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  1. I appreciate a remix which makes slight adjustments to the source motif to fit the flow of the arrangement. In this case, the vocal melody is equal parts recognizable and original. On the instrument front, the core of the piece was eurobeat, but contained momentary elements of oriental folk and metal. In short, an unusually good find. My fullest genre folder is the EDM one (*shrug*), so I'll use a few of those for this week.
  2. Despite myself, I've been enjoying the music of Everhood lately. The head composer leans toward a post-modern style, often sacrificing structure for experience. Normally I'm against this style for lacking any sense of order, but in this case the game provides the context for the music, thereby returning some meaning to its construction. Additionally, other composers involved in the project favored more conventional composition styles, allowing the soundtrack to be a varied mixing of musical presentations.
  3. Theme of the week is long-lived-leitmotifs, and no Touhou music phrase has been more prevalent in the series and fandom then the arpeggios of Theme of Eastern Story. More often then not, a Touhou fangame will feature its own take on this theme, blending it into whatever moods and styles characterize the project. As such, there is an abundance of arrangements that contain this motif, even though its nature allows for varied application. I would post some of my favorite examples, but it would mostly be Wanwan. I will limit myself to one Kaisendo Group title theme, and try to feature some ot
  4. In parallel to the motif-themed feature on Share Music You Like, I figured now would be a good time to feature the Angry Birds theme. Since its debut, the theme has been remixed numerous times across the series, especially for the spin-off game Seasons. While initially overseen by the composer, Ari Pulkkinen, music production would later be primarily handled by Salla Hakkola and Ilmari Hakkola (I can't find any confirmation over whether or not the two are related). By far my favorite version of the theme is from the licensed spin-off Angry Birds Rio. I can't find any conclusive i
  5. I was rewatching some of my favorite Doctor Who specials recently. For those who don't know, the main theme of the series has been arranged and rearranged around the same motif for over fifty years. Across the TV series, movies, and audio dramas, there are at least twenty official variations. While I have been severely disappointed with the direction of the series of late, I have and will always consider the theme one of the best musical products of television ever. These are the three version I suspect to be considered "the best" by the fandom at large, arranged by Delia Derbyshire, Pete
  6. Although I love the music, I'm committed to staying clear of gatcha games. But I'm glad you're back!
  7. Returning to the backlog. I can't remember when I bookmarked these arrangements. For some reason, I normally associate GarageBand with lower quality remixes, but this artist seems to make good use of the software. These specific entries are noteworthy interpretations of PC-98 themes.
  8. The past three weeks have represented what I personally believe to be the three most important soundtracks in the Super Mario franchise. Initially, I planned to feature Super Mario Maker this week. As I said before, the diversity in Mario's music across the series makes it impossible to narrow down to a few examples, because no two are quite alike. I figured SMM would be a good way to illustrate this. However, I felt increasingly obligated through the month to somehow fit Super Mario World in somewhere, as it's at least as iconic as SMB1 and 64, both as a game and for its music. An impo
  9. I've begun to familiarize myself with the new soundtrack, and consequently with some of the more noteworthy remixes thereof.
  10. Moving from the classic era to the modern era, I'd argue the standard set for all 3D Mario games thereafter was the soundtrack to Super Mario Galaxy. This is possibly the most iconic soundtrack from more recent Mario games at this time, and if not, then certainly the most revered. Instead of the quirky music that Mario was otherwise known for, this game featured high production value orchestral scores, presenting themes in epic fullness. In time, I suspect this will be looked back upon as a turning point in Mario music (if it isn't already).
  11. Been awhile. Missed thread's anniversary. Had song planned. Here it is (remind people of thread): Long day. Short sentences. Good song, though.
  12. That was the linking factor. Benjo did a Dark Road of Fate remix for the album as well. -_- sure why not I say I post some a-TTTempo, so I do.
  13. That is . . . unfortunate. So the two I initially thought were DF's but for the misdirection were actually his. Oh well. I still managed to have fun with it. The irony is that the link to the off-vocal is in the comment section of the video you found. But FTR, I heavily preferred the vocal over the instrumental.
  14. Been putting this off, 'cause I know it's going to take awhile. First off, this has by far been one of the best tournaments we've had so far from the position of submissions, which have spanned across several genres and styles. The music was so good overall, that I've been questioning the dynamic quality of my ratings. I'm not quite decided on adopting the decimal system yet, and ultimately it doesn't matter (per previous post-tournament discussion), but I'm giving it some thought. Participation felt a little more awkward with the extended time between each round, but this was more because I w
  15. While not as well known outside of the video game community, the music of Super Mario 64 is almost as iconic as that of the first game among fans of VGM. In many ways, this soundtrack served as the fulfillment of its foundation, incorporating and expanding upon many of the classic themes. A part of me would like to show examples of this like Cave Dungeon and the Title Theme (literally called that in the OST). However, the soundtrack is just small enough that I want to limit the feature to four themes, and three of those have basically been chosen for me. Aside from being the most highly
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