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Found 47 results

  1. 2,391 downloads

    Release Information Type: Shooting Game Publisher: ZUN Date of Release: August 12, 2019 (Comiket 96) Tracks: 18 Track List: Silent Beast Spirit The Lamentations Known Only by Jizo Jelly Stone Lost River The Stone Baby and the Submerged Bovine Everlasting Red Spider Lily Seraphic Chicken Unlocated Hell Tortoise Dragon ~ Fortune and Misfortune Beast Metropolis Joutounin of Ceramics Electric Heritage Entrusting this World to Idols ~ Idolatrize World The Shining Law of the Strong Eating the Weak Prince Shoutoku's Pegasus ~ Dark Pegasus The Animals' Rest Returning Home from the Underground Player's Score
  2. 27 downloads

    Circle: thonly.cc Release: 2018-08-18 (第九届上海THONLY 东方萤灯筏~ほたるびにいかだ) Track Count: 13 Track List: 蛍灯筏 ポラリス Mebius 永夜紅蓮 フォービドゥンサイダー No grave kiRa☆rhyTHm 星色夜空 紫花之原 Scream out! 待チ人ハ来ズ。 東方人 -TOHO BEAT- まつりまつられ
  3. 19 downloads

    Circle: thonly.cc Release: 2017-08-19 (第八届上海THONLY 东方蝉时歌~せみときのうた) Track Count: 11 Track List: せみときのうた 星を廻せ月より速く 浮き世タンゴ 高速メリーゴーランド 宿命のプロミネンス キスと安楽死(ユーサネシア) 穢れなき君と共に 春酔い花唄 Artificial Eden Finale 蝉时歌
  4. 9 downloads

    Circle: thonly.cc Release: 2016-08-07 (第七届上海THONLY 东方华烂漫~The Flowering Night Fever) Track Count: 7 Track List: 万華千鳥 Broomin' 華想夢葛 Fragile 東方バイオリンロック 文-AYA- メドレー 對月流珠 ~ Shining Pearls 雪幻ティルナノーグ
  5. 12 downloads

    Circle: thonly.cc Release: 2015-08-22 (第六届上海THONLY 东方童楼谣~Eternal Eastern Dream) Track Count: 6 Track List: 童祭~for Innocent Memory 夏夜月謠 椿 Rosarium 優曇華 ZEIT DES MONDLICHTS
  6. 13 downloads

    Circle: thonly.cc Release: 2013-08-17 (第五届上海THONLY 东方梦灵梦) Track Count: 9 Track List: 傷ノ林檎 Star Dazzled 禁忌月下 帰郷 冬がとけたら… 紫雲の彼方 Deja vu 紫与白 ~ Purple ; White ~ 幻想乡第一套广播体操
  7. 22 downloads

    Circle: Riverside Release: 2011-09-11 (Reitaisai SP2) Track Count: 6 Track List: 水迦 Esoterica - esoteria - Braggartcrow's dance まだちょっと香ってるっぽい。 Sacrifice 酔花
  8. 17 downloads

    Circle: かちかち山 Release: 2019-05-05 (Reitaisai 16) Track Count: 3 Track List: こいのうた(原曲 : おてんば恋娘 まじゅつしのうた(原曲 : 魔術師メリー) ???(原曲 : ???)
  9. 25 downloads

    Circle: O-Life Japan Release: 2013-05-26 (Reitaisai 10) Track Count: 7 Track List: 記者の凱歌 両手武器一眼 貫徹パパラッチ 空から見た人里 The Karasu Wind ミューチュアル一方通行 ガンガンいく人妖未来志向
  10. 19 downloads

    Circle: O-Life Japan Release: 2009-10-11 (Touhou Kouroumu 5) Track Count: 9 Track List: 法界大躍進 寒い路も熱いガッツで 暇人船長さんのお仕事 君も探し物かい アクロバティック尼僧 タイガークベーラ 熱情の摩天楼 日本キメラ 春空いいね
  11. 29 downloads

    Circle: O-Life Japan Release: 2012-12-30 (Comiket 83) Track Count: 8 Track List: 出番待ちの用心棒 押しかけ妖怪退治お寺編 起こしてね系女子 彼女の心の廟 異教徒退治 聖人の睡眠伝説 お嬢様無茶振り ファーイーストデザイア
  12. 12 downloads

    Circle: O-Life Japan Release: 2010-03-14 (Reitaisai 7) Track Count: 8 Track List: GTSLO 急がばマイホーム ディスり過ぎでインファイト日和 退治される系桃太郎 萃め先は神社で イクサン・シュッド・ビー・フィーバー 対ナマズ拳法 幻想郷平常運転
  13. 24 downloads

    Circle: O-Life Japan Release: 2012-05-27 (Reitaisai 9) Track Count: 7 Track List: 宇宙へ向かう心 SFな夢遊病 秘封紀行録 formula of phantasm 子午線の歪み 科学世紀の少女達の郷愁 二人のエンドレス秘封活動
  14. 9 downloads

    Circle: O-Life Japan (and k-waves lab) Release: 2010.12.10 (C79) Track Count: 7 Track List: 宇宙へ向かう心 SFな夢遊病 秘封紀行録 formula of phantasm 子午線の歪み 科学世紀の少女達の郷愁 二人のエンドレス秘封活動
  15. I had originally thought about making this the next weekly poll, but I decided that's there's just too many options for that. So we'll have a thread for it instead. With a lot of final bosses (especially if you count some of the extra stage bosses) there are plenty of themes to go with them. All of them are good (yes they are ), and they stray into a number of different styles and feel distinct from each other. Personally, I've always gone with Septette for the Dead Princess as my favorite. A cool, somewhat regal feel, but keeping the quick pace needed for the battle at hand.
  16. Genres are hard, but basically music that's loud and fast, I want to share here. My music library is like 90% this stuff, so might as well. First one up, this one's a remix of Subterranean Animism stage 4 theme "Heartfelt Fancy". Undead Corporation is a fantastic group, but a lot of their stuff is closer to straight screamo. This is one of their more melodic remixes.
  17. The OST is also here now. Have fun
  18. Looks like the year is already over. Time flies. Here are some more albums. This time from k-waves LAB. Also updated the Album/Music Catalogue thing, so that it lists the new uploads.
  19. Created a page in which you can have a better view of the albums that we currently offer. Also added a link to said page in the description of the Spin-off Content Music page.
  20. Yes hello, long time no see. Uploaded some (8) Jerico's Law albums to the Spin-off Content Music section. My coming uploads for next year: k-waves LAB albums
  21. Yoshie

    Murasa’s Chanteys

    Ahoy! And firstly, thanks for sitting in. It was around late 2017 when I got into arranging some Touhou remixes after listening to a remix for “Septette For The Dead Princess.” To sum it up, I mostly turn some of my favorites into Rock/Metal remixes. I know this has been done to death, and several of these tend to be overplayed on YouTube, but I wanted to give it a shot, anyway. Now, I’ll just post all my current slew of 2hu tracks thus far. I obviously plan to make more, as I’m jamming to several tracks almost everyday. P.S: The sound quality isn’t the best since I have to resort to recording everything on my phone, so I apologize in advance for your ears’ well being. Anyway, up first is my recent post on SoundCloud. Alice In Wonderland from Mystic Square.https://m.soundcloud.com/yoshie-shinozaki-1/alice-in-wonderland-touhou Next is a Black Metal styled re-remix of U.N Owen Was Her? In the style of Final Savage.https://m.soundcloud.com/yoshie-shinozaki-1/final-savage-u-n-owen-was-her This set belongs to Legacy Of Lunatic Kingdom. An Alternative Metal styler for both Pure Furies~ Whereabouts Of The Heart & Pandemonic Planet.https://m.soundcloud.com/yoshie-shinozaki-1/pure-furies-whereabouts-of-the https://m.soundcloud.com/yoshie-shinozaki-1/pandemonic-planet-touhou-metal https://m.soundcloud.com/yoshie-shinozaki-1/gensokyo-millennium-touhou And that’s all for now. If you have any criticisms or suggestions, please feel free to speak your mind, and I will try my best to do much better next. P.S.S: I’ll be posting both my latest work on the first page, and on the newest page onward to keep things current. Thank you for your time, mates!
  22. - Fixed the download for the Eastern and Little Nature Deity Printwork OST. Now It's actually the OST - Fixed download links for TH7 & TH11. They should hopefully work for a while. - Uploaded most Halozy albums. Not all, but good enough for now
  23. 65 downloads

    Artist: Diao ye zong (withered leaf) Year: 2014 Track Count: 15 Track List: 始まってしまった物語 幽明境を分かつこと ハロー!フォゴットン・ワールド ブラック・ロータス Supernatural Encounter from the corpse to the journey それいけ針妙丸 ~巨人との戦い~ 心強きもの 怪奇!人形の館 迷い込んだ男の運命は... too late for げんきになったときのうた しあわせのことば そして肥大する物語 墓標 葬迎
  24. Created the pages for some albums of the circle Diao ye zong. It's not every album in the discography, so I might add the missing ones at a later time. Next music uploads: Foxtail-Grass Studio
  25. 58 downloads

    Artist: Diao ye zong (withered leaf) Year: 2016 Track Count: 12 Track List: 始符「博麗命名決闘法布告ノ儀」 禁符「フォービドゥン・ゲーム」 契符「狐憑顕現の祭祀」 薬符「フォッシライズドギャラクシー」 蝕符「スイート・ポイズン」 祭符「神遊びの唄」 核符「ミライノエネルギー」 惑符「ナイトクロウラー」 邪符「ハオシャオグイ」 逆符「前退後進」 獄符「レストレスコンフィネーション」 無題「空飛ぶ巫女と普通の魔法使いのいつもの毎日」
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