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  1. First, let’s listen to some demos(th06_01.mid) normal windows GS: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/GDWGH/files/master/20210720_104834.mp3 vstihost(sc-88pro):https://raw.githubusercontent.com/GDWGH/files/master/20210720_105501.mp3 which demo do you like? If you like vstihost sound just Follow me for the next step ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- First let's discuss midi playback There are many kinds of midi playback such like vsti,Real midi playback, Emulator or soundfont These ways of making midi play determine what we are going to do ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ second download and use to play midi 1.soundfont(not suggested): you can use coolsoft virtualmidisynth to play midi by soundfont (soundfont and software can find at their website:coolsoft.altervista.org I also suggest you download their midimapper to manage midi devices) 2.vtsi(suggested But it may be too complicated): first download the SAVIHost (hermannseib.com) or go to http://topurl.cn/achoo to get a pre-install pack then get the vtsi plugins go to http://topurl.cn/achoo to get the plugin 3.Emulator(not suggested,too old to use)
  2. you can still buy them in taobao( 淘宝 a chinese online shop) is 130+13 CNY(not about tax th06) is not fake
  3. or maybe just my fantasy my touhou 6 dosen't download from here is the TH6 Chinese sim mod
  4. in china,most people dosen't update their PC system(some people still use XP(some chinese software still support XP) in 2021)
  5. maybe just "special chinese version version" (my uncle still use windows XP in 2017 to play his old game, Maybe microsoft wants old players like them to update the system,So these special chinese version contain old dirextX and other things) because when i try to install an origin windows 7(chinese sim) touhou game(th06 th13.5) is cilck-to-play
  6. hmmm in my media player they look like Some music has track numbers and some don’t (it should be possible to install them in different zips) @Maden
  7. in my country, the windows system is use symantec ghost to install system. some people use origin system installer(like me). but look like my system is specially chinese version
  8. Why do I see most people need to use dll installer? In my computer(windows 10 origin WS version,windows 7 U origin version), they can just click to play. WHY?
  9. from faqs page Q: Why is the text broken and/or why does my game not start? A: Switch to japanese locale. It'll likely help with broken folder and file names as well as making japanese games look or work right. To do that go to your language settings and then you should probably see "Administrative language settings" to the right. Click on that and then you'll have an option to change the system locale at the bottom of the new window. Another window will appear. Select Japanese and keep that Unicode UTF-8 box unchecked.
  10. 变 得 更 好(Chinese 4 words translate to english is 2 words) make better
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