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  1. First of all, let me vent my frustrations AARGAHSGHRGHGDHF I DIDN'T GET EMO MYON GSJHGKASJFLKSDJLF I WASTED 60GC AFJALSFJAKJSFOAPGHORG Okay, now to actually tell my opinions on this. I am very excited about the minigame, I like how it looks and I could always use some more gameplay modes here. I am also glad that EFes is now sparkable! I sure as hell don't have enough SC for them, but it's still a very nice thing to have. I want Beach Marisaaaaa....... Huh, also, is it just me, or are retros slowing down a bit? I haven't seen them announced in a while.. I do kinda miss them, I like the retros. Also, glad that we will have free prayers, I could really use not spending my SC on stuff xd
  2. Oh man, it's happening again huh. Tbh, I don't really care for Fusu posting, since I'm not really on Reddit (I don't honestly like the Touhou sub), but it's interesting to see what people think of it. To me, while Fusu art does look nice, it's super repetitive. Just like Cana said here. Even the expressions, they're all the same.. I do, however, like the new "Fusu style" artist that Circus has been posting. I think that it's pretty accurate as to what each Touhou would say if they were asked those questions. Honestly, I wish those PoV types of images would just be banished from r/Touhou, there are so many better fanarts that deserve recognition.
  3. Honestly, I'd love for TLW to be on Steam, since I'm more on my laptop than on my phone. Chance? Didn't the JP branch announce once that we will be getting PC-98 Rei and Mari? I do agree with this, the main story, while interesting, is kinda hard for me to read. It's not like that I can't understand the words, it's just that I probably can't immediately piece it together in my head, and I need external sources to get it all right. Maybe it's because things happen too fast/too slow. Also, I kinda don't want a collab for TLW... I'd just like for things to stay fully Touhou, What's the point of the costumes then? Apart from making the drop rate bigger for point events. Most of the L1 friends are average, and not worth putting in a team, unless you're doing it for a challenge. To me, this AMA seemed like they want to improve on the game, but also it just seems a bit shady, if you get what I mean.
  4. If I were to put my thoughts on it, I'd say that I'm actually kinda mad at these results.. Something from EoSD is literally the first place, Flan is the #1 character, UN Owen is the #1 song and EoSD itself is #1 in works. I'm not so mad at the works tab, hell, even I voted for EoSD since it is my favorite game in the series, but holy shit is it overrated. Like yeah, I get it, it's the game that brought Touhou to the west yadda yadda, but holy fuck give some recognition to the other characters and songs my god Like yeah, I like UN Owen as much as the next guy but it can be so fuckin' eargrating sometimes, I'm guess I'm just tired of the Scarlet Sisters, and the EoSD cast as a whole (except for Meiling, I love Meiling :3)
  5. Oh fuck!!! I haven't seen some of these at all! Thank you for sharing these, I love ZUN's old drawings so this makes me incredibly happy. I just wish I knew chinese...
  6. Alrighty, there's a lot of stuff to write, so I'll start with the simplest reply xd I did actually manage to fix the issue! I guess I linked my Twitter account and for some reason, it got fucked up, and it wouldn't work. Maybe it was because back then, my Twitter name was just "kouma" but now I added a "Commissions opened" after it. I just used my email to get the ID and from now on, I'll use that ID to vote. 1. Alice (duh) 2. Meiling (duh) 3. Youmu 4. Marisa 5. Konngara 6. Eiki 7. Kana Anaberal 1. EoSD (duh) 2. 100thBM 3. HRtP 4. MS 5. PCB I'll probably vote for songs too, I just need to see which one I'll pick. Now, for Count's part. First of all, why is Sunny A6??? She's not from EoSD.... Is it because of this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YAjxo_yB9ek - Sunny Milk's Scarlet Mist Incident, from the CD Strange and Bright Nature Deity Having Momoyo is nice tho. (speaking of the devil, here's sunny milk's intro https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Ik1nFGpmjk) (i hate her voice) Okay, now for the lewd costumes. It's pretty obvious that they're here just for the appeal of the "coomers" of the gacha community. It's a shame because the art of these games is really good, and I'm sure there's more summer/lewd costumes than the SFW ones, in fact, the only gacha that I can think of off the top of my head that has more SFW costumes is in fact our good friend TLW. Even TLW's beach costumes are tame compared to these games (I still want the captain Ran costume....). Also, I didn't know that Guardian Tales got into this trope as well. I think that there's still gonna be some outrageous updates done to TLW, but at this point, I'm sure you're fed up with all this stupid shit that TLW does. It's super sad that the good games can't live long enough, I think both Cannonball and DanKagu lasted for about a year, and TLW is still.. Somehow going strong. And I don't even know what's happening to Arcadia Records. It's a shame really, how these days it seems like people only care for lewdest stuff. And it's even more sad that these games are becoming lost media. I really wish that the gacha industry was better, or, an even better approach, that it didn't even exist.
  7. I wanted to, but for some reason, my votes won't send. I tried contacting the team but alas, the send button won't work there either.
  8. "* A new event is coming - Capsule-Crazy Gensokyo! This event has two parts, and Extra will start on 9/27. It also comes with a banner that returns Festival Friend Seija Kijin, and debuts everyone's favorite thunder drummer, Raiko Horikawa, as well as everyone's favorite outside-world esper, Sumireko Usami! An Ascending Step-UP option is also available." What's this event? Is that one of the events we skipped?
  9. sodaodaoda

    Soda's Touhou art

    All 2hu art made by me goes here!
  10. CHIMATAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!! Tbh tho, I hope they come out not soon, me and my 500 cubes from the Alice Relic banner are crying TwT
  11. You'll need a torrent client to open .torrent files. If that's what you meant. Could you provide some screenshots?
  12. Good luck with the exams! I'm sure you will do great, take it easy! Tbh, Hecatia looks really pretty, even though you know... It has a bit of fan service.. (especially the belly xd) Also The costumes are nice too, I like Eirin the most. And I'm glad we're getting more gen units. And yeah, I agree with the fact that the game is getting super boring now... I'd stop playing but I'm so scared on missing out on stuff. I already missed a lot of stuff from July 2021 to Feb 2022. The units are coming way too fast and it's a mess. I'll write something on the suggestion thingy.
  13. Fucking Efes Hecatia is gonna get released soon in global as well LMFAOOOO I can't wait for this game to die
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