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  2. GreenFighter42

    We tell a story two words at a time

    the power
  3. GreenFighter42

    Favorite Final Boss themes.

    Necrofantasia and Flight of the Bamboo Cutter ~ Lunatic Princess are really good. I also really liked Hijiri's theme from UFO.
  4. GreenFighter42

    Post Your Desktop

    Just an ordinary desktop.
  5. GreenFighter42

    How did you find Touhou?

    As far as I can remember around 2008-2009 when people were heavily into it alongside Mario ROM hacks and YouTube Poop and it was a game series that seemed to just stick with me as I got older. Wasn't too much into the games but I really liked the character designs and music. Then roughly around 2014 or so there was also a Pokemon ROM hack called Touhoumon World Link I played that spiked my interested back up in both Pokemon and Touhou. Been with it ever since. https://animackid.wordpress.com/touhoumon-world-link/
  6. ZeroPride

    Post Your Desktop

  7. Version

    1 download

    Title: To The Stars I Give My Wishes, And To You I Give Me Artist: Chikage Circle: Kinokodou Released: Comiket 76
  8. Sakkun

    Touhou Puppet Dance Performance

    Thanks! This will help us out in the future.
  9. zounous

    Touhou Puppet Dance Performance

    yes It work just fine after I update the new JP locale patch
  10. Sakkun

    Touhou Puppet Dance Performance

    Is it working correctly now?
  11. zounous

    Touhou Puppet Dance Performance

    Hi again, sorry for bothering you, I found out why it didn't work. I forgot to update my JP locale to version 2.4 and I think that is the reason why it didn't work when I set my PC to JP locale
  12. Yesterday
  13. Cejic

    Daily Suwako

    As an apology for having so many, i will upload 1 a day
  14. Sakkun

    Post Your Desktop

    You should start an art thread.
  15. Quarium

    Post Your Desktop

    Sorry about the mess. Tons of my art stuff just laying around atm and I haven't sorted it out.
  16. Last week
  17. alexff371

    Fushigi no Gensokyo Chronicle

    Thanks for uploading! But you should really write version number. Like this game has pirate protection, and Defiant of Shrine Maiden has 3 versions. If you can't update Chronicle to 1.07 you have fake/trial game, and only 1st chapter available. Aquastyle very anal about this stuff. I can send link to full updated version in pm if it's fake.
  18. Nitorium

    All about Nitori

    Because she deserves it!
  19. Nitorium

    How did you find Touhou?

    That's what happened to me too... Just went in and never looked back...can't now even if i tried.
  20. Nitorium

    Download speed

    Window era?
  21. Jlegobot

    How did you find Touhou?

    I found it a few years ago. It started with the Festive Medic on Septemver First. I went and dove straight in the rabbit hole gap.
  22. zounous

    Touhou Puppet Dance Performance

    Hello there I have a same problem although I set my PC to JP locale
  23. nordevil

    Download speed

    the download speed of touhou window era music is ridiculously slow. it download around 10kps and eventually stop in 20 minute
  24. Cinna

    Malware in touhou 16?

    Thank you! Let me know when it's finished
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