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  1. In my experience the activity feed was nothing but "___ changed their profile picture", even with active threads. I've got the activity feed as mt phone homepage so i remember to check is every so often. I'd love to see the forum moving again, unfortunately im short on time and motivation for hearding cats. Between job hunting, coding, and twitch its all a bit much. That being said if theres something specific i can help with do let me know.
  2. Cejic

    Somewhat Daily Suwako

    The well is far from dry but my arms got tired hauling buckets of frogs.
  3. Can't tell if this is facetious or not so... "Suika" aka Drunk Flower.
  4. Honestly I'd love to see Lab Zer0 get their hands on touhou. If only just for a new fighter with the stylings of skullgirls (thematic crossover not withstanding), but even if they do something different I think I'd just low to watch the touhou gals running around in that hand drawn animation. More touhou fighters = good, well animated touhou = best Not sure how it'd work but a loot & shoot third person action, or maybe a ARPG would be fun too.
  5. I drew this (9) this is my (9). You drew my (9) and wanted to share it so you gave it to Aya. Aya does a lot of things, but she also gave everyone (9)s because of you, now my (9) is merely an (8). I could tell you to stop drawing (9)s but the (9)s are now being drawn by everyone. If I threaten Aya then I can get her to stop sending (9)s and my (9) can be the strongest (9). Q. Given 20 years of guaranteed housing, food, and general resources, what would you do?
  6. what would I want? Manifestation. A little focus and willpower creating and manipulating the world around me. Sounds broken, but the trick is that the illusions are also dispellable by others if their will/disbelief decrees it. what would I get? idunno, probably, the ability to start fights with casual conversation.
  7. It gets really annoying that google play/spotify/etc only keep english labels around. Makes keeping up to date on touhou themes & in general foreign music a job in and of itself.

  8. Higan Retour is always a fun one. I'm not really in the know for official themes though, mostly find remixes.
  9. Leave it to a weekend of game planning & development to punctuate the sour aftertaste of the 9-5 humdrum.

  10. One of these days I'll figure out the Satori craze... and I'll likely be disappointed with it.

  11. Nowadays gaming community has the same issues as nowadays X community. It's too broad of a category for specific complaints, but is generally a very toxic mix in aggregate. Some of this comes from the more competitive nature of the hobby, but a lot of it just comes from differing view points and echo-chambers in the communication networks. Granted, it's a lot easier to find a comfortable group given the polarization of any individual group. For the most part if you want help in a game you can find a group that will support you, but you also run the risk of being talked down to/handheld constantly, which is pretty frustrating, at least for me. The goal for a good game group in my mind is to have enough interaction/competition to egg eachother on & assist with the goals of others, but never to force people to play against their own pacing. Q: What RPs/RP tools do you want to see on this site?
  12. Pondering the ethicality of claiming ownership of fictitious characters and the futility of humanizing them.

  13. Apologies I usually try to do a 2 person minimum between my posts here, but I like the question cause I get to rant about games, any y'all can'ah stop meh. Depending on what you mean by "nowadays games" my opinion tends to go from "pretty fun & real interesting" to "I don't even understand why it's made." In general, I find the advent of loot box & microtransaction games to be a pretty negative influence, and not for the usual "pay2win" or "gambling" relations. It has to do with the marketing methods used to encourage the in-app purchases. The easiest way to do this is to put you in competition with a player that has things you want. Some companies have literal tech docs describing the process, but on an even more general level this means a trend towards games that encourage optimization of play and long hours of investment in a multiplayer competitive-coop or vs environment. And I'm kinda sick of that level of just sheer combativeness being built into most games. There's very few titles that allow you to just relax and go through the game when you've got Max'i'minner and credyt2taem breathing down your neck or just regularly curbstomping you. That's more the overall market trend though. There's still a bunch of amazing games coming out. I whole heartedly recommend everyone try Hades, Slay the Spire (which happens to have at least half a dozen touhou mods at this point, still growing), and Iconoclasts. Metro: Exodus has also been a great addition to the Fallou- I mean... Metro franchise. That's rather condensed as I have a tendency to over analyse and hyper criticize any title/trend these days, but yeah... Q: What would it take to shake your faith enough to swap your favorite 2hu?
  14. Not sure if I'm getting this right but... poltergeist the room until everyone runs screaming, then walk out with the prize... unless this is the persona 5 thief thing? then just walk in like I own the place, rock-paper-scissor'sing my way to the treasure, as all good RPGers know you have to clear out the rooms to get enough XP... (no I've never played a persona game, all I know is what I've seen roommates play.) Next question: Given the context of difficulty being split between required time investment and twitch reflexes, and the fact that by their inherent design the games that follow reduce twitch requirements as time is invested. Are Dark Souls & Monster Hunter games actually difficult?
  15. I've more or less had a library, video store, bathroom stall, post office, pen-pals, and social clubs within 20 seconds of my reach since I was 6. Despite this I don't know that I've every really merged with the zeitgeist like most people my age/younger. Something about broadcasting my views into a torrential unceasing flow of ideas like twitter seems pointless without having a waiting crowd that you know wants to listen. Between that, the polarization of media due to every increasing competition for attention and other such negations of niche culture, it increasingly just kinda wears down on me. But as I'm not usually wanting for time fillers/afraid to come to my own faulty conclusions and communication those conclusion for reform, I've never had an issue disconnecting. I'm definitely reliant on information lookup though. I think I used spellcheck around 50 times when writing this. Not to mention the utter life saving torrent of information/games/people that I find outside the main social media spaces, without having access to such things I probably would have turned into a criminal out of sheer boredom. Question the 38th: What do you do with thoughts you have that you want to voice and have conversations on but know that it only leads to arguing and no actual conversations?
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