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Puzzle & Logic

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8 files

  1. Endless Alice Crysis

    Release Information:
    Type: Time-Killing Minigame
    Released: March 30, 2011
    Version: Final Release
    Publisher: Lion Heart
    Language: English
    Basic Controls:
    Arrow Keys – Movement
    Z – Fire Dolls
    X – Jump
    C – Bomb
    Advanced Controls:
    Hold Z – Continuous Fire/Strafing
    Arrow Keys + Z – Manipulate Shot Angle
    ↓ + X – Slide (Grants Invincibility Frames)
    ⇊ – Drop Through Platform
    P – Take Screenshot (.png in Screenshot Folder)

    Plot Point:
    Alice is running through the Forest of Magic gunning down mushrooms and kidnapping her love interest Marisa Kirisame.
    Very similar to the original Endless Marisa, but with a few changes. Rather than 5-hits and you’re out, Alice is given a percentage system where points are lost when she is either attacked or is not in an active combo. The active time of the chain is displayed as a ring around Alice. Every kill gives a short period of invincibility. Alice also has the ability to continuously fire dolls, and will not break her combo if she misses; she only needs to kill fast enough and take no damage to keep the chain. Marisa will occasionally appear and shoot stars directly downwards; she can be shot down and captured for extra points. Additional bombs are randomly dropped by downed enemies. The stage also wraps around itself, allowing for continuous running. Finally, stages will automatically advance after the time limit ends, and a certain percentage of health will be restored. As the title implies, this will continue until Alice eventually succumbs to the forest mushrooms.
    Enemy AI: A mushroom’s color indicates it’s specific behavior. They follow the same code as in Endless Marisa.
    * Green: Passive.  These mushrooms do not jump or drop between platforms and do not follow the player. Their movement speed is “slow”.
    * Yellow: Standard. These mushrooms have the ability to jump up through platforms, but do not follow the player. Their movement speed is “normal”.
    * Red: Hostile. These mushrooms move up and down through platforms, and will actively seek the player. Their movement speed is “normal”.
    * Blue: Aggressive.  These mushrooms move up and down through platforms, and will relentlessly seek the player. Their movement speed is “fast”.
    * Black: Iron-type.  These mushrooms cause the environment to shake with their presence, and will chase the player throughout the screen. They will fall only after taking a high amount of damage, but will yield a great number of points.


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  2. Suwako's Pacheris

    Release Information
    Type: Puzzle
    Publisher: UTG Software
    Year of Release: 2012
    Language: Mostly Japanese
    Default Controls
    Z: Select/Counter-Clockwise Turn
    X: Back/Clockwise Turn
    Enter: Switches between fullscreen and windowed mode
    Plot Point: Oh noes! Sanae's fallen into a hole! Patchouli creates an animated doll type thing in the shape of  Suwako to rescue her.
    How it Works: The doll will move on its own from left to right. You must help it traverse gaps, spikes, and lasers using tetris-styled pieces and bombs to get the key to the door. Keep in mind that the doll can climb one block up, and there are enemies to watch out for. And take care not to squish the doll. It's sad. ;w;
    Menu: Since the game is  mainly in Japanese, it can be difficult to find what's what. Your first selection will bring you to the different game modes. The second selection will bring you to free mode and a stage editor. The third selection brings you to the music room and gallery. The fourth selection is the options. The final selection will exit your game.
    Game Modes:
    Normal Mode: The main game. Go rescue Sanae!
    Extra Mode: Not sure. Haven't unlocked it yet.
    Grade Mode: The game's puzzle mode.
    Continue: Let's you choose which file you wish to continue... do I need to explain this one?


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  3. Remidoki the Mistress' Heart-Throbbing Adventure: The Cursed Mansion

    Release Information
    Type: 2D Puzzle Action Adventure
    Publisher: Blue Mica
    Date of Release: August 13, 2010
    Comiket 78
    Version: 3.1.2
    Language: English Ver. 1.0

    Character Information
    Playable Characters: 3
    (Remilia, Flandre, Yuyuko)
    Plot Point:  Residents of Gensokyo have been invited to Remilia's tea party at the Scarlet Devil Mansion.  There they enjoy themselves and have a wonderful time.  Midway through the party, Remilia decides to depart to her room and rests for the duration of the day.  Eventually, she is woken up by noises during her sleep.  Curious as to what caused such ruckus, Remilia hastily invesigates the source.  She finally meets up with her colleagues and finds out that eveyone has been shrunk and the whole mansion has been twisted in architecture.  Thus Remilia decides to investigate this eerie incident and put an end to it.
    How it Works:  You work your way through rooms which possess various puzzles and enemies you must traverse.  Basically the main secret to winning is opening chests (yellow dots on the room map; also not the case for Flandre's story) so that you can collect keys and other important items needed to open other rooms.  This game ensures that you practice the utmost vigilance as you must possess patience and fine dexterity to surpass the numerous obstacles.

    Extra Notes:  After completing Remilia's route.  You will unlock the option of playing the "Extra" mode or "Clock Tower".  "Extra" is basically Flandre's route which tells her side of the story during the night of the incident.  Be cautious that difficulty is immensely increased but Flandre's superior power over her sister can compensate for that.  "Clock Tower" is a Time Attack mode which involves you climbing the clock tower (10+ floors) and and setting a record of how fast you can clear it.  Any of the three characters can used for this option; however, Flandre must be unlocked by beating the clock tower first.  This is also where Yuyuko tells her side of the story.


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  4. Fantasy Explorer Nitroid

    Release Information
    Type: Puzzle-Solving Platforming
    Publisher: Desunoya
    Year of Release: 2011
    Lannguage: English-Patched
    Character Information
    Playable Characters: 1
    Default Controls
    Changeable to anything you want (including controller buttons) in the Options menu. * Note that I don't designate the Use Tool button as being an "attack" button, despite that being its equivalent functionality in this game - Nitori is generally incapable of killing enemies, usually because she has to use them as stepping stones.
    Z: Use Tool / Confirm
    X: Jump / Cancel
    C: Dash (requires DaShoes)
    V: Tool Menu
    B: Quick Tool Switch (Back)
    N: Quick Tool Switch (Forward)
    Spacebar: Open Pause Menu (Comes with map and option to reload last save)
    * Wanna know what you'll be getting? TouhouWiki has a complete Tool List so you'll know what you get and how to use it.
    * Stuck? TouhouWiki also has a full walkthrough just in case, for those who are ready to admit they can't figure out a puzzle.  
    Extra (save file in download)
    In case you want a preview or want to screw around or something, here's my save file, which has the following:
    -> 11 Health (used 11 Health Glitch) Tons of weapon energy (Iunno how many Golden Cucumbers I picked up exactly)
    -> World 5 (file has 15/26 UFOs)
    -> All Tools (Drill / Stinky Ball / Shiriko Bombs / Extending Arm / Earthkeeper Suit / Wall-Walk Shoes / Hyper DaShoes / Water Jet)
    -> Also included are 20 healing mushrooms and 10 Ariadne's Threads. Have fun in world 5 or trying to find the UFOs and Golden Cucumbers I still left behind. 😛 (My save file will register as the third file; Nitroid recognizes 00, 01, and 02 as valid save file numbers. Saves go in the Nitroid -> Save folder.)   Description
    Plot Point: Utsuho has been spotted away from her post in the nuclear reactor.  This worries everyone's favorite engineer, who takes it upon herself to check up on the bird-brained girl.
    How It Works: Is it or is it not about time someone made a game starring Nitori where your solutions lie in expert gadget usage to solve puzzles?  That's exactly what this is, and if you hated the boring feel and isometric perspective of Maristice, exactly what you've been pining for - Nitori starts with 5 Life and some weapon energy (which recharges itself), and finds both expansions for these and a whole lot of Tools that give her an increasing amount of ability - not only do you get a way to stun enemies (the Stinky Ball), but you also get useful tools from a Drill and some Bombs for getting through pesky destructible blocks, to her famous Extending Arm for grappling, to seemingly game-breaking tools like the Wall-Walk Shoes (they do exactly what you think) and the Water Jet (which also does exactly what you think).  Even the boss fights are mostly puzzle-based, solutions lying in forcing bosses to fall into their own traps or otherwise damage themselves (only the world 4 & 5 bosses are actual damage-them-to-death fights). 
    Please Note: Though you do get a ton of helpful tools, and there're save points and signs with hints or other info all over the place, remember that although the game has a light atmosphere and starts easy enough to get you accustomed, it actually quickly becomes difficult, none of the tools are optional and multi-room puzzles are commonplace even early on.  The endgame is constructed ingeniously to make you use every tool you own in order to earn the last one and get to the final boss.
    World 5 is a Bonus: If you collect 15 UFOs for Nue, she'll unlock World 5, which is a lengthy, self-contained challenge world - upon entering, you lose all your tools and must re-collect them within that world as part of the challenge (although if you choose to leave World 5 and go somewhere else, you'll get your tools back until you return), and will face Kaizo Mario-level challenge as you're forced to push your tool usage ingenuity to the maximum!  


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  5. Marisa & Alice

    Release Information
    Type: Mouse-Controlled Puzzle
    Year of Release: 2007
    Version: 1.11b
    Publisher: Desunoya (ですのや)
    Language: English-Patched
    Plot Point: It was a day like any other, Alice was in her home, reading, when Marisa came over. Marisa wants Alice's help doing something, so they head off. However, they hadn't gotten very far before a yandere (in-game description) Patchouli had cursed Alice because she wanted to ruin their date! Now Marisa's hat can't be taken off of Alice's head (Alice was wearing Marisa's hat because it was sunny outside)!
    How it Works: Marisa & Alice is a puzzle game based off of "Mario & Wario". You use Shanghai to break blocks, hold Alice still, & to turn Alice around to help solve puzzles that will lead a blind Alice to Marisa, while simultaneously picking up gold stars (generally 3 per stage) that are used to unlock the boss stages.
    Extra Note: "Lesson Mode" isn't actually a lesson or tutorial or anything like that. It's actually (as I believe) a harder challenge mode.  


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  6. I.9: Intelligent Fool

    Release Information
    Release Information
    Type: 3D Real-time Puzzle
    Publisher: illuCalab
    Date of Release: Dec 29, 2011
    Comiket 81
    Version: 1.033
    Language: Japanese

    Character Information
    Playable Characters: 1

    For you people who know the game "Intelligent Qube" and liked it. This game is for you.
    There are nine stages and completing them all will unlock "Extra" mode. In extra mode, everything is the same EXCEPT your camera will not be a bird's eye 3rd person view. It will be at eye level behind Cirno in 3rd person. This severely increases difficulty and inhibits your ability. The only way to see a top view of the blocks at this point is to speed up blocks.

    As you play the game, you'll be rewarded with coins which can be spent on several things.

    * 3 Coins: Pause (If you do not have enough coins, the screen will go opaque)
    * 30 Coins: Continue
    * 15 Coins: Enhanced Mine (Press and Hold Z then X to change your normal Mine into an Enhanced Mine. This will also reduce your I.⑨ by 1.)   Plot Point:  In the wet and cold lands of Misty Lake.  There lives a ice fairy named Cirno.  On a whim, she decides to partake in a game where it will determine whether she is a cretin or an ingenious sprite.

    How it Works:  The goal of the game is simple.

    * Destroy all of the blocks aside from the black-colored Forbidden Blocks.

    * Destroying a green cube will place an Enhanced Mine where the cube was destroyed.  It will then leave a marked green spot in which you can detonate for a 3x3 explosion with it at its center.

    * You will be penalized for destroying Forbidden Cubes or allowing other cubes to pass you and fall off the edge of the stage.
            - For each Forbidden Cube you destroy, a row of           the stage will crumble.
            - For each set number of other cubes you let               pass you, a row of the stage will crumble.

    * You will be granted an additional row onto the stage if you manage to clear a wave of cubes flawlessly (no Forbidden Cubes destroyed and all other cubes destroyed).

    * Getting crushed by the cubes will cause them to speed towards the end of the stage, only stopping for when you set off a mine, ultimately causing you to lose your Perfect completion bonus as well as possible rows due to failing to capture the remaining cubes.

    * Completing the round above the limited turns will not cause a negative affect on the game.  It will only reduce your end IQ score.

    * Once you destroy a block, the limit turn will start ticking so this gives you time to plan your moves.

    *  The game is over if you fall off the edge of the stage.


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  7. Gensokyo Daisensou

    Release Information
    Type: Chess-like Strategy
    Publisher: INSIDE SYSTEM
    Year of Release: Comiket 82 2012
    Language: Japanese
    This may not be completely obvious at first (or maybe it is, depends on you), but the artwork for the characters were done by different people. So yeah, that's why, say Satori and Cirno, look QUITE different from say Reimu & Marisa. Quite different. In fact, that's why this note section is in between two pictures. Description
    Plot Point: Dunno really, besides the fact that it involves clones of some sort. So yeah, sorry. Also, I've never really done the story. Just the offline play.

    How it Works: Well, battles are set up like a chess board, with your units on one side, and your opponents on the opposite. You each take turns moving your units and "attacking" your opponents. However, unlike in chess, when you move your piece onto an enemies piece, combat begins! This is where your units stats come into play.

    Knowing your units' stats:

    Card ( カード) : When you are attack during a battle, your character draws a numbered card. They can possibly draw from 1, up to their Card stat.

    Pow(パワ): If your attack goes through, it deals some number of damage in your Pow range.

    Graze(グレイズ): This is I guess what you would call the defensive stat. When your opponent attacks, and for example let's say they draw a "4", if your Graze is "6" you take NO damage. At all. Attacks in this game are hit-or-miss. Note: Same number means a hit.

    Life(ライフ): This is just simply your characters HP. After winning a battle, some HP is restored.

    Joker:  You may notice that some units have a (JOKER) in their status menu. This means when attacking their is a, slight chance of drawing the Joker card, which is instant death for your opponent.

    +1 Bonus:  This bonus is given to whatever unit started the battle. It temporarily, for the length of the battle, raises your Card stat by 1.

    Spell(スペル): You may notice that some characters, after moving, have a choice of some sort. These are "Spellcards", and they can be used, mainly to either heal your allies, or to deal damage to your opponent. If you highlight the spellcard's name, then you'll be shown the range. Under the info box, a description will pop up telling you how much it can heal for/how much damage might happen. So, yeah. You'll see some japanese text in red, with a big "10-30" in it, which means it will deal between 10 and 30 points of damage. Red name= damage. Green name = heal.


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  8. Beventlaed

    Release Information
    Type: Bejeweled-like
    Publisher: Chibitami
    Year of Release: January 14th, 2011
    Language: Isn't much to read. On the title, there is "Game Start" and under that is "Manual"
    Plot Point: There isn't one. This game literally doesn't have a story mode, or anything like that.
    How it Works: You clear UFOs from the screen to get points by clicking on a UFO and dragging the mouse cursor to what you want to be the last UFO in the chain. If you clear red UFOs your life increases. Life starts at 60.00 and decreases over time. If you clear blue UFOs you get a Score multiplier. If you clear green UFOs you increase your Bomb Power. The maximum Bomb Power is 5.00. If you clear a row of different-colored UFOs (one red, a blue, and a green) then your Call % increases. Call, which at higher values is more likely to give you colored UFOs while at lower values it is more likely to give you glass UFOs, decreases over time. Call decreases faster at higher levels. You increase your level by clearing UFOs, and this also increases your Call by 20%. You can get rid of these glass UFOs by clearing the colored UFOs that are next to them. Alternatively, if there are too many glass UFOs, then you can Bomb (by clicking the large green "Bomb" button in the lower-left), which will get rid of all the glass UFOs.


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