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DynaMarisa 3D  

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Release Information
Type: Platforming/Action/3rd Person shooter
Developer: Tasogare Frontier
Publisher: Tasogare Frontier
Release: Comic 1☆5, on May 1, 2011
Language: English/Japanese

Default Controls
Move&Aim: W,A,S,D, Mouse Aims
Jump: Shift
Dodge: Space Bar (move forward after "Dodge" and you will run)
Scope Zoom: Mouse Wheel (only on guns that have it)

This game supports 3D stereoscopic graphics that can be activated by pressing Alt + Enter to switch into fullscreen.


Plot Point: Marisa has been caught in Patchouli's library yet again, and this time her response was of epic proportions: having evidently learned from the game "MegaMari" that merely turning the library into a castle isn't enough, she's decided to go all-out to eliminate our beloved book-borrower from her library once and for all - she's hired tons of high-tech help and enchanted the place so Marisa can't use her spell cards!  This forces Marisa to respond in kind by taking up arms and hiring her own small troop of fairy helpers.  With guns that have abilities linked to her friends, it's time to stop Pachouli's madness and make a safer future for books!
How It Works: Its a 3rd-person shooter, meaning you'll be looking at Marisa's back as well as the hordes of enemies that dare to stand against her, you are also given a small group of fairies to help you early on. The Mission objectives aren't disclosed, but range from "survive" to "kill all enemies."  The controls are like a Computer FPS; the A/S/D/W keys moves Marisa around, and you aim with the mouse.
Extra Notes: Put item acquisition on the top of your priority list: you need all the help you can get later on.
Hat: Little Marisa hats are dropped by killing the enemies around you.  These each permanently increase your Max HP by 1 point.  1644417_orig.png
Gold Mushrooms: Gold Mushrooms are healing items (Who would have guessed that? I mean seriously, you only play as Marisa).  5357615_orig.png
Blue Boxes: This is Important! Boxes contain new weapons, which you can use starting in the next stage.  Remember, the harder the Stage settings are, the better your weapons are, and Marisa likes very powerful weapons !  ^.^ 1947369_orig.png

What's New in Version     See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

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Touhou meets EDF, I did not expect to see this exist

As someone who's a big fan of both EDF & Touhou, this is like two birds in one stone

Though this was like a lite-version counterpart, this is just as addicting as EDF series

Surprisingly, this game had no manual weapon reload feature, so I had to empty the ammo to reload it forcibly, and can't adjust screen resolution, so I had to use third-party software (Sizer) to adjust its size by force

I kinda wish there are more games like these, this game was really fun, despite lacking in features & overall content that older EDF games had, but it was understandable, considering this game was very old and was like a fan-made parody of early EDF games



Discovered two abusable in-game features, which was Bunny-hopping and Stun I-frame

For bunny-hopping, you could do this by jumping while sprinting, the sprinting speed preserves when you jump again in correct timing, which takes practice, shooting while moving slows you down, so doing it while bunny-hopping will preserve your speed, you can also bunnyhop in any direction as long as you don't sharply turn, this is good for fleeing from/rushing through targets while attacking them, this kind of multi-tasking is good for speedrun (specifically TAS)

And for Stun I-frame, you get stunned when you get blown-up by an explosive projectile from any sources (from yourself, teammate, or enemy), but you're also invincible while being stunned, this is a good way to avoid insta-death attacks, especially against giant mechs in master difficulty (hardest), bring your weakest rocket launcher (obtained from stage 1 easy), and bring any rapid-firing weapon with Vampirizer, blow yourself up and get stunned when they're about to wind-up their attack, then heal yourself with the other weapon that had vampirizer to compensate for the damage you got from blowing yourself up

In EDF, there are some farmable stages like UFO, ant-hill, and a beach full of red ants, DynaMarisa 3D also had these similarities, which is good for obtaining strongest weapons available

Stages good for farming OP weapons: 01, 02, 07, 08, 13, 17, & 20-23

In EDF, Rapier are really OP close-combat weapons, same with DynaMarisa 3D's Qi-Gong/Chi-Kung verions, they're quite good with faster reload or increased damage, but they're more deadlier with piercing (crowd control) and vampirizer (heal while attacking)



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