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  1. Cirno

    We tell a story two words at a time

    comicon convention
  2. Version 0.1


    Release Information Type: RPG Developer: FocasLens Publisher: FocasLens Release: ??? Language: English (if patched) Installation Instructions Step 1: Install Base TPDP and patch it up to 1.34. Installer found here: https://mega.nz/#!Q8pjHSzY!l55glKmUAZ0UF6rmmFiVsx7nSE5N14I5g4KjfOq1DF4 Step 2: Go into the %AppData% folder of your computer and enter the roaming folder. Look for the folder called "FocasLens", and place the contents of this download in that folder https://mega.nz/#!R58STCJC!_KTXYTFx4Zeu4u1SRIipRS7h0vopQ-8K0SaVLXEdCUM Step 3: Extract the contents of "TPDP Shard of Dreams (English).rar" to "C:\game\FocasLens" Step 4: Run the game under Japanese Locale or Locale Emulator or refer to the video at the bottom of the page, courtesy of Drunken_Flower. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Description This is the expansion to the popular fangame touhou puppet dance performance. It plays very similarly to the base game with the main differences being the story plays out in a slightly different order, and you have touhou 14.5 -15 puppets, which the previous game did not have. For those who don't know anything about touhou puppet dance performance, its basically touhou in pokemon form with a few key differences, those being that the equivalent to what ivs are in pokemon are visible in TPDP, and instead of being a numerical value between 1 and 31 its a letter grade between S and E-, S being the best a stat can be and E- being the worst a stat can be. The way moves are learned and evs are gained is also significantly different, when you hit the requirements for learning a new move you can learn it through the edit screen of your puppet where you can learn a skill from the entire list of whats available to the puppet at that level, though they cost pp to learn which is gained through winning battles. You can also use pp to reinforce stats, which is basically evs except you objectively control them. Evolutions are handled in the form of style changes that every puppet has available from level 30 onward, every puppet gets the option to evolve into their extra form, or any 2 from power,speed,assist, or defense, depending on the puppet. For example, Chen past level 30 can choose to evolve into either Extra Chen,Speed Chen, or Assist Chen. You can only style change once though, the only way to reverse it is through reincarnation which is only available postgame.
  3. Cirno

    Who is the strongest 2hu?

    Well you took the liberty to ping me with this post so i'll post a serious response. It is very likely Yukari. She is stated to be able to manipulate the border of anything which implies she could simply "turn off" anyone elses power, its kinda stupid crazy.
  4. Cirno

    We tell a story two words at a time

    with genitals
  5. Cirno

    My Oscar makes me cry

    Those stats are so bad for someone 2 levels away from a paladin promotion, by comparison my Kieran at level 20 has 16 strength and 18 speed, way way stronger, even my titania has 17 strength and 18 speed. Why do you have to be so bad Oscar.
  6. Cirno

    Favorite Final Boss themes.

    Damn, Rantos before you mentioned it i'd never actually heard tonight stars an easygoing egoist. Its really freaking good. Also Emotional Skyscraper is a very close second to my favorite touhou theme.
  7. Cirno

    Favorite Final Boss themes.

    My favorite stage 6 boss theme is Flight of the Bamboo Cutter ~ Lunatic Princess. Its just so graceful, the song has a lot of power in it but you can feel the absolute grace in the tones, like you are truly fighting someone of incredible status.

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