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  2. Futo hat Futo hat I think Kasen's Chinese buns are also pretty cool
  3. first go to settings then search for date time option click on language again click on Administrative language settings tap on option change System locate set to japanese language
  4. Today
  5. I always get this error when I try to run the game. I already tried windowed mode, fullscreen and every resolution.
  6. Usami sisters(?) indeed have the best hat other than that, horns are great
  7. Suwako. I want that hat. The googly eyes are just too tempting.
  8. Who do you think has the best hat in Touhou and why? Anyone's headgear/hat/headdress in the th universe is open for discussion on their own unique traits Have fun and don't quarrel over a hat!
  9. Yesterday
  10. Come on~ why is it so hard to run? I run it and after a long while, a black screen (game) popped up and automatically closed back. And I can't run the game after that no matter what. (I've uninstalled and reinstalled the game BUT the game only works once.)
  11. first game of mine, just beat lunatic mode. its surprisingly easy without hitbox also
  12. Last week
  13. hanno ucciso l'uomo ragno


    linda frocia


  14. Ok, so firstly when unzipping i got the messege telling about repeated file names. I chose to rename all. Was that the correct thing to do? Secondly is the untranslated line in the opening scene. Not a big deal at all but I want to confirm wether thats an error on my part or just the tl oversight. Thirdly the location names in the main menu arent translated for some reason. Is that also an error on my side or just missing tl? And is it possible to fix it? Its not gamebreaking or anything but it just sticks out to me. I have the base game without plus disk on another pc where they are translated so if someone can tell me if I could maybe just copy some files from there and which ones if so to have it translated on the plus disk as well.
  15. One can only wonder...

  16. Rather than a full soundtrack feature, this week I'm just highlighting a single track that caught my attention. I've never watched a James Bond movie, but I imagine this is what the songs from that series sounds like. I'm actually just stalling for a week while I work on a particularly difficult feature I've been putting off all year.
  17. So I tried to download the game but could only get some pictures. Anyone know how I can get the game please do tell me
  18. Cursed to forever cause tech to malfunction :SaguDown:

  19. anyone know how to update this so it can play online?
  20. This is happening whenever i go to run touhou 18 ( and touhou 17 too) what do i do? my notebook is a i3-4005U @ 1.70GHz (4 CPUs), 1.7GHz, my DirectX is DirectX 12, my video card is a Intel(R) HD Graphics Family and my windows version is windows 11
  21. I'm not sure what the keyboard controls are. I play with a controller.
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