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  1. Maden

    Fixed Download Links

    Fixed all the download links that had a missing file error or something similar to that. Feat. the help of the whole team who works on this site ofc :^)
  2. Maden

    Silent Sinner in Blue

    Changed the download. This should hopefully be the right one this time @sonicmom
  3. Maden

    We tell a story two words at a time

    // The Story so far (with some artistic changes)
  4. Maden

    16.5 OST

    Uploaded the OST for Touhou 16.5: Violet Detector
  5. Version


    Release Information Type: Shooting Game Publisher: ZUN Date of Release: August 10, 2018 Comiket 94 Tracks: 08 Track List 01. Nightmare Journal 02. Lucid Dreamer 03. Lunatic Dreamer 04. Nightmare Diary 05. Old Adam Bar 06. The Darkness Brought In by Swallowstone Naturalis Historia 07. Eternal Spring Dream 08. The Concealed Four Seasons
  6. Maden

    We tell a story two words at a time

    . "Hey! That
  7. Thanks for informing us! I've moved it to the right category now. As for the upload, we'll hopefully be able to fix it soon.
  8. Maden


    Thanks for contributing to Moriya Shrine! For better organization I've moved this to the Danmakufu category.
  9. Maden

    We tell a story two words at a time

    wearing hats
  10. What's the steam integration your working on?


    1. Maden


      The steam integration would add some more features to the website like being able to Login/Signup with Steam etc. You can find more details about it over here.

      I'll probably make an announcement about the progress soon

  11. Maden

    We tell a story two words at a time

    ! It's Geshtinanna!"
  12. Maden

    We tell a story two words at a time

    philosopher's stone
  13. Maden

    Official Random Thread


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