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  2. At here there is only Eosd,Eosd Extra, Pcb extra and Shoot the bullet of the Busy Person series. It there anyone who can give me the files for the other games.
  3. Source for you claiming that he doesn't want to talk about PC-98? Also, ZUN and a producer for Danmaku Kagura (That isnt DeNA) came together to talk about Kagura and some other things. This is someone's translation of some snippets: https://twitter.com/richard_effendi/status/1597935033654075392
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  5. Interesting, this is exactly one of the things I was talking about in the past page of the thread. And speaking of isekai genre, how did it become so popular? Was there an anime.manga that became extremely popular, then everyone decided to copy it? Or does i have success through the simple fact it works as wish-fulfilling fantasy for a life that is generally felt as unfulfilling? (insert stereotypes about Japanese work ethics... or lack thereof) I would disagree with azdi's take. Effectively all hatred of isekai as a setting comes from within the anime community, not outside of it. Isekai has a long and muddy history, since the idea of "a character gets transported to a different setting" has existed for decades; hell, even long before anime. Inuyasha is the first example I can think of for an isekai story that predates its modern interpretation. As for where that modern interpretation came from, there's no doubt in my mind that it started in 2012 with the airing of Sword Art Online. My post is gonna cover a lot of topics brought up this video by Mother's Basement. I'd recommend watching it for the full context, and because MB is much better at explaining things than I am, but if you don't have the 24 minutes to spare, I'll be giving a shorter version of things. SAO was massively influential, and for a number of reasons. Its release couldn't have been timed more perfectly. It lined up with Crunchyroll making big waves as the premier hub for streaming anime. Prior to Crunchyroll, anime viewers had to rely on things like fansubs, YouTube rips, and shady sites sporting tons of ads, pop-ups, and other things that make your antivirus software want to kill itself. Now anyone could get into anime safely and legally. On the flip side, MMORPGs were taking off as World of Warcraft stopped being the only player in town, and people started getting into them thanks to the mass adoption of the Free-to-Play business model. With the aide of Chinese game publishers eager to capitalize, F2P MMOs were the "in" thing in the early 2010s. Two previously niche activities were now being made more accessible to general audiences. And then as that's going on, in comes Sword Art Online, the anime. It had already seen previous success as a light novel, but now it's got a shiny, polished, animated coat of paint and again, is releasing right as both anime and online gaming were taking off in ways previously unimaginable. To say SAO came in with a bang would be harshly underselling it; more like it came in riding a nuke like a bucking bronco. If you were a fan of anime or MMORPGs around 2012, you knew what SAO was. I distinctly remember 2 different anime-styled MMOs I played at the time, Eden Eternal and Aura Kingdom, were quick to jump on the bandwagon and release cosmetic items to match the style of SAO's main characters, and it's a good thing too, since the new player starting areas in those game were filled with name variations of Kirito and Asuna. MMO players lapped this stuff up. Not to say that general audiences didn't - they definitely did. SAO was nothing short of a monumental success, and played a significant role in the formation of a new generation of anime fans bred through the new medium of online streaming services. A generation that the larger anime community at the time lovingly named Yeah, for all the good SAO did for the larger expansion of anime here in the west, it was certainly not without its drawbacks. Shonen anime was out as the community's go-to punching bag, and SAO took its place almost immediately. It's not all undeserved. SAO's writing has been criticized by literally everyone. There was no better way to earn the almighty algorithm's favor in the years following SAO's release than to rail on it and watch as people from both sides of the debate flock in. Sword Art Online brought to the forefront a lot of tropes that stereotype modern isekai. You have a teenage male protagonist with a brooding aesthetic design. That protagonist is transported to another world that is based off of high fantasy concepts seen in role-playing games. The protagonist is able to excel in this other world thanks to characteristics or skills that were previously useless to him in the real world. The protagonist then finds himself the object of desire for several love interests; harems are optional, but recommended. But since we want to be aired on television, we can't get too risque, so we'll leave it to "tasteful" fan servicing. The protagonist and his entourage will face an obstacle(s) that thematically matches the protagonist's inability to find success in his previous life, leading him to either find acceptance for his past failings, or be able to reject them entirely. Thanks to this, the protagonist can find self-value and self-fulfillment in the actions he chooses to partake in. SAO didn't invent a single one of these concepts. However, it was the anime that everyone knew about. And now, everyone knew what these tropes were, and had a clear point of reference whenever they were used in future anime. I mentioned before, but these tropes don't define isekai; they stereotype it. Barring very clear examples of generic, uninspired stories, isekai has seen more diversity in theme and tone than any genre of anime. No one in their right mind would make the claim that Re:Zero, Konosuba, Ascendance of a Bookworm, Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash, and Mushoku Tensei are basically the same show, yet they all fall under the isekai umbrella. The only thing they all really keep in common with one another is being an isekai. You'd be forgiven for thinking that last bit means I'm actually a fan of isekai shows. Of the 5 shows I listed, I only enjoyed 2 of them: Re:Zero and Konosuba, and I've checked out many others that I didn't bother adding to the list. The view of isekai within the anime community paints a stunning parallel to how anime in general is viewed outside the community. All the hate is formed from stereotypes, and people dismiss things under the grounds of "All of [x] is basically the same." I would know. I absolutely do that with isekai shows, even when they deliberately go out of their way to not conform to the tropes I associate with them. I've long-since lost track of what this post was supposed to be about. I'm now left pondering if I could even justifiably discuss stereotypes levied against anime when I'm just as guilty of stereotyping certain kinds of anime. But for @CountVonNumenor, I wanted to share one more video by Gigguk, where he summarizes the history of isekai, how we got to where we are today, and his thoughts on why it happened. Some of it matches with what I've said, but there's some extra insight in case you're curious. Just on the off-chance anyone hasn't seen his content, I recommend it.
  6. The main roster here is huge, isn't it? I'll go over each entry for both sides: Street Fighter: Ryu Chun-Li Ken Master Bison Guile Zangief Mega Man: Mega Man Dr Wily Roll Proto Man Bass Metal Man Cut Man Resident Evil: Chris Redfield Jill Valentine Albert Wesker Darkstalkers: Morrigan Aensland Lilith Aensland Felicia Demitri Maximoff Final Fight: Cody Travers Mike Haggar Guy Mega Man X: X Zero Sigma Devil May Cry: Dante Nero Vergil Ghosts N Goblins: Sir Arthur Firebrand Solo Reps: Saki Omokane (Quiz Nanairo Dreams) Viewtiful Joe Nina (Breath of Fire) Rad Spencer (Bionic Commando) Strider Hiryu (Strider) Frank West (Dead Rising) Leo (Red Earth) Edward Falcon (Power Stone) Jin Saotome (Cyberbots) Hayato Kanzaki (Star Gladiator) Monster Hunter Batsu Ichimonji (Rival Schools) Amaterasu (Okami) Captain Commando Touhou Side: Reimu Hakurei Marisa Kirisame Sakuya Izayoi Youmu Konpaku Resien Udongein Inaba Sanae Kochiya Aya Shameimaru Cirno Remilia Scarlet Yukari Yakumo Yuyuko Saigyouji Byakuren Hijiri Kaguya Houraisan Kanako Yasaka Ran Yakumo & Chen Flandre Scarlet Junko Daiyousei Tewi Inaba Alice Margatroid Hecatia Lapislazuli Hina Kagiyama Suwako Moriya Komachi Onozuka Tenshi Hinanawi Fujiwara No Mokou Keine Kamishirasawa Patchouli Knowledge Hatate Himekaidou Hong Meiling Mamizou Futatsuiwa Okina Matara Letty Whiterock Shion Yorigami Eirin Yagokoro Momiji Inubashiri Rin Kaenbyou Toyasatomimi No Miko Minamitsu Murasa Komeiji Sisters Rumia Mike Goutekoji Utsuho Reiuji Parsee Mizuhashi
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  8. Ok, I am so sorry for waiting on you, but I have made some changes that might be perfect for the main roster, and here it is:
  9. I don’t know if ZUN is a little bit involved in Touhou Lost Word but if it’s the case, I think that it explains why there isn’t any PC-98 characters ZUN said that he doesn’t even want to talk about PC98 era and want people to don’t pay attention to it (sad for me )
  10. 1 - Marisa [I really love how cute she is in both windows and pc-98 versions, her design is amazing and i also have memories about her from even before knowing touhou, since i played a GTA:SA mod that added a Master Spark for CJ xd. Also because her fumo is the cutest in my opinion and her yukkuri is so funny xd] 2 - Cirno [She's funny and i remember listening several songs about her before getting into touhou, actually, she was how i discovered touhou since i found her fumo before all the other ones and already saw memes about her since a long time] 3 - Patchouli [She looks so calm and introvert, idk why but i find it really cool about her as a character, she has a most powerful character look-like (even without being xd), also look smart and certainly is a character with a really cute clothing! Specially her hat with a cute moon, it reminds me of PC-98 Marisa (my favorite version of her) xd] 4 - Clownpiece [I suffered in the battle against her, that's a amazing memory. But not only that, she's also the funniest character for me xd] 5 - Chen [I remember watching all the videos of a channel called Primantiss, there was very cute Chen videos! Sadly it stopped posting 6 years ago and now focus on, uh, not of my interest stuff on Twitter] 6 - Remilia [I remember a cute song with her and Flandre about pudding. And she also has one of the cutest looks in the series for me] 7 - Yuyuko [She's trying to eat my TV controller] 8 - Mokou [I actually just like her look xd] 9 - Meiling [Her battles has one of my favorite themes (Shanghai Teahouse - Chinese Tea), and like most my favorite characters, she has a really nice style and clothing, idk why but i'd can imagine her in a shooting game as a main character xd] 10 - Eirin [I love her theme (Gensokyo Millenium - History of the Moon), is certainly one of my favorites, she look like someone really wise and powerful, it makes me find her so cool!] About my experience with touhou, i can't say i'm someone with a lot of knowledge about it, i actually started liking it some months ago and i have so much to learn, but i really love it! Basically everything started when my ex-girlfriend showed me a Cirno fumo, and then i started getting interested into fumos, and well, with that i started downloading the games to play, i started with mobile games (Touhou: Thousand Night Anamnesis and some others with japanese names that idk how to write xd) and watching several videos about memes, fumos and some about the lore too! Then i found the forum and downloaded the PC games too, i managed to beat TH6 [Normal mode] , TH8 [Normal mode] and TH10 [Hard mode] (and also the Thousand Night Anamnesis, i completed it in Normal and Hard, now i'm doing it in Lunatic xd) I really love Touhou and mostly this forum! Even though i'm new into it, i'd love to know more about it!
  11. Oh, that's nice! I also use Opera, but only on my phone, and btw, I'm using it to reply to this post xd
  12. I use Opera, mostly Opera GX for gaming situations. It's good to have something like that. For work browser, I use one of my country's web browser instead, which is Cốc Cốc ( Vietnamese browser, I know. Coc Coc for english, I suppose) for whenever I want to download videos. I store a bunch of my work sites up there so it's easy to access.
  13. Librewolf for consuming, Brave when I want a working browser configuration.
  14. I'm using a browser called Pale Moon, i love the old internet culture so i like to use this browser since it has a 2000-2005 look like, is so beautiful! \o/
  15. It's amazing how you made me interested in a character with a single post xd I'm gonna watch the anime and read the manga, but this kind of game isn't my style so i'm gonna skip it xd But honestly, the anime got me, what i love the most is that 2000 - 2010 anime style and how cute and wholesome it looks, i really need to see it! She's also cute actually, i understand why you liked her xd You really got me interested into that, i'll surely put it in my list of stuff i wanna watch! I love 2000 - 2010 anime as i said, mostly it's style and the calm energy it brings to me, that's actually what got me more interested into watching this anime and reading the manga xd
  16. This is the off-topic section of the forum, I guess an off-topic thread works as well. This originally started as a series of comments in the anime art style thread, but I have decided to dedicate it a special thread where to port the info and some fanart I really like. And maybe talk a bit about it, just like I did with the Len'en thread. Therefore, get ready for me talking about something not Touhou-related: Some time ago, as I was randomly going through Pinterest, I randomly found this image: Due to a lack of context behind it, I just saved the image in a collection I have dedicated to nice-looking anime art style. Skip forward a few months, I found the character again as I was looking through the art galleries of Danbooru. At the time, I still did not really keep count of who she was, but I was happy to find the design again as I though she looks very pretty. This is an image I remember from back then: Art by takemi kaoru - source: https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/35052311 Following this, it seems like I forgot again about the discovery for a few months, until about a couple weeks ago. Again, I have rediscovered it through Danbooru, and this time it actually caught to me. That was the beginning of me starting a fall through another rabbit hole. Now to connect it with the original two posts from the anime art style thread. Another thing about anime art style. And quite a detour from the previous sub-topic (still open for discussion on that one though). Had I not been told this is the same character, I would have thought they are completely different ones. The style used can make quite a difference, and is one of the things I like a lot about art in general. Good connection with the overall topic since this is based on an anime: Artist: I think this is official material. Character - Tanamachi Kaoru from the video game Amagami (which was also turned into a manga spinoff series and anime, naturally) Artist: miura-n315 (https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/71716971) Artist: 薫風と共に去りぬ (https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/91641564) No matter the art style, this is awesome. I just very fond of young women with black, wavy, shoulder-leght haircuts. It is my weak point; also make the hair a bit fluffy, and I feel like in heaven. And now with this, you are also aware of my tastes, at least in terms of art (gonna be interesting to actually rest this in real life at some point...). Plus, who can resist a cute, wholesome smile? (Again, this looks very much like a screen capture from the anime adaptation of the game) Now, for some more info on what is going on (with the whole show, or at the very least this character; I ae no idea why I am suddenly feeling so attracted to the traits and features of the design...). I made a little bit of research in regards to Amagami. To my surprise (pleasant or not, I have yet to decide), the original game is... a dating sim. Also this is quite on topic with the latest Amagami-related product... which I was honestly not expecting to be an ASMR (Artist: takayama kisai - source: https://mimicle.com/lp/amagamiasmr) Danbooru takes the cake for the way to describe the series in their wiki section for Amagami: I do not necessarily hate the genre, but I am not the most fond of it either. I am feeling way too shy and easily flustered for even trying to play such a game, and maybe it is not my cup of tea. However, this Tanamachi girl has left a strong impression one me. I like the design - quite a lot actually, and like I have said further down the line in the post, she really fits into most of the design features (and overall physical appearance) details I like a lot. I think a series of comments on Danbooru for a not-so-safe art piece sum up very well the feeling given by the design: That moment there is a naked woman in front of you, but you decided to focus on her haircut than the body itself (can't blame anyone here, that haircut really seems like the defining physical feature of Tanamachi Kaoru, it really steals the show) Am I just slowly descending into madness? Down another rabbit whole of obsessions? This time, it is not about an entire series anymore, but just about a single element from a series. She (Tanamachi Kaoru) is very cute though, and that is something to probably appreciate, I guess... If I actually were to play the game, or read the manga/watch the anime, I would probably solely watch it to see her. Again, I am really fond of young women with black, wavy, shoulder-leght haircuts. It is my weak point; also make the hair a bit fluffy, and I feel like in heaven. And the art style in which she is depicted can sometimes make the whole difference. That is why in the previous comment, I posted a variety of images about her - some of them from the official anime adaptation, others from the various artists. Overall, I really like the dedication of Amagami fans, as they are still drawing their series even of the oldest drawing uploaded to Danbooru for example are almost 15 years now. (Imagine this was about 10 years ago...) Artist: takemi kaoru (source: https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/42937270) Bonus, more interesting content I have found about that series: A bit more of the cast from the game. Given it is a dating sim at origin, you sure can expect to have a lot of choices to pick from (Not pictured: probably like half of the girls) And I think here we have all of the girls from Amagami... (pictured: surprisingly, a rather canonical outfit of Tanamachi given one of her mundane tasks as a waitress) Artist: takayama kisai - original source dead, still maintained on Danbooru (https://danbooru.donmai.us/posts/687156) Probably the actual, canonical waitress outfit... And now for some lore (you can't escape me without having served some lore...): General introduction (thanks to the Amagami wiki): Kaoru Tanamachi (棚町 薫 Tanamachi Kaoru) is one of main characters of Amagami SS and Amagami SS+ plus. She, along with Rihoko Sakurai, is a childhood friend of Junichi Tachibana and a student of Class 2-A with Junichi. Appearance: Kaoru has black, curly hair, black eyes, and an average bust size. She is described as "stylish" or "trendy". Personality: Kaoru is a tough and hardworking girl who is both lively and unpredictable. She also has a habit of teasing and hitting Junichi Tachibana at seemingly random moments. She is also the main target of Junichi's perversion and she is also seen with Masayoshi Umehara (Junichi's best friend). She works part-time as a waitress at a family restaurant and sometimes in other part-time jobs to help her mother maintain their ability as a two-person family to live independently. Consequently, she is totally against it when her mother dates another man. I will not spoil the rest, since most of the relevant stuff on the wiki comes from the endings of the game. I will not go into information about the anime either, as I think it would be better to be explored by everyone individually (I may do that at some point, perhaps). I will just leave a clip here though. I have not checked it yet, but I think it will not create any problems around (also spoiler for potential spoilers - again, I am not so sure if it is an actual spoiler, or just a moment selected by the user because it looked funny/cute in the anime): EDIT: Now I actually know what is going on in that video. The action in the video may seem like it's going one direction, given the way it is built up and if you are to go according to steretypes, but the twist turns it into wholesome at the end. What I was surprised of though was the...squishy voice they gave Tanamachi. I'm not sure what I should have expected, but this one sure was a surprise when put next to the design itself. Alright, so har far gone am I down the rabbit hole? I think this is the first time when I get interested in just a character from a series, and not the series as a whole. I just really like the design, and can always appreciate good fanart of any character. This is one of those perfect instances I kept mentioning in the past of how good fanart of a character can actually make you interested in a series. I may be one of those "posers"/"fake fans", only brought in for the waifu/cute young women part of the thing, but screw it. But in a way, I guess it works, given the nature of the source material (a dating sim game). I think I will try watch the anime at least one day. (Also reminder I have to write a thread soon enough about what makes one a Touhou fan, so see you there in terms of new content)
  17. Interesting, this is exactly one of the things I was talking about in the past page of the thread. And speaking of isekai genre, how did it become so popular? Was there an anime.manga that became extremely popular, then everyone decided to copy it? Or does i have success through the simple fact it works as wish-fulfilling fantasy for a life that is generally felt as unfulfilling? (insert stereotypes about Japanese work ethics... or lack thereof) The problem about "animation/anime = for kids" still truly is a problem. I guess it is mostly a western problem? Especially since at least until recently, there have been few good animations for adults. Animation should be a medium of expression, not something that is strictly limited to the younger demographic. I feel the west took the lesson wrong though. When you think of animations for mature public from the west, you usually think of stuff like South Park, Family Guy or maybe Primal if you are going for a more recent example. For the former two (Primal is actually surprisingly good, but I guess that just comes from being a Genndy Tartakovsky animation), the "adult" element seems to mostly focus on the use of profanity, gross humour and violence. Which none of them would be necessarily needed for a good series. I think they still have to learn a little bit about how to make adult animations. interesting, because at least from my own experience here in Romania, anime is not really that much of a geek thing anymore. Especially since many of us born in the late 1990s - early 2000s grew up with anime broadcasted on TV. As for the geek part, again, based on experience, it is rather mixed. In high school people may have looked a little weird on me, but now in college, it was either treated as just something normal, or someone actually getting excited to hear I have a geeky side. Now coming back again to the original post of the thread, I may wish to return to some questions of that post: PS: given my Amagami related posts from Page 2, I will probably start a special thread about that, and move information from here to there.
  18. Looks like it is time for another news roundup. The only way I cans sum up things is the good, the bad and the ugly: News and updates First of all, Global will be going through another maintenance on Friday, 2nd December. Let's see what the game has to bring us: Wriggle is making her debut as a playable character in Global. Now I guess we have every General pool unit MOF Suwako retro is getting a rerun Ringo is getting her Fantasy Rebirth Event EX unlocked - nothing new, as this is a rerun of the same event from one year ago Gensokyo Tales of Fantasy continues - a note from last week: this event is the one that unlocks you the manga bits that have been announced. Complete a few daily missions, gain points and use them to unlock each of the 16 manga pages. They are 4koma comics, in a pretty chibi style, each of them a new slice-of-life story revolving around the world and mechanics of LostWord from an in-universe perspective Fumo campaign continues Now, time to move to the news regarding LostWord JP. Oh boy, there is quite a bit to chew... Beginning with the prettier part. New Christmas outfits for Shizuha, Chimata, Misumaru, Aunn, Suwako and Kanako. I really like the one for Tenkyuu, and I will most likely get it just because I like the character and like the vibe it goes for. More outfits, this time Fantasy Rebirth costumes for Shizuha and Minoriko. Just one question: is it just me, or Minoriko looks even more THICC than usual? I mean I first saw it done in Hina Chan's Big Trade Millionnaire (thank you, Mizusoba art style) with the exposed thighs, but now... wow. Also funny how the younger sister is the one with the bigger rack, even if that was already established in the default art of her. Is it a common thing in Minoriko fanart? I mean I can understand the idea she is a goddess of plentiful harvest, therefore why generous shapes. And likely I would believe you if you told me why that is the explanation... (bonus: the Mizusoba version of Minoriko) Probably the best quote coming out of the whole moment in regards to how the chat reacted when this Minoriko appeared in the Hina game: "Hina is hungry and the chat is thirsty" Well, JP is doing it now. Fantasy Rebirth is coming for SFES units. And as seen the first 3 characters to receive it shall be exactly the first 3 SFES characters introduced - Red Marisa, Black Youmu and Loli Yuyuko. I am not even sure what to say about this one... I guess that is why we recently had banners for multiple SFES characters in one place? From discussion I have seen, these are expected to come at the time of JP's third anniversary. BATTLESHIP KANAKO INCOMING! On a more serious note, apparently the next Relic FES unit is going to be a version of Kanako. I am not familiar with the music videos, so I have no idea what the gimmick about this Kanako is or what makes her unique besides the use of Relic Paper Dolls. Together with that MV Kanako banner, a new music video has also been announced featuring Suwako. So get ready for yet another Relic character to come into the game eventually... There is also a new Retro unit coming. This time, it is EOSD Rumia. Looks like the game is back at milking EOSD Two new SFES units have been announced. I am not very sure about this one. Given the style of the costumes, I guess we are getting a continuation of the Hifuu story? Also, besides giving them maid outfits and literally just swapping the color of the hair between Orin and Okuu, I see nothing very special. But I can guess two things: 1) they will be very strong units (power-creep maybe), and that their banners will be released separately. "They refuse to release Red Sanae to the point of introducing characters who are COMPLETELY new before they appear in the story lmao, not even the slightest reference of them, I assume they're S2 Satori's pets but like, bruh they're gonna release Red Sanae for the anni as a new rarity or something" (u/Kdog8273) "Now we're getting new SFES who haven't even appeared in the main story period. I do like their designs, but yet again, they have literally no presence in the story. Did JP confirm more main story? If they dont have any new main story in December, that would be around 4 whole months of no new main story. Starting to think that they stopped caring about main story." (u/TraditionalCycle6279) Community discussions and memes This weeks, it seems like I finally have what to talk about and share with you. There have been some interesting discussions worth bringing up: Actually a good question, especially if one wants to build a chart regarding the interactions of MC-chan with everyone in Gensokyo and beyond. Even if it's quite possible the answer would simply be "Everyone because its a trope in gacha games" as u/D3ppress0 has pointed out. But on a more serious note, I guess the interaction/relation with the sages, as well as the totally-not-simping on Sakuya would probably be some of the most relevant. Or even just Reimu, given the fact MC was allowed to stay at the Hakurei Shrine for... how long did she actually stay in L1 Gensokyo before getting snatched into the Summer Beach Realm? Was it a few hours? Maybe days at most? As we were still meeting Gensokyo inhabitant when Chapter 3.5 happened. Alright, another interesting discussion, still focused on MC-chan. The idea it goes for is interesting, as we still have absolutely no idea what "Lossy" is or how she looks like (or we know is that she is a girl, or at least the fact she belongs to the feminine world). I mean a lot of expectations have already been crushed when the very same Chapter 3.5 I talked about in the past paragraph revealed MC is a little girl (WHAT WERE THEY THININKING?!), when everyone was expecting her to be around the same age as Reimu and Marisa. Yet another theory in regards to MC-chan. I see there has been a lot of interest for her reignited recently in terms of fan discussions. [LOSSY INTENSELY BLUSHING IN THE BACKGROUND] Time to move into the memes. Oh boy, there's quite a few of them this time... Is Sagume trying to imply something here? I can't remember if this this is a legit quote or someone edited it in, although I may have a rough memory of something akin to that line at some point in the game. Average Phantasma simp be like No, Hecatia, don't do the no-no hand gesture...! Come on, we all really want to see that PC-98 stuff. Why is LW trying to stay so far from it? I think most of us want more than just mere cutscenes. We want to actually be able to play as these characters, and I do have a list of PC-98 characters I would be interested to get in my collection. Closing thoughts This thread is slowly becoming more and more tedious for me to maintain. I like covering the news, but I felt like slowly having started to lose interest again in this game. I was extremely dedicated to it back in spring, but after the end of July-early August and debut of Chapter 4, I felt like something broke for me, and the game lost its magic. However, I will probably keep this going as I have nothing better to do, and someone really does need to keep a log about what is happening in LW and the other Touhou gacha/mobile games. If not me, then who else? There was no discussion on the topic until I arrived, and latest one was from July last year. Therefore, it has become a mission of sorts for me to keep people updated in a digestible way about these games...
  19. ive been trying to make this account for fuckin 50 months now


  20. VPN is no longer relevant; many companies have begun to fight against it because of its popularity of VPN. And this is not surprising, as the company wants to know the real location of its customers. But to hide your real location, you can use proxy servers. I have been using the premium proxy to bypass regional blocking for several years. The proxy is an intermediary between your computer and the site you want to connect to. Thus, the proxy server guarantees a higher level of anonymity.
  21. I'd recommend Double Dealing Character (TH14). Every Windows Touhou game barring EoSD has a gimmick to an extent, so it's more just finding what feels right for you.
  22. For me, 16 has a lot of tracks that aren't particularly memorable. I really don't like piling onto the newer games much, because there are quite a few tracks I like overall.
  23. I believe you are correct in saying that my references to the Bible do not serve as sufficient "proof" for my statements. "Proof" is typically a reference to evidences that convince; if you are not convinced, the evidences presented are not proof. The Scripture references serve as justification to my statements; that is, the why of what I believe. What I justify my statements by is determined by my worldview: the bias by which I reason and make decisions. I cannot expect anyone to accept my statements on this basis, anymore than anyone can expect me to accept their statements based upon their worldview. The goal is not acceptance (i.e. "proof"), but merely justification. It would be foolish of me to demand of someone else to use my worldview to justify their beliefs, which are a product of their own worldview. Additionally, it is important that I justify my statements so that those I am communicating to may understand the foundation of what I am asserting, and thus may answer (if they wish to do so) in accordance with it. Morality being objective means that people's subjective beliefs about good and evil can be correct or incorrect, and as such their actions are either wrong or right regardless of what they themselves think; that is a matter of definitions. What is "natural" is not necessarily reflective of what is moral; that is a matter of worldview. If you are interested in doing so, I wouldn't mind hearing about what you believe your worldview to be. I said months ago that I intended to reply to this, and in the meantime I've been quietly observing the existence of said stigma, formulating my considerations on the matter. The response is coming.
  24. Last week
  25. For the canon games, PCB seems to be the best pick... you might try EoSD, although it's more difficult and a bit janky.
  26. For shooting games I highly recommend you Touhou 08 but the other comments recommended you pretty good shooting games so I guess that it wouldn’t be interesting to repeat what had been already said So for the fighting games Touhou14.5/15.5 are really good because of the gameplay, story mode and graphics For the first/old fighting games, Touhou 7.5 is super good but super hard, it requires too much tenacity to win without using continues, Touhou 10.5 gets harder and Touhou 12.3 is easier but kinda empty in the story mode. Touhou 13.5 is good but feels kinda empty There is a fan game I really recommend you : Mystical Chain, no need to describe why I love this game, it’s purely perfect
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