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  2. Consarn

    Touhou 15.5 Not Working?

    yeah man i wouldnt mind getting rid of mega thing doesnt let me download shit
  3. I tried running 15.5 and it just kicks me out, it also doesn't have the English patch in it. Now I found the game elsewhere that already has the patch pre-installed if you guys want the drivelink I'll gladly give it to replace the old MEGA link.
  4. Drunken_Flower

    Touhou 13.5/14.5 Issue

    there are several ways to fix this problem. simply restart your computer install the latest DirectX from microsoft official site (Do NOT install from any other site, it may contain something dangerous. And microsoft oftenly releases without updating the versions number, update it even your version number are the same) uninstall and reinstall the game update your video card driver
  5. Yesterday
  6. Consarn

    Touhou 13.5/14.5 Issue

    I think it's some PC thing. The computers at my school couldn't roll Soku either.
  7. Still experiencing it. Just got the computer back from the shop earlier today, first time I've run it for at least a week (heatsink fan came unscrewed, among other things lol)
  8. Whenever I try to run 13.5 or 14.5 it gives me an error message for "the code execution cannot proceed because dd3dx9_43.dll was not found." then it displays "The code execution cannot proceed because XINPUT1_3.dll was not found." The error message popup says that reinstalling the program might solve the problem but I've tried that already and it doesn't work. Does anyone know why this doesn't work? Thanks!
  9. Snowstorm

    Improving in Touhou

    Same. I haven't been able to 1CC any of the games yet.
  10. Snowstorm

    We tell a story two words at a time

    . Suddenly, they
  11. Drunken_Flower

    We tell a story two words at a time

    named Icarus
  12. Last week
  13. Drunken_Flower

    We tell a story two words at a time

    the sun
  14. Drunken_Flower

    Anyone Interested in Making 3D Animations?

    Wait!! osu! Storyboard is a totally different thing with animation storyboard, it's more like a motion graphics (please take a look at the 3rd post). I'll take the modelling, texture and rig. I'm currently learning about Lighting and Animating, but I'll take it anyway. For the story, i think we can discuss it. Should we use another site for discussing, like discord? PM me.plz.
  15. MakeSomeNoiz

    We tell a story two words at a time

    started to
  16. GasterMaster70

    Touhou Desktop Pets

    "As it is proven to fix all manner of ailments including sadness, loneliness, unpleasantness (especially in the thigh area) and nearsightedness!" - Rantos. Oh, if only, Rantos... If only... Then I could ditch the glasses because I have INCREDIBLY bad nearsightedness.
  17. austinpolet

    Bad Apple! Screensaver

    good job i want more
  18. GasterMaster70

    Touhou 15.5: Antinomy of Common Flowers [Game]

    Decina, I have a similar problem. The game, for me, will crash every few stages, even in VS Mode. Still, I like the game enough that I'll still play it.
  19. zveropoi

    Anyone Interested in Making 3D Animations?

    i have an interest my half-baked POTATOEZ E5700, 2gb ddr2, hd6570 and my POTATO chip x451ca 1007u, 2 gb ddr3(i have plan on upgrading this) also i have lot of skill and knowledge , especially "how to add new object" in blender. if it just rendering i think i can do that oh.. i also have amazing skill to turn storyboard to an animation using app called osu!
  20. Haruto Kazuki

    Anyone Interested in Making 3D Animations?

    I can take the sound part and i guess i can help with rigging and rendering does need a powerful pc so that's for someone else with that
  21. Drunken_Flower

    [UPDATE/RELEASE] Touhou Memories Of The Past 2.0

    Wow!! you make games! that's awesome! I'll try it later..
  22. Drunken_Flower

    Anyone Interested in Making 3D Animations?

    it's okay, wanna try something else? there's still a lot of things that doesn't requires drawing like: Story, Concept, Scripting, Sound management, Modelling, Animating, Lighting, (the easiest and yet the hardest) Rendering, Composite, Editing, VFX, Mastering, Marketing (why? does it even needed here?), and Management. I'm kinda worried about the story and the concept. a high level of animation and CGI but with a bad story will be despised by many, like the infamous Batman VS Superman. On the other side, low level of animation but with a good story will be loved, like Osana "Little" Reimu (does it even animated??). and this is the description of every job that written above. Feel free to choose whatever you want. but in the future if there's a lot of people, please consider to not overweight a job, like there is 10 people for story and 1 for animating.
  23. Hello people! Today I'm sharing another remake with you, this time from my second fangame, Memories Of The Past. I wasn't happy with the first version of the game, so here is an updated version, now it looks similar to my third fangame gameplay and mechanics. I'm taking this opportunity to tell you that I'm going to take a break from making fangames, it's been 2 years for 3 games and 2 remakes. Name Touhou Memories Of The Past Description Plot Point: Marisa is called by Reimu, who received a threatening letter about someone who won't stop bringing youkais to Gensokyo. How It Works: You'll travel throught seventeen worlds by going left and right while searching for any clues about the incident.  Saving: There's one savepoint in the game and it's on main lobby. If you die, you'll respawn on the lobby but you will keep your progress, so don't forget to save before closing the game. Release Information Type: Action / Platformer / Adventure Publisher: Kira - Games&Stuff Language: English Year Of Release: 2017 (Initial Release) - 2018 (Update 2.0) Default Controls: -Arrow Keys: Move/Crouch/Run -Z : Jump / Read -X : Attack -A : Shot  -S : Special Attack -W : Action  Trailer Download Link https://mega.nz/#!SFYhCA6A!Dx4ONzr4-k0V4nMaIGG97cPAQYHYiyPc1ymrIkv34QI Hope you guys enjoy the game! Greetings, Kira - Games&Stuff
  24. Touhou - Moriya Shrine for Civ V

    Found our Civ V Civilization, compatible with "Gods and Kings" & "Brave New World" addons.

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