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Search feature temporarily removed

Moriya Shrine by Moriya Shrine | Shrine Announcements | 0 Comments | 24 Jan 2018
We have temporarily removed the search function on the site. A bug has been found that prevents ANY indexing from any where. This will be resolved as soon as humanely possible.  We apologize for inconvenience but we try to have... Read more

Game ratings are back…again.

Moriya Shrine by Moriya Shrine | Shrine Announcements | 0 Comments | 02 Jan 2018
We had a very slight issue with site and we had to revert to a point in time where we didn't add the ratings. Sorry about that, everyone.  They are back though. Those that have already voted, you will need... Read more

File Server Temporary Offline

Moriya Shrine by Moriya Shrine | Shrine Announcements | 0 Comments | 20 Dec 2017
Some of you may have noticed that when downloading some of the official games, you were taken to Google to download from instead, this is normal. We have temporary redirected some of the official game downloads using our google cloud... Read more


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    Updated the Instrucions Page and added the link to the Moriya Shrine Website Editor Application at the end of the the Instructions Page.

    By  Maden / February 13, 2018
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    Fixed the missing pictures in “Intro to Touhou” and updated its page.

    By  Maden / February 12, 2018
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    Wrote an essay about Samidere

    Created a page for Samidere

    By  Dey / February 11, 2018

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