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  1. Nitorium

    Missing a file in a few game folders

    Seems you need to update your DirectX version. Not entirely sure how the games work but sometimes i read you also have to set your locale?
  2. Thanks maden for fixing that.
  3. Nitorium

    The year looking back

    Appreciate the mention there, bud.
  4. Nitorium

    New member of the Touhou fanbase

    Welcome to the drug. Seriously, i have NEVER heard of bullet hell before i came across this. I couldn't keep away ever since.
  5. Nitorium

    SA is not working for me

    Glad you got it working though.
  6. Nitorium

    Steam Profile Integration ready

    Also, for the time being, all your owned games will be displayed. In a future update, i will give the user the choice to show them or not.
  7. Nitorium

    SWR is a 7z file not a compressed folder

    It happens man No biggie though.
  8. Nitorium

    SWR is a 7z file not a compressed folder

    7z is a compressed file format. You will need 7z to decompress such folders. https://www.7-zip.org/7z.html I use 7z because of it's incredibly high compression ratio. What is NOT safe is to use converters like you mentioned.
  9. Nitorium

    SA is not working for me

    Have you attempted to update it directly? From M$?
  10. Nitorium

    SA is not working for me

    That error suggests it's out of date...
  11. Submit all entries here! Visit the topic below for our Moriya Shrine Winter Art Contest 2018!
  12. Hi! We are announcing another art contest (since we don't have a dedicated person for that...yet) . This time it's for banners for Winter. These banners will be displayed on homepage and for the header image that you see above the site. We are asking for 2 banners, both need to follow the following guidelines in order for it to be accepted: -Must be winter themed (use your imagination) -Any form of art is accepted. (drawings, pictures made in Photoshop, etc) Just make it look great! -Must use Touhou characters, places, etc. -Images must be at LEAST 1280x1020 (larger is better) -No lewd of ANY kind. It might be obvious but just wanted to clarify. Now, even though we are asking for two images, that doesn't mean you have to do both. Let me explain. You have the option if you want to do both or just one, and depending on what you choose, it will depend what prize you get. First, let me clarify this: - You can only choose one option. Not both. The options are- Option 1: One banner will get you a $5 Steam gift card Option 2: Two banners will get you a $10 Steam gift card To enter, you must specify what option you want to go for along with your image and Discord tag. Deadline to submit all your entries is Nov. 30th. We will not accept any entries beyond that date. Submit all entries in the topic below: Any questions you all may have, reply in this topic only. Thank you and happy holidays!!!
  13. Nitorium

    All about Nitori


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