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  3. Hello, I think your ideas would work for a game like that. Having a setting that's more similar to the one in Nocturne is probably the best option; actually, it'd likely be better if the game was based off SMT rather than Persona. Yes, I'm not too sure how fusing Touhou characters would work either. I've thought of an alternative to this, where it would only be very loosely based off the SMT fusion mechanics: you can talk to two characters and tell them to introduce you to another one. Like in SMT, the new party member would depend on the two characters -- for example, if you were
  4. Are there any standalone translations to Touhou that aren't THCRAP?
  5. I like this idea lol Gonna try something similar with arch, but in addition with configured for touhou wine. Also I will be using just a window manager (didn't decide which one yet), without desktop environment, so I can make it maximally touhou themed with things like polybar. Would also try making the entire system controllable with a gamepad, but idk how yet. And for browser: I don't suggest you changing the default home page, most Linux users don't like it, customize and make it touhou-themed instead.
  6. While not as well known outside of the video game community, the music of Super Mario 64 is almost as iconic as that of the first game among fans of VGM. In many ways, this soundtrack served as the fulfillment of its foundation, incorporating and expanding upon many of the classic themes. A part of me would like to show examples of this like Cave Dungeon and the Title Theme (literally called that in the OST). However, the soundtrack is just small enough that I want to limit the feature to four themes, and three of those have basically been chosen for me. Aside from being the most highly
  7. If anyone wants to lend a hand to development, just message me. Now excuse me while I recover my files. This is why we use virtual machines, so we don't lose stuff.
  8. how to beat eosd

    wait this isn't google

  9. Yesterday
  10. I'm getting an error where I can't run the game. A little alert pops up saying "windows can't execute [path to the game]". I've seen this happen with other games and it's usually fixed by turning off an antivirus, but I tried that and ran into the same problem. Any advice?
  11. Okay so long story short, I got trolled by a video on YouTube saying that "TouhouBuntu" was a thing. It was a lie, so now I'm making it real. To be clear, I know very little about programming and I only know C64 BASIC and Batch, so I'm using a program called Cubic to do the programming for me. This project is not an OS made from the ground up, but rather a customized Ubuntu installer that I plan to have 2 main features: It comes with Touhou 6 (probably the demo for legal reasons) and the starting web page is Moriya Shrine. Oh, and the wallpaper is Touhou related as well. (Just someth
  12. Sorry to those who waited years to get the other 5, but they're finally actually included now. Someone must have missed something when this page and the download were ported from our old website to this one
  13. Is that on a Pi 4/400? If so, don't expect the text to work properly for English. At the moment, I'm fiddling around with Cubic and making a custom Ubuntu image. I don't intend for it to work on a Pi, so I'll put this project in another thread.
  14. Hello it's me again. I like to draw once in a while aside from pew-pewing but the art says no :( Training stages 4 and 5 of EOSD on Normal so Remilia can kick my butt soon enough if Patchouli and Sakuya allow me. Tried my luck with some sketches of Rumia, Cirno and Meiling and decided to drop them here. Maybe I can try to make Reimu and the rest of the crew later on idk.
  15. not really a 2hu song but it's from EnS so let's say it is :D it's from one of very few EnS original albums and since i won't be able to pick it for tournament i've just decided to drop it here PS. Chata voice really is amazing, isn't it?
  16. Yeah, I think that should do it Change the Directinput setting in the Touhou10-Config and see if that helps you
  17. renk = colour in Turkish

  18. Hi, I'm new to Touhou and this is my first shot at it so I hope I'm posting this in the right place, but I've got this shooting problem. The game runs and starts just fine, I can use bombs too but Z is supposed to shoot, right? Because it doesn't for me and so far none of my keys have shooting assigned. I can move and slow down with shift just fine too. Any ideas?
  19. Last week
  20. so I just change the BugFixTh10Power3 value to zero, right?
  21. Electric manipulation. Basically, the power to generate electricity and use it to attack. Also can allow me to hover over the ground with a small electromagnetic field. Attacks include: Type 1: Offensive Shoots small nail-shaped electric bullets. Secondary bullets are magnetic balls that damage nearby enemies Type 2: Defensive Shoots fast, piercing electric bolts that divide themselves on 2 after being released. Secondary bullets are lasers that rotate around the player shooting every 2 seconds. Can't destroy bullets. Spell cards include: EMP: Releases a smal
  22. looking through current files there seems to be at least no current english patch. I checked around sites and found the translations on the Touhou wiki. https://touhou.fandom.com/wiki/Moedan:_Translation
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