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  1. Love it how some things just seem to work after they don't...
  2. As many of you might (or maybe not) have noticed. The shrine has a new theme, actually TWO new ones: a Dark and Light one which can be selected by scrolling down to the bottom of the page and selecting "Theme". The reason for this is because the author of the original theme will no longer be providing any updates for it and rather than have me take up the development of it (i don't have the time) I decided to obtain a much more modern interface which is what you see before you. The Moriya Dark is the default one but you can change it to the Light one (no sure why) if you'd like. Now, I realize some of you may have liked the old one and that's fine. Just message me here and i will add you to my special group (Nitori's Disciples) and you will be able to select the older theme. Keep in mind, however, should the site framework ever get updated either by me or the developers of it, some aspects of the old theme MIGHT break or look all extra kinds of fucked up. I may or may not fix it! As of now (4:19PM EST) the background image for the dark theme is currently broken. I will fix it once i get home later on tonight.
  3. Yep, it was intentional...the old theme was no longer going to be supported by the author and will require me to take up the development for it, at least for this site and i do not have the time to do that so i decided to go to a more modern interface that is still supported. I still have the old theme so if you like it, i can have it be available to you. Let me know in private messaging!
  4. This typically happens when a file that was uploaded did not have the correct permissions on our storage site. So yes, should now be correct
  5. The gallery isn't gone. It was just re-organized. It's under Community tab now. The emoticons should be fixed now as well.
  6. I can upload it later today if no one has done it by then.
  7. Hmm, this really shouldn't be happening. I have downloaded all of the ones directly from here and i have had no issues at all. All files are stored on a vps and are then served via a CDN to alleviate those with slower connections. So really, i am not sure where to start looking to fix the problem.. ?
  8. Or you could just boot up a windows7 VM to play all the older games. ?
  9. Thanks @Cejic for pointing that out. Think i have resolved now..finally. Please check and confirm guys.
  10. Resolved. Thanks again for letting me know.
  11. That is odd...Is it happening on all downloads or just that one?
  12. HAHAHA! That's actually pretty funny. Thanks for pointing that out.
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