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  1. Oh crap i didn't check the official games' descriptions.
  2. Updated game descriptions and file sizes of almost all the fan-games (some in the rpg category are missing).
  3. Version


    Release Information Type: Vertical Shooting Game Developer: 奇津祢宮 Publisher: 奇津祢宮 Release: Comiket 81, on December 31, 2011 Language: Japanese Playable Characters Reimu Hakurei, Remilia Scarlet, Alice Margatroid, Kamishirasawa Keine and Kazami Yuuka. Description Reimu has lost her memory, and to get it back she must work together with Remilia and Alice. The game consists of four difficulties, six levels with substages and more than 20 spell cards.
  4. Version


    Release Information Type: Racing Game Developer: illuCalab Publisher: illuCalab Release: Comiket 88, on August 16, 2015 Language: Japanese Description Players race around a series of tracks in either Campaign, Free Run or Versus using power-ups and drifting/cornering in the right moment to obtain first place. Each playable character has different positive and negative attributes, and can utilize a special ability or spell card attack. The game is played in its entirety using a partner, which function largely like a flying skateboard and can be switched at anytime as long as player has enough spell card meter. In Gensou Sky Drift the key component of the game is spell card meter which is used to release magic attack and change partner; and Magic Circles which if passed will give players a temporary burst of speed as well as boost the spell card power meter.
  5. I uploaded 55 to 57 and updated 58 to 61's screenshots and descriptions:
  6. Version  


    Release Information Type: Old School RPG Developer: Cibikko Nyannyan Publisher: Cibikko Nyannyan Release: Comiket 83, on December 12, 2012 Language: Japanese Description Reimu is attacked by a mysterious black knight, and was defeated. While being cared in Alice's house Reimu lost her memory, in the meantime monster invasions occur in many places so she is forced to fight. Reimu travels alone at first, but new heroines can be obtained as the player progresses through the game's story by exploring the game world and defeating opponents. The battle system is turn-based with the protagonists and antagonists on different sides of the battlefield, using various commands such as: attack, magic, heal, defend and run.
  7. Version


    Release Information Type: 2D Shooting(others) Developer: Under the Gun Publisher: Under the Gun Release: Comiket 86, on August 17, 2014 Language: Japanese Description Recently, for unknown reasons the youkai built fortifications around Youkai mountain. As one of the Youkai Mountain tengu's patrols, Momiji Inubashiri wants to stop the intruders by attacking first. The player can shoot in eight directions, as can most of the enemies and some amount of cautious advancement is required in order to survive to the end of the level. The player begins with two weapons: a riffle and grenades. The ammunition supply for both items is limited, but can be acquired during gameplay. Once the player has advanced far enough into enemy territory, there are prisoners who will give power-ups, ammunitions and new weapons.
  8. Version


    Release Information Type: RPG,RTS Developer: ちゆうどう Publisher: ちゆうどう Release: Comiket 83, on December 30, 2012 Language: Japanese Description On battlefield, the player and enemy take turns to order their units with commands available, such as movement, defending, attacking, and casting spells. There are two game modes; Casual, an easy mode where player's lost character can be used in next mission, and Classic, a hard mode where the team members who have lost can not be restored.
  9. i added the links to: Also uploaded the Steam version of the last game, but it has a false positive.
  10. You could try to join our Discord server, we have days when the voice chat is crowded too, i just freeze while voice chatting when there's silence because it turns kinda awkward for me.
  11. Version


    Release Information Type: Simulation Game Developer: Sisonoha Publisher: Sisonoha Release: Comiket 83, on December 30, 2012 Language: Japanese Description Set in a vast open area and without specific storyline, USC allows player to roam freely through a flat 2D world and is given considerable freedom in choosing how or when to approach objectives such as exploration, gathering resources, crafting, and combat. However, the game has two definitive objectives: survival where players have to gather natural resources and maintain their life, and creative where players can make various things such as building house, library, etc.
  12. I'm merging some downloads that are separated in parts but don't exceed 1GB in weight.
  13. I made the official game's descriptions match the ones i used for the fangames, i also uploaded covers for most of the games and updated screenshots how i could. Ah, and now the games have their full name.
  14. Version


    Release Information Type: Shooting, Tower Defense Developer: D.N.A Softwares Publisher: D.N.A Softwares Release: Comiket 84, on August 12, 2013 Language: Comiket 74, on August 16, 2008 Description In Gensou Hougekishi the players place cannons and walls in order to stop a horde of enemies from reaching the fortress. there's some time to reorganize between waves. Players can choose one of the six teams consisting of three characters each, where each character has their own stats and unique special attacks which inflicts their own effects onto their opponents.
  15. Version  


    Release Information Type: Farm Simulation Game Developer: ちゆうどう Publisher: ちゆうどう Release: Comiket 89, on December 30, 2015 Language: Japanese Description The game follows Yuuka Kazami who wants create an ideal flower garden, the primary objective of Gensou Garden Monogatari is to restore and maintain a farm and deciding how to allocate time between daily tasks, such as farming, harvesting, raising livestock, and foraging. The player starts with basic tools but these tools can upgraded or bought in Marisa's shop. At certain points in the game Yuuka also has the opportunity to socialize with non-playing characters and take part in side quests or festival that provide benefits.
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