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  4. Honestly yeah the older games always have that "little bit extra" which I do miss. IN's last word mechanic is the best example of that and I love seeing fangames like Hollow Song of Birds add it in
  5. Updated Touhou 17.5 from 1.02 to 1.04 And like last time, you can easily apply the patch yourself if you don't want to download the entire game again http://tasofro.net/arc/index.html#tf038-p English patch will be included whenever a standalone version of the patch is available. Uploaded the Soundtrack for Touhou 17.5 Uploaded the Soundtrack for Torte Le Magic Updated the Touhou Launcher page
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    Release Information Artist: ZUN Year: 2001 Track Count: 3 Track List:
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    Release Information Type: Side-Scroller Developer: Team Shanghai Alice & Tasogare Frontier Publisher: Team Shanghai Alice & Tasogare Frontier Release: 2021 Tracks: 24 Track List File provided by @SolidLiquid
  8. Okay I am having same problem as Tromboner with the Coding instead of the proper Japanese format, how do I change that? Tried google and didn't see anythuing
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  10. it looks like i've ran into the same problem... how do i run touhou whitout thcrap exactly?
  11. 5 participants including jssf hmm ok also i wanna quickly address the differences between Cover, Remix and Re-arrangemet. might be useful some time and probably will change your view of music a bit. - Cover is basically where someone play faithful to the music sheet with barely no change. e.g Piano Cover - Remix is where you add something to the original music like effects, mixes, enhancements and such while keeping the original feeling the same. quite hard to differentiate from Re-Arrangement but when you feel it you feel it. probably because most of the remix is a remix of a re-arrangement. - Re-Arrangement is where it gets interesting. Basically you play music with your own style, your own image. Altering the original meaning and mood to fit your own views and expression. just imagine for a drawing, i'll use youmu for example, there's loyal youmu, dork youmu, sicko youmu, [REDACTED] youmu and many more!!
  12. Who's ready? Hopefully everyone, because we're starting! Round 1: An electric arrange of Hartmann's Youkai Girl: Next, a mix of two unlikely pieces, Reach for the Moon and the Doll Maker of Bucuresti And finally, more Electro, this time it's a Pair of Divine Beasts:
  13. who on earth is looking at my profile


  14. It happened something with the file of this game and the one of th 15.5 when I tried to open. The one of 15.5 I unzipped it and I couldn't start the program(?. And the other I directly couldn't unzip bcs the system said that ''it was damaged'' the file. I don't know why this happened bcs all the other games were executed correctly in my PC :(.
  15. I'm surprised u still have access to it if you played it so long ago. It's kind of hard for me to find them, due to my practice being fragmented over 3 different setups. But, seeing the improvements over time is what makes it so satisfying and yeah last spells are dope. I love it when the games have extra post-game content besides just the extra stage. PCB and IN are some of my favourites because of that
  16. I love playing alternate Marisa shottypes in almost every game. She has so many unique ones, and even though it's her most standard, Illusion Laser always feels amazing. Plus the Brrrrrrrrrrrrr noise on Master Spark... hot damn
  17. Well, guess that's it. I'll start tomorrow with what we've got.
  18. Seeing this thread reminded me of my first 1cc, which was on Imperishable Night as Reimu + Yukari, so I watched back the replay. Good times... definitely saw some stuff hit me or get panic-bombed which I think now I could dodge, but eh, it happens. And I'm pretty rusty now anyway so idk if I could actually do better, haha. It also reminded of the last word mechanic from that game, I'd completely forgotten about it but honestly it's such a good mechanic, I wish it had become a mainstay. I hope we can see it again in some future game.
  19. Old post of Glory of Deep Skies was removed. It has been switched with a new version. This has updated the game from ver. 1.0 to ver. 1.25. New images have been added. As well as an updated description. Due to previous description lacking information.
  20. Version 1.25


    Release Information Type: Vertical Bullet Hell Shooter Developer: Τeam αlternative Σnding Release: April 26th, 2020 Language: English Source: https://www.bulletforge.org/u/team-alternative-snding/p/dong-fang-meng-jiu-shi-glory-of-deep-skies Description Story The sky of Gensokyo has begun to act strange recently Green Flashes in the Morning and Evening, Sun Halo and Rainbows at Daytime and Aurora Borealis at Night. Not only that, but it seems like Gensokyo has been overflowing with a lot of magical power, as if it has been boosted by something. --In these dark hours, many monsters and youkai awaken. With this new magic barrier in effect, Gensokyo is in complete danger; the enhanced magic power has turned the land of fantasy into a designated battleground. "This will be a long, chaotic night."- Characters Reimu: Marisa: Attributes Water Elemental Burst: “Distant Sea Barrier" Duration: 10 seconds Allows to get hit once without any death penalty for the entire duration of the Elemental Burst. Fire Elemental Burst: “Inferno Overdrive” Duration: 10 seconds Grants extra options to add firepower around you for the entire duration of the Elemental Burst. Wood Elemental Burst: “Death Garden Overgrowth" Duration: 15 seconds Increases movement speed, Auto-Collects items. Orb Item Value can be increased by grazing for the entire duration of the Elemental Burst.
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