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  1. im puting this in spoiler because i don't wanna scroll a lot when i back here few months later i recommend y'all should too.
  2. you know what day it is. mandatory post
  3. i rember that song so much im pretty sure that there's no ticking clock sound in the one above closest i can rember is this one or you just imagining things and heard droplets as a ticking clock but you still must listen to what crypatche posted I insist
  4. Eyy my song that's literally where my name came from
  5. yes that's a repost but not in this forum and Violet Delta is easily one of the best Synthwave arranger and people said I'm gloomy but i listen to hiphop and stuff
  6. this a perfect playlist for me been on loop for few days
  7. oh hey, ive seen this guy hangin around discord sadly, it mostly aint his art. yes he burned it but not his own he uses soldering iron btw
  8. hey guess what game is booming? (to like 5 people) so yeah ya know aint very fond of chiptune well yes, that partially right. to put it in words, if if it meant to be a chiptune alone, then no it has different feel to it if it made especially for a game ost ya know what i mean? wording 100
  9. 1st (3) one seems easy enough i still dont know how to format my writing since some of em in english, i wanna differentiate the translated one from the english one so yeah things may be janky eyy funk and まめみ(mamemi), the vocal of Karento, i love her voice. i rember listening this some time ago, before i started to put things in playlist and if you rember BLOOMING SEASON in tourney #3, yes this the same vocal and surprisingly, the lyrics almost convey the same meaning, but without longing someone it's like, they've met up (or before parting away????) and please be
  10. also about that new channel i think that bbzera probably also quick retour to the rock
  11. Oh hey Mahotoa Tofu currently the best for electro swing have you check their booth? https://mahotoa.booth.pm/ FREE STUFF also their youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCG5X0VE9kGhT3Hluuw1PcUg
  12. GITR eh? some of their song indeed in my high list sadly i haven't listened much to them one of the reason is intimidated by the sheer amount of arranges they made. (im too lazy) not so fond of the 2nd song tbh, lookin at the view count and comments i kinda question what's wrong with me??? maybe because they tried to squeeze so much themes in them? yeh i'll just use that excuse :^D i like other 3, especially the 4th (WAIT holyshit 2M views, i can understand) and from me, for now i can only think of this from GITR and it's far out genre and my rock stuff
  13. what???????????????? can you send the screenshot of the file details (right click>properties>details) and the error log censor some parts you think sensitive to post to public
  14. i uh.. dunno since back then the chatbox aint used much actually personally i'd like to since i can just leave a small message without making a thread or post but again, it's always empty
  15. OOH ME personally i like the forum chat not to be discord since you need to log in to discord anyway to send messages that's it
  16. try to do cmd ping in a command prompt window input ping moriya-shrine.nyc3.digitaloceanspaces.com -t this command will send data to the server where the games are being hosted for download let it sit for a while (1-2 minutes or 5) and then press Ctrl+C look for "package loss" and see the value if it not "0" there's a chance it be corrupted. the higher the value, the higher chance it will be corrupted. we can do nothing about that sadly mostly because the connection errors maybe try again in a good day when there's no package loss
  17. that was out of topic but yes so yeah, back to the topic which is i don't really know what to do. Forums nowadays just used as archive, like "how to" stuff, guides, QnA, reviews, memes(?), long term project, logs, blog (OH YEAH anyone know we have blog section? yeah me neither) and etc. i mean at least that how i use it for other communities, like, i always search for stuff before asking questions. for example "how to fix th06 D3DX9_43.dll" those goddamn games not working reports aint even look in the bug/issues section first, heck they aint even post questions in the right place.
  18. wait what really? that Invite panel is relatively new, not even a year or so maybe maybe, if i recall correctly, maybe replacing a small simple invite panel before it FYI in the beginning there's just a WidgetBot on the bottom left of the screen which pop up messages everytime someone sent a message on the #general chat, you can imagine how many notification show up. then it get deleted in few weeks.
  19. Finally Valentines day! Once i wake up again, it's time to throw rocks at people in a parsee cosplay!

  20. reviving this thread and stupid stuff
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