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  2. I don't normally associate Castlevania with horror, but there is an undeniable connection given its subject matter; mainly, vampires are a horror concept, therefore vampire hunting is a horror related concept, if otherwise lacking horror themes. Hitherto I'd never listened to the soundtrack for Symphony of the Night, simply because the most lauded tracks of the franchise come from other games (e.g. "Bloody Tears," "Vampire Killer," "Divine Bloodlines," etc.). I am aware that this game is one half the foundation of the metroidvania genre, and that being a favorite of mine, you'd think I'd have taken time to look into it sooner. Regardless, I've taken the time now, and have been suitably impressed; far from the outdated soundfont style I expected, the arrangements sound almost modern, with full orchestral and electronic elements. There is a slight resonance issue that gives away its age, but I find this highlights the atmosphere as an unexpected boon. I was previously familiar with Michiru Yamane from Bloodlines, which for some time has been my favorite soundtrack in the series, but as that game was for very different hardware I didn't base my expectations off of it. She was also involved with Bloodstained, but I hadn't previously paid as much attention to which tracks she worked on; I'll be sure to check back on that now.
  3. holy f_cking sh_t i didn’t recognize you again, how many times is bro gonna change his name :SekiThink:

  4. Yeaaa, Fumo emoticons. Of course i will use these ones :3 ᗜωᗜ
  5. these two songs would be great for April fools but that's 2 months ago. Hm... I can think of something else for that occasion though. U.N Owen Was Her? from SilvaGunner but it's actually Child Protective Services Theme Song by Nero's Day at Disneyland. Where I found it originally: https://twitter.com/rowster__/status/1800965377528299769 and U.N Owen Was Her by SimTheNep but it's California Gurls by Katy Perry. I can't find the song on any of their accounts tho... Their channels: https://www.youtube.com/@SimTheNep https://www.youtube.com/@SimTheNepVGM (their 2nd channel) Here's some cool songs when I was going through r/TOUHOUMUSIC subreddit, it's a really nice place to find cool songs. The place: https://www.reddit.com/r/TOUHOUMUSIC/ A Resonant Name by THE OTHER FLOWER (a circle) 【Touhou Arrange Maru】shrewd【Eyes of Madness】by Aria = Gedomaru (アリア=外道丸)
  6. i forgot how silly this place still kinda is

  7. released a fumo thread in misty lake for you fumo enthusiasts ᗜ‿ᗜ

    1. Banana Man 4577

      Banana Man 4577

      You are doing gods work

    2. koakumas



  8. =================== post pics of fumos, talk about fumos, become fumo, be one with the fumo (follow the moriya shrine rules tho ) =================== fumo emoticons: ᗜˬᗜ ᗜ˰ᗜ ᗜˍᗜ ᗜ‿ᗜ ᗜ ̥ᗜ ᗜωᗜ ՞(ᗜˬᗜ)՞ =================== “it’s all about the fumos!!!” - what are fumos? ~ typically high quality plushies, notable from touhou project (reason why you’re here!) for more information on how and where to get one of these soft cuddly friends, check out the fumo website! they have a list (kinda outdated), offline checklist for you to use, and websites of where to go and not to go! - how many fumos does the creator of the thread, koakuma, has? ~ 5, most come from the usa amazon kunfund thing. yuyuko (amazon), cirno (unknown, heavily bootlegged from easter), tenshi (amazon), koishi (amazon, confirmed bootleg), and reimu (unknown) ===================
  9. oh yeah in july shiii uhm.. im going to arizona in july so uh- there’s that :’p
  10. Yesterday
  11. Hey yo!

    I'm sorry to be vanished since a while, but i have something good im thinking to "cook" something good.

    And yep, this is about the new drawining which will come up soon after the Drawning Request.


    As everyone can see, the Saki Kurokoma drawing will be the next work to do, but with more effort on it. Of course the drawning will come soon at the Artworks Section (or maybe in the Gallery).


    Is 100% garanted the drawining be coloured and even less "static" too to do something so much cooler ^w^


  12. Greetings, my my, what a speedy chapter this week, already to the Human Village (though it will be a welcome change of pace, since "walking in the scary woods" was getting a bit stale). Good integration of Narumi. She's a simple character with not much to it, so her not being there for long makes sense. Nyoko was right in that "magician" would make people react (though Oscar didn't know that). I like Oscar being "so done" with this trek through the woods ("no more questions, just get out of here"). Now, for next week choice: being late has its advantages, I get to break the tie. I'll go for the obvious "enter through the gate". Making a magic trick will get Oscar into trouble, but eh, not like he hasn't done with trouble before. Besides, what would people think if suddenly saw a Youkai jumped over the wall (and Aggapa could count this as "breaking in")? Or a suspicious person climbing with a robe or from a tree? If Oscar doesn't get spotted, then what would people think if suddenly there's someone nobodies knows dressed in a weird outfit? EDIT: Forgot the reference to Team9 cooking in the woods as Oscar walks by. A nice touch that shows a hint of what could have been.
  13. Last week
  14. Funny Joke Here

    Stolen Images

    Mostly stolen from 4chan, bantculture and Danbooru.
  15. blah, i dont know wht to do because when i try to open the installer everything is in gibberish and i dont know what to select...
  16. *daiyousei falls from above and lands on the ground in a splat of pain.* daiyousei: “kahaaaa?! you..” *scarlet red blood pools onto the snowy ground of the igloo, daiyousei gasps in pain.* daiyousei: “bastard, batstard… YOU ALL ARE BASTARDS LET CIRNO DO THE DIRTY WORK THEN…” remilia: “another to be executed? sounds perfect with me…” *remilia approaches daiyousei with a new gungnir in hand, the sharp part is just mere inches away from the head of daiyousei.* remilia: “you have done well, done much for your master. however, your days of living will be over.” daiyousei: “but we’re fairies… we can’t… DIE..” remilia: “tell that to the judge of paradise…” *remilia then plunges the gungnir into the head of daiyousei. blood continues to pool everywhere.* remilia: “i’ll be waiting once we defeated cirno.” *cirno watches from above, she then cackles there.* cirno: “i see… if you really want someone to take you down then let me be the person!” *cirno prepares her attacks.* flandre: “okay, seems like we caught ourselves in this, i think koishi is gonna attack us too. prepare yourself!” cirno: “you, a perfect replacement for the frogs. you and your party, freeze under my divine perfection!”
  17. *the snapping from the camera emitted an echo throughout the igloo.* ibunde: “kuyara, look!” *she put down her camera and saw her, a now elegant looking cirno flies down from who knows where.* kuyara: “i- i can’t! the tengus need this news!” cirno: “fufu… daiyousei-chan!” *she teleports in.* cirno: “get rid of these peasants as i watch in entertainment! WAHAHAHAHA! also 1+1=2, i have learned!” daiyousei: “f-finally… now.” *she turns towards you five.* daiyousei: “i see, even this puny human can’t learn the lesson even after many tries. i, daiyousei, the fairy of pure nature, might as well have to exterminate all 5 of you!” *she throws a giant seed bomb out of nowhere, it seems to be aiming for kuyara.* daiyousei: “AND LET’S KEEP YOU ALL DEAD FOR!” *the seed bomb ended being blocked by something halfway of approaching kuyara. it was something invisible.* remilia: “eh? kuyara, for once put down the cam.. er… a….” *it was koishi, appearing from thin air. she said nothing.* daiyousei: “impossible!” koishi: “i’m gonna call the phone, answer it!” *this then follows up by koishi stabbing daiyousei from behind.* koishi: “have you answered it, green fairy?”
  18. Freaking 2Fort. On another note lovely drawing. Cirno is gonna be obliterated, she better hope its not a random crit
  19. Bro... I fell so gratefull for that... Thank ya so much...! •́⁠ ⁠ ⁠‿⁠ ⁠,⁠•̀
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