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  1. I have realized that I showed off a bunch of fan music albums in the boxart thread, and didn't think to feature some of the music here. So I'm remedying that.
  2. I'd like to take this moment to highlight Eban, simply because I follow his work and seeing some of it here reminded me of some stuff I have from him. While he does do remixes, I personally prefer his original pieces. Additionally, a light oriental folk Pure Furies. There's a patience to this piece that I appreciate; it always feels like it's about to blow up, but instead it continues simmering gently. The climax comes quietly, with a deceptive intensity that communicates high emotions without imparting them. A very intriguing effect, to say the least.
  3. Finally, fan made music albums that aren't connected to a game sometimes feature the same style of artwork.
  4. Picking up where I left off: There's also some cases where the developers will use different artwork for the game and soundtrack, respectively. (Kaisendo Group does this now as well.)
  5. For the record, I always liked Touhou 8's boxart for the details. The moon is visible through Kaguya's silhouette, making it seem less like a shadow and more like hole in game's cover giving us a glimpse into what lays behind. Then there's the second moon at the bottom, hinting at some of the plot details and illuminating a second silhouette. Mokou remains inside of Kaguya's shadow, which marks the first of only four times so far that multiple characters have featured in the boxart. As Garison noted, this may reflect the link between these characters, though I find it noteworthy that, in the o
  6. Version 1.0.0


    Release: 2014 Circle: Hobby Ateler CarrotWine Tracklist: 1: Suwako Moriya / Tomorrow Will Be Special, Yesterday Was NotYukari Yakumo / Necrofantasia 2: Koishi Komeiji / Hartmann's Youkai Girl 3: Flandre Scarlet / U.N. Owen Was Her? 4: Fujiwara no Mokou / Reach for the Moon, Immortal Smoke 5: Alice Margatroid / Doll Judgement ~ The Girl Who Played with People's Shapes 6: Seiga Kaku / Old Yuanxian
  7. I'm really glad this thread is getting more attention. Here's a couple of more laid-back instrumentals that aren't related to each other.
  8. Shrine's getting much busier, which is good! I might have to visit more often to keep up with things. There's a lot I want to say about Dandara: Trials of Fear, but most of it isn't music related so I'll save it for a Steam review. Suffice to say that it's severely underrated, and if you've played and enjoyed Celeste then you should definitely try this out as well. The gameplay system requires some getting used to, but it's well worth it. The music is atmospheric with a tribal twist, which perception mainly stems from the contrast between the synth foundations and the folk instrument
  9. I didn't think I'd be expanding on this topic so soon, but I came across this comment from SkuddeOuo in the description of this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SBLbblcgYl8 The song itself isn't too good imo, but the information on translation practice intrigued me. Of course, I don't know how accurate it is, but I can easily think of supportive examples. Specifically, the split preference regarding Cirno's theme, which I've seen translated as both Beloved Tomboyish Girl and Tomboyish Girl in Love. The way SkuddeOuo phrases it, it would seem the final decision is made based on prefe
  10. @buskerdog Glad to hear it! I suggest checking out the collaboration circle The 11th Hour as well. @Drunken_Flower Not familiar with the game, and the soundfonts are a bit rough, but it's a really good arrangement. There's a combination of themes mixed with some original composition to tie everything together, and it comes out perfectly. I'll have to look more into this. I randomly came across this acoustic arrangement of Tomboyish Girl that uses a kalimba! While this was an original arrangement, the performer has done quite a few rearrangements of a circle called Sensitive He
  11. I do not want to sound like "That Guy," and hopefully y'all know me well enough to know I don't mean it that way, but . . . I sometimes worry Akiyama doesn't get enough credit for his original compositions. Everybody knows Broken Moon, and there's a decent respect for Oriental Memory of Forgathering Dream and The Ground's Color is Yellow, but after that the general familiarity seems to dwindle. There's still pieces like Shinkirou Orchestra, Bell of the Antipodes, and Our Hisoutensoku (one of my personal favorites in the entire series). I was actually a bit disappointed when I heard 17.5 wouldn
  12. Version 1.0.0


    Release: 2014 Circle: Hobby Ateler CarrotWine Tracklist: 1: Yukari Yakumo / Necrofantasia 2: Byakuren Hijiri / Emotional Skyscraper ~ Cosmic Mind 3: Kanako Yasaka / The Venerable Ancient Battlefield ~ Suwa Foughten Battlefield 4: Satori Komeiji / Satori Maiden ~ 3rd Eye 5: Marisa Kirisame / Love-Colored Master Spark 6: Cirno / Beloved Tomboyish Girl
  13. The music of 30XX sounds like cross between Shovel Knight and Rivals of Aether with a touch of Sonic; high energy tracks with a casual lean, not afraid of blending a variety of instruments, featuring a varied range of styles. The game is currently still in alpha, but already has a reasonably sized OST filled with great tracks. Ideally, the game will get even more music as development continues.
  14. Figured I might as well make it more general, so that it has possible future relevance. I need the English translations for GET IN THE RING's Get your party on and Lie to Me ~ Your Countless Piled Up Lies. I have the Japanese lyrics, and I'll try and have them posted within the next hour (or if you prefer I can message them).
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