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  2. i got a doodle of what i think i should do when i start yuuka
  3. hi typing this on my new laptop, dw the mokou art is almost done ehe

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  5. yumetou... i have a very serious and important question to ask you.

    do you, or do you not know about the bird?


    (i have no idea why i'm putting a musedash illustration on this very serious topic but yeah)


    1. ReisenFanatic17


      wait where's reimu?

    2. Yumetou


      Everyone knows that the bird is the word. (Was hoping for Okuu on a surfboard but this will have to do)



  6. i like fire trucks and moster trucks

  7. I can't stop laughing at the Reimu/Marisa two parter. This made my day!
  8. PLEASE YUUKA I mean... yea Yuuka sounds good.
  9. L*narian propaganda will tell you humans can't live on the moon. If that's true, where was the Apollo landing faked?


    Take that, M**nies.

  10. The vote was sadly delayed due to a rough few weeks on my end. But now its time to tally! And our worst St. Valentine's Day date is...Seija, congratulations! You are worst girl, and probably very happy with that. Though to be honest, I am just proud this list I made has a yandere Alice kidnap and forcibly marry you, and it still didn't get a single vote. Glad to see all my options were roughly equally terribad, but Seija won out in the end! New Bad Touhou Opinion (TM) for your viewing pleasure. Please enjoy, and vote humbly. You are stuck between one of these pairs on an intercontinental flight. You may chat with them, but they will mostly interact with one another regardless of your choices. Which would you choose? = Reimu and Marisa arguing over whether Reimu's anger management or Marisa's kleptomania require therapy. Reimu only yells once or twice, but your wallet is missing. = Mokou and Kaguya, who have brought a TV and a console to play Smash on at max volume (no, you cannot play). = A judgmental Satori who brings up your darkest moments and past search history, as well as Koishi who seems creepily delighted at your tastes in doujins. = Yuyuko and Yuuma, who have brought a buffet's worth of food for an eating contest. They're pleasant but very loud and messy eaters. = Toyosatomimi and Byakuren in the middle of a fierce but respectful religious debate. = Reisen and Junko, who are mostly silent save for occasional incendiary comments about Lunarians. This slowly builds until they start a fistfight, with you in the middle as the plane lands. = Akyuu and Kosuzu, but they whisper to each other about how you are a stinky creep. If you make any rapid movements or speak to them, they pepper spray or taze you. = Rinnosuke and Genjii. They're both pleasant and soft-spoken, but Genjii snores and Rinnosuke keeps putting his hand on your thigh and keeping uncomfortable eye contact.
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  12. Groovy Trancer - Spacefaring Magical Astronomy is among ZUN's best work, imo. I picked this arrangement to start out with because it fits the theme of space. It's a tad bit long and lacks sufficient progression to justify it, but there is variance between parts if you wait long enough, and that keeps it interesting. AKANEIROTOWN - Labyrinth of the Starry Skies feat. Sarah_ I've heard so many Greenwich remixes that I wasn't expecting to find anything too interesting. This, however, impressed me; by intentionally contrasting the melody with a discordant vocaloid, the arrangement cultivates a disturbing mood, which both compliments the melody and enhances the impact of the drop later on. Yayayayayaa - The Wheelchair's Future in Space Far less refined a remix than I usually favor, but perfect for showcasing what I consider to be the most defining attribute of the original piece: the major key intro. I was surprised to find most remixes failing to incorporate this aspect into themselves; it sets the tone for the rest of the piece, and provides an uncommon contrast of mood. Being so unique in Touhou music, why not use that?
  13. Yo it is my birthday, Im gonna just eat everything.

    1. Macbeth



  14. I believe Juuni just reached out to you, he should be able to help. And for those who's download progress is marked as a "?", but data is still downloading, let it continue to the actual file size (~800), it will still download the files. This has helped for some other individuals, and I hope that helps for those who need it. If there's any other issues, let us know, we'll do our best to handle it.
  15. mini-hakkero

    Hifuu Bouenkyou

    It fails to download, can I get a mirror please?
  16. well, as such they are not sketches but it is the only thing I have of touhou :) https://www.deviantart.com/mrpurplee/gallery/87760103/touhou
  17. IM GOING TO EAT YOUR FACE 1708803436928377.jpg?ex=65ecc6c6&is=65da51c6&hm=9e646f3ea9c8bcf328ed9941ac84243871e4322024567c2af7505b9615ae7bf7&=

  18. yankop

    Cirno and Spaghetti

    cirn eatin' da spaghet credit: かめぱすた (Kamepasta) @kamepan44231
  19. im planning for yuuka after, eiki is a good suggestion tho
  20. Hello my fellow 61e bros. Hope you are all doing well. How am I? I am doing quite well myself, I had a very busy week at work, but I got a lot of cool stuff done, now its time for me to chillax and work on I&E. Lets see if we can I&E done by this weekend shall we? Well, we will see until then. Anyway, lets talk about some much needed 61e news. I apologize for taking so long to make another 61e news post. I know that many of you bros are eager for the next post to stay informed in the 61e matters. So without further a due, lets commence with the 61e news. 61e-NA In North America, there has been some very good recent news and some difficult news to hear at the same time... To start, The Bannerlord S&M Events have started again after the long spell of being away from the update. We are back to hosting the Friday S&M Event. There is certainly an upgrade in this S&M event as there is now a multitude of maps that are now being included and the Nr9 has informed us that they are planning to be making for S&M maps themselves as well that will be later shared with the rest of the community. The the most Recent S&M Event reached past 100 Players! Which is a pretty good sign since, well to be honest, I expected to be sitting on the same 80 people in the event for the rest of times. Yet we seem to be making such good progress. What makes me most content with these 100 players though, is that these players are from very stable regiments and most of us seem to have good connections with one another. the Nr9, HMC, 1stMC, RSL etc... all these guys have been playing NW with us for years, so we will always be on the same page. Unlike in BCOF where all the regs that were formed in that game came from all backgrounds that could not agree on anything. Meanwhile, on the sound for NW. There has been some less than positive news unfortunately. the events numbers have been hitting a down turn. Generally, I try to make sure we can at least hit 80 players at a moinimum at the Saturday events, but even then at some days we have been struggling to hit thtese numbers as well. the bgigest issue with the NA event at the moment is that no matter how much the 61e does, there is only one 61e. The CSC has promised they will be attending the NA Saturday events again and the ERB seem like they will be able to bring more numbers as their Leader, Napoleon has returned from break and as Napoleon has promised he will try his best to get the 1aGIB to come back to NW events once again. However, the most troubling news of all is that there will be no more Thursday Trench battle events. When we had to announce the end of the event, many 61e members felt betrayed to see that one of their favorite events had been demolished. Many people compared this event to the Fall of Rome or other atrocities such as the sacking of Carthage EVEN THE CULTURCIDE OF FLASH!!!! All we can do now bros, is continue with the eternal struggle to keep NW alive and one day if el dios permits, we will be able to restore the Thursday Trench battle event. Until then, we will be playing at least a few Trench battle events every Sunday. I encourage you all bros to come. 61e-SA I know many of you bros had been quite critical of the SA events recently. However some very interesting developments have been occurring in SA. The ERB have decided to formally hand over management of the Sunday SA event to the 61e. This means we will be able to organize the events our own way now. Which means we will be able to make the event alot more fun and interesting. You already know what we did, WE UPLOADED THE TRENCH MAPS. There are now about roughly 5 or so trench maps and also other maps we have traditionally reserved for the Hong Kong event now included in the server. Yup bros, events will be BOOMING. If you have played the events recently, surely you must agree the quality of the events have vastly improved. Even the ERB leaders have congratulated us on these remarkable improvements. 61e-OC (WE ARE BACK!!!!!) (and also some HK news) Yes bros, if you can believe it. When many people would say Australian would never return, the OC region has returned WITH TWO SEPERATE EVENTS. Two events per week, one in Friday and one in Sunday at 3AM EST or also known as (I think) 7PM Sydney time Friday and Sunday. We already have heard reports that last Friday the OC event has yielded 80 players! All these events are public, so even if you are not 61e (which is pretty unlikely since this is the 61eTOTT) you are also free to play to check it out. The Friday event will be hosted by the RELM community and then Sunday and then hosted by the MOV. This will be a very interested development as both communities have agreed to respect the presence of the 61e HK Event. Hopefully, these two OC events will also mean that some regiments will eventually flow into the HK event as well. We will see. 61e-HK Nothing new to say really, HK has been mostly dormant due to 中国新年. So nothing to say for now at least. HK Events should be back in action startng next week at the First Saturday at March. 61e-EU Really not much to say in Europe either. Recently, there have been reports have made an amazing victory against the forces of the Empire. According to Sir Vukan, in one of the recent battles. There was a contingent of 61e members bracing for an attack against the forces of the Empire. Some sources say they were outnumbered two to one in this engagements. The 61e defensive position had not much more than some 61e Cvls, about half barely able to say a single word in English, prepared for this mass assault from the Empire. Defeat was certain, but the 61e was steadfast and held firm stopping the advance with nothing more than muskets and morale! We have reports, that many of the 61e members were saying a word that has never been said before.... "Common 61e W"... I cannot say much on this, In Europe, they simple do strange things like dismount on all charge and MEDIUM SPEED. A strange continent indeed... But perhaps this saying will soon be spreading around across the 61e frontiers in due time. In other news THE BATTLE OF THE YAPPERS: recently, we have been informed that both Gray and Redditgold had a war over who is more of a yapper. Some say they yapped on in general for well over 8 hours. Our sources say that Redditgold had to use his old friends like Canadianbacon, George, Chinatown and even Inoua that he has known for years as good friends to back him up. However, Gray's bankruptcy build was simply too strong for Redditgold. SELIC IS BACK!!!!!: Yup bros, Selic is back in 61ecity. Our bro has made it back home safely from deployment his in LIRLAND. Its good to know that your bros are back safe. we have reports that selic has spent his first days back home finding a stripper to marry and also bought a brand new 50% APR DODGE CHARGER!! also he has bought one fork. The Shermanator OCs: Sir Shermanator has been making some OCs in the 61e OC Channel. Be sure to check them out. His OC consists of musical pieces he has been making. I&E IS STILL BEING WORKED ON: DO NOT FEAR BROS, I AM STILL WORKING ON I&E AND IT WILL BE COMPLETED VERY SOON. BCOF has officially died: The Developers of the BCOF community per this post below have announced that they have formally pulled the plug on BCOF. It seems the struggle for NW to survive the BCOF onslaught in 2022 is officially over. Thank you again to all the bros in the March 13th Miracle for your dedication to keep NA alive. I have no OC pictures to show at the moment that I think would be nice to share, so for now please feel free to see the pics below: Harvesting and other 61e bros holding position at a rock: 61e doing a last stand at the shed Some Screenshots uncovered from the 61e BDAY EVENT THATS ALL I GOT FOR TODAY. HAVE A GOOD DAY AND FEBRUARY ALL.
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  22. they should put a disclaimer on not to start playing touhou with this game any other than that , pretty good
  23. i'm trying to download touhou rhythm carnival but every single time i click download it redirects to miracle.moriyashrine.org and gives this cdn error:
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