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  1. Hmm, this really shouldn't be happening. I have downloaded all of the ones directly from here and i have had no issues at all. All files are stored on a vps and are then served via a CDN to alleviate those with slower connections. So really, i am not sure where to start looking to fix the problem.. ?
  2. Or you could just boot up a windows7 VM to play all the older games. ?
  3. Thanks @Cejic for pointing that out. Think i have resolved now..finally. Please check and confirm guys.
  4. Resolved. Thanks again for letting me know.
  5. That is odd...Is it happening on all downloads or just that one?
  6. HAHAHA! That's actually pretty funny. Thanks for pointing that out.
  7. What's your internet connection speed?
  8. You are correct. My apologies, the toolbar reset due to the update i did a few days ago.
  9. Oh i see...it seems your ISP is closing and opening the connecting repeatedly and my CDN is viewing that as an attempted DDoS which is what is causing you from completely downloading the file...
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