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Touhoumon: Another World  

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Release Information
Type: Adventure / RPG
Developer: Aichiya Sanae
Publisher: Aichiya Sanae
Release: Varied/Under Development
Language: English

Default Controls
[Arrow Keys]: D-Pad / Movement and Selection
Z: A / Confirm
X: B / Cancel
A: Left Shoulder / Shift Selection
L: Right Shoulder / Shift Selection
Backspace: Select / Item Hotkey
Enter: Start / Menu
Spacebar: Speed Up
F12: Take Screenshot
Supplements from Touhou Wiki
* Touhoudex
* Locations
* Type Chart


Plot Point: Patchouli gets tired of Marisa stealing her books, so she creates an army of sentient puppets based on the residents of Gensokyo to guard her library. Marisa steals the information needed to create her own army of the puppets, and in a fit, Patchouli destroys both armies and the knowledge of how to create them. The puppets recreate and fill Gensokyo, becoming akin to pets.
How It Works: Since these are a set of Pokemon clones, the gameplay should feel familiar. The player starts off with a puppet and gathers more along the way, fighting their way through a series of dungeons and gyms before reaching the Elite Four and becoming the Champion. The same types have been kept, since these are the 1.5x versions of Touhoumon. World Link corresponds to Emerald, Another World and Puppet Play to Fire Red, and Marisa's Magic World to Ruby.
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On 5/7/2021 at 5:28 PM, AliveAhahaFuck said:

This game is cute but to anyone downloading YOU WILL NEED A GAMEBOY EMULATOR!

I've been using an online GBA emulator for a little while. While there are no save states, in-game saving works.

The url is: http://gba.ninja

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I saw the starting-game CRemilia as a shiny... Is this normal or am I just painfully unlucky?


Edited by Bingles Praise
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On 7/31/2022 at 8:46 PM, Bingles Praise said:

I saw the starting-game CRemilia as a shiny... Is this normal or am I just painfully unlucky?




Jeez, it happened to you too? I thought I was the only one.


It's either just an extremely crazy coincidence, it has a higher chance of happening during this battle specifically, or, considering our images are identical, there was some sort of RNG manipulation going on without us noticing.


Nonetheless, seeing this was painful to say the least, you could probably relate.

Screenshot 2022-06-20 5.38.45 PM.png

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