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    1. I Am Sakuya is an 3D shooter made over Doom Engine,an game with huge waves of enemies and and WAY hard chalenge than the normal Doom
      To run the game:you need to open the I Am Sakuya folder and search for "I Am Sakuya.iwad",then run the gzdoom application as an administrator and VOUILA yours game is ready to play :D
    2. Release Information
      Type: Vertical Bullet Hell Shooter
      Developer: Saigomen's Boss
      Publisher: Saigomen's Boss
      Release:  June 2, 2013
      Language: Japanese

      In the summer of the 118th season, there occurred an incident called the Scarlet Mist Incident where Gensokyo was entirely covered in red mist. Touhou Koumakyou 8 Bit, also known as EoSD NES version is another unofficial fangame based upon the sixth official Touhou game. The downgrade version was developed using Multimedia Fusion software and similar to the original game; a vertical scrolling shooter featuring Reimu Hakurei and Marisa Kirisame as the protagonists. The differences aren't many, each bosses’s lifebar is
      replaced with a series of squares, it has only 3 stages and is easier than easy mode of the original game. However, there is no difficulty options but Extra Mode is available.
      1,566 6
    3. Release Information
      Type: Vertical Bullet Hell Shooter
      Developer: ido, Yuuyu Hatsuke
      Publisher: ido, Yuuyu Hatsuke
      Release: August 2012
      Language: Japanese | English (Patched)
      Default Controls
      Arrow Keys: Movement
      Z: Fire / Select
      X: Bomb
      Shift: Focus Movement
      Esc: Pause
      Ctrl: Skip Dialogue
      Home: Take Screenshot
      R: Return to Title
      F12: Shutdown Game
      The Last Comer is a standard Touhou game, featuring 6 bosses and an Extra. It also features cameos from a variety of sources and original characters. The music was composed by WanWan and is therefore awesome. The main plot point is Christianity. The rest is for you to discover while you play through.
      Plot Point: A meteor has landed in Gensokyo, so girls go and investigate.
      How It Works: This game is special because of its Grudge gauge. Stars fall from the sky gradually as you progress through a stage. When the gauge is full, you gain invincibility and deal massive damage + effects based on your player character. Reimu, Marisa, and Sakuya are playable. 

      Official Site: Link (Japanese)
      3,975 15
    4. Release Information
      Type: 2D Shooting (others)
      Developer: 弦语蝶梦
      Publisher: 弦语蝶梦
      Release: 18 ago 2018
      Language: Chinese


      Touhou: Dreaming Butterfly is a Touhou Project derivative game developed by Strrationalism.It uses the way of the horizontal STG that any original game has never used.This game aims to make the horizontal STG players experience the fun of games,also lets the player who are used to the vertical STG have more contact with the horizontal STG, an entirely different type of game from Touhou original games.So, based on keeping style of the horizontal STG,Touhou: Dreaming Butterfly is almost similar to Touhou original games.like known Spell-card Rule, beautiful stages, concentrated but not hard to dodged bullets.

      How to play:
      Direction Key – Move
      Shift Key – Slow
      Z Key – Shoot/Enter
      X Key – Bomb/Cancel
      ESC Key – Pause/Cancel

      This game has gamepad support.

      Please support the devs by buying the game on Steam if you can:
      421 0
    5. Developer: Sigyaad Team
      Steam link: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1960590/I_Am_Sakuya_Touhou_FPS_Game/
      Uploader note: I couldn't find a version with the Reimu DLC nor the Reimu DLC anywhere.
    6. Release Information
      Type: Shooting (Others)
      Developer: ちびっこ娘々
      Publisher: ちびっこ娘々
      Release: Comiket 84, on August 12, 2013
      Language: Japanese

      Z is confirming / shooting
      X seems to be only for cancelling (like in menus)
      C is the special attack
      A is switching a party member


      Gensou Bakushin Gatling Fever 1! is an arena shooting game starring Rumia and Sakuya, where player have to break through the stages in a given period of time. Each character has two kinds of shot; normal and rapid. Stopping player from reaching the exit are hundreds of enemies, each with their own attack patterns. Players are also given the opportunity to choose a maximum of three partners with different abilities to assist in the mission.
      182 0
    7. Release Information
      Type: Bullet Hell
      Developer: Yosinac
      Publisher: Yosinac
      Release: 2005
      Language: Japanese

      Christmas is coming soon. Cirno and Letty are arguing about who is the best demonstrate their ability in the Misty Lake. The game plays like a fairly typical vertically scrolling shooter, in which the player's character is always facing towards the top of the screen, avoiding and weaving between enemy bullets, and confronting bosses at the end of a stage. However, in Cirno and Letty's Xmas the player can't shoot and the game objective is survival by dodging all bullets and grazing for points. Defeating the bosses simply requires player to run out their spell card timers. Player only have one life and a spell meter which tracks how many bombs can be executed. There are no continues and if character dies, the player will be taken to the game over screen.
      157 0
    8. Release Information
      Type: Bullet Hell
      Developer: D.N.A.Softwares
      Publisher: D.N.A.Softwares
      Release: March 2, 2008
      Language: Japanese

      Shinma Touki Den (English: The Legend of Demonic God) is a free moving shooting game developed in March 2008 by D.N.A.Softwares and ZUN. With only three lives and three bombs the player controls the on-screen Patchouli Knowledge from a top-down perspective, defeating ever-increasing swarm of enemies and collecting the items they drop (enemies bombed will not drop items). There are six stages and no specific storylines. Players start the game with only stage 1 unlocked, while other can be unlocked by obtaining clear points from beating the medal scores listed for each stage.
      372 1
    9. Release Information
      Type: 2D Shooting (others)
      Developer:  东方祈华梦制作组
      Publisher: 东方祈华梦制作组, 东游鉴
      Release: 16 apr 2020
      Language: Japanese, English and more

      In late winter, just like the spring that has not yet arrived, Gensokyo is still blind to the potential abnormal occurrences.
      The bamboos in Bamboo Forest of the Lost blossom overnight, the bronze of Myouren Temple rusts in a flash, the snow and dew under the burning sun are far from evaporation.....
      Obviously, it should be considered as a new “incident” that happened in Gensokyo. At this very moment, three teams are assembled:
      Shrine Maiden of Paradise - Reimu Hakurei & Youkai of Boundaries - Yukari Hakumo
      The Strange Magician - Marisa Kirisame & Ghost of Flawless Immaculate Beauty - Yuyuko Saigyouji
      The Tarnished Immortal - Fujiwara no Mokou &History-Eating Half Beast - Keine Kamishirasawa
      While collecting clues, maidens set forth on the journey to find the truth.

      This game supports Steam input function, you can use the gamepad to play this game as long as the gamepad is supported by Steam input function.
      In addition, this game comes with XInput support, which can support XInput compatible.

      The game's Steam page (please buy it if you can): 
      1,238 2
    10. Release Information
      Type: 2D Shooting (Danmakufu)
      Developer: Eredom/Team Dreamcatcher
      Publisher: Eredom/Team Dreamcatcher
      Release: 23 June 2017
      Language: Japanese

      Touhou Rakuryuusei Falling Meteor~ The Shattered Sky (東方落流星 ~ The Shattered Sky) is a fan-made Touhou Project game made using the Touhou Danmakufu ph3 shooting game engine, programmed by Eredom of Team Dreamcatcher with music by Abner and character art by Moonturret. The game features 6 stages and 3 Extra stages. The game features 3 playable characters (Reimu, Marisa, and Sanae).
      5,044 1
    11. Release Information

      Type: Shooting (others)
      Developer: Rodon John
      Publisher: Rodon John
      Release: 2009
      Language: Japanese


      Touhou Tenporoku ~ Combinations With You (東方店舗録 ~ Combinations With You, lit. "Eastern Store Chronicle") is a Touhou fan game made by Rodon John. It consists of only a single boss battle against a tsukumogami living in a used-uniform of FamilyMart, commonly known as Murasa Tenchou (ムラサ店長) or 'Manager Murasa', since her appearance resembles Minamitsu Murasa.

      The story follows Suwako as she visits the newly-opened FamilyMart inside the Moriya Shrine, which is managed by Murasa. However, the store is not yet stocked up on supplies, which angers Suwako and causes the ensuing battle between her and Murasa.

      Combinations With You has only one musical track. It is quite notable, however, in that it is a remix of the FamilyMart jingle. The track was originally posted on Nico Nico Douga (http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm8224758) and was the probable inspiration for this game.
      82 0
    12. Release Information
      Type: Shooting (others)
      Developer: D.N.A.Softwares
      Publisher: D.N.A.Softwares
      Release:  2007
      Language: Japanese (English menu)


      SUiCA32 is a 2D single screen bullet hell/danmaku top down shooter, based on Touhou.
      The player controls Reimu Hakurei, a shrine maiden from Gensokyo, who now fights against Suika Ibuki (technically, many Suikas), a powerful Oni.
      The gameplay is very simple - the player moves the character on screen, avoids many bullets and shoots enemies - Reimu has many various patterns of bullets to use. The game hasn't got a real ending - the player can just play it until he loses.
      50 0
    13. Release Information
      Genre: Roguelike, Shoot 'Em Up, Bullet Hell
      Developer: Alexander Taylor et al.
      Publisher: Alexander Taylor
      Release Date: 14 October 2022
      Language: English/Japanese
      Technical Information
      The game's language can be switched in the settings menu.
      There is no option to choose your resolution in windowed mode.
      Save data is located at %userprofile%\AppData\LocalLow\Alexander Taylor\Touhou Library Survivors
      Game Description
      Survive as fairies and familiar faces storm into the Scarlet Devil Mansion Library to steal Patchouli's most precious belongings!
      Use a deep and unique system to upgrade Patchouli’s spell cards. Go exponential by attaching modifiers that add ricochets, poison, piercing, extra projectiles or even additional attacks! But make sure you balance these against Patchouli’s waning stamina! There are four five difficulty settings that increase the intensity of enemy bullet patterns!

      This game has similarities to Vampire Survivors. You can collect books and power-up arrows that allow for bonuses that apply every session.
      372 1
    14. Release Information
      Type: 2D Shooting (others)
      Developer: Top Arts Plan
      Publisher: Top Arts Plan
      Release:  Mar 13, 2011
      Language: Japanese

      Rumia, the twilight youkai, was hungry. The reason for this was simple and clear: he had not seen any human being for the past few winters. Although spring was approaching and the days were getting longer, there was no way that humans would enter the mountains and fields where the snow had yet to melt. Then, there were those who caught Rumia's eye.
      111 0
    15. Release Information
      Type: 3D Arena Shooter
      Developer: 領域ZERO
      Publisher: 領域ZERO
      Release: Comiket 92, on August 11, 2017
      Version: 1.12
      Language: Japanese
      Purchased copy donated by Patric20878
      Setup/Gameplay Guide (Important):
      Magical Battle Arena NEXT (魔法少女VS幻想郷・マジカルバトルアリーナNEXT) is an Touhou/Mahou Shoujo crossover 3D arena shooter fangame, supporting up to 4-player online multiplayer. It features characters from Touhou as well as popular Mahou Shoujo franchises, including Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya, Cardcaptor Sakura, Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha, Slayers, and Dai Mahou Touge. The basic gameplay is very similar to Touhou Sky Arena: Matsuri Climax, where you use various melee and ranged attacks as well as spells to beat your opponents, but has a much more fluid combat system. Originally released as two separate but combinable Gensokyo and Mahou Shoujo sides, it allowed characters, stages, and music from the two games to be played as a single combined game. The newer integrated version features Story Mode, an original character, and comes precombined and ready to play.
      Character List:
      Touhou Side:
      1. Reimu Hakurei
      2. Marisa Kirisame
      3. Youmu Konpaku
      4. Alice Margatroid
      5. Yukari Yakumo
      6. Reisen Udongein Inaba
      7. Tenshi Hinanawi
      8. Toyosatomimi no Miko
      Magical Girl Side:
      1. Illyasviel von Einzbern (from Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya)
      2. Miyu Edelfelt (from Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya)
      3. Sakura Kinomoto (from Cardcaptor Sakura)
      4. Nanoha Takamachi (from Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha)
      5. Fate Testarossa Harlaown (from Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha)
      6. Lina Inverse (from Slayers)
      7. Amelia Wil Tesla Saillune (from Slayers)
      8. Punie Tanaka (from Dai Mahou Touge)
      1. Nowel Diastasis (original character)
      3,421 7
    16. Release Information
      Type: Shooting (others)
      Developer: disfact
      Publisher: disfact
      Release: Reitaisai 8 on March 13, 2011
      Language: Japanese

      In Chousoku Shoujo the player maneuvers Aya Shameimaru who must defend herself from enemies, bullets and obstacles through various environments. Aya can increase her speed, stop when needed and use bombs which clear enemy bullets, destroy all enemies on-screen when used, or to break obstacles if Aya is about to crash. When Aya reaches ultra speed at 1250 km/h, Hyper Mode will be activated which causes Aya to not be affected by enemies and obstacles. In Chousoku Shoujo the player's scores increases on a linear scale as the player reaches higher speed.
      230 1
    17. Release Information
      Type: Bullet Hell
      Developer: Gore
      Publisher: Gore
      Release: December 31, 2014
      Language: Japanese

      Shin'yaku: Touhou Gensousatsu (English: New Testament: Eastern Illusion Killer) is a Touhou vertically scrolling shooter developed by Gore, and written in Danmakufu ph3 though the script files were left unpacked (which means that Danmakufu application is not required in order to play the game). Set in a world where supernatural abilities are a reality, Phantasmagoria of Imagine Breaker is a crossover with the light novel series A Certain Magical Index. There are three pairs of characters to choose from; Hakurei Reimu & Kamijou Touma, Kirisame Marisa & Misaka Mikoto, and Izayoi Sakuya & Shirai Kuroko; each character has a special ability and the current character can be switched anytime. Phantasmagoria of Imagine Breaker plays like a fairly typical Touhou shooter, but focuses on spiritual gauge and auto-collected items similar to Touhou Seirensen and Touhou Kishinjou. 
      828 1
    18. Release Information
      Type: Horizontal Bullet Hell
      Developer: ハードカバーは鈍器
      Publisher: ハードカバーは鈍器
      Release: 2008
      Language: Japanese

      Scarlet Meister is a horizontally scrolling shooter developed and published by ハードカバーは鈍器 in 2008. The player plays as both Remilia and Sakuya, each of them has their own shot types and the player can switch between the two characters at anytime. Similar to Imperishable Nights, when playing with the character pairs, one character fires when unfocused, while the other switches in and fires when focused. Scarlet Meister features a scoring system which is similar to chain or combo. By destroying large groups or chains of enemies in a short period of time, player can build up scores, hyper attack and additional lives. The game is extremely hard, but the player can use focus, which slows down the player's movement and makes the collision dot visible. Switching character basically is a teleport, and choosing the right time is very important to dodge certain bullet patterns and survive in the game.
      236 0
    19. Release Information
      Type: 2D Shooting (others)
      Developer: N/A
      Publisher: N/A
      Release: 2015
      Language: Japanese
      Battle Amanojaku - Shatter All Spell Card is the next replica of original Danmaku Amanojaku, developed by unknown Chinese developer who previously released the unofficial version of Gold Rush. The gameplay is largely unchanged, a puzzle danmaku shooting game which charges the player controls Seija Kijin, using the Miracle Mallet which destroys hit danmaku, converts them all into koban coins and has to defeat the boss character within the time limit to clear stage. The game consists of 12 levels which is populated with a single boss character. Beating the boss character will earn Seija her unique abilities - both active or passive - for use throughout the rest of the game. Defeating levels under certain conditions will grant player access to secret stages. Clearing all stages without unique abilities will unlock the final level and true ending as well.
      362 2
    20. Release Information
      Type: Horizontal Bullet Hell Shooter
      Developer: 黄昏フロンティア
      Publisher: 黄昏フロンティア
      Release: Retaisai 11, May 11, 2014
      Version: 1.01
      Language: Japanese
      Default Controls
      Arrow Keys: Movement/Menu Navigation
      Z: Fire (Hold for Rapid)/Confirm (Menu)
      X: Release Weapons/Cancel (Menu)
      Enter: Confirm
      Esc: Pause/Cancel
      Plot Point:
      Marisa, Koishi, and Seiga have stolen and spread Nitori's belongings all over Gensokyo! Determined to get her things back, Nitori sets out in hot pursuit.
      The player controls Nitori as she travels horizontally through the various stages. Shooting enemies or kappa crates will drop weapons for Nitori to collect. Like the Katamari games, Nitori’s weapons stick to her and each other, which increase her firepower. The more weapons collected, the larger her hitbox becomes and the slower she moves. Pressing release shoots all of her weapons forward, which will damage the enemies in front of her. If a weapon on Nitori gets hit by enemy fire, it will fall off. If Nitori herself gets hit, every collected weapon will fall from her body. Getting hit without a weapon will cause Nitori to lose a life. On certain intervals, Marisa, Koishi, and Seiga will appear. Shooting them will have a positive effect on Nitori (Shooting Marisa will drop collectible weapons, hitting Seiga enough will drop an extra life, shooting Koishi will increase points). At the end of each stage, a boss will appear. Defeating the boss will progress the game to the next stage.
      Menu Navigation:
      Note: All text is in Japanese.
      Start: Begins the game. Difficulties are Easy/Normal/Hard/Lunatic.
      Replay: Shows previously recorded playthroughs.
      Achievements: Shows collected achievements.
      Items: Shows everything that Nitori has collected. Hidden items are concealed by kappa boxes.
      Options: Adjusts in-game settings, including sound/music volume, window configuration, and controls.
      Exit: Closes the game.
      Pause Screen Navigation:
      Continue: Returns to the game.
      Options: Adjusts in-game settings.
      Screenshot: Allows for a screenshot of the game to be taken.
      Main Menu: Exits the current game and returns to the main menu.
      770 0
    21. Release Information
      Type: Horizontal Shooting Game 
      Developer: 黄昏フロンティア
      Publisher: 黄昏フロンティア
      Release: Comiket 89, December 30, 2015
      Language: Japanese

      Rumors have been spreading throughout Gensokyo about huge treasure chest full with gold and other valuables. With the help of other girls, Nitori Kawashiro takes off to Gensokyo in hopes of plundering its treasures.
      Gameplay in Shoot Shoot Nitori The Golden is similar to previous game. As Nitori, the player starts with simple straight shots and expands the size and firepower by attaching items that are dropped from enemies, or found in crates. Depending on which items are attached, and where they are attached, resulting different unique offensive and defensive abilities. In every stage, the characters can obtain items or golds that can be used in a shop to buy upgrades or new characters.
      769 2
    22. Release Information
      Type: Bullet Hell
      Developer: 遊色高楼
      Publisher: 遊色高楼
      Release: 30 dec 2013
      Language: Japanese

      The Mystery of Rapid Modernization in Gensokyo has appeared, Challenge with the Perfect Shikigami Combination, Unique Wicked Hermit & the Yamabiko Combination! With a total of 16 + α Stages, a Touhou Derivative Vertical-Scrolling STG with Stage Selection System! With the variety of Stage selection can you capture all the different kinds of danmaku ?

      Please support the devs by buying the game on Steam if you can:
      657 1
    23. Release Information
      Type: Vertical Shooting Game
      Developer: Ishi Satoru Koubou
      Publisher: Ishi Satoru Koubou
      Release: Reitaisai 9, May 27, 2012
      Language: Japanese

      Playable Characters: Yuuka Kazami, Marisa Kirisame

      Basically a common barrage shooting game but it has some unique features like the "Ex-shot system" which similar to bomb but has short range. This powerful attack requires Ex Gauge (recharges slowly after use) and will turn off enemy bullets. However, your character is still visible and requires you to dodge. Also, when certain conditions are met through a stage, a score bonus nickname will be given to player (can be published online).
      346 0
    24. Release Information
      Type: Vertical Shooting Game
      Developer: Ishiyomi
      Publisher: Ishiyomi
      Release: Comiket 85, on December 30, 2013
      Language: Japanese

      Gensokyo is being hit by a very long dry season. Farmers are worried they would not be able to harvest their crops and the whole country will suffer from hunger. Minoriko Aki, the harvest goddess, along with her sister Shizuha Aki then work together with humans and youkai to solve this incident. Tou no Kuni no Shukaku Sai is the second Touhou project from Ishiyomi (preceded by Touhou Roujou Kyoku, Reitaisai 9) starring Nitori Kawashiro and Hong Meiling. The game plays like a Touhou shooter in most respect, but features a polarity system, similar to Treasure's Ikaruga where the player is able to absorb blue or red bullets to increase their power.
      256 0
    25. Brew Information
      Designation: Shooting Game
      Brewed: 2007
      Palette: Mostly Domestic, Some Foreign (i.e., not enough Japanese to really make a difference)
      Made By: The Drinking Party
      Brew Statistics
      Drunkards: 1
      Weaponry: Are those chopsticks...?
      (Yes, yes they are.)
      POC: lolwut?
      (Am I drunk? There're no pickups...)
      What a Friend of a Friend Told Me Happened:
      Boss: Hey there Isami.
      Isami: Oh!  Hey there.  *Minimizes Solitaire window*
      Boss: I've seen you at the bar a couple times.
      Isami: ...Have you?
      Boss: Yeah.  Nothin' wrong with a good drink after work though.  And actually, I wanted to tell you about this really great bar I heard about.  Here's the address.  *Slips her a paper*
      Isami: Uh-huh...thanks and stuff, but what's so great about the place?...THIS...IS...SPARTAAAAA!!
      Boss:  Uh...not quite.  I heard that if you drink 'till dawn there, you'll see a weird world of danmaku, whatever that is.
      Isami: Danmaku?  I've heard of that...I think...is that some kind of sushi?  Or was it a soup?
      Boss: I'm sure Chuck Norris knows; I keep hearing only the really serious drinkers go there.
      Isami:  Okay, then, it's settled!  I'll head out there tonight!  LEEEEROOOOOOY JEEEENKIIIIIIIIINS!!!

      ...It's...kind of like that.  ...I think.   In All Seriousness
      As should have been made quite clear by the main entry, this game is absolutely, positively not to be taken seriously; the idea for this 100% free game came up during a drinking party between Zun and several of his friends (seriously!!); it has only one difficulty setting and one character.  (Thus, it won't ask you to select either; you hit "Game Start" and play begins immediately.  The difficulty is somewhere around an ordinary Touhou game's [Normal] setting.)  Your enemies are food and liquor items, and the game also has an appropriately bizarre scoring and shot powerup system, described below.  These things being said, feel free to play while drunk or tired.

      Anyhow, here's how things work in this zany game.  Reference the gameplay screenie above if necessary.
      * Shooting, Power, and the Beer Gauge: Hold [C] for rapid fire; hold [Z] to charge a barrage of chopsticks (you still hold [Shift] to Focus).  You have a Beer Gauge on the right side of the screen; this starts off empty (you haven't drunk anything yet!!), and slowly fills as you destroy liquor items (beer mugs, sake jars, anything that makes a shattering noise when you destroy it; food items do nothing for your Beer Gauge).  You gain more shot power for each liter of beer you consume, up to 3 liters.  There are no power-up pickup items.
      * Bombing: If you bomb (hit [X]), you spray beer foam all over anything unfortunate enough to be directly above you.  This costs you 1 liter of beer, and penalizes your maximum by 1/10th of a liter for the rest of the stage.
      * The Time Indicator:  The entire left side of the screen is your Time Indicator; the current time, which is a white bar, slowly proceeds from your Entering Time (red bar at the bottom), toward Last Order time (pink bar further up the screen) and Closing Time (red bar at the very top).  There are several reasons this is important.  First of all, dying consumes some extra time (as it's hard for this drunk girl to pick her butt up off the floor).  Second of all, some enemy waves don't appear until the previous wave has either all been destroyed or traveled off the screen, so you must act as quickly as you can, because if you don't get to the boss before Last Call, you get kicked out of the bar, immediately ending the game.  As long as you get to the boss before Last Call, you can fight them all the way up until Closing Time (you have to beat them before the bar closes!), but if you die during a boss fight anytime after Last Call, you get kicked out of the bar at that point.
      * Scoring:  The scoring system is similar to PoFV's combo system; as you continuously shoot down enemies with no break between, the Menu Category goes up, which makes everything worth more money.  Er...yeah...your score is actually the bill Isami is racking up...good luck paying that off. 
      1,375 1
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