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  3. (I am back my dudes!) Senji ignored the women and resumed his journey back to the camp. After a moderately long journey, he finally reached the human village, where he was greeted by his comrades with great enthusiasm. The divsional commanders all give him a proper welcome appropriate for a commander(supreme), but first things were first: he wanted a meeting with the Miko of the Hakurei Shrine regarding the new threat on the border. After some further customary greeting and responses, he sent a messenger to the Hakurei Shrine. Meanwhile Senji look around the human village. Despite the division and the hostile outskirts surrounding the Human Village, life continued normally. People were once again doing what they always used to do for thousands of years. The only difference now was that the village was heavily fortified at all points, with regular training being performed by every single individual should the threat come to the Human Village. That was what the Frontiers corps was supposed to avoid from occuring 'Sir, one of your men wants to share with you soemthing', informed of the soldiers.'Bring him in' Entered the tent Hirahito Zhymosa, one of the Senji most trusted commanders despite the clear doctrinal differences between the two men. He was overtly aggressive, Senji preferred not to take quick decision Hirahito: First of all, many blessings be on you. You have led us through this troubled time during which he have had to flee our motherland. We of the Wolve Division(and clan) fully appreciate your efforts. Once more, we our loyalty lies with the Hakurei Republic. However, like before, this is we have always believed in the Miko of Gensokyo and have looked on to her and her predecessors as protector of our rights. So we once more plead that you ensure the Miko does take some action against the Tyrant denying us access to our lands Senji: Thank you, I will try my utmost to ensure the Miko does take that course of action. Although for the time being we have a possible border threat. Could you relay the Fairy Kingdom about this brewing situation as well so that they are made aware. Hirahito: Yes Now, Senji waiting for the meeting with Reimu which could decide what course they would take
  4. Bro I never knew you traded children as well, we should become partners -------- Anyways, please also someone give me the link or something for this thing No worries the link was right there. Thanks Yumetou! Anyways anyways, my list: 'People I would vote for' 1. Yukari 2. Junko 3.Hecatia 4. Alice 5. Mokou 6. Yuyuko 7. Kongraa- first touhou boss I encountered
  5. I added your channel to the list. These flashes are nice. Thank you.
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  7. Ill put them up on my youtube every now and then. Heres one if youd like to see
  8. 21 downloads

    Release Information Type: RPG Developer: Bar Holographic Otaku Publisher: Bar Holographic Otaku, 东游鉴 Release: 23 September 2023 Language: English Description Sumireko Usami is not a normal high-schooler at all. She is so abnormal that even the fantasy land of Gensokyo considers her an anomaly. Truth is, she can visit Gensokyo in her dreams! A new incident has occurred, and Gensokyo has a clone problem Artificial Dream in Arcadia is a first person dungeon crawler where the player, as Sumireko, has to navigate tricky mazes and capture a party of the strongest Touhou characters to assist them in turn-based battles. Go all over Gensokyo and beyond, to solve an incident which seems a little too convenient for Sumireko, seeing as she's the only person in Gensokyo who has a tool to control this infestation of clones: her newly-bought smartphone. A large selection of your favorite Touhou characters Clones are roaming the lands! They are known as Sleepers and take the shape of established Touhou characters, and as such, almost every Touhou character is represented and playable. Sumireko's phone is equipped with a special app that allows her to capture Sleepers by beating them in a round of Danmaku. If you win, you can add them to your party, or turn them into useful items! You can also fuse multiple Sleepers together to make something new entirely. Adding Sleepers to your party will increase battery usage. If your phone runs out of battery charge, you will lose access to Sleepers and your Map, so always come prepared! A set of desktop wallpapers is included with the game. You can find them in \Touhou Artificial Dream in Arcadia\wallpapers.
  9. I will be grateful if you could send me some flashes. I will add them to the list. Thanks in advance.
  10. Oooo, I voted 1. Satori, as I love just about every aspect of her character 2. Miko, the flashiest and gayest touhou there is imo 3. yuuma, as I’ve loved how she has turned out as a character 4. Keiki, as she is very fun to try and see how her character is 5. Doremy, as the smug Baku haunts my dreams 6. Aya, as she is perhaps the most gray and contradictory character in the series 7. Shou, as she needs more fans and coverage, but I think she is just so awesome
  11. I got sick last week, and was unable to accomplish the necessary prerequisites for a feature (mainly, listening to the soundtrack in question). Rather unfortunate for this to occur in the middle of a series, but there's not much I can do about it now. We're finishing up the month with Pokemon Black & White, a title I've often heard about but never had direct acknowledged contact with. I was surprised at the number of tracks I recognized from other sources, such as memes and Youtube bgms; this made the music seem overall more familiar to me than it technically was. Since the second "generation," it has been fairly standard for the music to be composed by a team, with each individual often given responsibility for specific types of tracks. This seemed especially noteworthy to me for this collection. Most tracks were composed by either Shota Kageyama or Go Ichinose. The former has a more standard progression style, but with a tendency to experiment with jazz in the melodies. His tracks consistently impressed me, standing out from the rest of the album. Ichinose, on the other hand, has a unique harmonization style that lends itself to tension in his music. Most of the game's combat music was composed by him, making his style that of the game's more tense moments. However, he is also able to apply this style in less high-energy pieces, contrasting against Kageyama's to give the game a more varied musical character. While there were other composers involved, I didn't notice significant divergences of style from them compared to these first two. This is not to say their compositions were not noteworthy contributions, but I only managed to fit one into this feature.
  12. C'mon boys its just a few clicks. :) Just follow the link in Suwawako's post that Jaz linked to, confirm your email address, type out the names of your seven favs, and you're good to go. Though the site is in Japanese, your browser can convert it to English pretty understandably, and its understands what you type so you don't have to worry about typing a character's name in Japanese. Even if they're all in Engrish.
  13. Me too, I should vote to Rumia, Minoriko, Suwako and Patchy. But sometimes i simply dont care about the poll. Just gonna to predict that Marisa is gonna to win this one.
  14. I have some obscure touhou flashes. never really bothered sharing but i have never seen them anywhere else. some are rly nice. maybe somewhere in niconico theyre there. If you want to add me on discord i can share them when i come across them.
  15. I never vote in these lol always too lazy to figure out how
  16. The following text is the edited version of the description i did: About This File Release Information Type: 2D Platform Developer: UTG Software Publisher: UTG Software Release: 2013 Language: Japanese Controls: Arrows - Movement Z - Jump X - Attack A and S - Change Weapon Esc - Pause, options are (up to down) Resume, Start again, Save, Load, Go back to start (reset level) and Exit Playable Characters: Suwako: She can attack in 3 ways. Using her cards like bullets(to kill enemies, mashing far color buttons or destroying softblocks), use her rings to closer attack and soft decending in the air, and shoot multiple bullets in 6 directions. She can also do a high jump if you press Z while ducking to do a handwalk and then press Z again. Patchouli: She can attack in 4 ways. Using her cards like bullets (same as suwako), can shoot fire type bullets which goes to far in 6 directions(downside that it cannot go through walls); can shoot water type bullet while not to fall, while not that far, it's witdh and can go through walls; and she can use a bigger card to destroy almost every thing like enemies and softblocks. She can also Airwalk like Peach in SMB2 if you keep pressing Z or duck first and then keep pressing Z to then, after going up, airwalk immediately, release Z to stop floating. Description Plot Point: Patchy got very angry! All because the frogs don't stop making even more noises while she is in her chemistry room! "Argh! If there was a way to make the frogs disapear!" While searching for help, Patchouli meets with Suwako, and say if she can get rid of a frogs somehow. She accepts, so Suwako goes to talk with a frog. It happens that all this time the frogs were actually warning to her! "The Scarlet Devil Masion will gonna collapse! Repeat, The Scarlet Devil Masion will gonna collapse!" Patchouli will take this all as a joke, but it seems that they weren't joking at all... How is the game: The game is a plataformer, but unlike Dangerous Suwako, is a metroidvania like game. You most need to recollect keys in order to progress another rooms, while also collecting chests to get more points and unlock stuff in the gallery. Some rooms may have some little puzzles, like colored buttons, bomb blooks, and even a guide section with a little suwako doll! The difficulty varies depending the difficult mode you choose (Normal, Hyper, Another and Masochist) and also has a Boss Rush when you end the game. Menu: New Game: Well, Start a new game! Free mode: Select a level (and it's respective difficulty) to play! Save files: Load a file to continuing playing! Gallery Mode: It has 2 options, to see some pictures(unlock them by getting the chests!) or the music test. Options: Options of the game. Control volume, Game Controls (I don't know how it works) and if you like to see the game in Semi 3D or 2D Exit: Good bye, you have just closed the game. (end of the desc.) Some screenshots: Correct some typos i made if necessary, i can send the updated rar file in Private. But not for now. Thank you!
  17. You could always write your own rendition of the description here and I'll update it accordingly. Normal members can't exactly edit files.
  18. Well remember that i was trying to play one of the games of this site, but i couldn't? Thanks to someone who helped me out on the forums, i was able to play Dangerous☆Patche-san Moya no Tabi 4. Pretty good sequel (kinda) of Dangerous Suwako, now being more "metroidvania" like game. Fairly recomended if you like those type of games. But im not here because of that, more like, im here to ask if i can update the page of that game. (IDK if it is the right place to say this, my apologies) The reason is that, this game is not in the "2D plataforming/action" of the "fangame" options. Instead, it's on "Other/Lacking info", and because of that, the game description is lacks lots of info like Story (yes this game has an story, but not the big thing), Playable Characters (Moveset of Suwako and Patchouli) and some of the gimmicks of this game (buttons, bomb blocks, suwako doll's puzzle section, etc) and some of the another difficulties and other options. And obviously some screenshots, and a updated Rar file if it is possible were the game is not on a .Cue archive, but the game is hard to make it run anyways (IT TOOK ME ALMOST A WEEK TO MAKE IT WORK, SERIOUSLY) Overall, i will waiting... Greetings! (yes, my signature is a reference of that game, i got obsessed with it)
  19. Last week
  20. It’s a fangame that plays like the Megaman battle network games
  21. Apparently Rika is the one who made the enemies on Touhou 2's Stage 1, which includes the Bakebake (the tongue ghosts you see everywhere in the PC-98 games). I doubt they are artificial, so I imagine she probably uses some sort of invocation/magic along with traditional engineering. A human mechanic is especially interesting to me for the opportunities it'd bring to a fan work, given that we also have the Kappa. I always like to imagine she'd do business with them, or share schematics or something. For a type of fan work, the first thing that came to my mind is a Tactics game like Advance Wars (it's the tank imagery). She doesn't seem to be affiliated with anyone but is also kind of eccentric, so you could go either the protagonist or antagonist route with her character. Sure, there's a ton of gaps to fill in regards to how you'd write for her, but writing (especially in the constraints of making it canon-friendly) is a rewarding experience for the creative types.
  22. opinion on the extra stage design , my fav character also what'sShanghai.EXE
  23. Recently, I have found something really interesting. The Chinese Library of Alexandria of Touhou Doujin content which was also burned several years ago. It had over 10 thousands of different items (For now, Moriya Shrine has less than 1 thousand items). Today I will tell you about Down Touhou Wiki or Down Station. I'll start at the very beginning. In 2012 several large-scale resource sharing websites stopped services one after another. Touhou fan content sharing instantly returned to the era of torrent seeds, and some files have been lost. But misfortunes never come singly. At the end of 2013, TLMC announced that it would stop updating, which meant that no one would collect and organize new files on a large scale (Taimowang (台魔王), the main provider of Touhou fan music resources around that time in China, also disappeared). When the Touhou fan content was facing destruction, in order to protect it, nine persons stood up and established the Down Station with THBWiki support. After the efforts of many people in the first one or two years they went from archives of ancient times to archives of the latest exhibitions, from doujinshi to albums and games, the Down site has gradually become the website with the largest amount of Touhou fan resources, supporting a large number of Touhou fans. However, as time goes by, policy changes on resource sharing websites have caused many resources to become invalid. Faced with such a large number of resources, it takes a lot of effort and time to check the invalid links one by one, find available files, and transfer them to the backup server. In addition, the Down site was originally a website created by someone in a short period of time. The system stability and security were worrying, and the stability of the backup server was also not good. It often self-destructs and downloads fail. For most maintenance personnel, there were more interesting things to do than continuing on the Down station... Of course, the above were not the main reasons for closing the site. The last straw that broke the camel’s back was: In the current copyright environment and the increasingly close relationship between the Chinese and the Japanese fan communities, so they thought it was not appropriate to do something like this site. They thought everyone should use legitimate channels to support fan creators. After that the project was closed. So yes, it was self-destroyed (with THBWiki help) in January of 2018. They promised that they would make a shipping guide, but the site is *down* now. And some content from there may be lost. Now you know what can happen in similar situations, so I hope something like that will not happen with Moriya Shrine. The only Chinese alternatives (I know are left) are lilywhite and thdog. And here comes the punchline. 8 months later (August 18, 2018) in the official magazine of THBWiki there was an article where DoujinStyle was mentioned as one of Touhou sites (in neutral-positive tone). If you didn't know it is a pirate doujin site with Touhou music and games. So THBWiki just advertised a pirate site after they closed their one "because of legal reasons". So The Library was burned for nothing. To be honest, it is quite sad. What do you think about this?
  24. Extra Mode: A expanded version of Normal mode, here you will guide 2 Suwako dolls at the same time instead of just one.
  25. I like to call her "funny tank girl" (not much to say too)
  26. The returns of the bingos (Yeah. I really got nothing to say about Rika)
  27. She’s making some Devious Machines Day 60: Rika Rika is a very neat little character. She hasn’t really gotten any fangames(besides one notable exception) and is actually intriguing within the game she is in. Her whole mechanic thing is really uncommon, but there’s something really funny about thinking about a boring brown haired girl driving a tank or a ship shaped like an eye. Her character is pretty undeveloped, but I see most interpretations go for the excitable and curious kind of way, and I think it’s fitting and would be a cool contrast to nitori. Her only notable fan work is Shanghai.EXE, where she is a part of the main group of characters. She is really fun in that game and I wish she’d be used more as a character in other works. I don’t know her theme, her design is pretty boring, and generally the only thing holding her back is her lack of presence. Overall, cool concepts, very little execution.
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