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2.5/3D Platforming/Action

7 files

  1. Fairy Game - Three Fairies of Light

    Release Information
    Type: 3D Action
    Developer: 闇討ちProject
    Publisher: 闇討ちProject
    Release: Comiket 82, August 11, 2012
    Language: Japanese

    Three fairies Sunny Milk, Luna Child, and Star Sapphire find their days are so boring. Therefore they go to the Scarlet Devil mansion to make mischief and playing pranks using their powers. Fairy Game - Three Fairies of Light is a 3D action game starring Sunny Milk as she explores the Scarlet Devil Mansion by hiding, sneaking around and electrify the residents. The game objective is go through many traps and maid fairies before reaching Remilia's room. The game features 50 missions testing the player's sneaking and shooting skills, while uncovering secrets in every room. 


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  2. Touhou Koukishin - Adventures of Scarlet Curiosity

    Release Inflormation
    Type: Role-Playing Game
    Developer: Ankake Spa
    Publisher: Ankake Spa
    Year of Release: Comiket 86, August 16, 2014
    Language: Japanese (translated to english)

    Character Information
    Playable Characters: 2
    (Remilia Scarlet,Sakuya Izayoi)
    Default Controls
    Z- Regular attack]
    X- Second attack ability
    C- Third attack ability
    V- Menu
    S- Spellcard like ability
    Spacebar- Jump (Glides if you are Remilia.)
    Plot Point: The game starts out allowing you to choose between Sakuya, or Remilia, their storylines vary depending on what character you pick. The game's plot starts out as attemption to cure Remilia's boredom by hunting Gensokyo's Superstitions of giant monsters, but soon scales into a full mystery adventure. From discovering hoaxes to rescuing lost "maid"ends. remilia and Sakuya are determinded to solve the mysteries plaguing Gensokyo.
    How it works: The game starts slow so the player can get axquainted to the gameplay easily. The action is moderately pace, and is rarely required to progress although, it definitely makes the game significantly more difficult if you just rush bosses down every time. There's a level select map and different locations are unlocked and re-locked depending on where you are in the story line. The mansion can be returned to, to save the game with patchouli. Rinnosuke's shop will become available later in the game. There's a leveling system to unlock new skills and raise the stats of the character you've choosen and the combo system increases the exp and money you gain from cutting down various enemies.


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  3. Code:R - From Gensokyo With Love -

    Release Information
    Type: Action/Stealth
    Developer: BlueMica
    Publisher: BlueMica
    Release: August 2013
    Language: Japanese, Some English Menus
    Default Controls
    Mouse: Camera Movement
    Shift: Toggle Run/Walk
    Z/Left Click: Shoot
    V: Throw Grenade
    Up/Down Keys: Change Ammo
    Left/Right Keys: Change Grenades
    ?: Toggle Crouch
    X/Right Click: Context Sensitive Action
    R: Reload
    P: Menu
    J: Toggle WAVE Goggles
    B: Melee Attack
    Enter: Select
    Esc: Cancel
    Plot Point: A cybernetics laboratory had finished building the ultimate machine: the nuclear-capable gynoid known as SANA. Mysteriously, a terrorist organization kidnaps SANA and implants her AI with a virus, twisting her mind with a desire to destroy the planet. With the rest of the world unable to act, the special operations miko known as the 'Dichromatic Butterfly' is contracted to counteract this incident. With the reclusive 'NEETori' supporting her via. radio transmissions, Reimu sets off to infiltrate the terrorist organization, discover their goals, and recover or shutdown SANA.
    How it Works: Metal Gear/Splinter Cell Touhou. You make use of an array of bullets, grenades, and items to make your way through stages full of traps, guards, and security devices to fulfill certain objectives, whether it be to destroy a target or secure intel, before finally making your way back to the escape point.
    From the Story menu, Nitori will give you a description of each mission. Once you select a mission, you can choose which bullet type and grenade type you will use for the mission. You can also select an alternate costume, but this is purely cosmetic. You can unlock more of them after meeting certain conditions.
    Your ammo is limited, so make good use of it. You can occasionally find ammo items on the stage. You also have access to WAVE goggles, which allows you to see security devices' field of view, laser wires, etc. until the goggles need to recharge. When you obtain an item such as the suppressor, you need to go into the menu and equip it in the gadgets sub-menu. Once you get a perfect and speedy clear of the whole game, you can start missions with these items equipped.
    The security devices will become more complex as the game goes on, some needing key cards and such to open. The guards will also become more complex, some being immune to melee and most shots, etc.The guards will react on-sight, and also to sounds such as your shots and running footsteps. Melee itself is silent. When they are put into a state of alert, their field of vision also expands. Also of note is that Reimu is a technical pacifist, so you cannot use live munitions on the guards.   


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  4. DynaMarisa 3D

    Release Information
    Type: Platforming/Action/3rd Person shooter
    Developer: Tasogare Frontier
    Publisher: Tasogare Frontier
    Release: ???
    Language: English/Japanese
    Default Controls
    Move&Aim: W,A,S,D, Mouse Aims
    Jump: Shift
    Dodge: Space Bar (move forward after "Dodge" and you will run)
    Scope Zoom: Mouse Wheel (only on guns that have it)
    This game supports 3D stereoscopic graphics that can be activated by pressing Alt + Enter to switch into fullscreen.
    Plot Point: Marisa has been caught in Patchouli's library yet again, and this time her response was of epic proportions: having evidently learned from the game "MegaMari" that merely turning the library into a castle isn't enough, she's decided to go all-out to eliminate our beloved book-borrower from her library once and for all - she's hired tons of high-tech help and enchanted the place so Marisa can't use her spell cards!  This forces Marisa to respond in kind by taking up arms and hiring her own small troop of fairy helpers.  With guns that have abilities linked to her friends, it's time to stop Pachouli's madness and make a safer future for books!
    How It Works: Its a 3rd-person shooter, meaning you'll be looking at Marisa's back as well as the hordes of enemies that dare to stand against her, you are also given a small group of fairies to help you early on. The Mission objectives aren't disclosed, but range from "survive" to "kill all enemies."  The controls are like a Computer FPS; the A/S/D/W keys moves Marisa around, and you aim with the mouse.
    Extra Notes: Put item acquisition on the top of your priority list: you need all the help you can get later on.   Hat: Little Marisa hats are dropped by killing the enemies around you.  These each permanently increase your Max HP by 1 point.     Gold Mushrooms: Gold Mushrooms are healing items (Who would have guessed that? I mean seriously, you only play as Marisa).     Blue Boxes: This is Important! Boxes contain new weapons, which you can use starting in the next stage.  Remember, the harder the Stage settings are, the better your weapons are, and Marisa likes very powerful weapons !  ^.^   


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  5. Shin Touhou Musou

    Release Information
    Type: 2D overhead beat 'em up
    Developer: Hachimitsu Kuma-san
    Publisher: Hachimitsu Kuma-san
    Release: Comiket 80, August 13, 2011
    Version: 1.0
    Language: Japanese
    Shin Toho Musou (真・東方無双, lit. "Eastern Warriors") is a fan-made Touhou Project 2d overhead beat 'em up game released by Hachimitsu Kuma-san that parodies Koei's Dynasty Warriors Series.
    The game spans across 50 stages and has 12 playable characters. 
    The standard stages are single maps that contains large quantities of enemies that spawn in waves. 
    Stages are cleared by defeating all enemies, or by taking down the stage's target enemy. 
    Every fifth stage is a boss battle.
    Enemies occasionally drop stat items and weapon cards. 
    Stat items increase the max HP or MP of the character playing the stage, and weapon cards will unlock new attacks for arbitrary characters. 
    Each character can have two weapon cards equipped at any time, serving as their primary and secondary attacks.


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  6. Kinokon - Defend my Sweet Home

    Release Information
    Type: 3D Action
    Developer: ???
    Publisher: ???
    Release: ???
    Language: Japanese

    [Z] attack
    [X] bomb (if green gauge is at least half full)
    [D] drink potion

    Yellow: speed
    Purple: giant Alice
    Red: refill bomb gauge


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  7. Ephemeral Swordplay Reverie

    Release Information
    Type: 3D Action Platformer
    Developer: あんかけスパ
    Publisher: あんかけスパ
    Release: Comiket 81, December 30, 2011
    Version: 1.20
    Language: English
    Default Controls 
     Z: Confirm / Slash
     X: Cancel / Jump 
     ?: Special Attack
     A: Switch Specials
     S:  Sky Sword View: 6 Roots of Perception
    Plot Point: One day at Hakugyokuro, Yuyuko is once again attempting to dodge her sword training, claiming that "Youmu's instructions are getting us nowhere." Youmu responded with "Well then, what must I do to make it worthwhile?" Then, Yuyuko gave Youmu the task of defeating Reimu, claiming that if Youmu is capable of such a task, Yuyuko might pay attention to her sword training. It seems as though Yuyuko is just finding another way to dodge her training, but Youmu seems to be taking it seriously. Can Youmu really go against the odds and defeat the Hakurei Shrine Maiden?
    How It Works: You play as Youmu, you run around stages, and slash the crap out of anything that gets in your way as you progress on your quest to find and defeat Reimu. You start off with 3 SP of which to use your 3 special attacks with; these can be increased by finding and destroying 3 yellow pots in each stage to obtain 3 parts of a new SP orb. Note that SP regenerates rather quickly. 

    Scattered about the levels you will find different colored pots: Green pots contain items that restore your health; either by 50 or 150. Blue pots only serve to boost your combo count. Yellow pots, as stated above, contain a Soul Piece; collect 3 to get an extra soul point for using your specials.

    Youmu also has a spellcard, which can be used when the gauge below your healthbar is full. Activate it, hit someone with it, and watch everything die. Note that if you use Sky Sword View: 6 Roots of Perception and don't hit anyone initially, the bar will not reset to 0; instead it will reset to 1 strike on any enemy = able to use.

    Youmu will also get extensions to her combo. I know not what affects this; all I know is that it seems to happen more quickly the more you use her spellcard. Use that damn thing every opportunity, and don't worry about not having it for the boss: the bar fills up instantly when entering the boss room!  


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