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    What is Touhou Danmakufu?

    Touhou Danmakufu is a scripting engine for Danmaku games. You can run it to play other peoples' scripts, or you can create your own. It comes with default graphics, but those can be replaced.

    There are two different versions. 0.12m is the old version, #ScriptVersion[2], that is used for Concealed the Conclusion, Phantasm Romance, Phantasmagoria Trues, and the Last Comer, etc. ph3 is the new version constantly being developed by mkm that runs Fairies of Sorcery, Mythical Power Plant, and a good portion of the new scripts coming out.

    0.12m games will only run in 0.12m. ph3 games will only run in ph3. If a game does not come with its own th_dnh.exe, place it in the script folder of the CORRECT VERSION or it will not work.

    Please do not sell Touhou fan games for profit (indie is not doujin) without contacting ZUN. All games on this page, unless otherwise stated, are doujin.

    Danmakufu Downloads

    Touhou Danmakufu 0.12m: Official Download
    Mediafire Mirror (0.12m):
    --Mirror 1 (Sparen)

    Touhou Danmakufu ph3: Official Download
    Latest Version: [.1 pre6a]
    Mediafire Mirrors:
    [.0 pre23]: Mirror (Sparen) **NOT THE LATEST VERSION

    Danmakufu 0.12m Controls

    Default Controls
    Arrow Keys: Movement
    Z: Fire / Select
    X: Bomb
    C: User Defined Key
    Shift: Focus Movement
    Esc: Pause
    Ctrl: Skip Dialogue
    Home: Take Screenshot
    R: Return to Title
    I: Set Invincibility
    U: Disable Invincibility
    H: Cuts boss life by 10%
    F: Grants 5 lives and 5 bombs
    F12: Shutdown Game

    How to CORRECTLY run Danmakufu without a crash

    NOTE: ph3 [.1] should run fine - this section only applies to 0.12m (the old version) and ph3 [.0]

    When you open Danmakufu 0.12m, it will usually crash. When you open Danmakufu ph3 (before [.1 pre2]), you won't be able to see any files. So what are you doing wrong?

    Well, basically... you need to run Danmakufu in Japanese Locale. You will need to obtain AppLocale and install the East Asian Language packs. You will need to run all versions of Danmakufu in Japanese Locale. I recommend making a shortcut so that you can easily open it in Japanese Locale. After it is installed, then feel free to work with it. Please refer to this guide if you are having trouble: AppLocale Installation Guide

    *I suggest NOT dumping Danmakufu in Program Files or some other place. Put it somewhere where it is easily accessible.

    Danmakufu Resources



    -When I say "Comes with everything," the game is ready to be played off the bat. Do not mess around with the files. Just open th_dnh.exe (for 0.12m, in Japanese Locale) and you should be fine.

    -When I say "Does not come with Danmakufu pre-packaged," you must manually place the scripts in their respective folders. Usually, it goes right into the script folder. Make sure that you are using the correct version of Danmakufu. For ph3, please use the latest version.

    -For axcf downloads, please type in the capcha, select the button that says ダウンロード, then wait. If it gives you a confirmation capcha, then just do as asked. If it gives you リトライ, then click that button to retry.

    -For ph3 games, you should NOT use the version of Touhou Danmakufu they provide for any other scripts.
    The reason is because of ph3's package system and due to the multiple versions of ph3. 

    Danmakufu games (available on this site)

    *The game titles are links to the respective game pages on this site. Listed in approximate order of release date.
    東方夢終劇 ~ Concealed the Conclusion [0.12m] {danmaq}

    幻想浪漫紀行 ~ Phantasmagoria Trues v1.2 [0.12m] {Len}

    Juuni Jumon ~ Summer Interlude v1.4 [0.12m] {Puremrz}

    東方邪星章 ~ The Last Comer v1.00a [0.12m] (Official Site) {ido}

    東方魔晶精 ~ Fairies of Sorcery v1.10a [ph3] {Shijimi Nono}

    Spellcard Collection v1.10a [ph3] {Len & Shijimi Nono}
    ~~~~~Hosted on Bulletforge as of Feb 9, 2015!

    妖怪狐狸合戦 ~ War of Fox and Badger v1.2 [ph3] {raichu}

    東方導命樹 ~ Mystical Power Plant v1.00d [ph3] (Official Site) {ido}

    Spellcard Collection 2 v0.25 [ph3] {Shijimi Nono}
    ~~~~~Hosted on Bulletforge as of Feb 9, 2015!

    Riverbed Soul Saver v1.02a [ph3] (Official Site) {ido}

    White Names Spoiled Past v1.02a [ph3] (Official Site) {ido & Len}

    東方魔宝城 ~ Book of Star Mythology v1.00 [ph3] (Official Site) {ido}

    Complete Danmakufu games [ph3] (offsite)

    As of now, all games that would be featured here have their own pages. See above.

    Complete Danmakufu games [0.12m] (Offsite)

    Luminous Dream v1.01 [0.12m] (Official Site) {Professor Scissors}
    -----Official Download: [Link] *Comes with everything
    -----Mirror Download: [N/A]

    Another World's Chaos v0.5 [0.12m] (Official Site) {Azure, Raibys}
    -----Official Download: [Link]
    -----Mirror Download: [Link] (Sparen)
    ~~~~~Only 3 Stage Demo

    Danmakufu Tutorials

    To learn more about Danmakufu, I highly suggest that you check out the this Wiki page, which has many links to tutorials. 

    Additionally, I have tutorials for ph3 on my website.
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