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  1. if we follow mathematically the next phantasmagoria will be in the 27th y know, 3x3=9, 9x3=27....and the 4th phantasmagoria will be in the 81st.... imma kms but only god knows when the next phantasmagoria will be.... jokes aside, it would be nice to have another one.
  2. huh... there's a lot of possibility maybe a power to get every waifu i want maybe dimensional teleportation, i can cover myself with a sheet (or some) of dimensional barrier and everything would pass trough me (but now that i think about it.... GODDAMNIT REIMU, Y U SO OP) and for backup choice i'll pick foreseeing, you know... the one that allows you to look a bit to the future.
  3. have all the tools and furniture in my house be tsukumogami. i cant stand the happiness the fairies bring along and ain't have much stuff anyway. would you rather be a legendary villain or be an unknown hero
  4. Diao Ye Zong: Nokosareta Namae, Toori Kazoe Uta 竹薮の中 <<阿礼乙女に問われたる花屋の物語>> 竹薮の中 <<蓬莱人に問われたる白兎の証言/白澤の独白>> 竹薮の中 <<  人の慟哭>> Butaotome - Utakata Yonder Voice : Silent Refrain Shrine Maiden Forever Heavenly Carnation (fun fact: in Zyon, the name is Heavenly Carnation. in the wiki album page, the name is Sinking into the Night Sky. in the lyric page, the name is Bouquet of the Starry Sky) N+ - len~錬~
  5. you coulda ask a Mod or Site Editor. though i don't know if the mods have power in the download section.
  6. digital drawing counts?
  7. this may sound silly but have you check the options?
  8. we tried to ping moriya-shrine.nyc3.digitaloceanspaces.com with cmd earlier we found out that there package losses for some people
  9. What kind of immortal? Houraijin? nope NOPE NOPE. i'd rather be undead. Celestials Immortality? Yes YES YES. what about Hermit immortality? well... not bad, i can make undead this way. Meet Yamame Kurodani or meet Medicine Melacholy
  10. Dodging even the rain seems to be useful. even i fight, no hit = no damage = survive = win. meanwhile if you use danmaku, who hit first = win, but speed is not my trait, so yeah... born as miare or born as amanonjaku
  11. so yeah... i usually only read Touhou Doujinshis, other than that is mostly forgotten by me. i usually dont like much of a shoujo ai, yuri neither ecchi. i prefer reading slice of life, drama, adventure and tragedy stufs recently i read Touhou doujinshi - Life at the Shrine + the Kitty https://mangadex.org/title/7933/touhou-jinja-seikatsu-neko-doujinshi it's a Slice of life and Wholesome af other that i can recommend is Zounose's works https://mangadex.org/search?artist=Yakumi Sarai (Circle) it's mostly action and tragedy stuffs, now that i think of it, all of it has blood in it
  12. oh no... basically it came down top this problem but i think we have not yet found the proper solution... dunno if this will help... so yeah... i usually download things multiple times till it work. and zip is just another compressed file, just like rar
  13. crazy stuffs eh? Clownpiece... beacuse... Clownpiece Eirin's shady new drug or Moriya Shrine conspiracy
  14. well.. you can separate each volumes i guess... keep the one you want to read and keep the others in your pc and have you finish Curiosities of Lotus Asia? i got a 4MB ish version of that if you want.
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