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  1. The home page should be back to normal now, or at least close to what it looked like before. As for problems with the downloads, we're working on it but I don't know how long it'll take unfortunately.
  2. No it was intentional. We'll probably keep this one for a while so don't worry about that I can look into something for an anniversary, but I'd probably reserve it for one of the more special ones. The 10 year anniversary is almost 2 years behind us but that means that we only have 3 more to go for the 15th
  3. Ah right, that'd be my fault then :^) We had this theme for a while now but it wasn't set as the default yet. The old themes don't really receive updates anymore so I made the official switch. You should still be able to access the other themes at the bottom of the page. And speaking of spooky month, I might look around for fitting new backgrounds for both dark and light theme
  4. Fixed broken/wrong download links for: - Suika to Hyakki Hei - Touhou Reitai Ki - Touhou Mumuyouken - Unorganized Heroes - Marisa no Bouken - Marisa's Quest Added english patch for: - Boho Youyoumu (+ small updates to the description) - Touhou Jaseishou - The Last Comer (+ fixing typo in the name and files) Removed duplicate page of Touhou: Dreaming Butterfly | 东方蝶梦志 Updated description of Touhou Komakyou Added various Virus Total scans. Only a lot more left
  5. That was just a mirror link for the same file
  6. Seems to be an issue with controllers, virtual controllers or anything that serves as an XInput device. You have to disconnect them before starting the game and that should fix it
  7. bgm seems to work for most people so it might be a bug that only happens on some systems? Not exactly sure what could cause this
  8. Might be a game bug or something related to settings, yeah. Most people don't seem to have an issue with it but it seems to be an issue for some
  9. Full game is out: On Steam as well if you want to support it: https://store.steampowered.com/app/2400340/Touhou_Juuouen__Unfinished_Dream_of_All_Living_Ghost/
  10. Version v1.00a


    Release Information Type: Bullet Hell Developer: Team Shanghai Alice Publisher: Team Shanghai Alice Release: August 13th, 2023 (Comiket 102) Language: Japanese Character Information (Placeholder) Description (Placeholder) Steam Link https://store.steampowered.com/app/2400340/Touhou_Juuouen__Unfinished_Dream_of_All_Living_Ghost/
  11. Fantasy Maiden Wars OST 2010.12.30 - Fantasy Maiden Wars Scarlet [OST] 2012.12.30 - Fantasy Maiden Wars Mystic [OST] 2014.12.29 - Fantasy Maiden Wars Eternity [OST] 2017.12.29 - Fantasy Maiden Wars Dream [OST] Shinra Banshou 2023.04.30 - リカレイド
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