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  4. Deftera

    Touhou 16.5: Violet Detector

    The rating can be ignored, I'm just trying to reply to HamsterHamster's question: You can teleport by double clicking shift button, then press the arrow keys to teleport to a certain destination once
  5. Last week
  6. Suwako Moriya

    Touhou Pocket Wars 2nd

    Really most of the game was in english, Only the dialog wasn't, It's pretty good.
  7. Otakun Dan




    2D Shooting (others). No description available.
  8. Otakun Dan

    Fly, Marisa, Fly



    2D Shooting (others). No description available.
  9. Otakun Dan

    Crystallized Mythology



    2D Shooting (others). Playable Characters : Reimu, Marisa, Sanae. It looks like this game has Mac support.
  10. Otakun Dan

    Signal Fairies


    1 download

    2.5D/3D Shooting. No description available.
  11. Version

    1 download

    2.5/3D Platforming/Action. Playable Characters : Alice Controls : z : attack x : bomb (if green gauge is at least half full) c : drink potion Potions : Yellow : speed Purple : giant Alice Red : refill bomb gauge
  12. Jlegobot

    Touhou Pocket Wars 2nd

    Unplayable for me, cant find a config file or .exe to not have fullscreen, transition is too slow from in window, out window, and it isnt in english.
  13. yeashie

    Touhou Jaseishou - The Last Comer

    Bad game.... very bad game. The ido team did not know what the term "balancing" meant when it came to patterns, the game literally has patterns that force you to plan a trance or bomb in order to get past them which is 10/10 game design, literally impossible to LNNN the game because of this. Sakuya is the only viable shot since she makes some stage portions not as dumb as if you're using Reimu or Marisa. Speaking of Reimu, she does almost no damage, by far the worst character and you should never pick her. Michel's spells are some stuff you'd find in a Len'en Absurdly Extra, Iesua's nons are only doable because of the forced slow down. Only pros I can think of are the characters and the music, but the music was a given because wanwan composed the OST. Do NOT recommend this game unless you like messing around with the broken gimmick.
  14. NiceBoat

    Touhou 8: Imperishable Night [Game]

    All the music is good and the story is good
  15. NiceBoat

    Touhou 11: Subterranean Animism [Game]

    it's a mastahpiece
  16. Drunken_Flower

    Favorite Final Boss themes.

    here we go again, the endless music discussion. at least i will restrain myself from picking all the musics Strawberry Crisis!!, Sleeping Terror, The inevitably Forbidden Game (stage theme counts?), Illusion of Maid ~ Icemilk Magic, Cute Devil ~ Innoccence, The Grimoire of Alice, Judgement of the Sixtieth year ~ Fate of Sixty Years, Heian Alien, Primordial Beat ~ Pristine Beat, Pandemonic Planet
  17. Missed Cirno Day thanks to my computer almost dying on me and refusing to properly boot up until now :/

  18. Drunken_Flower

    Yukari Hyakuhachi-shiki

    Sometime, I question myself. WAT THE FK DID I JUST DOWNLOAD *still playing it*
  19. GasterMaster70

    Touhou Hack & Slash

    I'm getting a "File not found" error, is this normal?
  20. Drunken_Flower

    Violet Detector OST?

    sure, why not?
  21. Earlier
  22. shadow9800

    Fantasy Maiden Wars Scarlet

    Download link isn't working.
  23. Nitorium

    Violet Detector OST?

    You mind if we upload that with credit belonging to you?
  24. dobbytobby

    Violet Detector OST?

    Thank you!
  25. Drunken_Flower

    Code:R - From Gensokyo With Love -

    even you understand Japanese, this game is not that pleasing. The controls kinda weird, enemy have x-ray mod, you cant kill anyone and eventually they wake up then kill you instead, NEETori voice kinda earaping, and idk if this bad but reimu is too cheerful for me. and sometimes your shot and kick pass through the enemy.
  26. Drunken_Flower

    Favorite 2hu's

    Mukou, Akyuu, Parsee, Yukari and Yuuka anyone found any relation between them? idk and suika is my fav fighter in early fighting game
  27. Drunken_Flower

    Violet Detector OST?

    i got it extracted, loop it once, and convert to mp3 at 320 kbps http://www.mediafire.com/file/d722wwwv4819qss/VD_OST.zip/file and it's 72.65 MB in size
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