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  1. I'm going to start doing these on Wednesday instead of Friday. Hue is a more obscure release, but its soundtrack is one of my favorites.
  2. Luna Nights. . . . It depends on what genres you enjoy playing. I'm a big fan of platformers and metroidvanias, and Luna Nights is one of my favorite games. But you may prefer something else. What kind of games do you enjoy?
  3. Another one I haven't heard of before. A nice, simple yet catchy tune. This week, a two for one. Here's a couple of tracks from much more recent times. Lucas Pope, known for Papers Please, released another game called Return of the Obra Dinn with a very unique soundtrack. The Pedestrian is a puzzle game released a week or two ago. The soundtrack is predominately your typical relaxing puzzle music, but has a few uniquely styled tracks as well.
  4. In the interests of keeping this thread alive, I will take this opportunity to share the work of Tim Follin. I can't tell if the Follin Brothers are the most under-rated VGM composers of all time, or if people just don't talk about them because of how bad the games tended to be.
  5. It's also worth mentioning you can purchase the Music CDs from Booth. https://booth.pm/en/browse/Music?q=上海アリス幻樂団
  6. I had never heard of Okami, and now I'm disappointed I can't afford the soundtrack. Always unfortunate when a great OST doesn't get a release in the Western Hemisphere. The track reminded me of an I am Setsuna remix that made use of traditional instruments. I don't hear this style used in VGM very often, but I'd love to find more examples.
  7. After ZUN got the series going again with Touhou 6, he decided to go back and remaster the music from the first five games and release them as music albums. Ironically, the "untouched scores" are the touched-up versions. More often than not, the difference between Akyu's and the original tracks is insignificant, but there are a few cases where ZUN made more notable changes ("Reincarnation" is a noteworthy example). See also the four versions of "the Legend of KAGE" (original, MS, Akyu's, and SC-88Pro).
  8. I'm all for reviving this thread. It was a love for VGM that introduced me to Touhou in the first place. I'm already a fan of Ace Attorney music, and the original Pursuit ~ Corned is my favorite. I've put off investigating Danganronpa for some reason; this track has definitely pricked my curiosity. For some reason I've never considered checking out the older Persona OSTs. Now I'll have to add that to the list. But Deus Ex . . . I've never heard of this game's soundtrack, and this track sounds amazing! I'm more familiar with indie titles myself, so I'll share a couple of more recent titles that I believe are underappreciated. Ninja Gaiden homage/retro-styled metroidvania, The Messenger: Mario 64 homage/modern 3D platformer, A Hat in Time: Edit: Please note that A Hat in Time was mentioned previously on this thread, but the video has since been removed from Youtube. Thus I felt justified in mentioning it again.
  9. You're right about it being hard to find. I'm afraid I can't contribute anything to this month, but I can at least provide perspective. Honestly, you did very well finding pieces for such an obscure genre. I know things have been busy this past month, so I thank you for taking the time to bring these gems here. I hope everyone had a merry Christmas, and I wish everyone a happy New Year! See y'all in 2020.
  10. Another reason I appreciate orchestral remixes so much is their diverse application. Because the nature of an orchestra is a wide variety of instruments, there are theoretically no limits to what can be done to a given source piece. It may be more of a medium than a genre. I say this because there were plenty of pieces that are almost orchestral, but blend into other genres like symphonic rock and jazz. I'm not always sure where the lines between genres are drawn. I apologize for starting a sentence with "and;" it didn't sound right without it. I really enjoyed this, and I look forward to next month's theme. See y'all then!
  11. Happy Thanksgiving to all! I'll get one more post in before the month is over. Till then!
  12. Keeping the month going . . .
  13. I looked up mp3 bit rates, but I'm not sure how to tell the difference without comparison. An additional issue I forgot about: HM's "Popularity Boom" jingles are not labeled as such.
  14. >Pretty much. All the Tasofro albums have the album name in the artist category, as opposed to crediting Akiyama or ZUN (or NKZ, for IaMP). >LLS gamerip, not AUS1. "Bad Apple!!" is probably the best example for comparison. I don't know how standard this is, but typically Touhou music tracks have one loop before a fade-out. Fade-out rates differ depending on the track, so I can't really answer this; I'd assume it's a matter of trial-and-error. >Correct. I can't remember where I got the files, but the HRtP gamerip soundtrack has different instrumentation and an alternate bonus track ("Shrine of Wind" instead of "Theme of Eastern Story"). >The AoCF music download here at the Shrine is unique to the other Tasofro downloads as it is the only gamerip among them, the others being OSTs. AoCF's reused themes from ULiL are included in the gamerip, while the OST does not contain these reused tracks, and includes three bonus tracks. It would be up to you and the other moderators whether you wanted to keep the gamerip and add the OST as a separate download, or replace the gamerip with the OST. I would definitely suggest having a download without the duplicates, though (for those who already have the ULiL OST). I'm unfamiliar with "quality 320 mp3."
  15. I'd like to draw attention to a few flaws in the soundtrack downloads. Files in Touhou 7.5, 10.5, 12.3, 13.5, and 14.5's PS4 addendum are lacking correct artist labels. Touhou 4's tracks do not loop, as is custom for Touhou. Track 17 of Touhou 17 does not fade out fully, and contains part of track 18 (track 18 is fine, however). The Touhou 1 download is not the game's actual soundtrack, but a later version (not Akyu's, though). Finally, the gamerip of Touhou 15.5 is missing a few tracks from the OST, as well as containing multiple tracks included in 14.5. If possible, I'd like to assist in improving the downloads to fix these issues.
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