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  3. 1st song: I love it so much! Even if the singing was taken out and it was turned into a remix, it would still sound good. Some parts reminded of Kikuo (That vocaloid producer that made that song about child- literally everything, gomenne, gomenne) which made me love it even more. I felt like the little talking part before the hook or whatever it's called became a little stale, but oh well. I'll give it a 10/10 ^o^ 2nd song: I always wondered how people managed to make vocal arrangements of True Administrator. It seems pretty hard. I liked this one, but I didn't love it. I'll give it a 7/10. Also, the singer sounds like she has a bit of an accent, especially when she says worth it, it sounds like wosit. Maybe she's Japanese, but learned English? 3rd song: I love this so much! It is actually one of my songs. I didn't know what to choose for this contest, so I looked around Haru th's channel and found this. I knew that I had to use this from the start. It is a big improvement from the original. I sounds more melancholic and dreamy. I'll give it a -1/10. If you haven't noticed, I've been giving my songs unreasonably low scores heh heh ( ❝̆ ·̫̮ ❝̆ )✧
  4. Shinra-Bansho - Unconsious Requiem Hartmann Youkai Girl... Cute. not much to say and review from me. but i like it. 7.5/10 Fun Fact: Felt - Puppet in the dark as usual from Felt, the opening is too long. good lyrics, nice voice. but the... (what the word for it?) Rock Metal Vocal? (im bad at pointing out genres) makes it sound like those common Anime/Jrock music. 6/10 Lost Dream Remix welp... so far there's 2 song that i haven't listened before in this tournament... this one of em there's too much goin on and the use of the Touhou Instruments(?) makes it... common(?) generic(?) But bonus point for Kana Theme 4/10 need more question mark.
  5. Alright, time for the last set. First, Hartman's Youkai Girl with a little more strangeness. Second, an arrangement of True Administrator with a little english vocals And last but not least, Vanishing Dream ~ Lost Dream
  6. Yesterday
  7. wew... not much to say but here Norowareta Night - Miss Divine Electro Swing! 8/10 Akatsuki Records - Shout It Out Loud!! Stack, sorry but... i listen to it too much, i got tired of it it's my fault in general. but still nice. 6/10 Minami - Homicide Moon yes Minami is great, good thing ARM didnt take part in that song. same reason as the previous.... 6/10 plz kill me
  8. Literally in tears. I had been using Anex86 wrongly configurated to play Touhou 1-5 since 2013, and the sound was really messed up since it didn't use all the sound channels. Now that I'm finally able to fully listen to the soundtrack... I can't stop. ;-;
  9. Last week
  10. Glad you like it. This will probably be something I do on a semi-regular basis, as it's a lot of fun for me as well.
  11. Anyone seen the new Touhou game on Steam "3rd Eye". looks interesting and creepy. link to page and info https://store.steampowered.com/app/1131900/3rd_eye/
  12. I didn't find out about this until it was too late to take part, but I just wanted to thank y'all for doing this. I'm really loving some of the new things you've been showcasing (specifically Photoshop CS(9)).
  13. Miss Divine - Norowareta Night This is pretty good, although I had to try really hard in order to hear 'A Pair of Divine Beasts' in this. The music is nice though, and it's pretty catchy. My Score: I guess I'll score it right in the middle, 2.5/5 Shout It Out Loud!! - Akatsuki Records You can never go wrong with Akatsuki Records; as usual you can tell how much fun Stack is having while singing this and as usual the Stack Bros have written an arrangement that really compliments her voice well! Also, I love anything Imperishable Night. Totally not biased. My Score: 4/5 Homicide Moon - IOSYS WHAAAAAAT!!?? An IOSYS song that ISN'T A MEME??!! Now this is a rocking arrangement. The guitar lead is really powerful, and the whole thing has an awesome driving energy to it. My Score: 4/5
  14. It happens man, just try and keep on top of it.
  15. That's my b, I apologize for not being around. I don't mean to hold things up but I guess it's a bit late for that sentiment. Sorry again. Set two: Set three: I rank very high on average and I think it's a problem.
  16. It's been a long time to not find ten minutes to sit down . . . but, yeah, moving on. First a rare english vocal song for A pair of Divine Beasts. Next up is Shout it Loud!!! even though shouting is Kyouko's thing it's Mysta's theme. Finally, an intense remix of Luna Dial.
  17. oof, seems he can't join us all the times. maybe just skip him and let him review all of em in the end?
  18. 36 downloads

    Release Information Type: SRPG Developer: さんぼん堂 Publisher: さんぼん堂 Release: Comiket 96, August 12, 2019 Version: contains patches up to 1050 Language: Japanese Description A compilation of the four Gensou Shoujo Wars games, some sprites and CG might have been remade and some extras might have been included. Japanese Title: 幻想少女大戦コンプリートボックス
  19. 0 downloads

    Release Information Type: Horizontal Shooting Game Developer: YuYuSanSan Publisher: YuYuSanSan Release: December 2011 Language: Japanese Description Thunder Faith basically is a horizontal shooting game when "Touhou meets Gradius." As Sanae Kochiya player will be armed with 6 shooting styles where each weapon has advantages and disadvantages. With this, the player is able to create more strategic gameplay and chains. Unlike Gradius, all weapons can be switched during playing by pressing A button by default. Also, each weapon has different bomb styles where the number can be seen from barrier circle around Sanae. 9 lives are given at the start, but the game has no continue option.
  20. 2 downloads

    Release Information Type: 2D Platforming/Action Developer: Studio Rice Cake Publisher: Studio Rice Cake Release: Reitaisai 8, on May 8, 2011 Language: Japanese Description The Great Alice - Tatakae! Goliath Robo! is an action game developed by Studio Rice Cake, starring three characters; Alice, Marisa and Nitori. The story follows the journeys of Alice and her friends to Scarlet Devil Mansion's underground, on their search for energy source to repair Alice's dolls. Players navigate through levels using three characters that can be replaced at any time, each with their own signature moves. By acquiring power item characters can level up, becoming more efficient when fighting against enemies.
  21. Sorry for bothering anyone, but the number value in games displayed only as square, my system locale already in jap *bow down*
  22. oh so thats it, so whatever what i played first it doesnt matter with the other game
  23. SoD is the expansion pack for TPDP that was released some time after the original game. It modifies a ton of things, including the story of the original game by a certain degree, and adds new playable 2hus.
  24. Cejic

    Somewhat Daily Suwako

    The well is far from dry but my arms got tired hauling buckets of frogs.
  25. ummm , sorry if this is going to be a hassle or a pain in buttock, what is the difference beetwen TPDP and SoD? from what i saw in the video it seems like thoose 2 a same game to me. Thank you
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