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  1. @Nekofire Yeah that seems to be a problem with the system locale. And I guess the file names were all broken too with the previous download. This download should hopefully look less broken than the old one https://mega.nz/file/4fg3gSBL#5qIN0NSVmZfU3FhTV3-QNP6e_BChNSjbUt-kO6P0sA8 But you still need to do something to run it (couldn't get it to work without that unfortunately) You could either change the system locale to japanese through your language settings or you could use this https://github.com/xupefei/Locale-Emulator With latter option you can just right-click the .exe and u
  2. Here's some Ragnarok Online I spontaneously remembered that disco sounding lighthalzen field theme for some reason
  3. @Nekofire Here you go https://mega.nz/file/pbYnFQqD#ZGoFtltWsCzTyPMFCV94MlHjzJuE_tcVtnL95877OzA The filenames might or might not be broken if you don't extract that archive without japanese locale. Didn't really test it so if anything's broken let me know
  4. Looks like the image I slapped on the home page for April Fool's will forever haunt this site now :^)

    1. Ken Hisuag

      Ken Hisuag

      It's not an inaccurate representation of activities. 🙂

  5. @Marx The Galactic Jester I had it saved somewhere. It may or may not work but it probably will https://mega.nz/file/sKgBxDbJ#CZYTeRTPZ6dwVpjxXhEJ7hOIxDE_tNdH1iiJnzYPD9c https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/a556a97d662906bf285ae1317160c82978a79c1420bfe11ca9724c2b79c71204/detection
  6. @I SELL SALT It's an old scan from a previous file that we don't use anymore. I've updated the scan with the current archive that we use for the patched download
  7. Updated the seasonal image on the home page
  8. Fixed a broken link for:
  9. - added the SC-88Pro arrangement for the Seihou 1 OST - Granted Shrine Denizens some more basic human rights and they can now edit their own text outside of the forum section as well
  10. Maden


    Replaced the previous Touhou 1 OST download with the official soundtrack Added the SC-88Pro arranges as another download option for Touhou 2, 6, 7 and 8 Uploaded and created pages for the following files: Credits to Ken Hisuag for providing the files
  11. 423 downloads

    Artist: ZUN Year: ~2000 Track Count: 6 Track List: Magician of the Twilight Magic of Life Plastic Space Inventive City Fantasy Corridor Hourai Illusion far East Thanks to Ken Hisuag for providing the file!
  12. 133 downloads

    Artist: JynX Year: 2016/12/01 Track Count: 54 Track List: Thanks to Ken Hisuag for providing the file!
  13. 105 downloads

    Artist: JynX Year: 2014/03/19 Track Count: 20 Track List: Thanks to Ken Hisuag for providing the file!
  14. 98 downloads

    Artist: Various Artists Year: 2016/10/14 Track Count: 19 Track List: Thanks to Ken Hisuag for providing the file!
  15. 90 downloads

    Artist: Wanwan Year: 2014-06-27 Track Count: 20 Track List: Thanks to Ken Hisuag for providing the file!
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