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  1. Download is also working on my side. Could you provide more details? There seems to be an issue with a few download links for some users at the moment.
  2. The download should work now.
  3. The download has been fixed. Thanks for letting us know! Please use the file report function the next time, as described in the "Downloads and Content" section of the FAQs. This will help us to keep track of broken downloads/files, so that we can fix these problems earlier.
  4. Uploaded Touhou Rhythm Carnival! Scarlet.
  5. Maden


    Welcome! At the moment, you can upload things yourself if you're in the Contributor group. (see the Content Provision section of the FAQ for more info). Other than that, you can also send the music to any Site Editor and they'll upload it for you. With credits that you provided the music ofc
  6. Version  


    Release Information Original Title: 東方リズムカーニバル!紅 (Touhou Rhythm Carnival! Kurenai) Genre: Rhythm Game Developer/Publisher: Focas Lens Released: 2012 (Reitaisai 9) Language: English (Patched) Description Plot Point: Aya Shameimaru was finding stories to make into articles for her paper. However, finding fresh and good stories was no easy work. Then she became inclined to go to the Scarlet Devil Mansion she happened to pass by. Aya had a hunch that something interesting was going to happen, so she decided to visit. Controls: Z = A button, Confirm, Advance X = B button, Cancel, Go back Spacebar = Pause button Arrow Keys = Used to move around the menu and is also used in some minigames. P = Screenshot (saved in the Screenshot folder as a BMP) How It Works: Essentially, it's a rhythm game. You pick a scenario (minigame) to play, press buttons in time with the beat, and win. And by win, I mean you get points for your timing, and at the end you get a medal (bronze, silver, gold) based on your performance. Each minigame uses its own keys out of the typical Touhou controls (such as Z, X, and the arrow keys) depending what is necessary to do during that minigame.
  7. - Fixed the download for the Eastern and Little Nature Deity Printwork OST. Now It's actually the OST - Fixed download links for TH7 & TH11. They should hopefully work for a while. - Uploaded most Halozy albums. Not all, but good enough for now
  8. Version


    Circle: Halozy Release: 2017-05-07 (Reitaisai 14) Track Count: 19 Track List: Hey DJ テウルギスト 紅の少女 Big Room House Remix Vocal Edit Bad Apple!! Flower On The Floor VIVA LA REVOLUTION!! In The Alice History Of The Moon Star Connect (Tracy vs. Astronomical Remix) 空想少女 BE FREE! Dame Fortune Solitude World トーホータノシ 酔いどれ幻想郷 飲酒オンザビール Indulge in DayDreams セツナレヴァリエ パラソル
  9. Version


    Circle: Halozy Release: 2016-12-29 (Comiket 91) Track Count: 14 Track List: 着席 鏡 新宿田園素描 不安なガレーのうた 宇宙のこども サイバネティクス・リズム 砂のこども 8番目の路地 素晴らしい'0' Dialogue 猫に哲学 誕生日の子供たち 砂の星 ハラハラ・ランラン
  10. Maden

    Halozy - Grand Slam



    Circle: Halozy Release: 2016-12-29 (Comiket 91) Track Count: 14 Track List: runaway (Halozy Mix) Cornelia 物凄いサトリギアで霊夢が物凄いうた どこドア 恋のスタジアム 見えない手 Kiss & Crazy (Jungle Mix) runaway (Halozy Mix) (Instrumental) Cornelia (Instrumental) 物凄いサトリギアで霊夢が物凄いうた (Instrumental) どこドア (Instrumental) 恋のスタジアム (Instrumental) 見えない手 (Instrumental) Kiss & Crazy (Jungle Mix) (Instrumental)
  11. Version


    Circle: Halozy Release: 2016-04-24 (M3-37) Track Count: 06 Track List: In The Alice (TOHO Cyber TRANCE Extended Refix)(原曲_ 不思議の国のアリス) 砂の星 (Blue Twinkle Trance remix) Powerfool Girl Nebula Mind No Cross No Crown Three Magic (Toho Cyber Trance extended refix)
  12. Version


    Circle: Halozy Release: 2014-12-29 (Comiket 87) Track Count: 11 Track List: Viva Evolution Introduction Don't let you down sing a song Goodbye Yesterday 物凄いデコトラでパチュリーが物凄いうた how low and low 聾唖の歌 non stop love (Input LiLA'c Records Edit) モノクロの世界 猫に哲学 クリスタル・スノー (2014 Winter Mix)
  13. Version


    Circle: Halozy Release: 2013-05-26 (Reitaisai 10) Track Count: 10 Track List: 物凄い勢いでけーねが物凄いうた 物凄い狂っとるフランちゃんが物凄いうた 物凄いライヴでチルノがそこはかとなく物凄いうた 物凄いあややがぶっちゃけ物凄いうた 物凄いバーニングで魔理沙が物凄いうた 物凄いコロシアムでアリスが物凄いうた 物凄いハードボイルドな諏訪子が物凄いうた 物凄い勢いでけーねが物凄いうた (Instrumental) 物凄い狂っとるフランちゃんが物凄いうた (Instrumental) 物凄いライヴでチルノがそこはかとなく物凄いうた (Instrumental)
  14. Version


    Circle: Halozy Release: 2013-04-29 (M3-31) Track Count: 03 Track List: Turn the World ROCK IN THE SPARK パチュリコ (katsu+sumijun R&B HOUSE Revival)
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