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  1. There needs to be a chin-stroking reaction, or some other visual representation of "interesting."
  2. I've put off Sonic Mania because I didn't want to do all my favorite soundtracks at once. But the time has finally come! It's more difficult than normal for me to pick a few tracks to represent the whole, if only because I didn't want to go with the obvious ones. That's what I did in the end, though. I consider this soundtrack to be on the list of "might post here again someday," alongside Chrono Trigger and Cave Story (among others). But I won't be doing that before there's more Okami in the thread.
  3. Orchestral presentation today. Nothing particular to say about it, just part of the backlog.
  4. Youtube recommended tricked me into discovering the Sword & Shield soundtrack this week. I don't normally listen to Pokemon related music, but I've honestly grown rather fond of this soundtrack. In case anyone's wondering why Marnie's Theme instead of Battle! Marnie: I'm not sure if it's the Youtube posting compression or part of the piece itself, but Battle! Marnie sounds off to me. There's lots of really good remixes of it though, so definitely check those out! Also, I managed to resist linking Battle! Battle Tower! . . . Wait.
  5. Does this count as odd? I tend to think "unique," but English being the synonym heavy language that it is can make things confusing. At any rate, it's enjoyable. Have a special day!
  6. So new captions can still be added, but it has to go through the uploader? If that's the case, the situation isn't as bad, but I still question why the change was deemed necessary.
  7. *draws gun* "Always has been." I'm sorry
  8. Thanks for bringing attention to this. I really wish Youtube would stop "fixing" features everyone's happy with.
  9. Forgive me for posting a Bad Apple!! remix, as I'm sure some will consider it overdone. Nonetheless, I appreciate the percussion emphasis in this one.
  10. Toby Fox and Temmie Chang teamed up with Camellia to create the soundtrack for Temmie's latest game, Dweller's Empty Path. I'd expected it to be a small project like Escaped Chasm, but the OST is twenty-nine tracks, so now I'm not sure. The music itself covers a wide variety of styles (as usual), and I suspect this project will gain more of a following given time.
  11. If I listen to it without the visuals, it's pretty good for a medley. The video is a bit too much for me, though. I've mentioned Luna Nights music before, and it's still one of my favorite Touhou fangame soundtracks. Maiden's Capriccio is especially good.
  12. I posted an I am Setsuna remix some time ago, but never posted anything from the actual soundtrack. So I'm rectifying that now. I know the general consensus is that the piano gimmick was a budget-driven decision, but I consider it to be rather a novelty.
  13. 17 downloads

    Type: Shooting Game (Danmakufu) Publisher: NRT Release: September 13, 2014 Track Count: 13 Track List: Fragments of Memory The God's Opinions Girl's Sealing Bluff Wavenumber Fluctuation ~ Kayser Kaiser Screen of Morning Mist The Equations that the General Loved Gathering the Memorious from All Around Japan Recollection of Gravel and Dust ~ Vanishing Memories Our Opinions Gathering the Mysterious from All Around the World Rainy Torifune Shrine Pass Through the Front Line's Wind ~ Flow Scale Princess of the Green Skies ~ Sky Garden
  14. 10 downloads

    Type: Shooting Game (Danmakufu) Publisher: Team Dreamcatcher Release: 23 June, 2017 Track Count: 27 Track List: Gale of the Sky ~ Thunder Roars Fairy Swarm ~ Endless Paradise Lunatic Rabbit ~ Red Alert Fliht Over the forest ~ Condensed Wilderness Fire Spirit of the Forest ~ First Ignition Peaceful Tribulation ~ Over the Garden Sakura radiance ~ Blooming Elegance Melancholy of the Cloud-Painted Sky Arcing Fault ~ Reaching the Flash boundary Where the Stars Fall Jewel of the Flashing Scales Cyclone of the Space Tengu's Cyclone of the Sky Power of the Shattering Sky Pieces of the Sky Tranquility of the Storm's Eye Down the Familiar Path of Dusk Lingering Light ~ Magician's Along the Path of Darkness Void of Light ~ Magician's Requiem Last Tears of the Cloud-Painted Sky From Earth to Heaven Tenacity of the Youthful Divinity Innocent Treasures (SR Ver.) Innocent Treasures (Abner's Piano Ver.) Maiden's Danmaku Festival Players Score
  15. Some music from the FDF games. The first one mixed traditional styles with techno, while the second held more strictly to orchestral. The games are known more for their visuals than the music, but they work well together.
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