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  1. Puyo Puyo is a puzzle game from Japan, and it has some great tunes. I don't know how to explain more without sounding obsessive to a concerning degree, but I'll try my best. (Also, I don't know how to spoiler it on mobile, so bear with me here.) Klug's theme, "Nebula Step" gives a sort of "cheery rock"(?) vibe. On my first listen it was odd, but on the next few listens it sounded pretty nice. The Puyo Puyo Chronicle version gives the original more energy and spirit, which is great. It sounds much better and fits the character, with or without the vocals. Nebula Step (PPC, Instrumental) Nebula Step (PPC, Vocal Track) (There's also "I'm The Greatest Ever" from Puyo Puyo 15th Anniversary, but I haven't listened to it too much to form a solid opinion on it yet.) I'm The Greatest Ever (PP15th) Sig's (main?) theme, "Rapid Carefree Advice" fits it's name, being a very upbeat song to listen to. Personally the Puyo Puyo Chronicle version kind of.. ruins it? I'm not sure.. I just dislike it. Rapid Carefree Advice (PP20th, Instrumental) Rapid Carefree Advice (PPC, Vocal Track) (I haven't listened to "In The Middle of Stroll" too much, but on first glance it sounds nice.) In The Middle of Stroll (PP15th) To move away from character themes, the Puyo Puyo theme is catchy and memorable, but my favorite version of this track is either Puyo Puyo 20th Anniversary's or the one from Puyo Puyo for the Genesis. Comparison of All Puyo Puyo Themes (~PP20th)
  2. Cyan Person

    Touhou Project Things

    Generic name, I know. Anything goes so long as it's Touhou Project related. And no, this won't be daily since I have life to attend to.
  3. a good person, unlike the
  4. attempted to defeat Marisa brutally
  5. Error message pops up for both original game and patched ver. (except for Touhou 7), I tried playing Touhou 8 and 9 and it doesn't work. Images :
  6. Oh cool. I saw it on my recommendations. Though, it's disappointing that those types of Touhou games are the only ones suitable to Soeedrun.
  7. Nice to see the progress you made. Great job!
  8. Huh? Platformer spinoff? ..Did I not know the genre of game 17.5 was suppised to be until now?
  9. So, after watching "The World Record Progression of [Game]" type videos, I went into incognito and searched Touhou Speedrunning. It actually seems quite interesting. Your guys' thoughts? My thoughts about it are... mixed. I don't think anything too interesting will come from it because of the linear nature of the game, but it still has a slim possibility.
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