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  1. This is a piano remix which combines the first movement of Moonlight Sonata with Faith is for the Transient People. It works surprisingly well. My recommended has begun turning out Diao ye zong pieces. While I believe DF has an on-and-off feeling for the circle, I think the jazz-rock fusion of this piece should be appealing. Also, this will be another entry in my Emotional Skyscraper submissions. Finally, the next artist in my chiptune features is JX. He covers all sorts of chiptune styles, including the Touhou-associated PC-98.
  2. I've come across very little music directly associated with Thanksgiving; I assume this correlates with the limited commercialization of the holiday. Nevertheless, there are a few pieces I've appreciated (for varying reasons), and wouldn't mind sharing here. Happy Thanksgiving, y'all!
  3. I had intended to do Genshin Impact this week, but I ran out of time to properly listen through the OST. So instead I'll use Undertale Yellow. Despite being a WIP fangame, the compositions are very impressive.
  4. I'm a bit late, but UndertaleLIVE is streaming on Twitch right now if anyone's interested. https://www.twitch.tv/undertalelive The album is also available on Bandcamp. https://undertalelive.bandcamp.com/album/undertale-live
  5. Thanksgiving week is here! I'll be back before the day itself arrives, but it's still close enough for me to reference it. Here's some remixes (somewhat) suited to the occasion! I'm not quite satisfied with the first one, but I wanted at least one folk and at least one Tomorrow Will Be Special. I think I got lucky with the other two; most of the other Fall of Fall remixes I came across were metal, and CarrotWine is always a great find. Happy Thanksgiving, y'all!
  6. FamilyJules has stated several times his admiration for the soundtrack of Paper Mario: The Origami King. My initial followup was unsuccessful in catching my interest, and the 244 video playlist was a bit too intimidating for me to devote the time to go through it all. I have finally come back to it, and by jumping around I feel I finally understand the appeal. I would liken this soundtrack to that of A Hat in Time or Little Town Hero, with its diverse styles and cheerful melodies punctuated by hard hitting battle themes. Given this, I couldn't decide on just three or four themes to represent t
  7. This is a Touhou remix, but the focus is the odd instrumentation. I considered saving it for next Cirno Day, but I'll probably have forgotten it by then. Explanation ends at 2:21.
  8. I wanted to add a couple more Kommisar pieces (just 'cause), and YaboiMatoi just released his prog metal album. I've been looking for Autumn related remixes for this Saturday, in keeping with Thanksgiving being next week. Unfortunately (but not unexpectedly), one rarely finds the better remixes by actively looking for them. Hopefully whatever I gather will suffice, and maybe the searching will trigger some proper discoveries via Youtube's Recommended.
  9. Okay, here's some non-Deemo V.K compositions: The reason they're all from the same album is because I bought this one. It included all the Deemo tracks, and I was already committed to getting a "best of" album if there was one. I actually chose Reflection (Mirror Night) for the Other Game Music post because I preferred the in-game version significantly over the album version (though I'm not entirely sure why). I know this shouldn't bother me, but ftr "traveler" is spelled with only one "L."
  10. Fair enough; thanks for sharing! Also I find it hilarious that the three of us being here at the same time has meant a barrage of back-and-forth posts. Edit: Did you know that when a thread is getting a barrage of consecutive postings, it's labeled as "HOT!" in the forum menu?
  11. Honestly, I've been afraid to post in it as often as I've felt inclined for fear of overdoing the non-Touhou content. I already have Other Game Music, and I don't want to push the patience of the moderators.
  12. Yeah, I remember EastNewSound; I still [guiltily] listen to Beneath the Scarlet Moon. Um . . . didn't you make that thread? Speaking of which, I was gonna post some of V.K's work over there . . .
  13. @Amamiya Yuki- The song's not bad, but I'm not sure it's Touhou related. Leastways, I can't detect any familiar motifs myself.
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