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  1. NGL I really love Chrono Trigger's OST. So many good timeless pieces with a random battle theme that you just wanna dance to because its so catchy. And the OST just had so much life to it.
  2. Yea I also exist, i'm the Moriya Owner btw hi. I sent you a message on discord with my current discord account, a Narius#2971. Been a fan for 4 years and actually own a decently sized touhou community, so I might know enough to answer a few questions.
  3. Alright, the official Moriya Shrine community music circle Moriya Records now has a publically available and free album of remixes for you all.
  4. Version 1.0.0


    The first album of the Moriya Records music circle that recently started up in the community, where talented artists of the Moriya Shrine get together and collaborate to create touhou remixes. We even have our own bandcamp, linked here: https://moriyarecords.bandcamp.com/album/melodic-procrastination
  5. Updated the English patch of the fangame Touhou Hollow Song of Birds as version 1.1 was released.
  6. Version 2.0.1


    Information Type: RPG Author: Cirno Language: English Platform: Windows Description Moriya Saga is a fictional game made in RPG Maker that details a completely fictional story involving the Moriya Shrine community. It's a turn based RPG with a lot of more complex elements borrowed from multiple RPG game's i've played in my time. This isn't a serious project, and a lot of the resources are taken from other sources, meaning I don't own any of the graphics/music/etc that I use in this project, and I don't and never will make any money off of it. Only a demo so far, but I would love any feedback you have on it. Changelog Version 2.0 Beta released. Up to chapter 2 is now playable.A modest amount of playtesting has been done, so theoretically there shouldn't be any major game breaking bugs, but there might be some minor collision/graphical bugs. Known bugs in this version: Occasionally in battle, you won't be able to switch which enemy you are targeting with single target attacks. This bug happens very rarely, and I don't even know what triggers it, much less a way to fix it. If anyone figures out a consistent trigger to this bug do let me know. Version 2.0.1 Beta Released. The known bug from the previous version has a known cause, its mouse controls, if this happens to you just drag your mouse off the game screen and it should return to keyboard controls, that is something innate to RPG Maker MV that I can't entirely fix. A lot of the graphics have gotten a facelift due to art my good friend Sci found online. Thanks again, Sci. Minor balance changes have been made and a new roaming miniboss has been added to chapter 2. Balance Changes are as follows... -Ten Desires effect changed from 20% debuff/buff to 15% debuff/buff and cooldown increased from 1 to 2. This should make the infight scaling less ludicrous so its harder to become actually immortal. -All Bosses initial attack and magic reduced by about 4% with a new scaling function that makes them do 5% more damage every 5 turns the battle goes on. This is to reduce how strong turtling is mildly. -Zen Talisman and Healing Talisman set to a static healing amount of 75 and 400 respectively, and their price doubled from the last version. This is also to make turtling a bit less strong, or at the very least a bit more costly Controls Arrow Keys: Movement, menu navigation Z: Confirmation key X: Cancel key/Menu key Shift: Sprint
  7. Uploaded and wrote details for the Touhou Hollow Song of Birds fangame, linked here:
  8. Version  1.12


    Release Information Type: 2D Bullethell Developer: Shijimi Nono Publisher: Shijimi Nono Release: January 28th, 2019 Language: English Patched Controls: ARROW KEYS to move Z to shoot X to bomb C to Z-Spell(explained in description) Autocollect: Holding shift and entering focus mode autocollects all items in a large radius of your character. Playable Characters: Reimu Hakurei Marisa Kirisame Sakuya Izayoi Kaguya Houraisan (Unlocked by 1CC on any difficulty) Description Time has stopped in Gensokyo, so the girls go out to investigate. Unique Mechanics Z-Spell, to Z-Spell you hit C when the gauge shown in the second screenshot has all of the jewels filled with color, these are very powerful character specific bombs that don't consume anything from your bomb gauge, as well as not causing you to fail the spellcard bonus like a normal bomb would. These jewels fill up as you kill enemies and collect items, and fill up a lot faster when you collect jewels that spawn from bullets being deleted from your natural bombs.
  9. Changed the details and download link for Mima's new life fangame to correspond with the agreement to link to the source material for any touhou game jam fangames we host on the website.
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