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  1. It's not a ZIP file, it's a torrent. Use qbittorrent to download it.
  2. Oh yeah lmfao I completely forgot the Interlude Finale came out, I was too busy farming these days so I played it a bit before going to bed and... it's nothing special really. It's very bleh.
  3. Thank you so, so much, I am smiling like an idiot while writing this xd It genuinely means so much to me to hear that, Touhou has been my passion since 2016 and hearing that a part of the Touhou community loves my art makes me honestly sob from happiness. I tried my hardest to make this as best as I could, I am not lying when I say that this project took me a week to make, with me staying up till 4am to finish the drawings, and to see people liking it so much (my friends, both IRL and online, people on Reddit, people here, even my damn parents as well) makes me so unbelievably happy, especially since I did have a rough few week. EoSDay was so far, the highlight of this month for me. Anyways, sorry for this ramble, I had to say it ^^; Also, these drawing are adorable! I love the lil Rei and Mari on the cake, and that Rumia is so cute that I can't help but smile! I bet that cake tastes awesome ^^ Your style is very interesting and cute!
  4. Yo, thx for telling me! I updated my title and the description. My video got 100 views in less than 24 hours, considering how small my channel is, I am super proud of this. I've never been more happier with myself. Also, this video is so damn cool: What a cool mod, super awesome!!
  5. I adore Celeste, Portal (both parts, but I prefer 2 more), and the Sonic games, with my favorite being Sonic Adventure 1 and Sonic CD. With Sonic tho, it's mostly nostalgia, but it's still fun. I like Stardew Valley as well, I have around 100 hours on it.
  6. Honestly, AspreyFM and MegaFrog are top tier for me. Asprey makes really interesting Touhou challenge videos and commentaries about the Touhou games in general, while MegaFrog has lore related videos, and I always like me some Touhou lore videos. For some reason tho, I don't really like Megapig or Suwawako. I just can't put my finger on why, but I can't watch their videos all the way. Also, does anyone know about MagiFTW?
  7. Woaaa, Touhou 1 appreciation! I always like that. It sounds alright.
  8. Ye, it's Hifuu Meiling, she's super cool! I think we can the Ema item anytime, because I remember reading somewhere that it's gonna be used in some future events as well. And I thought we were going to have festival friends as well.
  9. I remember listening to the acoustic version of Necromantic, and while the soft vocals are.... mostly nice, I really despise the "verse"(?) part. By that I mean these parts: "Necromantic ri nante konoyo ni sou you ni habikoru dantei Necromantic datte romantikku taihai, nikutai, tende fuantei Woh-oh aitai yo I wanna see you die Woh-oh misetsukete I wanna see you die" and "Necromantic Kusari ochite sanzan muzan'na sugata ni na are Necromantic Soshite romantikku nandomonandomo nan-dome datte Wow-oh ikitai no? I wanna see you die Wow-oh shi ni tai no? I wanna see you die" Idk, it seems like she's trying to act more than to sing. Those parts are actually my favorite parts in the PV version, ironically, even though she sings those part the same way here as well. I guess Stack isn't for everyone.
  10. Alrighty, here's the deal Load times are slower, audio is a bit fucked, and I see that they haven't fixed the bug where the characters aren't flying, so much for the new engine.. As far the prayers go, we have the tickets again for C3 Yukari. I got baited 4 times with the "Connecting..." screen. I got Kasen, Joon, and dupes of Ringo, Kosuzu, etc.. Also, I got E3 Meiling!! Which I'm very happy about. Still, the buggy "new" engine update will never not be funny to me.
  11. New TLW update dropped and everything is so buggy LMFAOOOO What a fucking mess, the audio is fucked up, load times are slow (It took my app like 5 minutes to load the download files prompt), and in the Discord server I've seen soooo many complaints, this one being my favorite (MAJOR VOLUME WARNING): https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/612722779980038165/1005024810641924156/video-output-249DB6C6-A0C2-47D0-83C1-D0C991BA386A.mov Sorry if you have to download that video, idk how to link it better. I'm still waiting for the game to finish download files that are worth 1GB btw, and then I'll see if my game is as fucked up lmao, can't wait
  12. Awesome update as always Count! I remember you saying that you went sad that you "wasted" a year on writing these reviews and updates, but I honestly prefer reading your updates rather the ones on Gamepress. Anyways, time for me to share my opinions! Honestly, I adore how beach Reimu and Marisa look, they're adorable. Even though I don't buy costumes, I do hope those 2 become actual costumes, instead of units. As far as Epic Yukari goes, I am very much dissapointed. Even though she's a recolor, I honestly think that Blue Reimu is much better suited for that tier rather than beach Yukari. Yukari could've been a costume tbh. Also, is it just me, or is Rinnosuke's art a pun? It seems he's drinking cola, and the acronym for the print work he appeared in first is "CoLA", I hope that's intentional, because I kept laughing for 5 minutes because of that. I am kinda excited for new items, specifically for the Ema, I had no luck getting Iku and I really want her, so it seems nice! And I'm glad we're getting the Epic ritual tickets again, even though last time it was just a token generator for me. And it feels so weird seeing a new L1 unit, I'd say we haven't gotten one in a while, what was even the last L1? Misumaru? Anyways, I'll go back to my deep TLW slumber until comes to global. Zzz.
  13. Yo yo, Dev Talk happened and there's so much shit it's unreal lmfao However, there's actually a lot of neat stuff this time, which is quite nice. I'll let Count write about it since I feel that he writes the best updates, and I am curious to hear about his opinion. Technically, TLW ALSO has Live2D animations, however, you have to unlock them lmfao (but thankfully, not with money, but rather with that Fantasy Rebirth thing). Still, they are a bit underwhelming imo. More have been added afaik, but no videos have surfaced to my knowledge.
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