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    Release Information Type: Shooting, RPG Developer: コココソフト Publisher: コココソフト Release: Reitasai 8, on March 13, 2011 Language: Japanese Description One day, an invitation for treasure hunting was sent to the Scarlet Devil Mansion and Sakuya accepted the challenge. Unfortunately, the invitation actually was a trap which absorbs all power from the land. Sakuya's Crisis - The Perfect Elegant Skill, is a shooting game with RPG elements developed by コココソフト. Within a limited time, Sakuya, the playable character, must escape from a vast dungeon to regain her missing powers. Sakuya also has the ability to manipulate time within a certain limit which gives her several advantages. "Two Weeks Mode", an extra mode with more enemies and higher difficulties can be unlocked upon game completion.
  2. Version


    Release Information Type: RPG Developer: 特殊装甲隊 Publisher: 特殊装甲隊 Release: Comiket 86, on August 16, 2014 Language: Japanese Description One day in Gensokyo, a group of giants are found throughout the city. As a result, the shops became deserted and abandoned by customers. Mystia Lorelei is deeply troubled by this as she knows her shop can't be allowed to close down. with the help of Yuyuko Saigyouji, she sets off underground to collect valuable items and restore all circumstances. Sake no Sakana no Uta is a traditional Japanese RPG similar to Saga series where the player can have up to three characters in the party and freely change the formation of the characters.
  3. Version


    Release Information Type: Action/Platform Developer: 魔道琥珀研究所 Publisher: 魔道琥珀研究所 Release: Touhou Kouroumu 5, on October 11, 2009 Language: Japanese Description Rumian Land is an action platformer starring Rumia in her quest completing various tasks and challenges. The game takes place in dungeons in which Rumia has to make her way through all of the six worlds, defeating the enemies in them. Rumia can jump and float for a moment, shoot and freeze enemies to reach a higher platform. The door will open when all enemies have been defeated. Sometimes the player has a choice of two exits which will take Rumia to the next stage or to a bonus room.
  4. Version


    Release Information Type: Horizontal Shooting Game Developer: Gokusai Reverie Publisher: Gokusai Reverie Release: Reitaisai 8 on May 2011 Language: Japanese Description Ruby Mobius is a shooting game starring duo master - servant Remilia and Sakuya. This game tasks the player with surviving from an overwhelming bullet barrage with limited bombs. Your goal is memorize the attack patterns of enemies and achieve the highest possible score. Like any other Touhou shooting games, it offers very high difficulty and demands the player's best ability.
  5. Version


    Release Information Type: 3D Fighting Game Developer: Rejineko Publisher: Rejineko Release: Comiket 85, on December 30, 2013 Language: Japanese Description Rinrin Mai Futaka, literally translated as The Gallantness of Dance and Battle, or sometimes known as Touhou Versus, can be described as a team-based arena fighting game in the vein of classic doujin games such as Combat DX9 or Tenshou Tenshi VALFORCE. With eight playable characters, players participate in a 2 on 2 battle against computer-controlled enemies or player-controlled teams in a vast environment where the opponent's movements can be monitored from a radar. The game uses a combination of melee, shooting and spell card systems. There are three game modes: Arcade, Versus Mode and Network Match Mode where up to four people can participate.
  6. Version


    Release Information Type: Action/Platform Developer: 悠遊亭 Publisher: 悠遊亭 Release: Comiket 87, on December 29, 2015 Language: Japanese Description Remifura Supirittsu 2 is a typical platform game in which the player takes the role of Remilia or Flandre Scarlet who travels through various location with the purpose of rescuing Scarlet Devil mansion's inhabitants. In each level, the player-character fights through various enemies and obstacles before facing a boss at the level's end. Remifura Supirittsu 2 has an increased emphasis on rescuing Touhou characters over the previous title. When a character saved, they will give the player additional bonuses, and both Remilia and Flandre can be equipped with various power-up items earned after rescuing these Touhou characters. Similar to the previous installment, Remifura Supirittsu 2 features local coop.
  7. Version


    Release Information Type: Action/Platform Developer: 悠遊亭 Publisher: 悠遊亭 Release: Reitaisai 9, on May 27, 2012 Language: Japanese Description Remifura Supirittsu is a side scrolling platformer action game when "Megaman and Contra meets Touhou." The players can choose either Remilia or Flandre with different attacks. A special attack can be executed by pressing down and left or right arrows with the shoot button. The game also supports two player mode in one screen. There are three types of power ups; five weapon items, shield barrier and bomb. The players will be given unlimited credits, but they'll start over from the beginning of the last level.
  8. Version


    Release Information Type: Action/Platform Developer: 悠遊亭 Publisher: 悠遊亭 Release: Reitaisai 13, on May 8, 2016 Language: Japanese Description Reisen Youmu no Katsugeki Roku, literally translated as The Activity Book of Reisen and Youmu, is an action platformer developed by 悠遊亭. Set in the same fashion as Mega Man series, the player takes on the role of Reisen and Youmu, who must traverse and clear a series of eight, side-scrolling stages in the order of the player's choosing. The protagonist's initial abilities include running, jumping, scaling walls and dashing along the ground. The story changes depending on the player's chosen character. At the Hakurei Shrine the player can acquire skills in exchange for spiritual power. Spiritual power acts as currency and can be obtained by defeating enemies. However, the player can only carry one skill on each stage.
  9. Otakun Dan

    Quartet X



    Release Information Type: Action, Platform Game Developer: ぺんぺんむしの紅茶 Publisher: ぺんぺんむしの紅茶 Release: Comiket 81, on December 2011 Language: Japanese Description "Quartet X" basically is another Rockman X clone but with less features. As indicated by the title, "Ba Quartet" which means "Foolish Quartet X" featuring 4 Touhou girls to choose from. While the game has nice BGM's, unfortunately it is not supported by fine visual effects. This because the game was developed using Multimedia Fusion application and has very low resolution which is not suitable for today's graphic cards. According to the developer another update patch for bugs fixing will be released soon.
  10. Version


    Release Information Type: Action/Platform Developer: N/A Publisher: N/A Release: 2010 Language: Japanese Description Pad Attack is a spin-off game based upon Rush’n Attack (Europe: Green Beret), an action platform game released by Konami for arcade and NES in 1985. The player’s objective is to help Sakuya Izayoi, a maid from Scarlet Devil mansion to destroy a secret weapon being developed in enemy’s headquarters. Similar to the original game, the player will use their knife in a "stab and run" gameplay mechanic. There are also special weapons such as bazookas and grenades to aid the player in fighting against the bosses. To switch into fullscreen press F4.
  11. Version


    Release Information Type: 3D Fighting Developer: PictureCode Publisher: PictureCode Release: Reitaisai SP 01, on September 19, 2010 Description Ouka Touhou Bou is a three dimensional danmaku focused battle with various spellcards effects, projectiles and special attacks. Set in a large square arena, there are eight playable characters and the player objective is to win a match by depleting their opponent's life bar. The game features a Story Mode, where the player can play the game's storyline based on a chosen character; and Versus Mode that enables players to fight against each other or computer played opponents in a variety of settings.
  12. Version


    Release Information Type: Action/Platform Developer: UTG Software Publisher: UTG Software Release: Comiket 78, on August 15 2010 Language: Japanese Description Nue Houjuu wants to blow up Gensokyo under the secret operation "Big Burn". She goes to the underground labyrinth to create a huge explosion. Nue's Operation Bigburn (Japanese: Nue no Bigguban Dai Sakusen) is an action platformer which is also the precursor of Dangerous Suwako-chan (Comiket 81, 2011). The game has four worlds with sub-stages and considered as the easiest version from all UTG Software's platform game. While exploring the surfaces player can also collect 100 illustrations.
  13. Version


    Release Information Type: Shooting (Other) Developer: disfact Publisher: disfact Release: Comiket 76, on August 16, 2009 Language: Japanese Description The sun suddenly disappeared, replaced by a mysterious eclipse. The source of the incident must be revealed, and our heroines for whatever reason launch off into the darkness to unravel its mysteries. Nitten Eiro - Astronomical Few Minute is a vertical scrolling shooter features two playable characters to choose from; Utsuho Reiuji and Eirin Yagokoro, each having two distinct attack types. Utsuho has thinner attack spread, relatively balanced in all areas, relies on her speed and power, while Eirin covers a wide area of the screen. The game has three stages as well as Practice and Extra Stage that can be played only after clearing Normal Game.
  14. Version


    Release Information Type: Puzzle Developer: Bird Strike Publisher: Bird Strike Release: Reitaisai 9, on May 27, 2012 Language: Japanese Description Nitori Box is an action puzzle game where the player controls Nitori in her quest to get her secret box that has been stolen by Marisa. She must collect the key pieces which are scattered or hidden on random platforms before proceeding to the next level. Nitori has several abilities such as catching and pulling enemies or objects with her extended arms.
  15. Version


    Release Information Type: Action/Platform Developer: ZWEi Publisher: ZWEi Release: Comiket 81, on December 30, 2011 Language: Japanese Description Myon Musou is an action game developed by ZWEi features Youmu Konpaku in her quest to defeat Yukari Yakumo. The objective of each stage is to defeat a group of fairies with specific patterns and complete the boss battle before the timer runs out. Youmu engages opponents with two types of attacks; basic and rapid attack, with dashing and jumping as additional abilities. Special attacks can be executed by inputting a combination of directional and button-based commands. Youmu can collect souls from destroyed opponents to replenish health as well as raise her level. The last stage can only be opened if the player has a sufficient level, which can be obtained from doing chain attacks and comboes at the previous levels.
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