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Found 12 results

  1. I feel like Remiu would fit great in SSBU as she is a Japanese indie the represents bullet hell shooters, add another female character as well as another range focused type fighter as we only have 4 of them . She would use fast range instead of heavy like Samus and have over 20 fighting and bullet hell shooters to choose from. you don't even have to censor anything as nothing on her is offensive (even the shrine maiden augment wouldn't work as we has a Greek god in the roster). the stage could be the Scarlet Devil Manor and think of the smash remixes of the already epic songs. Of course I want Master Chief, But if she gets in, that would be epic. Tell me what you think of her and what would you react like if she was announced.
  2. Version 1.12


    This is a tool that gives you a panel from which you can run any official game you've got, as well as offering support for adding your own entries to a different tab for fangames. Naturally, this does require you to tell the launcher where each and every one of your executables are, but that's about it for all the Windows games. (Entries on the official games tab go from being black and white to lighting up in color as you tell the launcher where each game is.) It's a bit fickle when it comes to the Retro Era games, as it can only be given a shortcut to Neko Project II (which is what will open when you click one of the retro games). It also has the ability to download and extract replays to the appropriate games' folders, having its own built-in browser that goes to Gensokyo.org, RoyalFlare.net, and ThReplays.BlogSpot.com for easy acquisition. If you don't like the button images, don't fret; you can check an option in the Settings tab for custom game images so you can assign your own button images! Instructions for how to format the pictures so that the launcher will read them properly are found in the Settings. Supports all official games to date (all the way up to LoLK) and any fangames you put on its Fan Games tab.
  3. /\ Any Random, Cool, or Funny Pictures with Touhou Characters Welcome~!
  4. As I've noticed from talking with a lot of my friends, Touhou isn't appealing due to the singleplayer nature of it's gameplay. Many people don't find it rewarding, which i find to be a shame as we all know Touhou has much more to it than the main games gameplay. Would anyone be willing to help set up a tournament for beginner Touhou players, as a way for them to get into it? Invite some of your friends who you'd like to get into touhou, etc. >Also need help judging, new to this
  5. Version 11


    This is a tool that will allow you to extract, modify, and repack game data. Specifically, what this tool can get for you is: > th*.dat files - Game Archives (Can Extract & Repack) > .anm files - Image Archives and Animation Data (Can Extract, Convert to .png, Repack) > .ecl files - Stage Scripts (Can Dump & Recompile) [These files are what contain the contain enemy layouts and danmaku patterns.] > .msg files - Dialogue (Can Dump & Recompile) > .std files - Background Scripts (Can Dump & Recreate) We've included the latest version of the GUI, which is found in the Bin folder. At the moment, the GUI supports all of the non-Retro bullet hell and photography games (no fighters); it's important to note that for games the GUI doesn't support, you can still run the appropriate command line executable to get your data the hard way. Source: https://github.com/thpatch/thtk
  6. Version 1.0.0


    koishi summons reisen and starts acting like sans. This is also very difficult so you cant die. instead of dying you have a death count that counts up your deaths. im pretty sure you cant bomb in this. all other controls are the same (i think). also shift + f4 is fullscreen. hope you enjoy. Dev Site: http://www.bulletforge.org/u/kirbio/p/range15-entrykoishitale
  7. Hello people! Today I'm sharing another remake with you, this time from my second fangame, Memories Of The Past. I wasn't happy with the first version of the game, so here is an updated version, now it looks similar to my third fangame gameplay and mechanics. I'm taking this opportunity to tell you that I'm going to take a break from making fangames, it's been 2 years for 3 games and 2 remakes. Name Touhou Memories Of The Past Description Plot Point: Marisa is called by Reimu, who received a threatening letter about someone who won't stop bringing youkais to Gensokyo. How It Works: You'll travel throught seventeen worlds by going left and right while searching for any clues about the incident.  Saving: There's one savepoint in the game and it's on main lobby. If you die, you'll respawn on the lobby but you will keep your progress, so don't forget to save before closing the game. Release Information Type: Action / Platformer / Adventure Publisher: Kira - Games&Stuff Language: English Year Of Release: 2017 (Initial Release) - 2018 (Update 2.0) Default Controls: -Arrow Keys: Move/Crouch/Run -Z : Jump / Read -X : Attack -A : Shot  -S : Special Attack -W : Action  Trailer Changelog: Ver: 2.01 -Fixed those weirds leaps that the camera made sometimes while following the player. Download Link https://mega.nz/#!bdhjwYrI!NsSonPpKIbwfZQQAl45pThEQXAiJacNKpnf24SNxWiQ Hope you guys enjoy the game! Greetings, Kira - Games&Stuff
  8. Version 1.0.0


    So I decided to share some of my Touhou animated cursors that I've been using lately with you guys, since most likely their original sources will be gone after some years like some already did. Have fun! Also, I do not own anything, I just made a pack with a bunch of cursors that some artists from NicoNicoDouga and Pixiv have made VirusTotal Scan: https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/55be865e462bd4695c69125751d8725f6359a38731db2141bb155add856b2fe0
  9. Ight, so if you read that title you already know what this Topic is about. Gonna start with some semi-dark fic than some General fic, no Smut or romance will be found due to my fear of mods. Semi-Dark Fanfic ok, so the first one that comes to mind when I think fanfic is Taker Foxx's Imperfect Metamorphosis. The story is freaking phenomenal, it's like an explosion of relationships with a large amount of did that really just happen moments. It's one of those rare reads that actually keeps you on your toes and engaged as you don't actually know what could happen next. I'm not gonna lie though this story is dialogue heavy, it can support up to 20,000+ words in later chapter something that could throw off readers that take an interest in this story but I urge you not to be intimidated by the length of the chapters If you decide not to read this story then you're cheating yourself out of an extremely well-written story. This story also has a spin-off staring Moko, Kagura and Rumia called Rhapsody of subconscious desires that takes place after I feel like this is more of a release from the obviously scripted event in IM since there's a very valid explanation on why he can do whatever the heck he wants with this story. My second Recommendation would probably be a reimagining on the first three Modern era Touhou games called Touhou Ibunshu by Usually Dead. Now unlike Taker Foxx stories Usually Dead went off the face of the earth to never be heard from again. I don't know what happened to him but I did manage to salvage as much as I could get from his stories using the way back machine. I do not know if this will work for everyone but if it doesn't I'm more then willing to Retype every story he wrote for anyone that's interested, during my Summer Break. The story takes place in a Touhou where humans can't fly and Spell Cards are the only way Humans can defend themselves. Reimu actually act like a Miko, and all human characters go down by a few tiers, so don't expect Reimu to come flying to rekt everyone in sight! Tell me if this link fails Touhou Ibunshu General Fanfic Third fanfic would be Tooth and Claw by UnmovingGreatLibrary, the story isn't overly complicated or Dark as hell but it does go in a different direction from what we're used too. If you'd ever wondered what would happen if Reimu was turned into a youkai look no further! Teeth and Claws Fourth and Final age appropriate fic, not gonna lie I have a history with this fic so I'm a bit biased, it's a what if story, that goes over what would happen if Cirno wasn't just a fairy but something else, something powerful. Legend of the strongest Doujinshi so since we going pg-13 I'm avoiding any romance Doujinshi and moving on to the battle manga then I'll add some comedy. First up are these must-read battle manga styled Doujinshi by Chado or Two Minutes' Walk, the plots basically none existent for must of his battle manga series but who needs a plot when you can watch your favorite characters beat this shit out of each other! There are some works with interesting ideas though, Koumakyou, for example, puts us through the life of Reimu, if you weren't in the Reimu protection squad before you might be after reading this one. Chado My second favorite battle manga would probably be those created by FlipFlop, I don't really have a reason to put him belong or on top of Chado except for the fact that I read Chado first. His Doujinshi has amazing battles but no real dark themes like Chado which is nice since Reimu story really hit a spot in my heart. FlipFlop My third fav story would definitely be let's play Resident Evil by Niiko (gonnzou), I'm sad to say that it's not translated so you'll have to read it from Danbooru using the tuskimi boxes but I'd be lying if I said it wasn't worth it. The action scenes are awesome and the main characters are actually ⑨, I think that's all I really have to say, fair warning Danbooru does have questionable content that's better not looked at if you uncomfortable with that kind of thing. Niiko (gonnzou) that's about it.
  10. Hi everybody! Today I'm happy to share with you a remake of my first touhou fangame, since I learned a lot of things from my third fangame, I decided to update the first one a bit. Name Touhou Trap World Description Plot Point: Yukari has prepared a series of test that you have to complete. How It Works: You'll travel throught eight worlds by going right while evading traps. Saving: This game autosaves everytime a stage is cleared. Release Information Type: Platformer Publisher: Kira - Games&Stuff Language: English Year Of Release: 2016 (Initial Release) - 2018 (Update 2.0) Default Controls: -Arrow Keys: Move/Crouch -Z : Jump -P : Pause Trailer Download Link https://mega.nz/#!aJZQybqB!NreGk7N--fFVphrM9IJn4QX6fFeSGlx0HZ216SsWDJs Hope you guys enjoy the game! Greetings, Kira - Games&Stuff
  11. Hi everybody! I'm happy to share with you my third touhou fangame (the best one so far...): Name Touhou Incident At The Shrines Description Plot Point: A huge explosion ocurred on Gensokyo and you'll have to investigate what happened to solve the incident. How It Works: The game is full on English so it's easy to understand it, you start off with 100 HP and 50 MP in the middle of the forest looking for a way back to Moriya's Shrine. You'll travel throught fifteen worlds by going left and right while searching for any clues about the incident. Saving: There's only one savepoint in the game and it's in Moriya's Shrine. There's no other way to save your progress. Release Information Type: Action/Platformer/Adventure Publisher: Kira - Games&Stuff Language: English Year Of Release: 2018 Default Controls: -Arrow Keys: Move/Crouch -Z : Jump / Read -X : Attack -A : Shot -S : Special Attack -Q : Flip -W : Action Trailer Download Link https://mega.nz/#!jMgAgLTQ!X0n54ndqFP6ny6AtKDjyjfxXWMUXP6V-mDrqwpK0oUU Hope you guys enjoy the game! Greetings, Kira - Games&Stuff
  12. If anyone owns any physical touhou merch, I'd love to see it! Here is all of mine! (Three Wall Scrolls, Sakuya, Sanae&Suwako, and One GIANT Suwako), with the three Touhou Nendoroids I currently have~ (Looking to get several more over the Holiday.)
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