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  1. 50 downloads

    Release Information Type: Shooting (others) Developer: Rodon John Publisher: Rodon John Release: 2009 Language: Japanese Description Touhou Tenporoku ~ Combinations With You (東方店舗録 ~ Combinations With You, lit. "Eastern Store Chronicle") is a Touhou fan game made by Rodon John. It consists of only a single boss battle against a tsukumogami living in a used-uniform of FamilyMart, commonly known as Murasa Tenchou (ムラサ店長) or 'Manager Murasa', since her appearance resembles Minamitsu Murasa. [Story] The story follows Suwako as she visits the newly-opened FamilyMart inside the Moriya Shrine, which is managed by Murasa. However, the store is not yet stocked up on supplies, which angers Suwako and causes the ensuing battle between her and Murasa. [Music] Combinations With You has only one musical track. It is quite notable, however, in that it is a remix of the FamilyMart jingle. The track was originally posted on Nico Nico Douga (http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm8224758) and was the probable inspiration for this game.
  2. 32 downloads

    Release Information Type: Shooting (others) Developer: D.N.A.Softwares Publisher: D.N.A.Softwares Release: 2007 Language: Japanese (English menu) Description SUiCA32 is a 2D single screen bullet hell/danmaku top down shooter, based on Touhou. The player controls Reimu Hakurei, a shrine maiden from Gensokyo, who now fights against Suika Ibuki (technically, many Suikas), a powerful Oni. The gameplay is very simple - the player moves the character on screen, avoids many bullets and shoots enemies - Reimu has many various patterns of bullets to use. The game hasn't got a real ending - the player can just play it until he loses.
  3. Otakun Dan



    Release Information Type: Dungeon Crawler RPG Developer: Kokoko Soft Publisher: Kokoko Soft Release: 10 lug 2018 Language: Japanese + English Description The denizens of Touhou Project in a Dungeon Crawling RPG! Gensokyo is connected to 'a certain world' and a huge dungeon by the name of 'Mazes of the Week' appears. Create your own Touhou Characters, step up to the dungeon's challenges! An 'Authentic Style' RPG inspired by Touhou Project. [Story] Gensokyo is connected with 'a certain world' and eventually a huge dungeon by the name of 'Mazes of the Week' appears.The mansion that protagonist Remilia was living in is trapped within this dungeon. Cooperating with companions, Remilia and co. end up having to clear that dungeon. [Game Overview] Compose your party from a maximum of 20 units and fight your way through the dungeon.A mouse controlled RPG with character creation and dungeon crawling. Play the game using selfmade images, if you want. 1280x720 game window resolution. Synthesize and equip items, invest in the shop and make money. [Basic Controls] This game requires a mouse to play. Left Click: Select, Confirm Right Click: Cancel, Return, Skip Mouse Scroll: Move List Up/Down, +/- Parameters, etc Esc: Reset the game F6: Mute F12: Reset the game Ctrl: Skip already read text M: Force an encounter when inside a dungeon Consider supporting the devs by buying the game on Steam if you can: https://store.steampowered.com/app/867490/Remyadry/
  4. 76 downloads

    Release Information Type: 2D Shooting (others) Developer: Top Arts Plan Publisher: Top Arts Plan Release: Mar 13, 2011 Language: Japanese Description Rumia, the twilight youkai, was hungry. The reason for this was simple and clear: he had not seen any human being for the past few winters. Although spring was approaching and the days were getting longer, there was no way that humans would enter the mountains and fields where the snow had yet to melt. Then, there were those who caught Rumia's eye.
  5. 42 downloads

    Release Information Type: Visual Novel Developer: ぽあ Publisher: ぽあ Release: 2013/6/7 Language: Japanese Description Visual Novel.
  6. 104 downloads

    Release Information Type: Puzzle Developer: @N-Factory Publisher: @N-Factory Release: 2009 Language: Japanese (+ Eng Patch) Description Isometric 3D Puzzle Platformer. Marisa's magic book and broom are confiscated by Patchouli. She slips through the traps set in the Scarlet Devil Mansion, collects pieces of the dismembered broom, and recovers various things that were confiscated!
  7. 1,269 downloads

    Release Information Type: Tower Defense Developer: MyACG Studio Publisher: MyACG Studio Release: 2 october 2021 Language: English Description Easy to learn but hard to master, Touhou Monster TD is the latest Touhou Project Tower Defense Doujin Game, developed by MyACG studio —— the developer of “The Disappearing of the Gensokyo”. Control your character, level up and unlock tower skills and character talents, use your wisdom to defeat incoming enemies. Travel Gensokyo, find out why the “Incident” happened this time. “There wasn't good TD game for a long time~” —— Houraisan Kaguya Yes, we always love TD games, but because of the restriction on the platform or technology, many TD games always have same shortcomings ——complex interaction, bad graphics, belonging to another game, etc. It is hard to find a good simple beautiful TD game. For that reason, we decided to make one ourselves —— That is why “Touhou Monster TD” was made. A Tower Defense game with a Controllable character The classic tower defense game as a strategy game, in my opinion, is lacking immersion. It is boring that you can only click the button but cannot walk around the map and feel the world. In Touhou Monster TD, you can not only control the character to go anywhere in the TD world, but also jump everywhere, build everywhere, and carry around the combat unit. You can even use skill at important points to finish extra missions for rewards. Unique Graphic Art Style Once exploring the artistic style, we found adding simple light effect with 2D object and 3D terrain is interesting. This “Paper Cutting Style” provides the game nice 3D effects, preserves the 2D anime style and also presents a “Kawaii” feeling. It's fun to watch our cute character carring others around. Large variety of levels, enemies and towers Story Levels + Extra Levels + Challenge Levels, meets the needs of all type of players. 60+ enemies with different skills and attributes that want to break your defense. 15+ combat units with different features, will unlock unique skills and effects when leveling up. Travel Gensokyo Every battle scene is designed carefully by heart, Hakurei Shrine, Forest of Magic, Human Village, Misty Lake, Scarlet Devil Mansion, Waterfall of Nine Heavens, Moriya Shrine, etc. Enjoy the wonderful environment of Gensokyo. Touhou Project Fan Made Doujin Game This is a Touhou Project Doujin Game. Original by ZUN, developed by MyACG Studio. We made this game not for profit but for the indie game community we love. Considering the gameplay, the story of this game is independent from the original, and we added some personal understanding of Touhou Project into it. Therefore, you don't need to fully understand the Touhou Universe before you play this game. We also added some popular memes from Touhou and the Indie game community into the game, hope you can enjoy them. If you like our game and want to know more about Touhou, please support the original games by ZUN. Thanks in advance. Player QQ Group: 713380836 Discord: https://discord.com/invite/XqHPc3z The game's Steam page (please buy it if you can): https://store.steampowered.com/app/1671350/__Touhou_Monster_TD/
  8. 3,161 downloads

    Release Information Type: Puzzle Developer: ISY Publisher: ISY Release: 8 mar 2022 Language: English AKA: たすけて!おつかれさとり様 Description "Help Me Remember, Satori-sama!" is a quiz game where you figure out the answer by repeatedly asking questions and getting answers to use as hints. Satori-sama worked herself too hard and ended up bedridden. During this time while she's unable to properly use her power to read hearts, Okuu comes seeking help remembering objects or tasks she's forgotten. Through making use of just a sliver of power of recollection, Satori-sama does her best to deduce what Okuu has forgotten, all while elegantly handling surprise visits from Orin and Koishi. You gather hints as to what Okuu's forgotten by asking her questions. However, though she doesn't mean any harm by it, she's forgetful. She'll occasionally give the wrong answer, or just not remember at all. When that happens, use your power of recollection. That'll draw the correct information out of her and help lead to the answer. Orin will sometimes come to the room whether she has business or not, and Koishi will occasionally appear to play a prank on you. Handle them elegantly and continue your questioning until you reach the answer! The game's Steam page (please buy it if you can): https://store.steampowered.com/app/1914970/_/
  9. I watched a man slowly go insane trying to complete this.
  10. 604 downloads

    Release Information Type: RPG Developer: yomogi_soft Publisher: Phoenixx Inc. Release: 27 august 2021 Language: English AKA: 三妖精のぴょこぴょこ討伐大作戦! Description The feeblest bunch in all of Gensokyo are now our heroes?! Hoppin' & flappin' Touhou spin-off RPG starred by the trio of Sunny Milk, Luna Child, and Star Sapphire! In the fantastical land of Gensokyo there is a school for the fairies. One year ago, Cirno, hoping to avoid being held back for the 9th year in a row, launched an all-out attack on the fairies as they tried to enjoy a relaxing spring break… Now Star Sapphire, the only one who ended up bearing the brunt of the attack, is devising a plan to get back at her! ... But unfortunately, these fairies aren't exactly masters of fixing up plans... This story follows the fairy trio on their haphazard, slapstick quest for revenge! The characters hop their way through isometric fields and flap their way through battle. But this isn't the cozy little RPG you think it is! The fairies are dumb in-battle, leaving you in charge of the carefully crafted "Tactics System" to plan their way to victory! Features over 35 characters! Over 50 hours of expected play time! Over 500 achievements to unlock! This is no teeny little game, it's jam-packed with content! It's an RPG that will keep you hooked and looking for more! ~The "Tactics System"~ The tactics system puts you in control, taking charge of the doltish fairies and whipping up intricate tactics to see them swiftly and joyfully through battle! If (in which circumstances) → to WHO → do WHAT Build your tactics with these components ahead of time and the characters will automatically follow your plan. (Ex. If HP<50% → target ally with lowest HP → heal) Your foes also act according to their own tactics. Use Star Sapphire's ability to sneak a peek at these tactics and work out counter-tactics to hit them where it hurts! (This is a bit too complicated for the little fairies, so all the tactics planning is in your hands!) The game's Steam page (please buy it if you can): https://store.steampowered.com/app/1533590/_/
  11. 803 downloads

    Release Information Type: Puzzle Developer: 給食頭蛮 Publisher: Phoenixx Inc. Release: 8 Dec, 2021 Language: English Description In order to retrieve the lost memories, Sekibanki has a big adventure in the world of dreams! Use your "head" to fight your way through a stage full of various mechanisms. It's a 2D visual action puzzle game with a new sensation! Use Of the "head" Brain In A "double Sense" Sekibanki's Race Name Is Windlass. She can not only increase her head freely, but can also throw it or make it fly out. Jumping with your own head as a pedal, you can easily jump to high places. But the child who becomes the pedal may feel pain a little. If you can launch your head with precision, you can not only acquire far away props you can also destroy the obstacles! Use your "head" to break through the organs of each stage! It doesn't matter if you're not good at puzzles or action games! The game has a "Nine Heads Mode". Although the number of heads that can be used is limited, those who are not good at puzzles or action games can also rest assured. No matter which stage you are in, you can use 9 heads to break through the game. ・The heart-warming stories of characters with colorful personalities After passing a world, you can retrieve pieces of memories from that stage. So, will you be able to get back your memories of fantasy land safely? The adventures of the mysterious Sekibanki are about to begin. The game's Steam page (please buy it if you can): https://store.steampowered.com/app/1635980/Kubinashi_Recollection/
  12. 1,415 downloads

    Release Information Type: Action, Platform Developer: NUU Publisher: NUU Release: 3 september 2021 Language: Japanese, English (Machine Translated) A.K.A. ゆうゆう自適のゆうかりん Description ■ Yuukarin showing various actions. Jump, dash, crouch Kick, attack with an umbrella, grab and throw, climb ladders and ivy, swim ... Yuuka Kazami, sets out on an adventure to solve her incident. ■ Game difficulty. There are three levels of difficulty: "picnic", "adventure", and "expert". There is no difference in the game content depending on the difficulty level, so play the game in a style that suits you. ■ Characteristic umbrella action. The biggest strategy point of this game is how well you can use levitation. ■ An all-hand-painted world. Character, map, effects Please enjoy the World, which was carefully drawn. ■ Q&A 【Q】I get an error saying that "○○ .dll" does not exist at startup. 【A】 This work was made with "Pixel Game Maker MV". If it does not start Please try installing "32bit VC ++ Runtime". Or try installing the "Trial Version" of "Pixel Game Maker MV". It will almost certainly start because it contains all the runtimes needed to start it. 【Q】The speed of the game is abnormally slow. 【A】 Check if the refresh rate of your monitor is "60hz". Even if your PC meets the recommended specifications, it may change depending on the monitor settings. Alternatively, try the following settings. 1・Launch "NVidia control panel". 2・Select "3d settings". 3・Select "program settings". 4・add → Pixel Game Maker MV Player. 5・Select "High performance NVidia processor". 【Q】It starts in Japanese. 【A】 1・ While the game is running, press the "F1" key to display the menu bar at the top. 2・ Select「ゲーム画面」from「設定」. 3・ From the「言語」list, select English. 4・ Press "OK". If you don't see "OK", expand or scroll the window. If you exit without pressing "OK", you will have to do the same operation the next time you start up. 5・ Press "F1" to close the menu bar. 6・Press "F5" to reset the game. If the title logo is in English, you are successful. 【Q】Is it possible to play with the controller ?. 【A】 This game recommends either a "keyboard", "Playstation controller" or an "XBOX controller". It is possible to play with other controllers, but please note that in-game UI isn't supported. Also, it will not be possible to play with the mouse. 【Q】I want to configure keys in the game. 【A】 1・While the game is running, press the "F1" key to display the menu bar at the top. 2・You can configure the key by selecting "Operation setting" from "Settings". 3・After completing the settings, press "OK" and press the "F1" key to close the menu to complete. * Not reflected in the UI display. The game's Steam page (please buy it if you can): https://store.steampowered.com/app/1727000/YuuYuu_Jiteki_no_Yuukarin/
  13. 1,127 downloads

    Release Information Type: 2D Roguelite Developer: a10a010, MyACG Studio Publisher: MyACG Studio Release: 16 oct 2020 Language: Japanese, English Description Welcome to 《Touhou Endless Dream》 Touhou Endless Dream is a 2D top-down bullet hell shooter game that contains Roguelike or u can say Rogue-lite elements. Players can utilize characters with different abilities, collect and assemble powerful items, and dance and weave through an unending barrage of bullets, to save both yourself and Gensokyo from the darkness that is engulfing everything. Touhou Endless Dream features random generation which means no two playthroughs are the same. Every restart will bring forth a new experience in which you will encounter different enemies, bosses, and collect different weapons and items in which you can use to make different builds and experiences. Throughout the course of the game, the map will be constantly consumed by black holes so plot your path, light your torches, and find a way to resist the all-consuming darkness. Side Note : Nyanco Channel is the official community manager for Touhou Endless Dream. Also, we are a dedicated YouTube channel, content creator, curator, reviewer and translator team for games available on Steam. Please let us know if you have any questions regarding this game, or feel free to visit our community group. About MyACG Studio : MyACG Studio is a leading game research and development team based in China that was established in 2016. At present, their main works include 《The Disappearing of Gensokyo》, and 《Touhou Big Big Battle》 which have received positive praise on Steam. The team members are dream chasers who really love games and have skills with dreams to make great titles. Our goal is to make games that players really love and dream to play. The game's Steam page (please buy it if you can): https://store.steampowered.com/app/1245540/Touhou_Endless_Dream/
  14. Version 1.0.6


    Release Information Type: 2D Shooting (others) Developer: 东方祈华梦制作组 Publisher: 东方祈华梦制作组, 东游鉴 Release: 16 apr 2020 Language: Japanese, English and more Description Story In late winter, just like the spring that has not yet arrived, Gensokyo is still blind to the potential abnormal occurrences. The bamboos in Bamboo Forest of the Lost blossom overnight, the bronze of Myouren Temple rusts in a flash, the snow and dew under the burning sun are far from evaporation..... Obviously, it should be considered as a new “incident” that happened in Gensokyo. At this very moment, three teams are assembled: Shrine Maiden of Paradise - Reimu Hakurei & Youkai of Boundaries - Yukari Hakumo The Strange Magician - Marisa Kirisame & Ghost of Flawless Immaculate Beauty - Yuyuko Saigyouji The Tarnished Immortal - Fujiwara no Mokou &History-Eating Half Beast - Keine Kamishirasawa While collecting clues, maidens set forth on the journey to find the truth. This game supports Steam input function, you can use the gamepad to play this game as long as the gamepad is supported by Steam input function. In addition, this game comes with XInput support, which can support XInput compatible. The game's Steam page (please buy it if you can): https://store.steampowered.com/app/1252320/Elegant_Impermanence_of_Sakura/
  15. 542 downloads

    Release Information Type: 2D Shooting (others) Developer: Northern Mind Publisher: Northern Mind Release: 20 mar 2021 Language: Japanese, English Description Dichromatic balls suddenly showed themselves in Gensokyo and gained immense popularity! Did you think this was going to be another JRPG or location-based game? No, this is a bullet hell game! Start your journey full of dreams and adventures, and be ready for the original characters! They have been waiting for you! A fusion of shump and mobile JRPG A derivative bullet hell game designed based on Touhou official shmups.If you're still waiting for the next Touhou official shmup to come out, this may be the perfect game for you right now! And this isn't just an ordinary PC game -- you'll experience gameplays like mobile games like you're playing on PC and smartphone and the same time! While you're playing a bullet hell game, fairies will be fighting for you by your side in a JRPG format! Story Map Orb Game, a game that gained immense popularity in Gensokyo at the end of the year. It's a game where players capture fairies with dichromatic balls name "Map Orb" and use them to fight over territories for their factions. Map Orbs can be obtained from marked spots all over the Gensokyo. Because of their wide distribution and rising popularity, humans are starting to step in the depths of the mountains, and youkai are intruding villages non-stop just to get the orbs. As the situation escalated, three humans have readied themselves to deal with it: A shrine maiden whose responsibility is to maintain the order of Gensokyo. A magician who simply wants to study unknown games. And... a high school girl who knows better than anyone about starting incidents that spread balls. The game's Steam page (please buy it if you can): https://store.steampowered.com/app/1104610/__Fanmade_Virtual_Autography/
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