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  1. Removed 'Garden of the Sun' and 'Extra Stage' as they were seeing little to no use.
  2. Yeah, I agree with this. If I had more control behind the server that serves the widget, then i would have kept it. So would that old 'chatbox' be preferred or none at all?
  3. Did you not see anything in the subcategories? On the right side of the screen, there should be a block that displays all the eras. Are you not seeing that either?
  4. I know you might have already done this but can you clear your browsers cookies/cache? When i made the DNS change, it's possible that your browser still has a cookie for the CSRF key that was previously used.
  5. Problem is, you shouldnt have to do that but regardless, I forced the redirect so let's see what that does.
  6. This should be resolved as well. Give it time for the update to propagate. If it still occurs, let me know.
  7. Is it still occuring? I cleared cache for the site just in case there was something in there causing it.
  8. Yeah, not sure what the fuck happened. And now...somehow, the gallery albums are fooked... Hmm...
  9. Oh damn...what happened there. I'll get it fixed.
  10. Give it a shot now. Should work.
  11. I will have someone look into this. Sorry about that. There are two downloads in that...does the other one work?
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