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  1. seems like i'm a bit late but there you go! it's the album they're releasing on C100 along with omake single in music case wiki is usually either late, outdated or sometimes just straight missing stuff so it might be hard sometimes (personally i'm using other sources)
  2. my first thought were both Renko and Maribel (if you count them) since they're not only from outside world but also from some kind of university iirc second impression would be saki, mostly because how much she resembles western and howdy stuff!
  3. ooh you're right i missed that but it's arrange including both Now until the moment you die and Civilization of Magic!
  4. Yeah when i found out about sariel (i stumbled upon album with this single) i instantly went off to listen it because she's pretty much my favorite 98 character, i only wish it would be her 2nd theme Civilization of Magic (one of top 10 themes in whole 2hu for me) but it was great experience regardless!
  5. it's finally the time, huh everything i said before + my picks were as following: (if that wasn't obvious)
  6. New Jerico album upcoming at C100! New xi-on at C100! (for jazz enjoyers) New rd-sounds! Melodic Taste! (orchestral enjoyers) very cool As/ Hi Rock (a bit calmer rock enjoyers) eurobeat from K2e Cradle another orchestral (but not only) from Unprepared Orchestra funkot from dat-file-records (very funky)
  7. yeah, i guess haha edit: what? why did my post sent twice, once with quote and once without
  8. damn this sure took a while, huh? considering that we started at 30th May and finished almost 2 months later, been a lot of fun tho and felt actually quite nice to have more members this time
  9. last track feels so nostalgic and makes me remember about circle called sound online which iirc was led by Tsukasa
  10. Very interesting since 18 already had a small doze of roguelike considering how card system works if this is true then it seems that they took it even further here and no run will be the same, i'm definitely looking forward to this (though i'm just waiting for C100 in general so)
  11. 1. This one's really good tech piece Illusionary Joururi is also very good and based theme imo overall song is amazing but i especially like buildup at 3:05 going into most intense part of the song which at the same time is the best part for me 9/10 2. Oh dyz they're cool but as DrunkenFlower said before they like lot of other rd-sounds tracks tend to tell a whole story through the song and that's how i usually treat these not everyone likes it, but i do especially if track is not too calm and also they often are sung by nayuta or merami which are top tier vocalists i also love the guitar solo part starting at 4:55 8/10 3. o, this is oldie although i've never been a huge fan of unplugged stuff since they tend to be not my style (with some exceptions of course) it's okayish but i'm not too fond of u.n owen as well so it kinda adds up 6/10
  12. 1. Whoop Whoop swoopy although i'm not a fan of vocalist there even though i'd agree her voice fits the songs mood/style well overall it's okayish but it's one of these rare cases i would rather prefer instrumental version 5.5/10 2. overall quite repetitive, but i usually do not mind it, cirno theme isn't my favorite but it's decent Komeiji Records rings a bell but i don't think i listened their stuff more than few times at best 6.5/10 3. classic good old demetori stuff if it would be Roku Juunenme (Fate of Sixty Years one) it'd be solid 9.5/10 and while Higan Retour is still pretty good i just don't like that much outside of maybe chorus' and guitar solo parts (i miss old demetori works though and honestly demetori overall since they seem to be pretty inactive nowadays) 7.8/10
  13. glad it worked for you! This game truly is a gem that needs more recognition and attention
  14. Yuuka - Utsuho - why is my microwave malfunctioning Chimata - That's a pretty way to call a stealing and makes sense considering how polite you are but we already got one professional thief called Marisa, sorry buddy no place for two in gensokyo gotta pick one for now and that would be Seiga Kaku
  15. 1. it really feels quite emotional with these swaps but overall i'd rather say it's more on a sad side quite a nice one too also songs that come from mari and renko albums are usually good themselved so it adds up nicely 7.8/10 2. Chimata's theme is def a th18 mvp for me, this one's also quite solid and while i would prefer it more as rock/symphonic metal this one works for me (would like to see more parts like 3:03 for example) 7.5//10 3. yo Saitama! Been a while, huh? This one's surprisingly calm compared to quite a few of his works and that's prob a - for me but it's still kay and at least his guitar solo in this continues tradition of being good (seems like there's some rap added which must be either a guest vocalist or samples i guess 8/10 mostly but not only for solo and ending
  16. recently they released evolution album and m (evolution version is so damn good)
  17. 1. I'm really fond of UM but this song's either one of their much much older works or youtube compression/uploader source completely screwed it and quality is quite bad while technically it doesn't affect how good/bad song is (at least in first case where song is really old) i would rather listen it in better quality aside of that UM vocalist and guitarist as always doing great work 7/10 because quality 2. Heartfelt Fancy belongs to my top 4 themes and most likely it'll always be thus why it's arranges have an extra effect on me this one lies on the weaker side of those but it's still solid regardless and also doesn't wander off too far of the original track (subjective and depends on circumstances but still) 8/10 3. I was pretty sure it's going to be eurobeat even before i've read Ken's comment and only A-One was enough though Commander sometimes does really neat stuff (i usually don't dabble in euro too much despise it's fair similarities to trance and such) in most cases (music in general) i prefer female vocals over male ones but there are some exceptions that prove to really be amazing despise male vocals (5150, ICDD et cetera) 6.5/10
  18. however this does work with version downloaded there (without any changes) at least for first foe achievement (can't yet say whether it creates any further problems or any other achievements are bugged as well, since i'm too early in the game) and because i'm playing with 4 characters only on hard mode things are going quite slowly as of now Edit 1: so far i've reached the end of 15f of main game without a single issue nor crash seems like it's going smooth so far (if for some reason anyone has issues with hex editing you can dm me so i can send you edited executable, i'm not sure it wouldn't break rules or something sending in there so)
  19. iirc unfortunately beating 2 foes is required at some points to go further (floor 11, i think) so it's impossible to progress with broken achievement unless one would use cheat engine or other memory editor to edit coordinates and somehow bypass those parts without needing to defeat a foe/s
  20. 1. It's okay-ish not really a big fan of chiptune in general but it sounds quite decent and represents original track well too in this one case being short is actually it's advantage so it doesn't get too repetitive without any progression 6/10 2. Yeah.. as stated above normally i'm not big on chiptune but, Maple Dream always is a good dream (one of top 10 themes for me) aaand, this is a chiptune i could stand behind it's quite long for a genre but it does have decent progression so it pleases ear for a whole duration not just for a while and parts like 2:50 really add to it so it feels even better 7.5/10 3. Ah one of the Shibayan classics (i wish they could do more nu disco nowadays not just bossa nova) this one's on a bit weaker side of shibayan for me but it's still solid regardless (and quite short for a shibayan too lmao) and 3L's voice really fits to this song too (cheerful and quite energetic) nya nya~ 7/10
  21. Tournament III Busker's Picks: Toyosatomimi's Medley Retribution of Eternal Night Flight of the Bamboo Cutter ~ Lunatic Princess Drunken Flower's Picks: So Bright The Legend of Tohno The Way Home We Walked On Together Ken's Picks: There was a Piano in Scarlet Devil Mansion? Bad Apple LWCO Garison's Picks: Concealed Four Seasons June, Hydrangea, Test of Courage Reincarnation ~ Symphonic Metal Jssf's Picks: U.N. Owen Was Her (Choir) Crimson Belvedere Time Will Tell Shionne Imeris' Picks: World of Fantasy (Spacelectro Remix) Little Little Wish Flash Storm
  22. i decided to make a archive even though iirc Ken's saving everything on a big playlist this probably going to get tad long so imma probably split it although it seems i can't find first tournament thread/posts anywhere so tell me if anyone got any updates on that Tournament II Busker's picks: twinkle * twinkle - N.I.G.H.T.M.A.R.E (Nhato Remix) Cool&Create - Flying Marisa!! Hatsunetsumiko's - A Voiceless Poem Drunken Flower's picks: Sky dust Blue Diamond Blooming Season Ken's Picks: Idola Deus Star of Hope Arises in the Blue Sky Road to The Moon Garison's picks Having a Bad Dream Sealed Sword/Alice in Wonderland Dead link unfortunately... Blue Desire Jssf's Picks Song of The Mad Demon Dancing Doll Beyond That Door Shionne Imeris' Picks 4th Radiance Darkness Power Lost Technology
  23. any of old crew might remember those from previous tournaments wink wink
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