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  2. @DreamleafI gotta admit, it’s pretty stellar how we were rooting for the opposite fighters to win that One Minute Melee. But I definitely agree, I’m glad Sakuya won. And ja, I’ve been playing Luna Nights since it was first announced on Steam. I love how they utilize Sakuya’s Time Manipulation. I gotta get around to finishing it among an entire slew of 2hu games.(Think I got around 30 of them now?) SA & LOLK are my personal favorites in the mainline series. The stories for both are top notch and in some areas; heartbreaking. I plan on buying LOLK when it arrives to Steam in April, along with Impossible Spell Card. Believe me, I’m on the same boat. I intend on collecting every bit of Touhou work I can find. Especially after finding out my local bookstore started selling the Forbidden Scrollery Manga. Also I wish ya the best of luck in completing your collection, mate. Cheers!
  3. Yeah I finished this last weekend. A tad bit short and there's not a ton of replayability but otherwise it was a very solid metroidvania. Very much worth the money imo. Looking forward to the extra stage.
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  5. I remember the Dio vs Sakuya video. That was shortly after I started myself. I liked both characters a lot but I admit I was rooting for Sakuya so I was pleasantly surprised at the end loI. haven't played many of the fan games but I did recently complete Luna Nights which just got its full release on steam recently. Very solid metroidvania if you're interested. I'd definitely recommend it. It's funny coming into this series as a newcomer. It's like jumping into this massive ocean. I've been obsessed with this series for the last 8ish months or so now and I still have tons and tons left to experience. Despite having gotten all the games from this site I ended up picking up an entire physical collection of the games, that's just how much I love this series. I still need to buy the music collection and printed works though. Btw have you played 15 yet? That game in normal point device mode for the first time is an experience hahaha. I think 11 and 15 are my favorites so you might also like it as well if you haven't tried it yet.
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  7. You all remember Osana Reimu? if not, you probably haven't watched it yet, i recommend watching Osana Reimu first before continuing in this topic.
  8. I would say Seija could be scary. According to the lore for Amanojaku; they wear the skin of their victims and pose as said victim. good thing the worst she can do is flip things out of order, no?
  9. My small (tiny) collection EDIT: I probably shouldn't be necroposting, sorry about that.
  10. Sci

    Touhou Merch!

    Yo, those two figures on the far left, I have those. Good taste.
  11. FIRST ONE!! Here's my submission: Title : Beloved Noukarin Author : Hasegawa Keita / Vitamin Rice (Circle) https://bato.to/series/60079
  12. Hello and greetings to all those who wander past. Humbly I welcome you to our little doujin tressure hunt. The concept is quite simple, you as a competitor will be tasked with finding a doujin that you think best fits the theme of the competition. This hunt's theme: Daily life in Gensokyo. Go forth and find a doujin that you feel best fits this theme. What we're looking for is a doujin that best captures the mundane, lax, stressful, or humorous day to day life of one character or multiple characters. I ask that before you start your hunt, you read the rules. I'll make them quick. 1) One submission per person. 2) Each submission can only be one chapter. The length of the chapter may vary. 3) If you made a submission you must vote or else you sacrifice your right to be in the runnings. 4) Can't vote for your own submission. 5) In the spirit of the club, only doujin works will be accepted. 6) Submissions must follow site guidelines in regards to gratuitous or NSFW content. This thread will be open for one week, until Friday at 5 PM EST. If multiple people ask for an extension I am willing to push the deadline back one day. I ask that the only posts in this thread are submissions for the competition. If anyone has a question or concerns reach out to me privately or on the interest check thread. Voting will take place after the thread is closed and the polls will remain open for two days so mark your calendar! When you make a submission make sure to include a link to the chapter, the name, and author if you can find them. If you find it applicable you are also allowed to write a small blurb, no more than 7 or so sentences, to make a case for your doujin. Or you may let the pictures speak for themselves. This is a celebration of the many wonderful works that exist made by members of our own community, however far away. So let's celebrate by showing off the best we can find! Winner gets bragging rights and some soda. So, happy hunting! @Crusader Jerome @Shrow @Drunken_Flower @Haruto Kazuki
  13. For me personally, there were a lot of pieces that drew me to this series. It really started when I listened a re-remix of Night Of Nights, played by the Epic Sax Guy. Then I watched a One Minute Melee vídeo of DIO vs Sakuya.(I had no idea who this Maid was initially, and had hoped that DIO would win... I was pleasantly mistaken.) Then came Scarlet Curiosity, which I bought on PSN. Obviously, I only knew of Sakuya so I was totally confused by what I was playing lore-wise. But it kept me interested enough to look for more, so I came across The Disappearing Of Gensokyo on Steam, and bought it along with all the DLC.(When in Rome, no?) At first, I wasn’t too convinced by this blue-haired girl holding a lightsaber.(Tenshi. Sorry for my ignorance back then.) But then as I kept playing and picked up Mystia, I picked up another tiny head for a white-haired girl, noticed she carried a katana so I was immediately interested in this girl. Youmu instantly became a favorite of mine when I actually started doing research on Touhou characters & lore. Finally, I ended up picking up yet another game from Steam. Though, I wasn’t aware this was an official work. I thought the drawing was kinda cute. So I ended up enjoying Hidden Star in Four Seasons, despite the Japanese dialogue, but I got the gist of it thanks to Wikia pages. Eventually I nabbed Imperishable Night. (From this website, no less.) beating it a few times on Normal. Though, I got destroyed several times before winning without Continues. Next came Subterranean Animism, which I really fell in love with. No matter how much it hates me, ahaha... Now I’m here, scooping up every available Touhou game, fan-game, Manga and merchandise I can find... And that my wallet permits.
  14. You are correct. My apologies, the toolbar reset due to the update i did a few days ago.
  15. My apologies for necroposting. Just wanted to share my small hoard, I’m building up. The Remi stuff belongs to my brother, but everything else is mine. Though, I’m missing my Welcome Hell t-shirt...
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  17. and not only that, all posts that use spoiler now deleted. and one more, i can't edit my post in the chatbox.
  18. I guess my lunatic 1cc with MM in 9 would probably be my highest achievement. I think beating 15 in point device mode normal for the first time or even the first normal 1cc I ever got (PCB) might be the proudest I actually felt at beating a game though. Seriously, looking back now normal PCB might not seem that bad compared to many of the other Touhou games but for someone starting out with hardly any experience in bullet hells it took a ton of time and dedication to get to the point of even being able to do that at all.
  19. SA, UFO and LoLK are the big 3 for me. I can't compare them in lunatic or hard mode much since most of my experience is with normal mode but between those 3 I definitely found LoLK PD mode to be the most harrowing. I've been told going from LoLK normal to lunatic mode is much less terrifying then switching difficulties like that in the other Touhou games so it's probably not the worst for Lunatic if you do it correctly. Also I don't see it mentioned a lot but I find 9s difficulty can be frustrating at times too. Not so much because it's hard (which it certainly can be) but moreso because of how inconsistent its difficulty can be. At one moment your stage 6 normal Sakuya could be pushing well into 4 minutes well your screen is just getting spammed in death, and then in another moment your stage 7 lunatic Aya goes down after 30 seconds
  20. Yep, I just recently got my first lunatic 1cc in Phantasmagoria of a Flower View with Medicine Melancholy, quite pleasing to be able to go from not being able to do an easy mode Touhou game 1cc to being able to complete a lunatic run in only the span of a few months. I still have tons of goals I want to reach like beating Yukari in PCB but it's still extremely satisfying to see how much I've progressed with this series but as it stands now I'm sitting at around 45 different 1ccs over the various games/characters/shot types.
  21. Wow that's a lot of print works to get through. I've got some serious catching up to do. I'll probably start off with Touhou Kourindou - Curiosities of Lotus Asia and just go from there. Thanks a bunch for the help.
  22. Oh crap i didn't check the official games' descriptions.
  23. Good to see you! We always want new people into Touhou, regardless of how active they are. If you feel like you wanna talk to us more, be sure to join the Discord server.
  24. i usually see the eye icon that creates spoiler drop down in the text editing box. now it isn't there anymore. is it intentional?
  25. Well... for me, i read from the oldest first. but some people read differently. wew... a wall of texts.. AND take note that the music CDs have stories in them So yeah... if you want to start with date, there it is if you want to start from popularity, it's either The Inaba of the Moon and Inaba of the Earth, Wild and Horned Hermit or Forbidden Scrollery.
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