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  1. I was partially inspired by Forum Fantasy when making this, actually.
  2. A wonderful meme game made by our resident memelord Tremenvan. Play it.
  3. Version 1.0.1


    Information Type: RPG Author: Tremenvan Language: English with a hint of German Platform: Windows (Won't work with Mac users unless they use that Wine magic) What the heck is this? Set in the dark, dystopian past of post-chapter 8 Moriya Shrine: The Game, this far superior product will take you through trials, tribulations and other such misadventures of questionable legal status as you guide the Revolution(tm) to glorious success... And deal with chaos in the aftermath. Moriya Blitzkampf is roughly divided into three parts, the first one being roughly similar in intent to its inspiration, the second one being more story-focused while the third one intends primarily to provide a challenging gameplay experience. Playable characters may or may not include a sentient tank. Play at your own risk. Crashes regularly due to Sci's dumb scripts. -Description by Tremenvan Installing the Game The downloaded game first comes as a .exe file. Run the file and the game will start unpacking into its own folder in the desired directory. Inside that folder is a "Game.exe", which launches the game. This game will be quite loud when first opened. Prepare your volume mixer. Basic Controls Arrow Keys: Navigate menus, move Z, Space or Enter: Select X or Esc: Cancel, open menu Shift: Sprint (in battle: make stuff go by faster) Ctrl: Skip through text Q and W can be used to easily switch through party members in the Status or Equipment menu. Left and Right Arrows in the battle menu cycle through party members. Left Arrow while the first character is selected will reveal the option to escape. Right Arrow essentially skips that party member's turn. This game is also playable with a controller, apparently. Disclaimer As this is a meme game, just about all the graphics and audio are not mine/Tre's. All material used belongs to their respective owners and no copyright infringement is intended. Also yes, the game is quite huge, sitting at a gigabyte in size. There's a lot in there. Save often.
  4. Extremely good 2hu fangame in a Pokemon style.
  5. Don't feel intimidated by the skill of others. Just enjoy the game really. There are some games even I can't beat on easy. Btw +rep for Psychonauts squirrel.
  6. Moved Spellcard Collection 1 & 2 to the 2D Shooting category in Fangames. Moved Kouma no Kagi - Scarlet Devil's Key to the Puzzle & Logic category in Fangames (Also updated the download so it comes with an installer instead of requiring CD image nonsense). Updated the description of the base Puppet Dance Performance page to inform people that this is the base game page and that the expansion is found elsewhere (Yes, some people make this mistake). Included a redirect link too.
  7. Added the letter D to Master Burner Climax. Changed the dark blue text on PatchCon: Defend the Library! to light blue. Also fixed some minor typos on some 2D Platforming games but I forgot which ones lol.
  8. It's an original WIP game made by Archie. Have fun or something.
  9. Version 0.2.0


    Information Type: RPG Author: Arche Princess Language: English Platform: Windows What the heck is this? Infinity Girls is a game made in RPG Maker MV. It is an original game about a band of girls who get dragged into a sudden adventure across dimensions. It's mostly gameplay-focused with a tinge of difficulty. This game is still a work in progress. As such, the game only goes up to the end of Chapter 2. Still, there's a lot to see; lots of dungeons and bosses, a crafting system, and quite a handful of hours of gameplay. Basic Controls Arrow Keys: Navigate menus, move Z, Space or Enter: Select X or Esc: Cancel, open menu Shift: Sprint Q and W can be used to easily switch through party members in the Status or Equipment menu.
  10. I've been at this all day so I probably don't have this list entirely right, but here's what works now: RemiFura Supirittsu PAD Attack Myon Musou Atai no Ken Atai no Ken - Youyoumu Hen Chiruno Kuraimaa Boho Koymakyou -Scarlet Family- 2 Hashiru! Sakuya-san Han Tamashii Takeshi Geichou Touhou Koukayaku - The Game Endless Sakuya - Tokiwokakeru Meido Touhou Senkitan - DrunkTankies Battle in the Eastern Bouhou Koumakyou ~Scarlet Family~ Cirno Smash Climbers Castlemaze - Ojousama Kara no Chousen Cirno Climbers Endless Alice - Nanairo Mahoutsukai Kikiippatsu! Boho Youyoumu Endless Marisa - Shirokuro Mahoutsukai Kikiippatsu! ...And that's all the 2D platform fangames. Can I get back to making my game now?
  11. Went through a list of games whose download links weren't working and reuploaded the following: Rush the Hina MarisaLand Legacy Sora Suwa Super Marisa World Soul Anchor 2 Shirokuro Dai Batsu Chi Sanae Challenge! Sanae Challenge! FUSION Full Mukou ni Shiteyanyo! Mystical Chain We're aware of the issues with the site downloads not working. Don't worry, we're working on it.
  12. I'm also someone you could reach out to if needed.
  13. 834 downloads

    Release Information Type: Action/Platformer Developer: Why so serious?, tea_basira Publisher: Why so serious?, PLAYISM Release: 13 ott 2019 Language: English (can switch to Jpn/Ch) Description Gensokyo Night Festival is a 2D action-exploration game set in the world of Gensokyo. Join Suika Ibuki as she wreaks havoc throughout Gensokyo against the backdrop of the festival held at Hakurei Shrine. Use Suika's powers of controlling "density" and "sparseness" to go up against all sorts of colorful enemies and gimmicks in this 2D combo based action game title. Join the almighty Suika on her journey through the beautiful world of Gensokyo. Consider supporting the devs by buying the game on Steam if you can: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1122050/Gensokyo_Night_Festival/
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