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    Pictures of fumos in general pls add only fumos
  4. Zip files for Soku and Touhou 7.5 are corrupted and when I try to download 15.5 I get an error at the end
  5. the file should be working now (last updated 2 hours ago)
  6. ah okay. yeah swr was updated 2 hours ago and it works for me id say try to find different sites to download those games until they fix the files here. you can make a report in the description right under the change log. youre weclome, and hope it goes well!
  7. 7.5 and 12.3 are corrupted and 15.5 has a problem with the download, SWR is working now (The file was reuploaded today), also thanks for the link
  8. damn ur right. its corrupted for me. try a different site then. this one worked for me: https://touhouprojectlovers.blogspot.com/2017/08/touhou-project-12.3-hisoutensoku.html also, is SWR corrupted too? or just Soku?
  9. It is completely downloaded, I even downloaded it again, I've been trying to download it for 2 days.
  10. Yesterday
  11. I think for your case the file is not fully downloaded yet. make sure it is fully downloaded before you open it!
  12. Yup, strange, because i remember seeing v1.02 download somewhere a few months ago, but it was removed, i think.
  13. Sadly this game is poorly optimized, i must disable backgrounds to be able to reach a playable frame rate.
  14. having the same issue here. surprised no one has come forward with a fix yet.
  15. I will have someone look into this. Sorry about that. There are two downloads in that...does the other one work?
  16. @Maden Here is the little issue that i had
  17. When attempting to unzip or poen the zip folder the t10.5, you get an error.
  18. It seems that the download for the game ZIP, not installer is broken/corrupted.
  19. Recently I've been going through my youtube history to compile all of the music I've listened to into a list to make it easier to keep track of, and something interesting I found was this; I've been rediscovering a fair number of pieces through doing this but this one in particular is interesting because I have no memory at all of listening to it before, so I guess originally I must have clicked on the video but then not watched it for some reason. It's actually a really unique arrangement, so I'm glad to have discovered it in this unusual way. Also another thing I've re-found is this,
  20. oh, i tought it was just a problem with me, im glad im not the only one in this
  21. Last week
  22. Here's some Ragnarok Online I spontaneously remembered that disco sounding lighthalzen field theme for some reason
  23. @Nekofire Here you go https://mega.nz/file/pbYnFQqD#ZGoFtltWsCzTyPMFCV94MlHjzJuE_tcVtnL95877OzA The filenames might or might not be broken if you don't extract that archive without japanese locale. Didn't really test it so if anything's broken let me know
  24. Hello everyone, I have an unusual request : does anyone have the touhou 6 demo because i noticed that there is some design difference between the demo and the full version of some touhou game (the old one) so if someone have the touhou 6 demo please send me da game. Thanks. (here a little example of the differences that i found between the full (in blue) and the demo(in pink) version)
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