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  1. This thread and the other posts on music are amazing
  2. Jaz:3

    About Zun

    Thank you Ken ( I hope you are fine with me calling you Ken ).
  3. Jaz:3

    About Zun

    Ken Hisuag , the music CDs that contain the songs in the games ?
  4. How about we celebrate Zun's birthday on this post every year . Just an idea :3
  5. But , through out the series Reimu (and Marisa) defeats almost everyone as we play them . So doesn't that make them the strongest ?
  6. Anyone think Koishi is a cute name ? I've had this in mind for awhile so I'm curious about everyone's opinions .
  7. I'm curious about supporting Zun . Like how do you support him ? Buying his products ? Or just being a part of the community ? Again , I'm just wondering.
  8. Jaz:3


    How did you even find those pictures
  9. Maybe you just have to get good at the game :3
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