one type of block), and also all the characters feel floatier. BUT the battles take place completely in midair. Which is awesome, and very in-fitting with Touhou's style. Also the first floating game did a hard reset of the character roster which either sucks or is great depending on which characters you like. If you want to get into the ground based games, look no further than Touhou 12.3: Hisoutensoku. It has all the characters from it's predecessors + 5 more, definitely has the largest community out of the ground fighters, and uses a refined version of Scarlet Weather Rhapsody's combat system. In fact, Hisoutensoku is actually an expansion of SWR, you'll need both games to unlock all the characters. If you know anything about smash bros, let's just say that Hisoutensoku is the melee of Touhou fighters. As for the floating based games, I don't really know as much about them but the most recent one in Touhou 15.5: Antinomy of Common Flowers, so it probably has the largest community and most refined gameplay. Also you get to use two characters in this one which is pretty cool. I've been thinking about getting properly involved with the fighting games recently myself, but right now isn't really a good time for me because I'm busy. Hope this information helped though, and I hope it wasn't a huge dump of stuff you're not interested in... Also here's some hype gameplay of Hisoutensoku if you're interested: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nT1N7v_MmJ4
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    Welcome to the forum! And don't worry about your post, there's nothing wrong with saying a lot about yourself (I too have a habit of making posts longer than they need to be). About swearing on the forum, I actually have no idea but I'm sure you can get away with it if you use 'frick'. Fairly certain the rules about it aren't too tight though, as long as it's not excessive/used with offensive intent. To be sure I'd check with someone who actually has authority. Also, is that a Magikarp I can see in your profile pic? Damn, Cirno better watch out, she's got competition for the title of The Strongest!
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    What about Sony? OH WAIT A MINUTE
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    Version 1.0.0


    So I decided to share some of my Touhou animated cursors that I've been using lately with you guys, since most likely their original sources will be gone after some years like some already did. Have fun! Also, I do not own anything, I just made a pack with a bunch of cursors that some artists from NicoNicoDouga and Pixiv have made VirusTotal Scan: https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/55be865e462bd4695c69125751d8725f6359a38731db2141bb155add856b2fe0
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    I thought it was a pretty good e3. I'm excited for Cyberpunk, Doom Eternal, FF7, No More Heroes 3 and Banjo coming to smash. Here's how I would Rank the Conferences this year. 8. Ubisoft 7. EA 6. Digital Devolver 5. PC Gamer 4. Bethesda 3. Microsoft 2. Square Enix 1. Nintendo
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    No mima for smash
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    About what I would expect. Alice is number one, as she should be. Watasuki is dead last, which is accurate.
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    My results. I excluded the games I haven't played yet and also excluded print works since I haven't read many of them. By the way I crossed out numbers where there were ties since I felt the order they appeared in the list was good. Overall, I would say it is pretty accurate but there are a few changes I would make. For one, Futo needs to be way higher. And although I like Mamizou I would no way say she is in my top ten. (How on earth did she tie with Cirno??) Also disappointed that Cirno isn't exactly (9) On an unrelated note, look at my super original top 3!!
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    -Prismriver sisters are all the top 3 Wow, I never could have seen that coming!
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    Well actually living in the Myouren Temple and be a monk doesn't sound that bad, so i will go with it. Would you rather: "You won't be able to pick up any power items, (i mean, your power level will be always 0) *this applies for TH11 SA from stage 1 to stage 3 on Lunatic or "You won't be able to Focus (for unknown reasons, your left Shift key is broken) *this applies for TH07 PCB from stage 3 to stage 5 on Normal
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    From the album: Touhou GIFs

    Toyo smacks and whacks and smacks and whacks.
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    Cool but not enough grinders.
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    If someone could please reply to this, that would be great. I have tried downloading this file over and over, but it keeps telling me that the file type is not supported. And it's not just with my phone, it also happens with my PC. Does anyone know how to fix this?
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    Version 1.0.0


    koishi summons reisen and starts acting like sans. This is also very difficult so you cant die. instead of dying you have a death count that counts up your deaths. im pretty sure you cant bomb in this. all other controls are the same (i think). also shift + f4 is fullscreen. hope you enjoy. Dev Site: http://www.bulletforge.org/u/kirbio/p/range15-entrykoishitale
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    Oooo Expect lots of posts from me here I do love my rock/metal


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