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  3. The download for this isn't working.
  4. Sorry, it seems I forgot a file in the latest update. It should be fixed now.
  5. I came across this album randomly, and appreciated the Castlevania-esque style of this track. It has a techno baseline, but is carried by violin solo bridged by interchanging sections of strings, synths and at one point even an organ! It all blends together really well.
  6. As I do not have Discord, would someone else please ensure this request is fulfilled?
  7. It has been the standard approximated two-and-a-half months: the time has come for another remix tournament! As usual, submissions will be open for the next sevenish days. Each participant shall submit three remixes via Messages. The tournament itself shall consist of rounds of three remixes each, with each participant reviewing entries in their preferred manner of numbering system and commentary; rating of participant's own submissions is not discouraged, but will not affect the final score. Once all submissions have been featured and reviewed, the ratings shall be tallied to determine the "winner." Anyone and everyone is invited! If there are any questions, feel free to inquire! Also, referencing previous tournaments is advised, though not required.
  8. I tried this, says that UnityPlayer.dll cannot be found. Is there a way to fix this? I tried reinstalling it as well.
  9. Yesterday
  10. Hello there! I'm a big touhou fan, and I'm new here. Not sure if anyone will notice this but I just thought I should inroduce myself. Have a nice day!
  11. Hey, I don't know if I'm doing anything wrong or what but I can't seem to be able to actually open the game. The "th18.exe" file apparently contains a virus (or something that is making my anti-virus quarantine it) and thus isn't making this work properly.
  12. Last week
  13. for your metal needs, been collecting them lately anyway this what i wanted to share from the beginning. i can see why Cannonball gone bankrupt. wanted to put this in next tourney but yeah...
  14. R.I.P. the many amusing and intriguing posts of Garsion DeCrick.

    1. Drunken_Flower


      yeah... idk what happened to him


  15. I feel inclined toward rock and metal today, or something along those lines anyway . . .
  16. Monster Hunter Rise soundtrack showcase Part 4/4: Wait, it's not Japanese?
  17. i love this game so much, and the melee attack is [C]
  18. when i open up touhou 8 it just shows this after the first time i open and close it, any solutions? also i need full english translation pls
  19. how do I put the language of this game in Brazilian-Portuguese?
  20. Writing wise, the game feels like it is made by the fans, for the fans. On the gameplay side, it's not bad. It has a decent representation of the bullet hell games in RPG format. The art is so great, it is my second favorite art wise after Hisoutensoku. The story is pretty weak, but the event dialogue has the fun feel of the rest of the series. Story: 4/10 Dialogue: 7/10 Gameplay: 9/10 Art:11/10
  21. Fier

    Lost Word

    Touhou Lost Word is the best gacha I've played in my life. The writing in this game is so cute
    Well well, I seem to have made my way to the review section. I had way too much fun playing this, the story was engaging, it was easy to understand what the characters were going through, Throughout the game, you really get a sense of what went down during the "Hug wars", and some of the personal struggles the main characters go through, most of the boss fights are kinda tricky, but once you get a handle on what you're supposed to be doing, it gets better. the dungeons are just the right amount of confusing (bone zone) and later on come back stronger and even larger (bone zone). Overall a really good game, I look forward to your next project Sci!
  22. Hello everyone! Someome can help me? I have a little problem, i downloaded the game like 2 years ago, and the game work without poblems, but recently i have a little problem with the English patch (Touhou123). When i open it, it says that i need another version of Hisoutensoku, but i have that version. In that website is only the patch of that version, i downloaded it and the problem still there... The error appeared out of nowhere, (I can play the game in Japanese, but the English patch is producing that error) Also i tried to download the same game from differents websites and the problem still here. If someome know a solution i would really appreciate it! Have a nice Day =) (Using google translator)
  23. Half as a followup to last week, half as its own feature, today we're momentarily returning to Bravely Default to address what is arguably its most significant contribution to VGM. I mentioned last week in passing that I inadvertently compare this soundtrack to that of Octopath Traveler. While technically both games feature the same styles of music, the way they each incorporate them is very different; Octopath's soundtrack is crafted to its world building, while Default's music tends to be more experimental than serious (given time, I might make a better argument for this position, but for now this is sufficient to define my perceptions surrounding the two). I clarify this to contextualize one of the more noteworthy parallels between the two, that being their shared gimmick of instrument-specific character themes. In Octopath, these themes served a primarily story-focused purpose, often playing at important moments in each character's journey to denote moments of change or progression. For Default, the character themes represent a foundational game mechanic concerning combat. There are four character themes in Bravely Default. I don't think I need to clarify the "focus" instruments; if it isn't apparent immediately, it will be later. All of these are great compositions in their own right, especially considering the constraints under which they were arranged; each had to be exactly the same length, and they manage to complete a standard motif cycle within a relatively short time. However, they are ultimately not the focus of this feature. This is the theme of the game's final boss. The soundtrack arrangement has strung together independently looping phases into a cohesive musical journey. This accomplishes one of the most compelling culminations I've yet come across in VGM, pulling together the musical identity of the entire game into a single piece that simultaneously distinguishes itself as unique. This is accomplished by building the piece around its own motif, and including only the most undeniably important leitmotifs for its climax (rather than going for the effective but often unremarkable general medley or main theme remix approaches). The result is one of my favorite standalone pieces in video game music, and deserving of a slightly more spectacular presentation. There's probably (definitely) more to say about this piece, such as the significance of in-game buildup, but I think what I've presented should be sufficient (this feature is already a week too long, anyway). Till next week!
  24. I've had a problem recently where all of the mainline games don't open and show the message "the program can't be opened because d3dx9_43.dll wasn't found", and it still shows the message even if I delete and download the games again. For some reason, EoSD is the only game without this issue. Edit: okay, problem solved, for some reason my computer didn't have directx, that was the issue :^)
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