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  1. Glad to see this is getting a bit of traction. If a feature is largely requested by a lot of people then we can see of a way to add it in.
  2. Thanks for this and the topic should appear now on the front page.
  3. Great suggestions, all can be done. The customizer is actually a personal preference. it has no affect towards everyone else, just you.
  4. Greetings all, So we will be changing the way the site looks and the feel of navigation. If you scroll down, under Themes, we've added two new ones: iLight and iDark. We would like your feedback on these two. Such as what to add, what to remove, what colors would be best, what background images to add, etc. In about a weeks time, we will be removing all other themes and will ONLY be using those two. ANY feedback is appreciated. Thank you all!
  5. Are you able to provide the URLs for the ones that are broke?
  6. Can you give me the link to that? lol I don't know all the names yet...
  7. That domain no longer exists due to the recent DMCA and what not. For now, we have provided a alternative way by means of torrent for all the games. https://moriyashrine.org/files/category/1-official-content/
  8. Unfortunately, it wont be. That domain no longer exists due to the recent DMCA and what not. For now, we have provided a alternative way by means of torrent for all the games. https://moriyashrine.org/files/category/1-official-content/
  9. Touhou 6 is broken, fix it bro.

    1. Tayaya


      All the official games on this site have been removed due to a DMCA complaint.:SatoriStare:

    2. Mehmet Oruch

      Mehmet Oruch

      Oh no, He gets fixes soon.

  10. Also, @buskerdog I am glad this place means more to you than just the games. thank you for your kind words.
  11. Oh, trust me y'all. This is NOT the end of this place. If anything, this whole has given me more of a reason to make this place even better.
  12. Okay, so now that I have time to think about all this. Here is the next step forward in all this. First, the site will NOT die. We are still going to offer the same server we have been for the past few years. Second, we will be moving the site and the file server to a different country where the DMCA laws are a bit more...laxed. In the interim, since we can no longer host the files "directly", we will be providing other ways to offer the content that won't technically go against the DMCA notice. And lastly, i want to say thank you all for sticking by us all these years. We are glad that you still continue to come to us for all your Touhou needs. ?
  13. So another update for you all. I emailed ZUN yesterday in the hopes that I might get a response and lo and behold, I DID! Below is his response after I sent him a email asking him whether the two DMCA notices I sent him were indeed him and he confirmed. He also claims to have sent me a DMCA notice back in May of last year...which I never saw. So...with all that being said, is Moriya Shrine going to do die? Are we going to stop providing the service that we have been providing all these years? The answer to those questions is no. I am currently in the process of finding alternative means to continue to provide service to the community. At this point, I am not sure if I should leave it at that and not reply back. There is nothing more to say really.
  14. Update. On 1:36AM, I received the below email from CF. The only difference on this one is that not only are they specifying more specifics on the URLs being infringed but they also have reported their name and email. Now, my Sherlock Holes level of deduction tells me that if the complaint was indeed real the first time, wouldn't they have laid out the specifics the FIRST time? That's what I would have done if someone was infringing on my shit. Anyway, As I was reading this, I also received a DM from a member of the commmunity to check out a post that was made on the site that seemed to tell of a special person that was sending out these false DMCA that seemed somehow motivated by Youtube? How sad. I once again channeled my inner Batman detective-like skills and googled the address that was provided in the complaint...and it came up with a restaurant? What?! Or perhaps I am not searching it the right way... Now, one would think the complaint is legit now because of the email but emails can be easily spoofed now these days so can't really use that as it being legit. So right now, I am doing a bit more research on that latest complaint. More to come.
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