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Touhou Genso Wanderer -Reloaded- + ALL DLC

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Release Information
Type: RPG
Developer: AQUASTYLE
Publisher: AQUASTYLE
Release: 26 October 2018
Language: English

 AKA 不可思议的幻想乡TOD -RELOADED- / 不思議の幻想郷TOD -RELOADED-


Based on the "Touhou Project" world, Touhou Genso Wanderer -Reloaded- is a roguelike RPG where the layout of the dungeons and the treasure you'll find in them will change every time you play.

Packed with a ton of content to discover and explore, it's an addicting experience that will make you want to rack up hours and hours of play time.

Easy for beginners to understand, yet filled with advanced options for pros, anyone can enjoy this game to their heart's content!

"Roguelike Games 101"
Touhou Genso Wanderer Reloaded is a kind of RPG known as a "Roguelike."
Every time you enter a new dungeon, your character's level will go back to 1, the layout of the dungeon will change, and the items you'll find on the ground will be different.

Roguelikes are turn based, so every time you move one square or take an action (such as attacking), the enemies will each get one turn of their own. As long as you're standing still, the enemies will stay put, too.

However, unlike a typical roguelike, the dungeons in Touhou Genso Wanderer Reloaded let you keep your items, even if you're defeated! So make sure to collect as many as you can!

If roguelike games seem scary to you, don't worry! This game has a lot of options and systems to ensure your dungeon adventures turn out great!

・Intuitive Interface
With a press of a button, you can bring up your Cross Menu, allowing you easy access to everything about your character you'll need.

・Changeable Game Speed
You can choose between 3 different speeds for the game to run at, and change the speed at any time. Set your speed depending on your playstyle.

・UI Options
You can change the size of the UI or the placement of the Mini-map to suit your needs.

"Main Story"
One day, a heavy rain poured down on Gensokyo.
Reimu Hakurei looked for shelter in a shop called "Kourindo," but all she found there was trouble.
Rinnosuke Morichika, the owner of the shop, started acting strange and suddenly attacked her.

Reimu's skills were no match for his newfound power, and she found herself on the ropes.

She retreated back to her home, the Hakurei Shrine. Then, with the help of the sage, Kasen Ibaraki, she headed back to Kourindo to investigate the mysterious tower that had appeared there and bring Rinnosuke back to his senses.

Now the curtains rise on a new incident to threaten Gensokyo, the battle over the Gold Sphere.

"Your favorite Touhou Characters"
Jam-packed with over 120 different friends and foes from the world of Touhou, this game may be the biggest Touhou banquet yet!
All their abilities and unique characteristics from their original games are represented here.

Loads of them will even make appearances in the many exciting story campaigns!

◆ Save
This game performs auto save at the following point.
· Move to the other floor
· Give Up / Suspend (in Dungeon)
· Return to title screen from option

◆ How to end the game
Within the dungeon: Select [Suspend] at the magic circle of each floor and choose Exit from the title menu.
Other than Dungeon: Select [Return to title] from the menu and choose Exit from the title menu.

All DLC included:

"Reimu Hakurei" Bikini Costume;
"Reimu Hakurei" Santa Costume;
Player character "Alice Margatroid";
Player character "Utsuho Reiuji";
Side story & Player character "Sakuya Izayoi";
Player character "Suwako Moriya";
Player character "Tojiko Soga";
Player character "Kasen Ibaraki";
Player character "Rei'sen";
Player character "Satori Komeiji";
Player character "Kokoro Hata";
Player & Partner character "Cirno";
Player & Partner character "Tenshi Hinanawi";
Player & Partner character "Daiyosei";
Digital LimitedPack [OST + Art Book];

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Forgive the stupid question but is there a way to use a controller (specifically a ps4 controller) with this download? The steam version lets you use a controller but I can't find a way to configure it with this one.

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