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Fantasy Maiden Wars Complete Box

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Release Information
Type: SRPG
Developer: さんぼん堂
Publisher: さんぼん堂
Release: Comiket 96, August 12, 2019
Version: contains patches up to 1050
Language: Japanese


 A compilation of the four Gensou Shoujo Wars games, some sprites and CG might have been remade and some extras might have been included.

Japanese Title: 幻想少女大戦コンプリートボックス

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why can't i update the game? i've already opened the 0.99 update file and also clicked the left option when the file was asking me if i wanted to update the game.(i'm suck at engish)

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From what I can gather, it seems like you need to do each update sequentially. I came to that conclusion from the "099_101" patch being much bigger than any of the other files, meaning each patch has content the others do not cover.

So after setting up the game from "gsw_setup_v099.exe" you'll need to go through each patch starting from the earliest date to the latest (as of this post, that would be "gsw_update_100_106"). The first patch in particular will take a while to detect and patch the game files, so I suggest doing something else in the meantime.

Latest content patches here: http://www.sanbondo.net/gsw/download.html

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so basically this Kou,You, Ei, and Yume combine?

(though still too new so I guess I'll wait for awhile for patches and stuff)

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