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  3. I recall watching TheDepressedEeyore play Fantasy Maiden Wars Scarlet all the way through actually, after my mate and I fooled around with it briefly one night at his house (I still call it the "Touhou Heads" game to this day, you know). Never did get round to playing it myself, in spite of downloading it all those years ago, although I'd more or less agree with Tenkko's points 100% here from what I have seen. (=^_^=)
  4. I really enjoyed Fantasy Maiden Wars but found it to be a bit unpolished, it crashed for me constantly and I wasn't able to find good translations for any of the later games (like the dialogue would be translated but none of the UI). ultimately I think I'll have to go with Mystia's Izakaya, unlike Fantasy Maiden Wars I was actually able to figure out how to play even before the translation and now the main game and 1st DLC are translated (just waiting for the 2nd DLC translation).
  5. Games that on steam cost 5-6 dollars for my region and I don't mind to buy them for that price. 15 dollars would be fine for patched or patch-able games (now steam versions have problems with some patches. So even after I bought games on steam it is really easier to play "other" versions). That much I would pay because shooting games is not moving sprites only, but music that is great and effort in danmaku side that don't feel repetative
  6. Ah, yes... this will be a difficult choice. Live-A-Live was one of the greatest I've played... although now I see how janky it often was. I, too, consider Gensou Shoujo Wars the best I've played, even if I never finished it... maybe the most recent release will get translated... I find Luna Nights and Genso Wanderer to be close seconds.
  7. $15-$20 but considering that the games are becoming more and more like bored apes that prices is way too generous.
  8. in your opinion, what would be the fair price?
  9. EoSD 1cc IN 1cc also, luna nights 0 deaths, but this is a fan game xD
  10. Missed my post on Saturday, so y'all getting something minor today instead. Shibayan Records - Tiny Little Adiantum This was mentioned in the chatbox, and despite discussion implying fair familiarity, I had never heard of it. So here it is now! asi14 - Lunar Clock ~ Luna Dial An unusual combination of fighting game style (7.5) and PC-98. I'm not always sure whether such specification are part of the title or not . . . Miki Hiroyuki - Memory of the Road I'm still technically in tournament mode, so a few Len'en remixes shouldn't be out of place.
  11. Digging deeper into unfamiliar territory (for me), I pulled out the soundtrack for Willow (the game not the movie). Typically, the older the chiptune, the less likely I am to be impressed by it; having been spoiled by the likes of the Follin brothers or Eric W. Brown, it's sometimes harder for me to appreciate the less complex arrangements that limited hardware instigated at the time. Despite this, the objective aspect of musical quality is worth striving to discern, lest worthwhile experiences be missed. In this case, I appreciated the effort put forth by the composers to make the most of their simpler compositions. For more atmospheric pieces, drawn out notes inflicted with tremolo sets the tone very well, while more active pieces can employ a baroque style to capture the desired mood. The fight themes are more typical for chiptune, using rapid movement to simulate energy, but are nonetheless well composed in melody. I also encountered a slight usage of leitmotif, though without context for the pieces I can't be sure of the specifics. The adjustment to mood was noteworthy, though.
  12. secruoseR

    Hopefully Daily Suwako

    Tomorrow will be Special, Yesterday was Not; A fresh pair of arms on the well. Does one's faith have to be transient?
  13. Fantasy Maiden Wars is a beast of a fangame that I'd even consider one of my favorite games overall. Game was surprisingly fun, music is amazing and it does a great job at reimagining the incidents from 6-12 all while mixing in an original plot. Really hope someone picks up the translation for it some day. By the end of it I had like around 140 hours of gameplay which is just, insane.
  14. Yesterday
  15. About that one... There's this from JP Also, at least on JP, Yukari and Kasen will be moved to the general pool apparently soon. There is a bit of interesting stuff going on with JP, and it was all mentioned on the LW website. I feel it is quite a shame about the new reordering of the character tier list. As seen, C and D have been removed, while E tier character are pretty much defined as useless.
  16. Even if I haven't played many fangames, Frantically Forbbiden Fruit is my number 1 pick. It's a very fun fangame that has a really good soundtrack, is pretty easy and has a very neat gimmick! I just don't like how I have to pray that it doesn't set my laptop on fire every time I play it kekw
  17. Alright, time for an actual reply on my side, as I think I should have added A LOT more stuff. I used to draw whenever I felt like it in the long past, but like I said a few times already, everything changed during the lockdown in March 2020. That is when I actually started to take it seriously, and be bothered of how much I work and what I do. in the past 12 months, I have had long periods of no drawing, and I can probably number on fingers how much I actually draw during a year. Which feels rather disappointing. The ragequit usually happens after 1 (at most 2) drawings, regularly because I do not feel satisfied of the result and the work is soulless. Like when eating tasteless food. You have eaten something, but have you enjoyed eating that thing? As for disappointing, I think the one I am disappointing the most is myself - again, I am my own harshest critic. I know I can always go for more, and do better, but still do not achieve that result. Plus, my whole drawing idea completely shifted from drawing whatever I like for killing some time to only drawing for improving, and fixating on the same topic for over a year. Yes, I admit that I might be looking for attention. Perhaps it might be a way to complement the lack of attention I usually get in real life, as I more often than not go under anyone's radar despite my abilities and wish to get involved. As for methods of gaining attention, I would much rather try get it through skill (hard, but honorable), compassion and having at least 1-2 friends to spend my time with. I am pretty much starting to lose the latter for the time being, which makes me feel lonely. I can see how jealousy can be turned into something constructing. In my case though, I still don't really know how to use it for actually creating, and only ends up making me feel more sad, frustrated and stressed than I already am. I always forget to look back. I should be thinking more. But I really do not have a clear idea. For me, it is always hard to choose (I always had this problem, even when it came to the most trivial of choices). And when when you though you wanted to do always changes, you cannot find one thing to make sure you actually wanna do it. I have tried, and always reverted to the same thing even if something I want to stay as far as I can from it. The only thing I could thin of is "look cute, simple, yet also detailed at the same time". I could think of what represents me, but not even that is something I am sure of anymore. I will say it - for me, drawing is no longer that nice, chill activity I am doing for myself; t has become the work of submitting something on Discord and get showed in congratulations and praise. Even when what I just posted looks like a kindergartener's work compared to the next post from a high-end artist. I do not post on Twitter, while my Pixiv and DeviantArt have become void of too much new stuff in at least half a year. I would draw memes and shitposts, but I tend to put too much soul into a work and turn even that shitpost into a piece of art - if you have not guessed it yet, I pretty much obsessed with perfection. In short, I am overworking things up. But due to how far in between my occasions for drawing are, I feel almost like a duty to post that little thing I am doing somewhere. A bit late. I feel like I almost lost even that tiny bit I still have inside me. Whenever I want to take the pen and so something, I feel like I am suddenly getting tired and not wanting to do it anymore, as if depression set up. I am still looking for a path, but I do not see any conclusion too soon with me stuck into almost a dogma when it comes to what I am drawing and the manner of doing so. How do I even start on the 3D part? Besides the drawing of a cube part. Connected to my rush to get everything done at once. I am missing the days when I used to be more patient about everything I was doing. Not just with art, but be more patient in general. Like I said. I have been doing quite a lot of miniature scale pixel tanks, many times by kitbashing things. I have a few big sets of them, and usually shared the ones I though looked the best with the comrades from Tanks Encyclopedia. Also both of us have potato devices for playing War Thunder. I am not very sure. I used to despise anime, or at least be in that bandwagon making fun of it long ago, but then I found Touhou. I still have to watch any other anime but Hellsing Ultimate (Abridged), while Pokemon and Avatar the Last Airbender are not really stuff I would count as "anime". Touhou made me more open towards the art style, but a few months before it was due to a friend that I picked that style at his suggestion. He noticed a bit what direction my drawings were going towards (both of us at the time were trying to improve their skills), and he told me I should try out manga style of art. Soon after though, I cannot remember in what conditions, but a a new mindset made its way into my head - that I like anime art, and that it looks as the perfect middle ground between the cartoons I grew up with and realism. Also girls look cute drawn like that. How do I usually go for spotting the thing I like in an image? Especially when I cannot find the words to express it or or even understand exactly what I like. Yeah, ti was rather nice. I feel that maybe I worked a little too close the original, or that Tenkyyu's face could be made not look like it's melting, but otherwise it is nice. Also probably like the only time I ever draw her not counting the doodle for the big set. Last time I really felt pride with something I worked on was with the doodles from last winter. Space Marine? Like one of these big guys in power armor (sorry for coming first with a heretic) Which is something I already did at least one, though in small form:
  18. Wow, your art has improved a lot! Awesome stuff.
  19. Hmm, not the HRtP's version of her though, is it. (^_^)
  20. Not my review, merely to help out with that first title:- 黄泉醜女 It comes out as "Demon of the Underworld", though I would stress that we are talking a 'female' demon here (shikome can also mean a homely woman). Yomotsu is just a variation on yomi, another word for Hades, hell, or the underworld. Oh yes, the Japanese have dozens of terms for it. (^u^) 東方弦楽郷 The circle name is simply "Eastern String Township", as in a stringed instrument. (^_~)
  21. Wandering Souls for much the same reasons as Isaac, although it's more like Valis than a Metroidvania. Indeed, until I came across it on YouTube and decided to give it a go myself, my knowledge of Touhou Project was practically non-existent, to the point where I didn't even know who the shrine maiden was. (^_^;)
  22. Last week
  23. I would say Luna Nights. I'm biased towards this game since it was my first touhou fangame. Besides a metroidvania with Sakuya as the main lead sounds like perfection. It helped introduce me to the series once I finished it too!
  24. Cool that you decided to do this! I can't comment much on Hifuu, the tower or EX stages. However, I'll try to prepare as much as I can for the others. Expect a few rants too!
  25. just a normal cirno eating an icecream

    cirno eating ice cream.jpg

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