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  2. nnnnnnot exactly Moedan is a fangame for training your Danmaku dodging. why use flan? i dunno, probably cause she popular. for now, no playable flan in any official game. she do appear in StB and VD, but as boss. and obviously she appear lotta in fangames though
  3. It's called moedan (see at theend of intro to touhou)
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  5. If you want to play the english versions but get the missing dll error, just search for the dll name on google and find a place to download it. Then, just move the dll files to the game's folder and you should be ready to go. However, there might be some more you might need to download, but those will appear after you downloaded the other ones. Example: d3dx9_37.dll Search for "d3dx9_37.dll" on google or your web browser of choice and search for a page that has it. (This is where I downloaded the file; https://es.dll-files.com/d3dx9_37.dll.html. It's on spanish, but you can transalte it.) If you're using the same page as me, just scroll down untill you see the download buttons. There should be two of them, but search for the one that follows your Windows version (32bits/64bits). After it's downloaded, search for the file and move it to the game's folder. Then, just try opening the game and you should be able to open it, unless you need anymore .dll files. If you need any more dll files, just follow the same pattern but changing the name of the .dll file I'm sorry if it's too complicated XD
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  7. kirby sanae? interessting very interessting
  8. @Ken Hisuag There are so many unique themes I love that I could chose but here are just a handful.
  9. Side note that Deus Ex's soundtrack just got a remastered release, in case anyone's interested.
  10. A week or so ago, buskerdog mentioned Monster Hunter. I've never listened to Monster Hunter before, but the reference stuck in my mind, so I figured I'd give it a go. If a true fan of the series has more to offer, I'd be very appreciative.
  11. Absolute masterpiece. What are you even doing? Why are you wasting time in this comment section? go download and play this work of art already.
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  13. I dont know if this is just a wine issue since I'm on a macbook, but the resolution is absolutely massive and I cannot open the config.exe file to fix it. I have a 1280x800 screen, and that screenshot is what my whole screen looks like. can anyone help me with this? edit: I figured out how to open config.exe, I just needed to install something. however it didnt help me much
  14. random, most of them are handmade, most of them are from a meme generator
    50% chance of hight quaility and 50% chance of low quality
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      nice you find the way to post not empty status

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