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CODE: R - Gensoukyou Yori Ai Okomete  

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Release Information
Type: Action/Stealth
Developer: BlueMica
Publisher: BlueMica
Release: Comiket 84, on August 12, 2013
Language: Japanese, Some English Menus

Default Controls
Mouse: Camera Movement
Shift: Toggle Run/Walk
Z/Left Click: Shoot
V: Throw Grenade
Up/Down Keys: Change Ammo
Left/Right Keys: Change Grenades
?: Toggle Crouch
X/Right Click: Context Sensitive Action
R: Reload
P: Menu
J: Toggle WAVE Goggles
B: Melee Attack
Enter: Select
Esc: Cancel


Plot Point: A cybernetics laboratory had finished building the ultimate machine: the nuclear-capable gynoid known as SANA. Mysteriously, a terrorist organization kidnaps SANA and implants her AI with a virus, twisting her mind with a desire to destroy the planet. With the rest of the world unable to act, the special operations miko known as the 'Dichromatic Butterfly' is contracted to counteract this incident. With the reclusive 'NEETori' supporting her via. radio transmissions, Reimu sets off to infiltrate the terrorist organization, discover their goals, and recover or shutdown SANA.
How it Works: Metal Gear/Splinter Cell Touhou. You make use of an array of bullets, grenades, and items to make your way through stages full of traps, guards, and security devices to fulfill certain objectives, whether it be to destroy a target or secure intel, before finally making your way back to the escape point.
From the Story menu, Nitori will give you a description of each mission. Once you select a mission, you can choose which bullet type and grenade type you will use for the mission. You can also select an alternate costume, but this is purely cosmetic. You can unlock more of them after meeting certain conditions.
Your ammo is limited, so make good use of it. You can occasionally find ammo items on the stage. You also have access to WAVE goggles, which allows you to see security devices' field of view, laser wires, etc. until the goggles need to recharge. When you obtain an item such as the suppressor, you need to go into the menu and equip it in the gadgets sub-menu. Once you get a perfect and speedy clear of the whole game, you can start missions with these items equipped.
The security devices will become more complex as the game goes on, some needing key cards and such to open. The guards will also become more complex, some being immune to melee and most shots, etc.The guards will react on-sight, and also to sounds such as your shots and running footsteps. Melee itself is silent. When they are put into a state of alert, their field of vision also expands. Also of note is that Reimu is a technical pacifist, so you cannot use live munitions on the guards. 

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my pc wouldn't be able to handle it, but it's true art. one day I'll play it in flawless 8888 high def and such, but not today

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