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Touhou Mutsuigeki - Concealed the Conclusion  

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Release Information
Type: Vertical Bullet Hell Shooter
Developer: danmaq
Publisher: danmaq
Release: Comiket 71, December 31, 2006
Language: English-Patched

Default Controls
Arrow Keys: Movement
Z: Fire / Select
X: Bomb
?: Fire Hakurei Orb
Shift: Focus Movement
Esc: Pause
Ctrl: Skip Dialogue
Home: Take Screenshot
R: Return to Title
F12: Shutdown Game


Plot Point: Everyone's favorite Ordinary Magician, Marisa Kirisame, decides to head to the Hakurei Shrine to pester Reimu. But when she arrives, everything is quiet and the shrine is locked down. Sensing an incident in the air, Marisa takes to the sky. 4 different scenarios await her as she fights to uncover those responsible for the incident and heads to an epic battle that will decide the fate of Gensokyo. The story is a well done and thought provoking masterpiece that challenges what we think and feel about the mythical land.
How It Works: Concealed the Conclusion is a 2D vertical shooting game. It plays much like Imperishable Night. Marisa is the only playable character but has four different shot types to choose from. Some fans would be pleased to know that Love Sign, Penetration Type is featured with everyone's favorite rainbow colored beam of destruction, Master Spark. Each shot type also determines which scenario is chosen. Just like the Official Touhou Games, there are six stages to fight through. An extremely important note concerns the player's hitbox. In this game, it is a lot smaller than the Official games. But, the hitboxes of almost everything else(bullets, knives, falling cats, lasers, Klondike bars) are bigger to balance it out.
Hakurei Orbs: This is one of the most important items in the game. Just like the time orbs in Imperishable Night, they are awarded for different tasks. Capturing Spell Cards, grazing bullets and destroying bullets all award these orbs. Last Spells also make an appearance, if enough orbs have been collected. But, the most important purpose of the Hakurei Orbs is that they decide how much time a player gets to fight the final boss.
((Thanks to Dratini Farmer for writing this!))
Hakurei Items
Hakurei items collected to increase spell card bonuses, gain extra points at the end of each stage, unlock Last Spells, and extend the time limit for the Stage 6 boss fight. They are gained by capturing Spell Cards, destroying bullets with the Hakurei orbs, and grazing. Unfocused grazing yields 1 Hakurei item, but when the Hakurei gauge is full, any grazing will give three. Bombing reduces the player's Hakurei by 3%, while dying will reduce it by 9%, or 18% if the Hakurei gauge was full.

The Hakurei Gauge appears around Marisa's sprite and will fill as you take ungrazed actions such as shooting or grazing. When the gauge is full, you can fire Hakurei orbs to turn bullets into Hakurei items. The first press releases the orb, while the second detonates it. Missing will result in an almost complete drain of the gauge. Launching the orb costs 1% of your gauge. Bombing puts a 20% penalty on the gauge. Dying, death-bombing, or failing a Last Spell will cause it to reset and disable it for 6 seconds after the invincibility period, rendering you unable to collect Hakurei items.
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This game runs at 999 FPS. I run the game and it opens, then on the bottom right of the title screen it says "999.00 FPS" which then I try to run the game, and it crashes.

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try using Locale emulator to launch the game and either vpatch or d8 to d9 converter from the touhou wiki,that helped me get it running correcly

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it doesn't work. I can't press anything except the Quit and Directory button. Everything fine except the BGM that's not playing (or any other sound effect) and my hotbar got in the windows.

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You can run this game, only with everything from this download.

Step 1: Open config.exe and select the option with five question marks (as seen in linked photo)

Step 2: Open th_dnh.exe. Then open Directory. Select "[DIR.] thC". Then select the one that says Concealed the Conclusion in blue text and press Z again.

Step 3: Now you can select any of the four types (to change it you have to press control key at the same time)

Step 4: Enjoy

Edit: To play in a bigger screen, press maximize button on the tab bar

Screenshot 2021-02-21 22-40-34.png

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Hope I'm not too late, but for all who couldn't get it to work, I made a step-by-step guide. It looks quite long, but this process shouldn't be too time consuming. I'm also up for giving you my "fixed" game to see if that works, or make a video guide.

Download the CtC from moriya shrine.
Run the game and press all.
The game should crash because of the other scripts included.

[Cleaning up]
Go to the "script"
"Len_05" is causing the crash.
Delete (or move if you can fix it?) "Len_05" from the folder (and all the other scripts so you don't have to select).
--> "Genmu" crashes, "player4" doesn't show up (not a script most likely) and "img" is just an image.
The game should not crash now (though it's still in hyperspeed).
To fix that, we need the Vsync patch.
-->Actually recommend at least trying the game like this (with english patch which will I will show later on), it's pretty fun even if it's crazy (challenge mode!).
You can do this with EoSD too. Navigating the menu is of course pain tho.

[Vsync Patch --> Won't work yet]
Get the Vsync patch from: https://en.touhouwiki.net/wiki/Game_Tools_and_Modifications#Vsync_Patches
Search for it on the site
Extract the download either in the game directory or elsewhere.
Go in vpatch_rev4 in the download
Copy "vpatch.exe", "vpatch.ini" and "vpatch_th_dnh.dll"
Paste them in the game directory (Where the "th_dnh.exe" is and make sure it's named that way).
Run "vpatch.exe"
You'll get an gibberish error with "th_dnh.exe" and "UPX"
That means you'll need to decompress the .exe file.

Go and get the program from the link (https://github.com/upx/upx/releases) or find your own.
Or just download what I decompressed here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1eLupoMLdYRbPXXI69CN-SFlx8nB4WJ44/view?usp=sharing

Check Phar's message here: https://www.shrinemaiden.org/forum/index.php?topic=1846.0
Click the link he sent about a conversation: http://www.shrinemaiden.org/forum/index.php?topic=357.msg18764#msg18764

[UPX instructions]
Extract the contents.
Run UPX in command prompt.
-->cd (directory) / Example: C:\Users\User\Desktop\Setup for CtC\upx-3.96-win64
--> upx.exe
You'll see the instructions.
(A friendly tip: Copy the exe file in an location with easier path for upx, cause the original folder for CtC has spaces, which are a pain)
Decompress the .exe file.
--> upx.exe -d [location of th_dnh.exe] / Example: upx.exe -d C:\Users\Kasper\Desktop\th_dnh.exe (Placed it in the desktop for a reason, check for spaces)
The .exe file should have been decompressed successfully. You'll know cause it'll be larger, around 1.400-1.500 kb.

Move the decompressed th_dnh.exe back to the game directory (or overwrite the original if you copied).
Launch "vpatch.exe"(this is what you'll be using to launch from now on).
The game should not run at hyperspeed now and you can finally play (Would recommend the english patch).

- - - -
[Changing locale (windows 10)] --> only if it doesn't work in your language, it does for me.
Go to control panel. 
Go in "Clock and Region".
Click "Region".
Go to the "administrative" tab.
Click "Change system locale"
Choose japanese and restart your computer.

[English patch]
Get the patch from here: 
https://github.com/danmaq/touhou-ctc-danmakufu/releases / https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzXuiQtM784manVsd1Z2dVRYS00/view
Extract it in a new folder and read the readme file.
BEFORE YOU COPY! (you can just get the original back in the zip file if you did)
Go in "script" --> "ctc" --> "DATA"
Delete "THH.MENU.dat" --> It causes some very weird options in the menu, do mind it's still perfectly functional with it of course.
After deleting, copy the "player" and "script" files into the game directory, and overwrite everything.


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Hey I was wondering, where do the sprites from the game (mainly the boss sprites) come from as I see lots of fangames having them.

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