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  1. maybe i will make the wav OST later(but i can't upload file over 100mb(tht00 is 179mb 19.2khz)
  2. chinese version of windows is nice? Is it comfortable for you to use? Don't forget to install the English language pack!
  3. oh I was an early user of taptap, but it became bloated and I didn't use it anymore.
  4. opened in 2021-08-05(GMT+9) a nice touhou fan music game(in android) Here are some screenshots of real machine running: and the song list(last update 2021/08/08 9:35:26 GMT+8) if your google play account is japan, you can download this game in google play. if you dosen't have,go to download from here:(東方ダンマクカグラ(ダンカグ)安卓下载,安卓版APK | 免费下载 (apkpure.com)) they are xapk(You need some tools to install xapk) The last sentence, don’t forget to check it out in the game every day (they add some new songs (usually 1.09m) )
  5. Maybe you need to try the Chinese version of Windows (they can play th06~th9.5 without installing any runtime libraries)
  6. If you feel unable to solve for the dll, just try the Chinese version of Windows. (Don't forget to install the language pack, if you don't install the language pack, it is very likely that touhou's installer will go wrong)
  7. special power!(system:windows 7(base on Chinese version) Japanese language is from language pack) installer: in game(This is the effect of the virtual machine, the actual physical machine is better than the virtual machine): program list(Prove that the old touhou game can be played with one click on this system):
  8. 草 在这里找到中国人了

  9. First, let’s listen to some demos(th06_01.mid) normal windows GS: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/GDWGH/files/master/20210720_104834.mp3 vstihost(sc-88pro):https://raw.githubusercontent.com/GDWGH/files/master/20210720_105501.mp3 which demo do you like? If you like vstihost sound just Follow me for the next step ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- First let's discuss midi playback There are many kinds of midi playback such like vsti,Real midi playback, Emulator or soundfont These ways of making midi play determine what we are going to do ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ second download and use to play midi 1.soundfont(not suggested): you can use coolsoft virtualmidisynth to play midi by soundfont (soundfont and software can find at their website:coolsoft.altervista.org I also suggest you download their midimapper to manage midi devices) 2.vtsi(suggested But it may be too complicated): first download the SAVIHost (hermannseib.com) or go to http://topurl.cn/achoo to get a pre-install pack then get the vtsi plugins go to http://topurl.cn/achoo to get the plugin 3.Emulator(not suggested,too old to use)
  10. you can still buy them in taobao( 淘宝 a chinese online shop) is 130+13 CNY(not about tax th06) is not fake
  11. nope It seems that those systems include a runtime library that basically runs touhou So why not try a Chinese Windows system? Then install a Japanese language pack. tips: Chinese Windows XP requires phone activation + activation code activation, I suggest you use the ghost version directly.
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