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  1. i take back what i said extra stage is REALLY easy
  2. nvm the game works now 1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111/10 because the game is really fun especially with sanae A
  3. hey um is there an updated version for this
  4. can somebody please upload a danmaku 0.12 m in the tool section please? my downloads from the wiki are so bad because 0.12m will crash when i try to open a script
  5. i wanted to update the shattered sky and add an actual compressed folder with working files in it but the folder is 152 MB and it wont let me add the compressed folder yet i have seen plenty of other games with over 100 MB can an admin or staff member add a way to add files larger than that?
  6. i downloaded the files and it gave me a 001 file and a 002 file i tried extracting them but it didnt work how do i use the files to make the game work?
  7. well depends on what kind of villain if I was a villain in one game but a playable in others why not if im a villain in every game no way but I would say unknown hero because incidents would go away but nobody knows who solved it
  8. simply by deleting the score file and re-opening the game it will make a new score file for you
  9. serve as a servant for doremy because I don't wanna have to relive my worst nightmares (aka my hard and lunatic runs being ruined by sakuya and remilia)
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