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    • I was following the setup for Neko Project 2, but I'm holding the End key immediately as I reset and the BIOS don't show up. I saw someone do it in a video but it doesn't happen for me. I checked and the end key work on my browser, but not on NP2. Is there a reason to this? Maybe it's the new version? :c

    • if we follow mathematically the next phantasmagoria will be in the 27th
      y know, 3x3=9, 9x3=27....and the 4th phantasmagoria will be in the 81st.... imma kms

      but only god knows when the next phantasmagoria will be....

      jokes aside, it would be nice to have another one.

    • Hey everyone, dont you think we need a new phantasmagoria, i mean the last one was the number 9 and it where released in 2005 and thats like one decade without new phantasmagoria 

    • 4 hours ago, buskerdog said:

      Pretty much. To unlock you just have to beat the game - doesn't need to be a 1cc. And then, to challenge a spell card in that mode, you just need to have seen it at least once. This blessing of a mode is what allowed me to eventually conquer the extra stage.

      In general, Imperishable Night actually has loads of unlockable content, which is one of the reasons I like it so much. Even modern Touhou games don't have as many unlocks. (In fact, unlockable features seem to have disappeared altogether since 8, except for extra stages.)

      If you're interested in learning what the unlocks are I'll put a spoiler tab listing them.

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      Extra stage - OK this one's kinda obvious, you probably already know what it is, but after 1cc-ing the game you unlock a crazy hard extra level. Play at your own risk.

      Spell practice mode - already talked about in the post.

      Start with more lives - In Imperishable Night by default you can start with up to five lives, which can be changed in the settings. After 1cc-ing the game, You can start with up to seven to help you 1cc with characters you are not as good at.

      Play as characters solo - If you 1cc the game with all four teams, you can play as each of the 8 characters solo. This means your shot type and bomb will not change between focus and unfocused mode, and it also effects the size of your human/youkai gauge.

      More last word cards - fulfilling certain conditions unlocks more last word spells to challenge. You can check what the unlock conditions are by looking under the 'last word' tab in the spell practice menu. I haven't actually unlocked any of these yet since when I originally played IN this page was in Japanese so I didn't actually realise they were unlockable spell cards; I only noticed when I went back to IN recently to try and 1cc with a second team, as the translation is now more up to date. (And I only played IN for the first time about a year ago... was is really not translated by then?) Anyway, they're definitely something I'm going to experiment with sometime, seeing as last words were by far my favourite feature of IN and absolutely need to return sometime in a future Touhou game.



      Seems nice! Unlocking more things are good cause you get more choices. I will just go Easy and then finish the game so I can practice. Thanks for the explanation!

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