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    (Eternally Work In Progress)

    The place where I make up questions and try to answer them. Also includes a few questions people actually ask.


    Content Provision

    I want to contribute! How do I upload content?

    As of recent all Shrine Denizens are able to contribute and the Contributor role is mostly decorational. But with that change all uploads and file/screenshot updates have to be approved by staff before going public.
    Depending on the quality of the created page and uploaded content your content could either be directly approved, approved but edited by staff afterwards, or just declined.

    As for the "how": Click on Create to the top right and then File Download. Select a fitting category and Continue. After that it's time to upload files and providing screenshots & info.

    Here are some things to keep in mind when contributing to the shrine:

    • The content cannot be larger than 100MB. Please contact a site editor or admin If the content you want to provide is larger than 100MB and they will upload on your behalf.
    • VirusTotal will help to earn the trust of our members so make sure to include one.
    • Be as detailed as possible in the description of the content you upload. Look at descriptions of similar content on this site to get some inspiration for the formatting.
    • If possible, game content should be uploaded pre-installed and in case an english patch exists for a non-english game it should be applied.
    • We recommend putting the content into a .zip archive for ease of use. It should have the following structure: Archive -> Folder holding content -> Content
    • Please upload your content into a fitting category.
    • If you have any more questions direct them towards Maden

    Downloads and Content

    Things are broken again. How can I let you know?

    Website issues should be reported in here: https://moriyashrine.org/forums/forum/14-website-bugsissues/

    Using the report button on the bottom left of the description page of your choice is preferred for problems like (or similar to): mistakes in the description, broken download link, screenshots from a different game, download is actually a different game, and so on.

    The Forum section is recommended for other problems where the input from other members, who could have experience with the content in question, can be of great help.


    I can't open the archive that I've downloaded ( .rar ; .7z ; etc. ). How do I do that?

    You are not able to open an archive? Then you probably have to use a program like Winrar or 7-zip to open it.
    I'd suggest using 7-zip, but see what works best for you.


    Do I really have to wait 60 seconds before being able to download?

    All downloads will have a 60 second timer for guests ONLY. This is to prevent resource abuse.
    Restriction is lifted upon signing in.


    Game Questions

    Why is the text broken and/or why does my game not start?


    Switch to japanese locale. It'll likely help with broken folder and file names as well as making japanese games look or work right.


    To do that go to your language settings and then you should probably see "Administrative language settings" to the right.


    Click on that and then you'll have an option to change the system locale at the bottom of the new window. Another window will appear. Select Japanese and keep that Unicode UTF-8 box unchecked.



    What is d3dx9.dll and why can't I turn on my 2hu?


    Install directx. If you already have directx installed you might have to install more directx.
    Specifically this one https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=8109
    Also available here in case you can't or wont use the microsoft link.


    Where do I put the scorefile.dat / where do I find it?


    * For games before Double Spoiler, the score.dat file goes directly in the game's main folder.
    * For Double Spoiler and after, Zun started making use of your AppData folder for saving data.
    [C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Roaming\ShanghaiAlice\Numbered Touhou Folder]

    If you cannot see your AppData folder in your user directory, it is probably hidden; go into your Folder Options and tell it to Display Hidden Files and Folders.


    How do I play the Touhou Retro-Era games?

    Use an emulator: 



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