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  4. I had never heard of Okami, and now I'm disappointed I can't afford the soundtrack. Always unfortunate when a great OST doesn't get a release in the Western Hemisphere. The track reminded me of an I am Setsuna remix that made use of traditional instruments. I don't hear this style used in VGM very often, but I'd love to find more examples.
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  6. hereyou find weird stupid looking touhou ms paint darwings enjoy
  7. I had a lesson today where all my work was already done... so naturally, I opened photoshop and drew Remi from memory. Because why not? I forgot she had short sleeves smh
  8. This is without a doubt the most overlooked Shanghai Alice Bullet Hell. Short, yet entertaining, Fun, yet not easy And... Speedrunnable! Plus, the art style is really visually high-quality, and reminiscent of an Isekai Quartet show. Don't overlook this game as a quality choice.
  9. Awww. i cant download this game because this file is Missing. Can you fix it ?? =(
  10. Jaz:3


    How did you even find those pictures
  11. Maybe you just have to get good at the game :3
  12. I also meant how to beat Iku in labyrinth of touhou 2, hence why I said LOT2.
  13. try practicing your dodging, as normal avoiding is no use against her. i had to give a proper response, sorry.
  14. then, try spamming those big homming projectile with reimu when you see an opening on her first spells, try to run away and dodge as much as possible, don't try for heavy damage, and on her weird lightning spell, try to dodge left and right like a madman and shoot fast weak projectiles at her at the slightest opening, still safety first on this spell as it is really strong.
  15. There is only hard mode and the default mode, also I already beated her, sorry.
  16. Also, you can copy and paste error pop-ups. Press control+C to do that.
  17. Oh, I think they need to re-install the game if they haven't already because the files might be corrupted. I don't know much because I never encountered this error.
  18. It's an error message box, I don't think he can copy that text. Maybe you can help him with this information?
  19. Copy and paste the error and post it here and I'll try what I can to help you.
  20. Hello, I was wondering how do you implement the score file to Touhou 6 to get the Extra stage?
  21. oh yeah the touhou! well i just so happen to have this here wallpaper from last year using some designs... here it is! i took the time to convert all of the original pixel art ones into adobe animate (which did take a fair while i'll be honest), but the end result was still worth it additionally i also did actual touhou fanart too! this is when i was really gettin back into aseprite. very good art pixel program but what do you think?
    you can spin cirno, instant five stars i am KEEPING THIS FOREVER.............. ABSOLUTE ADORABLE
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    Release Information Type: Tabletop-like Game Developer: Team L.U.R.Id Glow Publisher: Team L.U.R.Id Glow Release: 11 nov 2019 Language: English Characters in this ver. : Reimu, Marisa, Alice, Remilia, Sakuya, Patchouli, Yuyuko, Youmu. Description ======STORY====== Once upon a time, a mysterious crystal fell into Gensoukyou.Wierd things happens, but this time, not throwing danmaku to each other, Reimu. Use your head, I mean, if you have enough money, why not settle those annoying problems by just thrusting money to the man behind all these? Well then, it's a damn good idea that let that Reimu pay. Actually, she did pay! ***What the hell was going on? There's only one thing I know - She earned all those money, by doing real estate business !*** ======GAME FEATURES====== · Classical Monopoly-like game.· Custom level editor, make your own monopoly ! You can also upload the custom map to the workshop in the coming updates. · Double resource system (money & crystal), electric dispatching, SP required dice throwing - All these make a huge different! · Weather affects largely your movement, make use of this! · Fight who is in your way, and get rewarded or get in the hospital. · 20+ characters from TH.6 to TH.11, each with different skills and voice. · Original boss characters. · 10+ official maps · Online multiplayers in the coming updates. Please support the devs by buying the game on Steam if you can: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1138100/Touhou_Ibunseki__Ayaria_Dawn_ReCreation/
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    Release Information Type: Management Sim Developer: Masakami Nature Reserve Publisher: DLsite Release: 20 nov 2019 Language: English Description A Touhou novel-style management simulation. Enjoy the comical interactions between Marisa and her friends, as you earn money to pay back your loan. - Your first goal is to earn 50,000 yen in the first year, and if you fail, it’s game over. - Develop new products, expand the store, and run promotions to bring in the money. - Fight youkai who come to raid the store in turn-based battles. Kirisame Magic Shop is hidden deep in the forests of Gensokyo. It’s so remote, in fact, that there aren’t any customers. Just as Marisa is despairing over her lack of sales, self-proclaimed management consultant Yukari Yakumo appears. Cirno is added to the team as head of HR, and Marisa sets her sights on rebuilding Kirisame Magic Shop. Please support the devs by buying the game on Steam if you can: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1144330/Marisas_Marvelous_Magic_Shop/
  24. I've played this game for a while and one day I got this error and I can't start the game, what does it say and how do I fix it?
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