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  1. I won't be back before Thanksgiving, so I'm expressing my well-wishes to whosoever may pass by between then an now with a couple songs I like to listen to around this time. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!
  2. For no particular reason, I chose to check out Owlboy's soundtrack for this week. I've heard very little about either the game or its music beyond basic recommendation, so I didn't have much by way of expectation going into it. Unexpectedly, I found it comparable to the music of Will of the Wisps and Hollow Knight, being deep with worldbuilding and story development. Notable that I struggled to understand this for those two soundtracks without further contextualizing them to their games, while with this soundtrack I find it immediately evident. I'm not sure if that's indicative of true clarity, or if I've simply become more familiar with its marks. Overall, I'm extremely impressed with this OST. I can't think of another time when the music alone has imparted to me a desire to experience the game it was made for.
  3. Understandable. I just wanted clarification concerning formalities. I figure we won't want to start one in the middle of the holiday season, so if no one else brings it up I'll wait till next year. I've been exploring some new genres lately. Nothing too extreme, but enjoyable nonetheless. I'd like to have something relating to Thanksgiving, but I am no closer to determining a thematic genre than I was last year (beyond basic folk). But I'll post these anyway.
  4. We are in the midst of "the holiday season," and times are busy. Somehow, I am still here! No Straight Roads as a game is themed around the contrast between the golden age of rock and the more modern forms of electronic music, and its soundtrack bears testimony to a thorough understanding of both. Multiple tracks have been remixed into both styles as a demonstration of the comparison, while other tracks function as a rectification between the two. There's also a lot of nuances to the arrangements, but I haven't had the time to really dive into them, so I won't mention them at this time. Worth looking into if anyone's interested, though!
  5. Feelin' chill today, so posting a chill remix. Unrelated side notes:
  6. Last month, Pascal Michael Stiefel released a new soundtrack, and I was excited! Circuit Superstars is composed of a variety of synthwave styles themed toward different periods of the genre's development. I don't know how well they suit the game they were created for (the video I looked at must have had the BGM turned off), but they stand perfectly well on their own. I can definitely detect familiar tones in the arrangements, and I'm glad Stiefel is still composing.
  7. Please forgive my retreading of recently covered categories; fresh finds are most fun to share fresh. There are a lot of "Touhou-style" remixes of themes from other games, but I find a lot of them don't quite accomplish sufficiently relatable levels of zunish. This arrangement manages it multiple times in a single remix, and has the added bonus of impressive illustrations. Miki Hiroyuki put her hand to the recent compositions of Touhou 17.5, and delivered something quite impressive. I'm glad she's doing more remixes of late. And finally, to somewhat justify this feature with something more akin to the threads standard offerings, a Shinra-Bansho arrangement I found a while back. No animation this time, but it may be up there with my favorites from them. As expected, high production quality and clever twists upon the source motifs.
  8. Two months ago, I determined to feature Deltarune immediately after its third anniversary, as a nod to it having come out three years after Undertale. As chapter two was not out at that time, its release changed my approach to this endeavor significantly. With a better understanding of what to expect in the future, I feel it would be prudent to put off any features thereof until full release, so as to have a better understanding of what leitmotifs were actually important. But that would mean sitting on it for potentially six more years (and who knows where we'll all be then?), so instead I'll do something now and see how things go. The first chapter was heavily reliant upon the "don't forget" motif, named for the end-credits vocal track. It pervades so strongly, that I initially took it to be the primary thematic motif of the game. However, it's almost completely missing from the second chapter. The "queen" motif is present in quite a few tracks, but always for story related reasons. Meanwhile, a select couple of leitmotifs from the previous game make a return, though with questionable relevance. Overall, I'm not really sure where this is going. Part of me wonders how much changes behind the scenes over time. For now, it's impossible to know.
  9. 17.5 is finally out, and most of the recent music content is related to the two (kind of) new tracks. Both are reminiscent of my favorite 17 piece, and Memory of Fossil Energy is especially good. Considering the new gameplay style, I might actually try this game (might be a while, though). I also randomly came across this thing, and I get the impression it's one of those "classic remixes," like Night of Nights or the IOSYS collection. Can't say it's up my alley, but not everything needs to be. To balance things out, I'll add this "darksynth" Bad Apple!! remix in. I think it sounds surprisingly fresh, though that may just be the absence of the melody for its majority.
  10. Last year I implied I might feature Doom Eternal. Then I forgot about it. Now I've remembered it. I can't pretend this is "my kind" of soundtrack. A majority of the tracks lack any kind of satisfying progression; I strongly suspect this factor to be the secret instigator behind hasty critiques against this genre of music (e.g., "this isn't music"). That being said, there remains a recognizable complexity to these arrangements. The composer had a predetermined goal, and it was met to the best of his ability. I can understand that, and appreciate it in that context. I even find I can enjoy it at times.
  11. Cuttin' close tonight. I articulated an unmade decision, and was indirectly directed to these two "bossa nova" remixes. Enjoy.
  12. I don't quite remember when I first heard Tim Hawkins's parody songs, but they've been a source of entertainment for me for many years. I recently came across them again, so I'll share some of my favorites.
  13. At the beginning of this year, there was one and only one game I was anticipating the release of for its music. That game was Cyber Shadow. I had been anticipating it since before it was delayed from its initial late-2020 release into early-2021, ever since seeing its trailer. It seemed to be similar in style to The Messenger, one of my favorite soundtracks, with the promise of Jake Kaufman's assistance in production. The game came out. The soundtrack didn't. At this point, I don't think it ever will. I am committed to featuring this soundtrack before the year is over. However, the circumstances surrounding its availability combined with my lack of interest for the game itself makes it difficult to do it the justice it probably deserves. I've been hoping something would change, but I don't want to put this off any longer. I could make a lot of comparisons from this soundtrack; the names Uematsu, Nishiki and even Shimomura occurred to me quite often, though never as particularly strong similarities. There's something very "classical VGM" about it, but in the sense of having been slightly modernized. Altogether, it's a good soundtrack, and I only wish it was more readily available.
  14. So, as a possible artistic interpretation, "Flowery Words of the Worst Bad Luck Duo"?
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