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The phantom remix tournament.

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New Years resolution:  I'll try to do more stuff here.  Including more games, but let's start with this.  It may or may not be a good time to start, but if not, we'll hold off.

This is essentially a game of sharing and rating music remixes that we have found.  It's not really much of a competition, and there's not really much of a prize in the end, so don't worry about anyone taking this too seriously.  It will go like this: every participant will send three remixes/arrangements/etc to me via PM.  Then, I will post three of all the pieces in the thread, and everyone will comment on them and rate them.  A day or two later (depending on how many people we have and how fast they post), I will post the next set and we'll do it again.  We continue like this until we've gone through all the pieces, and we find out who had the highest rated song, best average rating, etc.

So, if you want to join, post here, then send me a PM with your choices.  Sign-ups will last one week, assuming we have enough interested people.

While rating by numbers is arbitrary, I can compile them into a percentage at the end so we can see who has the rated song and best average, so that would be preferable.






Drunken Flower

Amamiya Yuki

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Starting the new year off with some excitement! I wasn't expecting this for another three months, and I couldn't be happier!

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I'm surprised as well! But definitely excited to see how this will turn out. I still listen to a lot of the arrangements that was posted in the last one, so I'm definitely curious to see how the music will be like for this one.

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On 1/1/2021 at 6:31 PM, jssf1992 said:

New Years resolution:  I'll try to do more stuff here.  Including more games, but let's start with this. 

I've been wanting to make more topics as well, but I guess last year I wasn't that motivated lol. Anyway, very happy to be starting with this. "The phantom remix tournament" is probably just another one of your star wars references, but it has some legitimately spooky vibes to it. OOOooooOOOOooo... I think I may have some trouble choosing my songs this time, but I'm taking part of course.

Ha ha, like I don't have trouble choosing the songs every time...

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You might want to message DF and Amamiya, since neither of them have been on the site since the announcement.

Also, if anyone else thinks they might be interested in joining, it's been a lot of fun in the past!

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why the heck i always resurrect when there's a tourney
i swear i got no notification at all (other than file reports that i...................)

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Ohh that's good to hear happy that it's there again so a bit late but yeah imma join as well

PS: When next tournament will be there i don't mind when someone would DM me on discord since i'm not coming to site that often and sometimes i'm not here for about month as well

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Guess that's why they call it the "phantom" remix tournament... Cause everyone suddenly just disappeared. i couldn't resist


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Alright, let's get this started!

First off, there was a piano in the Scarlet Devil Mansion?  Appearantly so:


Second, a nice medley of several of Ten Desire's pieces (True Administrator, Legend of the Great Gods, Great Mausoleum, and Old Yuanxian):


Third, something different with U.N. Owen was her?:


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1. Yo Ken it's pretty nice and calming piece of work, i probably could sleep to it even tho piano arrangements are just mostly decent for me (also about that title, i'm pretty sure there WAS a piano in SDM at least in most fangames)


2. Orchestra huh, it's pretty good and gets even better once music picks up a little in moments like 1:43 ngl i'm a bit more into orchestral stuff than solo piano and song is pretty good as well 


3. oh no it's a choir, that's probably just me but when i hear choir only thing i can think about is church and i'm ateist so i'll pass i just rather jam to stuff like piano/orchestra/post-rock etc. and probably only one that drops even lower is Jazz and some kind of Swing songs, don't get me wrong i love this kind of atmosphere in most songs especially when chorus or intense part kicks in and either something similar to this happens or just vocalist vocal gets much more intense and is kinda choir like however when it's choir on it's own i'll pass


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Alright, let's dive into this!

There was a Piano in the Scarlet Devil Mansion?

A very calm and soothing piece, it's pleasant to listen to. The change in the mood about halfway through caught me off guard and threw me a bit, but it's a welcome addition, and actually I like the change of pace, it gives the song a bit more... momentum. Overall, it's a really nice rendition of Septette for the Dead Princess! 7/10.

Toyosatomimi's Medley

This piece is really graceful in how it blends between the different songs in the medley. I like how it uses different volumes and speeds as it moves throughout the piece, the loud brass section used to announce the "arrival" of Miko's theme is particularly catching. True Administrator and parts of Legend of the Great Gods are fast and grand but there's also a calm, mysterious mood associated with other themes. Overall super atmospheric. I'll give this 8/10.

U.N. Owen Was Her? (Choir)

This is short but sweet. It's a very different take on the song, and honestly a pretty good one. I have to say I appreciate the use of the background instrumentation though, I would have got pretty tired of hearing just the voices. They sound nice when used in tandem though. It's a very simple piece overall, but that's why it works. 6/10.

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There was a Piano Spotted in the Scarlet Mansion?
         Hat spotted. Also spotted is that split second flash filter at 0:01 where the screen goes green and purple. Though, I’m assuming that’s a rendering error and not some secret hidden message lol.
Musically speaking, this was an excellent piano rendition of, Ludwig van Beethoven's Piano Sonata No.8 in C, Op 13 "Pathetique" 3 Rondo: Allegro. But seriously, I couldn’t recognize this song immediately until around 0:20 so there was a bit of mystery.
         Anyways, the piano sounds really somber and relaxed. Maybe I’m biased considering the first Touhou remixes I ever listened to were piano ones, but they always sound good to me. Compared to other remixes, since the piano really one has one instrument-sound, it really helps highlight the melody, which is a perfect combination with Touhou considering the melodies are so iconic.
         There is one slight issue though, and that’s the ending of Remilia’s part. At 1:50 You have the classic build up. The whole piece is moving upwards until 2:09 it suddenly… stops. Ouch. Owwww. It hurt me mentally to listen to that. It felt extremely unsatisfying. Like, it’s just… over? It’s done? I felt so immersed into this world the composer was creating and then suddenly just taken out of it in a quick instance. It’s like you’re reading a book and then a pop-up shows up saying that your 30-minute trial of Audible.com has expired. My fantasy world has crumbled.
         While everything before was so refreshing, I personally don’t think I’ll be able to relisten to this piece because of that. And, fair warning, it alone will be a big factor in bringing the rating down and affect how I see the rest of the video. I would have greatly preferred if they stopped before 1:50, I’d have no problems with that.
         I understand why they did it, considering this is a medley and this part was starting to take up too much room from the other songs. Perhaps, those other longer medleys can get away with making these mistakes because they feature smaller snippets of songs and have more songs overall. But I feel I cannot ignore this simply because of the song’s length. 5:44 and Remilia’s ends at 2:14. Almost half of the song tainted. That’s why I’m cursed in being extremely critical of even possibly minute details. But I think I’ve already ranted enough about this one part, so let’s move on to the rest of the video XD
         After 2:21 this hopping part reminds me of Toby Fox’s “An Apple Disaster!” specifically the “Girls Pretty Dress Dress Do Your Best Now” at 0:16. Toby pretty much takes the words out of my mouth, where he mentions that it uses the “Asian scale that’s in every title screen”. 
         2:43 And I’ve realized that the next part is… Remilia’s part? What. Whhhhhhaaaatttttt!?!??!?!?! So… if the next part was just going to be Remilia’s again. WHY DID THEY CUT HER PART OFF?!?!?!? JUST TO SHOW OFF AN A S I A N S C A L E!?!?!?!?!?? I cannot believe this. No wonder this piece is “Septette for the Dead Princess” because they’ve literally killed Remilia. She’s dead. I can’t believe they’ve done this.
         3:44 I know what you’re saying. Yeah, I know that it shows up again. But at this point, I’ve lost all trust in Dean Nguyen. I’ve been betrayed. This part could have sounded so sweet, yet it’s bitter. It’s like I’m dying in the desert, desperately begging for water and then I die. And then some guy pisses in my mouth. Like great, this is refreshing, but I’m already dead. And it’s a shame because parts like 4:22 sound gorgeous in isolation. But together, the overall piece is dragged down so much.
         5:11 You’ve got to be kidding me. That is demonically taunting. You’re not going to fool me, starting up your song again. I can SEE Youtube’s bar at the bottom showing the song’s ending again.
There was a Piano in the Scarlet Mansion? I wish there wasn’t. You know what would have literally made this piece a 10/10 for me? If it started at 2:22. Everything before that is literally useless and only serves as padding to fill out the song. It exemplifies everything I hate about the modern piano industry. Why did the composer feel the need to stretch it out for so unnecessarily long? They definitely have the skills and talent to make a good short 2–3-minute piece, and they should be confidant in their extraordinary abilities.
         Look at the piano songs kkcwkoh/kkcwkoh92 uploads. Some are really short, less than 2 minutes. And the ones that are long like 30 minutes are medleys that feature so many different songs. Those are some of the best Touhou piano pieces I’ve heard. And this artist honestly does remind me of them. It’s just a shame that they’re efforts have to be wasted by how the piece is organized.
Wow, ok I did not mean for this part to go on for so long lol. Oh yeah I forgot to mention my joke of “Why is Touhou 13 on the cover?” But disclaimer, these are just my subjective opinions, how I personally feel about the piece. I can imagine someone rating this a 10/10 ignoring those parts, but I apologize in advance, I have to rate this a 

Edited to 7/10

Toyosatomimi’s Medley
         Nice instruments at the beginning! Already I’m getting a whimsical fantasy feel from this opening. 0:30 Beautiful lead instrument. It already helps that I’m a fan of True Administrator’s medley. Also, I’m really liking this quiet orchestra style. Usually when I listen to orchestral remixes, they’re loud intense in your face like ActiveNEETs, which isn’t bad, in fact I love those. But just this subtle foreboding atmosphere is a cool change of pace. 3:50 That melody again, as beautiful as ever. 
         Sorry I didn’t have more to say about this song. It’s just, I felt so immersed into it that it just suddenly ended. The time went by so quick listening to it! And I’m honestly shocked that it was a 5-minute piece, it did not feel extended or stretched out at all. Every single part had its own purpose that was masterfully fulfilled. Compare that to “Piano in Scarlet” above which felt like it dragged on for so long. With Toyosatomimi’s Medley, the subtle parts and intense parts complemented each other so perfectly, it just felt so dynamic and expressive.
         I felt like I was taken on a journey listening to this. And maybe this is because of human’s biological side to remember more of the negative than the positive, but I don’t have much to say about this that wasn’t already said through the music itself. This is marvelous, I give it a


Higuma – UN Owen Was Her.
         A big deduction though is 0:29. It sounds extremely quiet. Like, I’m wearing headphones, yet I had to scroll my volume bar up so high just to hear what was going on. Then I suddenly got blasted with UN Owen Choir right in my ear at 0:58 because the volume is so high so I had to panickily scroll my volume bar right down again.
         Overall, the sound level is horrible off quality. It doesn’t help that the quiet part lasts so long. It feels like someone just discovered how to use a vocal choir sound font in FL Studio and wanted to make a whole song for it, but only had that sample to work with. It doesn’t help that after 0:58 it’s just the exact same part as before. 
         One advantage is that the song is so minimalistic that someone can easily just rip the choir sample from here and use it in their own piece. So, this is a really useful sound effect! Because of this I have to rate this a


Now here’s the part where I look at all the other reviews that have been posted so far. I’m very curious to see what they are! Since these songs were very hit-or-miss I feel, so I imagine the scores will go drastically one way or the other. First off, this is definitely better than Remilia’s theme right off the bat. I did say I don’t care about length, so it honestly doesn’t matter that this is only a minute-thirty long.

Overall, what I expected, pretty much the middle range which makes sense. I feel Toyosatomimi’s Medley definitely got an advantage this round based on how the other two are, instrumentally lack luster. It’s like how when you’re starving and then eat a graham cracker and that cracker tastes like the best thing you ever ate sort of idea. Though it also helps that Toyosatomimi’s Medley is a genuinely good piece too!

Edited by Garison DeCrick
Not everything copy-and-pasted from my Word Document XD
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I see we're starting off with a more classical bent this time, eh?

1: There was a Piano in Scarlet Devil Mansion?
Glad we're getting this out of the way early. The artist did only one Touhou album, and as far as I know has no Youtube presence. His arrangements are characterized by an exploration of what it means to adapt something to piano, playing powerfully to the instrument's strengths.

This specific piece is my favorite from the album, and probably my favorite Touhou piano remix. It's essentially a simplistic arrangement, but just complex enough to have a classical feel. I picture Remilia playing in an empty grand hall (maybe with Sakyua listening from doorway), casually exercising the varying techniques she's learned. The stylistic changes that occur throughout (such as at 2:20) are the transitions from one technique to another. The original theme's bridge section (featured here at 4:21) sounds like improvisation, lending to this perception. Yet even as a practice piece, she still builds up a progression, brings the piece to a climax, and ends it without too much fanfare (the final chord has a relatively short duration).

Ultimately, I believe I can give this an honest 10/10.
On a side note, I also like to compare this arrangement to Demetori's Ascending into Naught as a showcase of the source material's diverse application potential.

2: The Dawn of Asuka, and the Beginning of the Legend (Brass Band Ver.)
An exceptional orchestral arrangement; if it's not live, then it's using some of the best VSTs I've ever heard. I tried finding more about the circle (Harimusic, or Hari Music), and found a impressive supply of Ten Desires' centered medleys. The blending of different motifs is near seamless, which effect I perceive stems from the way the piece is ordered. True Administrator's motifs are the most prevalent, but it does less tying the piece together and more becoming the primary motif to a unique arrangement.

Put another way: This doesn't sound like a medley of multiple themes. If I didn't know the source material, it would sound like a single, unified arrangement. As such, its progression is perfect, and it manages to instill a perfect balance of cinematic overture and concert hall feeling. All of this, and three-fourths of it are my least favorite themes from Touhou 10!

My initial inclination is a well deserved 9/10. I'm a little worried how well that will hold up in future rounds, though.

3: U.N. Owen Was Her?
Within the first few seconds, I thought someone had found the choir remix Garison was looking for. Veering off from that, this piece captures a very serene feel that definitely tries to tug at the emotions. I can easily see this growing into a more powerful arrangement, either as a climactic resolve or a crushing conclusion. Unfortunately, the piece doesn't build to anything. There's amazing potential to it as a beginning, but it's far too short.

The rating on this one is difficult. I did like it, so a five seems too low. But six seems too high, so I'll stick with 5/10.

Edit: @Garison DeCrick I'm curious if my perspective will help at all with your experience, but I suspect we're looking for something different in either the motif representation or in the style of arrangement. If the former, you might give Nguyen's Flight of the Bamboo Cutter a listen. If the latter, we might have a disagreement on the grounds of music theory. Most Touhou piano arrangements I come across tend to be "covers;" they recreate the original piece for piano. I enjoy this style, and there is significant creativity involved in imitating the complex themes on a simpler instrument. However, there is also the arrangement which reimagines the source material for piano. I appreciate Nguyen's style because of the pace changes; I interpret these as an exploration of the instrument and/or a form of storytelling through music (although there is a very near exception in his Meiling, Come in for a Bit; that one's weird, even for me). This is often my preference in solo instrument covers, possibly as an experience of the instrument rather than the piece itself. My least favorite track on this album is his Satori Maiden, which is his most straight-forward remix and probably not coincidentally his shortest. For the sake of comparison, could you highlight one of kkcwkoh's arrangements? I was under the previous assumption he was just a feature channel.

Also, yeah, that rendering flash is annoying, and I have no idea what caused it.

Edited by Ken Hisuag
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I'm glad to see your response. To be honest, I was curious what you would say considering you were the one who uploaded. And my suspicions were right that you'd give it a 10/10, though I understand why and it is a justifiable score to give.

Anyways, I feel it's definitely about motif representation.  I just gave Nguyen's Flight of the Bamboo Cutter a listen. While they are parts that change in octave randomly in the song at the beginning 0:29 and a few off-tone notes in after around 0:51 I can tolerate those much more since they follow the same melody. There's a sense of direction, like I feel satisfaction in that I'm making progress in understanding the piece as I listen to it. In fact, I can confidently give that piece a 9/10 straight up. 

For me, I am a fan of covers, I have nothing against them. I do agree with you that there is a lot of effort involved in the creative process in making a song that not only reflects the original, but gives off it's own unique style as well. My criticism with Piano in Scarlet Mansion is purely personal, in that I subjectively feel that, the way it cuts parts of the songs, it acts as though it's introducing another piece, but there's not. And even though the piece sounds beautiful, the composer acts as if there's this missing part of the song that should be there, even though the song sounds perfectly good by itself. 

One hypothesis I have is that I'm so used to listening to Remilia's theme on the piano with a normal motif, especially considering how long EoSD has been around and it's popularity, that any deviation sounds alien and strange. I'll admit that, when I first listened to piano remixes of Touhou songs, most of them were just MIDI sequence remixes, considering that's all there was online at the time. While people have done great work with MIDIs now, back then, creatively-speaking, what you could do with them was quite bare bones. (I still sometimes wish that ZUN would release the MIDIs for his newer works, but the fanbase is already pretty quick with setting those up, so not like it matters lol.)

I've also played her theme a lot on the piano. Though, thanks in large part to MIDIs again, specifically the program Synthesia. While I can sight read regular notation... slight lol, I vastly prefer seeing the notes visually come down. And I'm on a tangent. Anyways, long story short, since EoSD tracks were some of the first one's I learned and I was a beginner back then, every time I made some sort of wrong note that altered slightly from what was on screen or just suddenly stopped in a certain part, in my brain it would hurt and sound wrong. Especially since I'd always have those RCM performances when I was younger where I'd have to memorize and perform the piece perfectly. So I guess just that part of my childhood carried over into the review process. Of course, I realized this even when making the review, which is why I had that heavy disclaimer up that it was all my subjective personal opinion and why, for any reviews coming up, I still put a disclaimer since I judge a lot from my own personal experience which can vary drastically at times.

Listening to the other songs you mentioned, I was going to mention that "Meiling Come in for a Bit" sounded fine, until the artists started just sliding up random scales very loudly at 2:21 which... surprised me. Satori Maiden. Oooooo. OOOOOHHHH. Oh yeah, now this sounds amazing. I really appreciate the simplicity in this piece. You have the left hand with two or three fingers switching between the same notes a few times and going to the next one. The main right hand playing the iconic melody. It's just perfect. Above "Piano in Scarlet" instantly. While I am aware that this is most likely just a general MIDI style arrangement and I should foster more creativity around pieces, just personally it sounds a lot better. It just... feels right. It feels compositionally sound.

In terms of kkcwkoh's arrangements, I was referring to the ones they upload, as they are, as you described, really just a feature channel. Though, the piano pieces they upload are quite distinct in that they're not afraid of uploading short piano pieces. Which I really gravitated to because they were short and faster to learn.


Looking back at these now, I'm surprised a lot of them have got into the 6 digits of views. Funny considering I used to show off these piano pieces as obscure, but hey, the more people that can appreciate these thanks to the Youtube algorithm, the better.

These are the only MIDI Synthesia's that I remember playing currently so I guess these sound good to me because I've played them so many times lol. (Maybe if I play Piano Spotted in the Scarlet Mansion it might sound good to me? If I had time for that anymore lol)

Last Remote in particular is one of my absolute favourites just because it was one of the first truly "long-songs" I had learned that wasn't just a 1 to 2 and a half minute piece. Plus, Subterranean Animism had just released recently so it was kind of the "hip new" song that just came out.

Anyways, wow I didn't expect to be sent on such a nostalgia trip. If anything, I'd say "Piano in Scarlet" was the most impactful piece out of the three this round, just because I wouldn't have gone on this journey if it weren't for it. So you can imagine I rate "Piano in Scarlet" a 10/10 in sheer memorability, though legally-speaking, I still keep the same 4/10 rating. No offence. XD

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1: the piano and the mastering itself nice, so smooth and kalm
i like few improvisation, kinda break me up from burnout or just from the pieces aint fond of
the problem is as Garrison said, the organization is kinda messed up, stuff end and change so quickly
also i kinda expected owens but no, kinda relieved but still eh

2: eyy this one amazing, they skipped Toyo's boring part, nice.
kalm opening for dramatic buildup or somethin
i have no much to say with orchestral, everything so strict and technical. i just know when i like or not
and i know the focus is Toyo but i demand old yuaxian more in it

3: why i only heard opening from the left OHNO mine headphone broke, i blame flan > :((
ok the choir really feel synthetical , it's like somethin i made when messing up with FL studio and aint a arranger
wait why the whole music is just opening? where the main dish?
fixed mine headphone btw :DDDD


i shouldn't've listen to other musics before rating these but pbtbtp.

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Alright, moving on to the second round:

First we have a lovely traditional arrange of Retribution for the Eternal Night:


Second, another folk arrangement, this time of Crimson Belvedere:


And third, a piano arrangement/medley of Concealed Four Seasons:



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Oh man, this was a tough round. A lot of really strong picks all around. I had to purposely limit myself from giving everything a 10/10 XD But really, all of these songs easily have the potential to become 10/10 tracks.

Retribution for the Eternal Night
      Very elegant visual filter at the opening. For the beginning, I really like the main instrument they use. Plus, the flutes add a nice touch. 
0:40 Really sounds like an Age of Empires track. I know I already made my Age of Ethanols reference back in the Musical Discoveries thread, but it sounds very very similar to it that I can’t help but make reference to it.
      The strong flute blows and general feudal era instruments used also reminds me of the Bowser’s Castle 1 song from Super Mario Odyssey (my favorite song and level in the game). But that can really go for any traditional sounding song.
The use of the white-noise esque
      Didn’t have much to say on this track, but judging by how long I rant on things I dislike, I’d say that’s definitely a good thing! I do like how it’s always changing themes. Like the songs switching between AoE rhythm to wavey to melodic strings frequently enough that each part sounds refreshing yet connected enough that they feel appropriate together.


Crimson Belvedere
      I love how it starts off really quiet and then transcends into this huge grand orchestra. It really helps create this nice contrast between the solemn and intense parts.
      Hmmm… how do I describe this. But the loud and quiet parts of the song are… asymmetrical? Let me try to explain lol. But at the beginning you have this quiet part, with the middle you have a loud part and then ending with a quiet part. Remember how I mentioned in the above paragraph that there’s a nice contrast? Well, I feel this contrast could have been expanded more by having two loud and two quiet parts. Specifically, regular quiet > regular loud > quieter quiet > louder loud > short regular quiet dying down at the end. With how the song is now, I feel my intensity getting built up towards the middle and then, having this unfulfilled energy being held in at the end.
      Like, you know how in stories you have the story structure of rising action to climax to falling action and resolution. Ideally, the rising action and climax take up 80% of the story and resolution a mere 20%. Here it’s like 50% of the song is dedicated to rising action and climax while the other 50% is resolution.
Looking back on what I wrote, I feel I may have made things more complicated than they need to be with my examples XD. But what I’m trying to say simply is that, the piece kind of dies out in the middle and I wish they could have extended the escalation more to the end.


Concealed Four Seasons
      Now this is a piano medley! Funnily enough, I’ve actually listened to this song before and put it on my .mp3. I’ve tried searching up the song before on Youtube, but had never found it and thought it was gone forever… at least until now! It even has that animation trick with the cool sliding door which I forgot to save since I only got the .mp3! Though I will try to keep that archival bias out of my review lol.
1:53 This would definitely be my favourite part of the song. (And I just looked at the video and realized Okuu shows up there, which may make you think that’s the reason, but it’s not, just an interesting coincidence lol). I really like how upbeat and fast paced this part gets. Though it comes pretty close since a lot of the parts are great.
I know people in the past have done boss medleys, but what I like about this one is how it’s focused on one boss’s theme. It really hypes Okina up as like, the “final boss” of the Touhou series.

      Even though the artist here is adamant that the piano piece is not their best, they never did end up doing another version of it. In fact, reading the description, it turns out they deleted their original channel. So by default, this is technically their best version, since it’s the only version. Besides, I find it extremely common for artists to say that their work is not good when it really is.
      Conceptually this is a 10/10, but because there’s that uninteresting part after 4:14 I’ll give this an 8/10. Literally if that was gone, I’d give this a 10/10, but I believe I have to stick with rating the video in its entirety even though the part seems to be purely there just for commentary. 


      Kidding! However, since I feel like I’ve done piano remixes dirty despite how much I love pianos. And judging by the results from the last one, out of spite I’m bumping the score up by two and giving it a 10 XD



There was a Piano Spotted in the Scarlet Mansion?

I’m also updating my score for “There was a Piano Spotted in the Scarlet Mansion?” from a 4 to a 7 just so it’s higher than that U.N. Opera since there was definitely more effort put into Piano Spotted vs U.N. Opera. But lower than my original score for Concealed Four Seasons.
Plus, I’ve listened to more of Dan Nguyen’s work and feel that I understand more of his style better and have been able to appreciate the piece more. Thanks to Ken Hisuag for helping me be more open minded as well! So it’s not confusing for jssf1992, I’ve updated my response on the last message.


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1. Yeah imho better than any previously posted stuff yet, i like traditional songs or when song has that "traditional vibes" (kinda reminds me of A.SAKA creations but they are usually more electronic with traditional addons) this one isn't really too calm for my preferences and is easily something i would listen to exactly in game it's also fairly long so


2. another orchestral woo, honestly i'm starting to get used to it a little it's one of my favourite themes from EoSD however it's not really better than Toyo Medley hence why it gets a bit lower rating but it's still pretty decent work

i would give 6.5/10 but i don't want to use decimals so i need to give 6/10

3. a bit too calm for me but well, at least theme is one that i could easily put in top 10-15 i also quite like animation it also gets a bit repetitive over time but i guess that's just me (not like usually trance which i love doesn't but i still don't care so much about it)

that's mostly for animation and theme 7/10

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