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    Release Information Type: RPG Developer: AQUA STYLE Publisher: AQUA STYLE Release: Comiket 83, on December 30, 2012 Language: Japanese Description Suddenly, Kanako and Suwako disappear without a trace before Sanae's very eyes. Now it's up to her and Tenshi to discover the mystery. Miracle Chou Party - Sanae to Tenshi no Gensou Meikyuu (Miracle Super Party - Sanae and Tenshi of Fantasy Labyrinth) is the third game of the second arc and the direct sequel to "Fushigi No Gensoukyou 2 - Miracle ☆ Party" (Comiket 81, 2011) where the players will control Sanae, Tenshi and her team exploring the dungeons. Compared to its predecessor, the second official sequel has been undergone many improvements. Now the player is able to explore dungeons with more than 30 characters, though they can't be controlled directly. Similar to it's predecessor many dialogue events are fully voiced.
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    Release Information Type: Mahjong Game Developer: Y-Cubed Publisher: Y-Cubed Release: Reitasai 6, on March 8, 2009 Language: Japanese Description Recently, many youkais take money from residents and Reimu wants to overcome this problem by collecting money from playing mahjong with her friends. Min'na de Azuma ☆ ban ☆ Suzume! - Reimu to Yukaina!? Nakama-tachi (English: Everyone in the East ☆ It's a Board Time! - Reimu is Pleasant!? Friend) is a mahjong game with Touhou characters, settings, and music, it uses standard mahjong rules with the basic goal is to be the first player to get a hand composed of four sets and a pair. The first player to reach this goal wins the hand. Each character can use spells to create an attack and or effects, for example; some spells will give the player a random tile while others will give one tile required to win.
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    Release Information Type: Action/Platform Developer: 黄昏フロンティア Publisher: 黄昏フロンティア Release: Reitaisai 3, on May 21, 2006 Language: English Description Tired of Marisa and Alice constantly borrowing and sometimes stealing books from her library, Patchouli Knowledge stashes her books collection deep inside a fortress filled with traps. The game starrs Marisa and Alice where the player can switch between either girl at any time in the current stage (except in Patchouli's castle). The girls have their own lifebar and different shot types. Marisa fires a magic burst suitable for dealing with hordes of enemies, while Alice fires a rapid laser beam making her good in destroying weak enemies. The player must battle through eight stages, fighting a boss at the end of each stage and stealing their weapons before reaching Patchouli's fortress for final showdown.
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    Release Information Type: 2D Shooting (other) Developer: D.N.A. Softwares Publisher: D.N.A. Softwares Release: Comiket 68, on August 14, 2005 Language: Japanese Description Master Burner is a Touhou arcade shooting game and a tribute to After Burner, a 1987 combat flight simulator game by Sega AM2. The game allows player to control Marisa Kirisame, replacing the F-14 Tomcat jet, and gunning down fairies while avoiding incoming fire throughout 17 stages. Marisa is armed with an unlimited vulcan cannon and a limited set of missiles. These weapons are partially recharged after each stage, and get fully replenished every few levels by Reimu Hakurei.
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    Release Information Type: Action/Platform Developer: 黄昏フロンティア Publisher: 黄昏フロンティア Release: Comic Revolution 37, on April 24, 2005 Language: Japanese Description The game centers on the quest of Marisa to collect items from various places. Marisa can eat mushrooms to grow in size and special mushrooms double her size so that she can shoot fireballs and destroy blocks. When the 256 points are accumulated, an extra life is awarded.
  6. Version


    Release Information Type: Puzzle Game Developer: ですのや☆ Publisher: ですのや☆ Release: Reitaisai 9, on May 27, 2012 Language: English Description Marisa once again invites Alice to go with her to the library in the Scarlet Devil Mansion. However, Patchouli Knowledge has teamed up with Nitori Kawashiro to build a Trap Tower inside. Now Marisa and Arisa must work together in order to collect the books and reach the goal. Marisa to Arisu no Torapputawa, literally translated as Marisa and Alice in Trap Tower is the sequel to Desunoya's earlier puzzle game "Mariari." The game objective is to help Marisa and Alice escape from tower library by using their teamwork. Unlike the predecessor, now player must control both characters at once and solve different tasks. Each stages consists of sub-levels with various enemies and treasure chests.
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    Release Information Type: Puzzle Game Developer: ですのや☆ Publisher: ですのや☆ Release: Reitaisai 5, on May 25, 2008 Language: Japanese, English Description Patchouli had cursed Alice! Marisa's hat can't be taken off of Alice's head and now the two must work together to break the curse. Marisa to Arisu (English: Marisa and Alice), also known as Mariari, is a doujin puzzle game based upon Mario & Wario, a 1993 side-scrolling puzzle game developed by Game Freak for the Super Famicom console. Player use Shanghai dolls to break blocks, while at the same time collecting gold stars to unlock boss stages. The game main goal is to guide a blind Alice through each level, which consist of various obstacles and traps to Marisa. The player must also complete each level within a specified time limit.
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    Release Information Type: Board Game Developer: 春夏冬中 Publisher: 春夏冬中 Release: Comiket 82 on August 12, 2012 Language: Japanese Description Marisa Party is a Japanese board game similar to Sugoroku or western Snake and Ladders featuring six characters; Reimu, Marisa, Sakuya, Reisen, Youmu and Sanae. The object of the game is to navigate the character according to die rolls, from the start to finish helped by items or mini games - if the player manages to win - and hindered by other characters. The game is a simple race contest with three different locations based on the game; Koumakyou, Youyoumu and Eiyashou. The mini games available at each locations are also different from each other.
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    Release Information Type: Puzzle Developer: NRF Publisher: NRF Release: Comiket 74, on August 17, 2008 Language: Japanese Description Marisa inadvertently found a mystical spellbook in Patchouli's library, but when she tries to open it, she is suddenly sucked into the book and locked in. Now she has to find a way to escape from the book. There are 84 levels and each level is a chamber filled with blocks, items, enemies and, most importantly, a door and a key. Marisa must first collect a key and then make it to the exit door before her health runs out. Marisa has several tricks including a magic wand which allows her to create or remove blocks, head smash to break bricks above her, and her signature move laser Master Spark to destroy all enemies.
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    Release Information Type: Action/Platform Developer: BlueMica Publisher: BlueMica Release: Comiket 72, on August 17, 2007 Language: Japanese Description Watching Reimu seemingly having trouble cleaning Hakurei Shrine's garden, Marisa goes underground to retrieve a new cleaning tool. The game features more than fifty levels, each requiring a key to open up the exit - along with countless enemies and treasure chests. Marisa can only jump, has no weapons and thus can not damage or defeat any of the enemies. Each stage in the game contains one or more treasure chest, which hold various items with helpful abilities inside.
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    Release Information Type: Sports Developer: はちみつくまさん Publisher: はちみつくまさん Release: Comiket 71, on December 31, 2006 Language: English Description The plot of Touhou Soccer Moushuuden focuses on Maribel who suddenly approaches Reimu, Marisa, and Meiling. Maribel is searching for her missing friend, but the more interesting she is holding a mysterious soccer ball. As a soccer game, the objective of each game is to score more goals than opponent within the allotted time, which is usually 2 halves of 30 in-game minutes each. Touhou Soccer Moushuuden is a stand-alone expasion to original game and it includes Main Scenario mode and adds sub-scenarios. The additional game modes are; Travel Mode, is a 25-game marathon mode focused on building custom team by purchasing items and players; All-Star Mode, is a friendly matches against the computer or another human player with special techniques, characters and teams as rewards.
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    Release Information Type: 3D Fighting Game Developer: 領域ZERO Publisher: 領域ZERO Release: Comiket 92, on August 11, 2017 Language: Japanese Character List: Reimu Hakurei, Marisa Kirisame, Youmu Konpaku, Alice Margatroid, Yukari Yakumo, Reisen Udongein Inaba, Tenshi Inanawi, Toyosatomimi no Miko, Illya Einzbern (from Fate Kaleid), Miyu Edelfelt (from Fate Kaleid), Sakura Kinomoto (from Cardcaptor Sakura), Nanoha Takamachi (from Nanoha), Fate Testarossa (from Nanoha), Lina Inverse (from Slayers), Amelia Wil Tesla Saillune (from Slayers), Punie Tanaka (from Dai Mahou Touge) and the final boss Nowel Diastasis (Original). Description Mahou Shoujou VS Gensoukyou・Magical Battle Arena NEXT features characters from the Touhou universe, Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha, Cardcaptor Sakura, Slayers and Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya. The gameplay is largely the same as its predecessor, a crossover third-person aerial fighting game, where the player uses various attacks from melee, range and magic to exhaust their opponent's health meter. Originally released as an update patch to combine both Gensoukyou and Mahou Shoujou version, allowing characters, stages, and music from both games to be used in either game. As an integrated game, the Comiket 92 version features Story Mode and unrecorded characters. - screenshots by Snowbit969
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    Release Information Type: Action/Puzzle Developer: コココソフト Publisher: コココソフト Release: Comiket 84, on August 12, 2013 Language: Japanese Description When Scarlet Devil Mansion is attacked by a group of youkai due to their overwhelming power, Sakuya Izayoi is injured, she then asks Sanae to replace her until the problem is solved. Maid Slayer - The Soul of Elegant Skill is the direct sequel to Maid Crisis, an action puzzle platformer in which the players control a group of maids. Each character has their own skills and throughout the game there are certain obstacles with some puzzles which can only be solved by a specific character. The game also has a light RPG element, a level up system where the players can improve their character attributes and stats.
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    Release Information Type: Action/Platform Developer: トッパツプラン Publisher: トッパツプラン Release: Comiket 84, on August 12, 2013 Language: Japanese Description Recently, there are a lot of uninvited guests in Scarlet Devil Mansion, and because Sakuya is exhausted due to overwork, Remilia herself has to drive them out. Maid Maid Maze is an action platformer starring Remilia Scarlet as she travels through a giant maze to reach the exit within given amount of time. Each room, however, requires a certain objective such as defeating all enemies or the door keeper and solving light puzzles. Remilia has several abilities; regular attack, special attack and hyper dash. After each run, Remilia can spend points to upgrade her abilities.
  15. Version


    Release Information Type: Action, Puzzle Developer: コココソフト Publisher: コココソフト Release: Comiket 83, on December 30, 2012 Language: Japanese Description Maid Crisis - The Elegant Region Power is an action puzzle platformer where the players control the maid team; Youmu, Reisen, Orin, and Futo in a single mission: searching for the missing Sakuya. By using a character's special ability, the objective of the game is that the players must find keys and unlock the way out. Throughout the game the players can switch characters at any time if they find a puzzle or obstacle. Each of character has their own special ability like jumping higher, running faster, hit harder, etc. The game also has light RPG elements, a level up system where the players can improve their character's attributes and stats.
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