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  1. Greetings. Maybe we could find the meaning of life on the day someone decides to properly use the Garden of the Sun forum section :^) But as long as this doesn't happen, I hope you'll still enjoy your time on the website.
  2. Fixed broken download links in the RPG, SRPG & RTS section:
  3. Good idea. I should be a bit more active in the forums myself. I replayed Deus Ex not too long ago and I like the OST of that game. Here is one track that came to my mind
  4. Welcome! It's somewhat quiet here in the Forums, but I hope you still enjoy your stay
  5. @Suwako Moriya I'll take a look through the fangames after we're done getting the broken downloads back in order
  6. @TinyCaterpillar Weird. 7zip can open the file on my end after downloading... Did you try to download it again? Some people end up with corrupted files from time to time and redownloading usually fixes that. I can reupload the file as a .zip after we've fixed the currently missing downloads if that does not fix the problem
  7. Maden


    Fixed some more fangame downloads.
  8. @ColonelMcFlandre Can't really think of a way to fix it of which I know would definitely work. Try if switching to Windowed/Fullscreen works or change the windowed resolution in vpatch.ini If neither works, try making a post in the forums. Maybe someone knows a solution over there https://moriyashrine.org/forums/forum/3-nitoris-workshop/
  9. Alright, Touhou 6 has been reuploaded Let me know if it still does not respond or if it works this time
  10. Maden

    More fixes

    Fixed some more broken downloads here and there: Official Print Works: - The Grimoire of Marisa - Seasonal Dream Vision - Eastern and Little Nature Deity - Symposium of Post-Mysticism - Memorizable Gensokyo Fan Print Works: - All downloads from Sakkun's pages Official OST: - Touhou 14.3: Impossible Spell Card [OST] Fangames: - Cirno Climber / Chiruno Kuraimaa Tools: - Touhou Toolkit - Scorefile Converter - Input Display - DLL Installer Other Site Editors also fixed things but it seems like they didn't remember to post a Changelog :v
  11. - Updated the downloads for TH6 - TH17 --> The fighting games that didn't have a complete translation should have a working translation now. --> Older games with no option for the window resolution are now set to 960x720 Windowed by default through vpatch. You can change that in vpatch.ini --> Other games with no major changes were reuploaded too, just in case. - Changed the way we split the official games --> We now use a probably more common way of splitting the official games. From TH6 - TH9.5, Th10 - TH13.5 and TH14 - 17.5 --> The old category descriptions were removed and will be replaced with new ones in the near future.
  12. @Victim Lots of our downloads are currently gone and we're currently reuploading the missing files. It'll take a bit until everything is back though
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