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    • Time Will Tell

      Yo, Eurobeat? idk who posted this but of course I know it Wait nevermind I read the other reviews I know who posted it. I'm a fan of many of T.Stebbins' Touhou remixes, and this one is no different, he's got a great voice and it works well with his arrangements. Lyrics in this one are kinda edgy but that rarely bothers me, especially when the music's a bop. 8/10.

      Corpse Voyage / Rigid Paradise

      Well this is... weird. Beginning of this sounds goofy, not in a bad way though, I thought it was rather fun. Then, suddenly rock? Well that escalated quickly. And then menacing French cook vibes? It's all very random, but I'm strangely drawn to it. I still feel it's very mismatched though, but I'm gonna give it 6/10 anyway.

      So Bright

      You know, I'm quite a fan of Hatsunetsumiko's work, but I don't listen to much of it, so this reminded me I should do more of that lol. Although the instrumentation does sound good, especially the guitar, I find it quite difficult to understand the vocals even though they're in English. This isn't always a problem for me, but here it's bothering me. My other problem is that I can't really tell it's a Touhou arrange until near the end. Doesn't help that I think the main bit is pretty repetitive. These are small criticisms, I like how unique it is and I don't think it's low quality by any means, I'm just not a massive fan of this. 5/10.

    • 1. i've heard this song several times as well as so much good reviews about it personally tho it's even even for me:
      - Male vocal is fine but i'm not really fond to male + english vocals
      - Eurobeat goes mostly from bad to mediocre for me this one may be just slightly above later one
      - big + for 98's theme tho


      2. Orin theme was one of my favourites some time ago however not every arrangement of it was top notch then this one especially shines for me when 2:13 kicks in i like rigid paradise but this one is something i would rather listen to when doing something (exactly playing) rather than normally

      7/10 too i guess

      3. yet someone baited me it's going to be vocaloid song because that hatsune (and it's tsumiko's not miko's but i've read it properly a bit too late) but this one is lowest in ranking of songs posted in this round what should i say, it's just not my style, i don't like vocal same goes to pretty much everything else


      as someone probably noticed i usually give grades 7 or lower mostly because when i'm not THAT picky with music it's just some particular genres that i usually don't listen to and it's just hard for me to give higher grades for songs genres i usually don't listen to i just hope no one minds it too much

    • Time Will Tell Part 2: Electric Boogaloo

      Hey it's me again, 10 hours later, I've been thinking and thought "Hey who posted the song Time Will Tell?" Now, you're probably thinking that "Time Will Tell" who posted it. But I think I can predict who posted it already based on the evidence I've gathered.

      Remember in the previous Remix Tournament when Buskerdog posted an unlisted video under the channel name "busker's archive"? Well if you look at the channel profile picture, it's actually the same picture as the one that shows up in "Time Will Tell"


      Furthermore, we all know how Buskerdog's regular profile picture on both the Moriya Shrine site and his Youtube channel is Reimu right? Well, interestingly enough, Reimu is also the same profile picture as the channel that uploaded the "Time Will Tell" video "Shoop Touhou Eurobeat". Buskerdog has also stated on here both that they are a fan of Eurobeat, so for a Remix Tournament where you have to choose music that sounds good, it would make sense for them to choose a song that they personally like.

      Therefore, my theory is that the person who posted this was...


      That's right it was me all along. I really you hadn't I? After all, who else will go to the lengths of making such a long essay just to prove a point? 


      Now that that's out of the way, you can cast away all suspicions that it really was me. Because, of course, I realize just how much of a coincidence it is that I would use the same music as I did from a Smash Ultimate mod I made 2 months prior to the Remix Tournament. And I'd make a pretty bad culprit if I revealed myself right here right now right? So this clearly casts all suspicions and doubts off of me currently yeah. So I believe it's Buskerdog.

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