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  1. To apply the update yourself download the update from tasofro's website and point it to your 17.5 folder in case you don't want to redownload the entire game again
  2. Just what the title says. Uploaded version 1.01 of Touhou 17.5 Uploaded 5 albums The home page will now tell you that it's fall and not summer with the appropriate image
  3. It's actually here this time. Version is 1.01
  4. 57 downloads

    Circle: Hachimitsu Lemon Year: 2016 Track Count: Total 35 - Disc 1: 18 - Disc 2: 17 Track List: Disc 1: Disc 2: File provided by: @Ken Hisuag
  5. 42 downloads

    Circle: Francois's yomogi farm Year: 2015-11-01 (Touhou Kouroumu 11) Track Count: Total 51 - Disc 1: 17 - Disc 2: 18 - Disc 3: 16 Track List: Disc 1: Disc 2: Disc 3: File provided by: @Ken Hisuag
  6. 88 downloads

    Artist: Zun SC-88Pro Touhou arrangements for the five PC-98 games Track Count: 41 Track List: VirusTotal Scan: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/6999045bbebfd31e9b3c3ec33dac26c5b06f10fa057cb2920996985a981066d0 File provided by: @Ken Hisuag
  7. 26 downloads

    Circle: Golden City Factory Year: 2008-03-09 Track Count: 15 Track List: File provided by: @Guihong Wang
  8. 41 downloads

    Artists/Circles: Various Publisher: Konami Year: 2014-05-11 (Reitaisai 11) Track Count: Total 41 - Disc 1: 30 - Disc 2: 11 Track List: Disc 1: Disc 2: File provided by: @Guihong Wang
  9. of course I wouldn't sleep through the entire season. Enjoy those 15 days of summer
  10. My last post was a few years ago so I might as well post my current desktop. Everything important is inside my folders or pinned to the taskbar, so there's lots of empty space in here again
  11. Try to either remove/replace the broken text in the folder name and see if that helps or switch to japanese locale. With latter option you'll also avoid some future problems if you decide to play more japanese games and you also get non-broken text when you extract some archives. To do that go to your language settings and then you should probably see "Administrative language settings" to the right. Click on that and then you'll have an option to change the system locale at the bottom of the new window. Select Japanese and keep that Unicode UTF-8 box unchecked.
  12. Maden


    Because I can't think of a better title at the moment. Created the Other Content category for stuff like Seihou, meaning games or music that we want to host but aren't technically touhou fangames/music. It's been there for a while but I forgot to post the changelog Added .iso files for Seihou 1 & 2, and also installation floppy disk images for Touhou 4. Thanks to @Guihong Wang for providing these files! Used the Seihou .iso files to replace the pre-installed versions with one that doesn't come with broken filenames (if I didn't mess anything up in the process that is.) The Seihou 1 description now includes solutions on how to make the game slightly less cursed on modern operating systems. Anyone remember the doujin album catalogue page? I did. Which is why I finally updated the page after more than one and a half years. Touhou Desktop Pets now actually includes all 28 characters instead of 23 or whatever it was. Only took me a few years to do that but better late than never I guess.
  13. Looks like the errors are gone now so you should be able to download stuff from the fangames section again
  14. You can enable fullscreen by either pressing Alt+Enter or through the ingame config. As for playing with a controller, I'm not sure. Only tried keyboard myself.
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