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Release Information
Type: Puzzle
Developer: UTG Software
Publisher: UTG Software
Release: Comiket 83, December 30, 2012
Language: Mostly Japanese

Default Controls
Z: Select/Counter-Clockwise Turn
X: Back/Clockwise Turn
Enter: Switches between fullscreen and windowed mode


Plot Point: Oh noes! Sanae's fallen into a hole! Patchouli creates an animated doll type thing in the shape of  Suwako to rescue her.

How it Works: The doll will move on its own from left to right. You must help it traverse gaps, spikes, and lasers using tetris-styled pieces and bombs to get the key to the door. Keep in mind that the doll can climb one block up, and there are enemies to watch out for. And take care not to squish the doll. It's sad. ;w;

Menu: Since the game is  mainly in Japanese, it can be difficult to find what's what. Your first selection will bring you to the different game modes. The second selection will bring you to free mode and a stage editor. The third selection brings you to the music room and gallery. The fourth selection is the options. The final selection will exit your game.

Game Modes:
Normal Mode: The main game. Go rescue Sanae!
Extra Mode: Not sure. Haven't unlocked it yet.
Grade Mode: The game's puzzle mode.
Continue: Let's you choose which file you wish to continue... do I need to explain this one?

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