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Touhou Rhythm Carnival! Scarlet  

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About This File

Release Information
Original Title: 東方リズムカーニバル!紅 (Touhou Rhythm Carnival! Kurenai)
Genre: Rhythm Game
Developer/Publisher: Focas Lens
Released: 2012 (Reitaisai 9)
Language: English (Patched)


Plot Point:
Aya Shameimaru was finding stories to make into articles for her paper. However, finding fresh and good stories was no easy work. Then she became inclined to go to the Scarlet Devil Mansion she happened to pass by. Aya had a hunch that something interesting was going to happen, so she decided to visit.


  • Z = A button, Confirm, Advance
  • X = B button, Cancel, Go back
  • Spacebar = Pause button
  • Arrow Keys = Used to move around the menu and is also used in some minigames.
  • P = Screenshot (saved in the Screenshot folder as a BMP)

How It Works:
Essentially, it's a rhythm game. You pick a scenario (minigame) to play, press buttons in time with the beat, and win. And by win, I mean you get points for your timing, and at the end you get a medal (bronze, silver, gold) based on your performance. Each minigame uses its own keys out of the typical Touhou controls (such as Z, X, and the arrow keys) depending what is necessary to do during that minigame.

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I'm guessing as it's been 7 years there's going to be no second game ? shame. This is really cute!

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