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  1. Show me your folder of hisoutensoku

    1. Show previous comments  55 more
    2. silly_suwako


      and amber pls make me fight someone else i know that im fighting defo rn


    3. Suwako Moriya
    4. silly_suwako


      i wanna fite u


  2. silly_suwako

    Touhou 9.5: Shoot the Bullet [Game]

    well I like the gameplay but I have to re-install this because a few weeks after I installed the game a bunch of files started to go missing from the game's folder
  3. silly_suwako

    how do i open mystical power plant

  4. silly_suwako

    Touhou Makukasai - Fantastic Danmaku Festival

    where do i download chinese locale?
  5. I downloaded it and i open thdnh.exe and it takes me to this white screen that gives me option of "all" "single" "plural" "stage" "package" "directory" and "quit" I pressed every single option and it takes me to an empty menu
  6. when I play as Patchy or Marisa I cant shoot a beam like I saw on youtube I can only do melee attacks and the spell card
  7. silly_suwako

    What achievement are you most proud of?

    also I beat Easy mode HSiFS Spring with Reimu
  8. silly_suwako

    Touhou 16.5: Violet Detector

    even though I dont like using the camera this game is OP and too good
  9. silly_suwako

    having problems with hsifs

    ok thanks I pressed "show open windows" and it showed HSiFS
  10. silly_suwako

    having problems with hsifs

    I open the game and I can hear the BGM and the task bar even shows the game is open but its not appearing on my screen, I can see the game through the preview on the task bar but when I click it all it does is stay where it is and wont appear
  11. silly_suwako

    A bad way to play 16.5

    its easier than always trying to go across the screen just to take a picture
  12. silly_suwako

    Dangerous ☆ Suwako-chan

    this sounds like something i would play
  13. silly_suwako

    How can we improve?

    wait you mean 4 of a kind
  14. silly_suwako

    What achievement are you most proud of?

    I got to stage 5 on normal mode but Futo killed me on her 2nd last spell
  15. silly_suwako

    th crap loader acting suspicious


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