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  2. Haruto Kazuki

    The True Buffet

    Reshiram is a dragon and Reisen is a rabbit youkai Question No. 29 = what's your opinion about the upcoming 2hu mobile game?
  3. Haruto Kazuki

    Week 1 Challenge!

    so... should i post the replay here? (even if i fail)
  4. Haruto Kazuki

    The year looking back

    early 2018 was the year that i got fully interested in 2hu, and I started to know about 2hu on late 2017. then i found moriya shrine when i was looking for the PS4 ULiL soundtrack. that was my first contact with a global online community, as i usually lurk at local online communities and never really liked being there . at first i lurked in the forums for a while and i decided to start talking here after a month. i won't regret that, because after that i pretty liked being here and it was really great talking to peoples in the forum. Then on August i decided to join the Discord Server, at first i was reluctant to join but i did anyway. on the discord server (which was more active than the forums) i got to know a lot of peoples and that was a new experience for me. overall being in moriya gave me a lot of new experiences and i didn't regret the choice to join here. also, last year i graduated from junior high and became a senior high school (to be more precise vocational high school) student then, i was chosen as the students council vice president candidate by my friends (to be precise i was forced )which shocked me as i never had the leadership skills necessary but, in the end i wasn't chosen on the election which actually made me feel relieved. then i became a member of students council which was pretty tiring for me, still i enjoyed some activities that we did so, i couldn't care more. as long as i enjoy it, it couldn't be a bad thing for me. i do dislike some of the members and i usually avoid working with them but if i need to work with them i just do what they ordered me to do. being in the students council gave me a few experience working behind the scene of an event. overall it wasn't too bad. school itself wasn't pretty bad except for those video assignments. other than that it was pretty decent. I chose networking as my major, we haven't got into the networking part yet, as we're still learning about the basics of computer. but we did learn programming as a secondary major material which has interested me for many years, and that's the part of school that i like (and the part most student in my class feared). i also continued my piano practice after i dropped it when i was still a child, i regretted the decision to drop it nevertheless, i got a second chance to continue it so i decided to continue i. it has been going great so far. 2018 had been a decent year for me and it went really quick. i'm expecting something better to happen this year
  5. Haruto Kazuki

    We tell a story two words at a time

    because Avion
  6. Yesterday
  7. Swag_Koishi9898

    Week 1 Challenge!

    Holy...the Prismriver sisters rekt me on easy and that is enough. well rip
  8. Same here, Idk what causes this
  9. This weeks challenge is Touhou 7 Stage 4 Normal
  10. Last week
  11. Ken Hisuag

    Touhou 6:Embodiment of Scarlet Devil [OST]

    By far the best complete album in the Project. Over a decade and a half later and many of these themes are still fan favorites. If you're new to Touhou music, this is where you should start.
  12. Ken Hisuag

    Touhou 15.5: Antimony of Common Flowers [OST]

    The Perfect Possession Discography features three tracks not included here. Not sure where they'd fit in. 59 - The Blooms of Spirit Possession {U2 Akiyama} 60 - The Yorimashi Sits Between Dream and Reality ~ Necro-Fantasia {U2 Akiyama} 61 - Tonight Stars and Easygoing Egoist ~ Egoistic Flowers {U2 Akiyama}
  13. silly_suwako

    Touhou 10: Mountain of Faith [Game]

    thank you, DaveZun I can now play Modern Era and Modern Era 2 with the new DirectX I have installed from microsoft Also this game is very good just hard
  14. Swag_Koishi9898

    Touhou Warriors of Friendship 2

    Ok It's Enter,please put that as info so that nobody gets confused like me again.
  15. Swag_Koishi9898

    Touhou Warriors of Friendship 2

    I also need to know how to select "Play".
  16. Swag_Koishi9898

    Touhou Warriors of Friendship 2

    How it wroks: The game plays like megaman 2. Run left and right, shoot enemies and jump. works*
  17. From discovering hoaxes to rescuing lost "maid"ends. remilia Remilia is not capitalized correctly. Lost "maid"ens you mean?
  18. Swag_Koishi9898

    Touhou 15.5: Antinomy of Common Flowers [Game]

    4 stars for two reasons. Issue 1 Loading times.Just loading times. They are very long , unlike a game like ISC or EOSD that loads fast enough. Issue 2 It reset my data. I had Reimu , Marisa , Mazimou , Nitori , and Reisen Runs already done. I didn't try Miko or complete any other run. That's all for my review.
  19. silly_suwako

    Touhou 8: Imperishable Night [Game]

    download worked, and it was completely safe no viruses. also I suck at the game
  20. silly_suwako

    Touhou 12: Undefined Fantastic Object [Game]

    2 stars for 1 reason. I know its not this site's fault but I just wanted to point this out. There was a missing DLL file and it said re-installing the program may fix the problem. Has anyone else had this issue?
  21. are u cuddlycupcake_master?

    1. Swag_Koishi9898


      Are you AngelTheGoodie? Bceause I am CuddlyCupcake_master.

    2. silly_suwako


      yea i am angel the goodie

  22. Maden

    PatchCon: Defend the Library!

    Fixed the typo. Thanks
  23. I haven't noticed. I literally won like 5 days.

    1. Cejic


      See if we can make it 6

    2. Swag_Koishi9898


      Ok I got 6 now gg Cejic

  24. Swag_Koishi9898

    PatchCon: Defend the Library!

    *Tower Defense Mode. Your units spawwn on top of platforms with no way down; enemies will rush for the bookshelves. Spawn is spelled as "spawwn" and not "spawn"
  25. Swag_Koishi9898

    The year looking back

    Talking about Touhou Azure Reflections?
  26. Swag_Koishi9898

    Missing a file in a few game folders

    I do have the same problem as Grouchy Reimu but it's missing the original English Version of LoLK. It's not as a big problem as hers but I don't understand Japanese. Thank god my Reisen Save Data Moved.
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