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  3. for anyone that has trouble with it i just go to the straight up bottom and press DXSETUP.exe
  4. @StrongFairy9 There's a website ZUN made in 2001 to archive a bunch of SC-88Pro compositions/remixes. ZUN's Strange Works is an EP of original tracks from that page. At least, that's my understanding.
  5. I should post more of Wanwan's works here; the quality of his work often rivals ZUN himself. This is a recent post from his Youtube channel, though the date in the description leaves me confused as to whether or not it was composed some time ago. BTW, this piece is part of a series of commissions from Anna Nguyen, a.k.a. Anna's Handmade. She seems to commission songs for her original characters rather consistently, and involved artists include Aka Kyuketsuki and Yoiyami (also Janitogloy and Enzaki Roka, but they're new names to me).
  6. Here's 5 more Touhou Smash Ultimate mods. These are all made by me. Sanae Lucas https://gamebanana.com/skins/181071 Kaguya Zelda https://gamebanana.com/skins/181084 Aya Dark Pit https://gamebanana.com/skins/181100 Mystia Dark Pit https://gamebanana.com/skins/181259 Kutaka Pit https://gamebanana.com/skins/181260
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  8. the file TPDP_Patch_102.exe has been tagged as malware by my antivirus, is this a false report or not? Please help
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  10. So I've covered CotND's OST, it's official variants, and some ambitious fan projects. It is the versatility of the music that has held my interest in it. But there was a special aspect to the soundtrack, a bonus feature of sorts, that had initially caught my attention. The game uses a artificial vocal accompaniment as a game mechanic, resulting in secondary versions for most tracks. This mechanic is known as "The Shopkeeper." Just to clarify, this is not a real person's voice. The effect this accompaniment has on the soundtrack as a whole is difficult to articulate. I suspect it was conceptualized as a gimmick or novelty, but the resulting harmony can often strengthen already well-composed pieces. Not to mention the surprising amount of enjoyment that can be had in singing along. Speaking of which, an alternate accompaniment to the Shopkeeper was later added into the game due to the efforts of an ambitious vocalist. It might take a bit more to get used to, but I've come to admire his performances (especially for Zone 3). BTW, Daoust has covered all of CotND's Shopkeeper tracks, including the above featured Styx and Stones. That's technically it for Crypt of the Necrodancer. But I'll have one last thing to address next week before fully moving on.
  11. Pros and Cons +Game is fun and exhilarating to play. +Remixed BGM of Embodiment of Scarlet Devil, giving it more of a modern feel. +Game isn't as difficult as the description makes it out to be. Whether you're someone who's beaten EoSD or is a newcomer to this sort of thing, it's fit for you. +Even though it looks kinda retro, it's still beautiful to this day. +Every character and enemy fully modeled? Heck yeah! +It even has a 3D Background for the title?! -Title screen is sometimes laggy, and sometimes not. You have to pray you don't get the laggy one, as it is very slow and janky. -Game kept crashing after Stage 1 on a lesser model computer. -Render distance + non-focus = blindspot danmaku. While it's easy to get used to holding the shift button, it's hard to let go, as you can barely see upcoming attacks. ~Rather nitpick-y, but there's no English Patch. Final Thoughts Game is fun, not too much to it. It's still EoSD when you get to the center of it, but it's 3D. While the jump from "Time-Stop in 2D" to "Time-Stop in 3D" (probably) feels jarring, it provides a fresh perspective on the game itself. It honestly deserves a bit more attention than it has right now, and that's from someone who doesn't downright love EoSD (not even a top 5 for me...) Score Design: 7/10 - EoSD menu to it's core. HUD is very out of the way, which is a double-edged sword. Bullets: 8/10 - While I don't know if it's 3D Modeled or not, they still look good in attacks. Characters: 7/10 - Once again, EoSD. Was almost a five for my least favorite character being here, but from the screenshots, they look nice. Gimmicks: 6/10 - The statement "they move on their own" in the description is inaccurate. You can move in all dimensions. Arrow keys are up, down, left, right, as you'd expect. Z is to move backwards and A is to move forwards. There are a bunch of other buttons that do things, but you can't really tell what until you properly test it. Otherwise, solid movement, and easy to understand (moving-wise). Overall: 8/10 - That's some Aya-grade work in the description, ngl.
  12. How do i get the scorefile to work? can you also supply a 100 percent save?
  13. haha youre welcome! yeah a lot of this stuff isnt really clear for everyone. have fun building your cards!
  14. Thanks so much! it worked, i had no idea you had to configure cards, lol ^^
  15. uhh im not sure why you would need to press f2/f3 you can access your cards through "profile" on the main menu. then choose "deck configuration" and choose your profile. Choose a character and you should have all cards unlocked. make sure youre overwriting properly, by overwriting any score123.dat file in your game files with the new one. retry the score files (from this page and the hisoutensoku website) by re-overwriting the score file, and if that doesn't work try reinstalling the game and retry from there. hope it helps!
  16. It does unlock Suwako and Okuu but it doesn't seem to unlock any cards? i keep spamming f2 and f3 and theres no other cards
  17. Great, I’ve uploaded them here. Tell me if there’s anything wrong with them, and feel free to upload them to Soulseek or anywhere else for that matter – the more the better. Hopefully, volumes 1, 2, and 6 should be coming too at some point in the next month(s).
  18. "do nothing" as in they're not unlocked for you? try the file from the hisoutensoku website under the Unlocked score.dat section and follow the directions. this is what I used which worked for me. ill attach it here for easy access. hope it works! score123(1).dat
  19. If the game gives you a popup when you try running it, you can start the game in windowed mode by clicking "no". Choosing yes will start it in fullscreen. If it doesn't give you a popup, you can change to windowed mode by setting the screen mode in the options to 1. (If you then leave it at 2, it'll ask you whether to start in fullscreen next time you run the game.)
  20. im trying to find a score file that unlocks all cards but they do nothing i just want sakuya's world
  21. I am highly interested in it ! I ripped a few albums through the games themselves and I am interested to see whether there's a high difference in quality between the two. I also manage a soulseek library, so I would be also uploading them there if that's okay with you.
  22. Hello, I have the physical CDs for the volumes 3, 4, and 5 of ZUN’s Music Collection, respectively Changeability of Strange Dream, Retrospective 53 minutes, and Magical Astronomy, and promptly made lossless rips in .flac format for my personal preservation purposes. I have so far been unable to find them on the public Internet, though do correct me if I am wrong and late to the party. I believe that, beyond audiophile concerns about sound quality (somewhat reasonable on their own, given the low bitrate of some albums), there is a genuine interest in those works in their uncompressed, lossless state, both for preservation purpose and potential re-encoding at better qualities and in more modern – and even future – audio formats. Keeping those for myself has no point (what's the purpose of those rips for "preservation" if they do not outlive myself and/or potential drives failure?), and I would love to share them and give back to the community. Honestly I have no idea where would there be potential interest for this, so I am asking here – if there is a better place for this, please do tell me, otherwise I can start uploading them here if there is any interest, so that other people may help in preserving them too.
  23. Oh nvm, I mean switch to windows mode
  24. I've recently downloaded the latest english patch for Plus Disk (v 1.107) from the wiki page. However, when I loaded my save file, only a few characters had their portraits showing, most of them had only their names and stats. Am I missing some files? Strangely, in v. 1.105b, this problem didn't occur (some portraits were missing on the level up menu on Hakurei Shrine, but that's a minor issue). There's also a folder called CharaGraph, which is empty. I'm not sure if there should be any files there... Nevermind, managed to fix the issue. I forgot to download some files, sorry for the bother.
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