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  1. hmm... もやみにSTOPキー押したりしない 方がいいと思うの。(ゲーム中はね) (STOPキーで戻れるよねっ) it says "i think it better not to press STOP key unintentionally (in the game) (you can go back with STOP key, ne') you sure you not pressing anything when started? make sure you run np21.exe (better for win7 and before) or np1nt.exe (better for win10)? try re-downloading the file, the download might be failed (there's some problem with our transfer latey... orz) also try re-downloading the emulator gave up? you can try using the DosBox ported version (not translated) here
  2. Electro Swing is the genre of the decade (and last decade) found few of them but here's the newest i found
  3. okay lemme elaborate a bit The CC will not be removed, the community submission is the one that removed, and any community submission that has already added will stay. so basically you can't add translation yourself, only the one with permission can add captions. also the Caption tool, will be removed, so you can't do fancy subtitles anymore (you still can, but using 3rd party services (most likely not free))
  4. no, you must tell the installer where the base game is
  5. directory missing when installing ynk, you need to specify the base game path in the installer example "C:\Games\FocasLens\幻想人形演舞"
  6. Found a quite interesting Innocent Treasures arrange it kinda hard to hear but i can FEEL it really makes you think the circle is Knife ナイフ it's basically Wani_Sally and a new vocal also i tried to transliterate it (then check the booklet) also no, i can't translate it poetically so no translation
  7. nnnnnnot exactly Moedan is a fangame for training your Danmaku dodging. why use flan? i dunno, probably cause she popular. for now, no playable flan in any official game. she do appear in StB and VD, but as boss. and obviously she appear lotta in fangames though
  8. you need to change the GDC clock restart the emulator, then immediately press "end" (not "esc" those are different key) select second option then select GDCクロック, set it to 2.5 MHz press 終了 and reset emulator
  9. got new PC so why not change? i like to keep my desktop clean, no icon or whatsoever how i open apps? through the start menu search bar or just go to the installation folder via file explorer also the original image
  10. aint got any problems probably the download corrupted we got this file transfer problem which keep corrupting downloads (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
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