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  2. KingDeath

    Ghostly Field Club

    This song is amazing. I definitely think that the original songs are really, really good on their own, and it's always nice to know something didn't make the cut. Though, Maribel's Theme is on the more creepy side. I don't mind it, but it caught me off guard. All in all, a great listen for passing time, and I wouldn't change a thing about it.
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  4. Otakun Dan

    Patche Con Wars



    Release Information Type: RTS Developer: あいしやす.fla Publisher: あいしやす.fla Release: Reitaisai 10, May 26, 2013 Language: Japanese Description The game follows a basic structure: the player chooses a leader, a desired map and enters the battlefield. The battle takes place in a square grid where each unit occupies one square. Each unit can move up to a fixed amount of squares along the battlefield and perform one action: attack, cast a spell and defend. Victory is achieved when all enemy units have been destroyed or their headquarters is captured. Patche Con Wars formerly was a free browser game, and the Reitaisai version requires the Adobe AIR application. The game features 24 playable leaders and 30 stages in campaign mode.
  5. Otakun Dan

    Endless Alice Crysis



    Release Information Type: Platformer Developer: LION HEART Publisher: LION HEART Release: March 30, 2011 Language: Japanese Description Endless Alice Crysis is the third endless survival platform shooter developed by LION HEART and the sequel to both Endless Marisa and Endless Alice, players control Alice Margatroid to destroy a slowly growing horde of forest mushrooms, until players runs out of lives to to rack up a high score. Alice is armed with unlimited supply of dolls which she flings or powers up to create a blast or chaining enemies. Instead of a single endless one, players will move on to the next stage when the time limit ends. Info Enemy AI: A mushroom’s color indicates it’s specific behavior. They follow the same code as in Endless Marisa. * Green: Passive. These mushrooms do not jump or drop between platforms and do not follow the player. Their movement speed is “slow”. * Yellow: Standard. These mushrooms have the ability to jump up through platforms, but do not follow the player. Their movement speed is “normal”. * Red: Hostile. These mushrooms move up and down through platforms, and will actively seek the player. Their movement speed is “normal”. * Blue: Aggressive. These mushrooms move up and down through platforms, and will relentlessly seek the player. Their movement speed is “fast”. * Black: Iron-type. These mushrooms cause the environment to shake with their presence, and will chase the player throughout the screen. They will fall only after taking a high amount of damage, but will yield a great number of points.
  6. Otakun Dan




    Release Information Type: Puzzle Developer: yu-ki Publisher: Chibitami Release: 2011 Language: Japanese Description The objective of this game is to gain progressively higher scores by matching three or more UFOs of the same color in a line vertical or horizontal. Bonus points are given when player continue clearing UFOs to score higher points as quick as they can while UFOs are being called. Each color UFO has unique effects; red UFOs grants player life points, blue UFOs grants score multiplier, green UFOs will increase bomb power. When player clearing three different colored UFOs, call percentage will increase. Glass UFOs can only be removed by clearing colored UFOs adjacent to them, but if too many of these using bomb is recommended. The life points starts at 60.00 and decreases as time. The game is over when life points reaches zero.
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  8. xsilas43

    Touhou 7: Perfect Cherry Blossom [OST]

    File not found
  9. peppy10003

    Fantasy Maiden Wars Dream

    nevermind also i think this is the wrong game this is the 2nd (i think)
  10. peppy10003

    Fantasy Maiden Wars Dream

    what are the controls? nothing works, not even enter.
  11. Thank you very much! I've been waiting.
  12. Lazulum


  13. Drunken_Flower

    PNG Render

    Image cut off from the BG or Game rips
  14. Maden

    16.5 OST

    Uploaded the OST for Touhou 16.5: Violet Detector
  15. Version


    Release Information Type: Shooting Game Publisher: ZUN Date of Release: August 10, 2018 Comiket 94 Tracks: 08 Track List 01. Nightmare Journal 02. Lucid Dreamer 03. Lunatic Dreamer 04. Nightmare Diary 05. Old Adam Bar 06. The Darkness Brought In by Swallowstone Naturalis Historia 07. Eternal Spring Dream 08. The Concealed Four Seasons
  16. Nitorium

    All about Nitori

  17. Nitorium

    The Discord site widget is broken.

    I'll have it resolved soon. Won't take long. This doesn't affect the actual Discord server though.
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  19. Otakun Dan

    Touhou Puppet Dance Performance Shard of Dreams

    I fixed this, but i noticed only because i glanced at this comment, can you submit a report next time ?
  20. Edberaga

    Fantasy Maiden Wars Mystic

    I hope someone can translate this....!
  21. SpeedCirno

    Touhou 3: Phantasmagoria of Dimensional Dream [OST]

    wait I'm a dumb ass,this is the OST file...
  22. SpeedCirno

    Touhou 3: Phantasmagoria of Dimensional Dream [OST]

    hey Mamizoo, how are you trying to open up PoDD? Touhou 1-5 were designed for the Japanese based PC-98 (and it's compatibles) and as such needs an emulator (like Anex 86) to run on a windows computer.
  23. KoishiKomeiji11

    Touhou 15: Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom [Game]

    i really freakin' love this game, favorite 2hu game, but it keeps deleting my pointdevice data
  24. TouhouFanKyuujuuhachi

    Some download links broken... Am I doing something incorrectly?

    Thank you, they work now.
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