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Touhou Pazuru da Zenin Shuugou? - Dan wa Ochite mo Ninki wa Otosuna

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Release Information
Type: Puzzle
Developer: Suifu Goudou Kikaku
Publisher: Suifu Goudou Kikaku
Release: Reitaisai 5, on May 25, 2008
Language: Japanese


Touhou Pazuru da Zenin Shuugou? - Dan wa Ochite mo Ninki wa Otosuna, literally translated as "All Set is Eastern Puzzle? - Popular Even if the Bullets are Dropping" is a puzzle game based upon Sega's Puyo Pop Fever, developed by 萃符合同企画 and featuring the cast of Touhou. The purpose of the game is to defeat the opponent in a battle by filling their grid up to the top with ojama or garbage. The game has no storyline and focuses on versus mode in three options; CPU, human and network. The players start with Reimu or Marisa, but by completing challenges more characters, artwork and music can be unlocked.

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