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  1. Firefox on PC, used to have chromium based browser but they delete history beyond 6 months. I like hoarding my history, I never know when I wanna go back. no, bookmarks are used when you aware you wanna go back, most of the times I don't realize I needed to go back. I do use shitton of add-ons. Bromite on Mobile, because i don't trust anything in Play Store. it's chromium based, I also turned off javascript for that since I have had hacked because some random pop-up injected a code. idk i just never really bothered for securing my phone with adblocker and such. In PC you can just install add-ons, but in mobile you need external .apk which back again to `I dont really trust Play Store`. used to use TOR but now I don't really need it since i have a proper VPN now. i just need to bypass regional blocking. yes i know TOR is safer but do you need to go that far? also slower.
  2. i finally got time life is hell Eternal Melody - SYNCHRONICITY I forgot my stance against techno music, good thing i guess?? for disclosure i listened to the one Ken linked since it's better quality. Quite a high energy track, they did a nice job keeping it exciting maybe yeah a bit too long as ken says, i also not a big fan of repetition but it's alright. a bit funny how the end is a fade covered by choirs which never appear in other part. I will elaborate about the hard cut later. Vocals, love hate with the autotune, somehow it emphasis it being techno and yet at the same time doesn't feel very natural...well yess technology ain't natural but aeugh. The lyrics are ok, nothing too deep but not too shallow either, it's about revenge, how surprising. I actually quite enjoy this 8/10 About the abrupt end, the video length is matching with official information, so it's NOT a cut. I was right when i felt there's something off with the whole track, the mastering felt really amateurish. I'd assume the uploader had put their hand in this track mastering, and NORMALIZED ALL THE PEAKS. Basically making everything flat to a set decibel, the loud got toned down and the lows got louder. Does not work well with fade since it flatten the fade... which is no fade. Karasu - Moths to a Flame they do metal? I was quite impressed by the opening actually The sounds of vibraphones faintly in the background is quite nice, though the moment they introduce it as the focal point it kinda kills the tense they've been building. The transition to satori theme is also flawless, these two theme work together nicely. I do like the eerie screeching and moans at the middle, it does add to the feel. While the okuu climax is quite interesting, I can't help but feel the brighter guitar is confused. no i don't wanna talk about the satori climax The whole track felt a bit slow with the lower tempo and longer duration despite the intensity they give off. And slight problem with mastering, some instruments are significantly dominating the others. 6/10 gosh i hate those vibraphones ShinRa-Bansho - Traveler of the Aurora I don't even need to listen to this, I listen it all the time. I'm very familiar with this I collect SWR arranges. iirc I've posted this in Musical Discovery but ok. I love this kind of fantasy-esque ethnic genre. Paired with Flawless Clothing of the Celestials it's a flawless combination. This kind of stuff feels so epic. Like a breath of the wild, a new perspective, an adventure. This is is what i expect from any media that delves into fantasy genre. 10/10 i got sucked into the world. Read 天子の旅 Tenco's Story from Sirakannnu, only 3 Chapters https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/22712774
  3. 5 months since this started Diao Ye Zong - The Second Performance: Curse Deity Ah yes the greatest of all. As expected from RD the lyrics has a significant meaning. his expertise also extends to creating the perfect feeling for said story. tbh I have trouble commenting on this since it's too perfect. so i just end this here than random rumbling. no im not lazy at all noo,,, yeah... n.. yeah. 9/10 if not because i listened this 2147483647 times i would rate 10. Suwako story is always interesting. I was so close for submitting another Suwako story at the start, but in the end i didn't. Could've flawlessly fit in this round. C-CLAYS - The Moon which was Swallowed to a Wolf what does the wolf has to do with Suika? Opened quite nice actually, though the first transition to original theme is quite sudden I'd say. The track did a good work on keeping the energy balanced for the whole track, and also because of that it has lack of... punch(?). 8.5/10 nice party what does the wolf has to do with the party? UNDEAD CORPORATION - Kushinada-hime Oh i just listened to this album a while ago, the album is about old folktale and the origins of the demons and youkai. undoubtedly one of the best album from Undead Corp this song in particular is about The slaying of the Yamata no Orochi, in which Kushinada or Princess Inada took part in the story. The lyrics might be hard to understand without context but it makes total sense when you know Japanese mythology. I would dare to say that the original melody doesn't quite fit with the story it's telling. The original theme feels a bit too festive for a battle story. nonetheless still a great arrangement. 9/10 did we have another Undead Corp last tournament? i forgor. i should start collecting curse themed music
  4. i forgor Yoshida Mirai Project - とこしえの黄泉 -- Pola ?????????? ??????? ?????????????? Ive replayed this for few times but I'm still utterly confused. 4/10, it's a mess but i find slight charm in it idk why. why is this here? the later two songs are so calm and serene... why? Shinra-Bansho - 御伽ノ詠 Song of Companion? Fairy Song? which one? the title 御伽ノ詠 reads as 'Otogi no Uta', 御伽 in literacy means 'to keep company'. it's used in 御伽噺 'Otogibanashi' which means Fairy tale, technically a fantasy tale for keeping company. also 御伽の国 'Otogi no Kuni' which means Fairyland. hmmmm.... but Fairy Song doesn't feel right. Also 詠 can be read as 'Uta' which also means 'song' but this specific kanji is used for poetry. Fantasy Poem, yeah that's it iirc I've posted this in Musical Discovery when it was just released but ok. I love this kind of fantasy-esque sound, idk if this counts as ethnic genre but it's pretty close. Paired with Esoteric City of Makai it's a perfect combination. This kind of stuff feels so serene. Like a breath of fresh air, a new perspective, away from reality. This is is what i expect from any media that delves into fantasy genre. 10/10 i got sucked into the world. i wanna try translating this GET IN THE RING - ⑨melodies I'm in dilemma medley is both fun and a bit frustrating at times it's fun guessing the themes "ooh! i know that theme" sometimes I even point my hand. but then the sad part "i want more of that theme to play" This track feels nostalgic, both in mastering with those vinyl cracks and in the lyrics. don't wanna translate yet but the lyrics in question mostly consist the feeling of "do you remember about that memory". the medley transition might feel a bit rough if you know the themes and expect it to play continuously without interruption. Suffering from success.... but if you had already accepted the changes it'll sound just fine, in fact, original ballads are usually taking advantage of this dynamism since they are used to tell stories. Sadly rearrangements quite often restrict the expression or has set expectation related to the theme. Which in this case it's the latter. could use better name for title tbh, circle 9 often associated with comedic value which does not represent this song. ⑨/10 GITR should make more ballads also should be easier to translate than Otogi no Uta
  5. I found an album that inspired by Kara no Kyoukai, it's a popular Light Novel and Anime, though i have zero knowledge about said franchise. if i were to name the genre i'll call it Fantasy Hymn-esque info: https://en.touhouwiki.net/wiki/幻想の境界_-_the_Garden_of_Phantasmagoria_- 7 tracks, playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLjJh2PhxT3RupjlJGk-PUMAzkVr0YRjG0
  6. 1. EastNewSound - Cardiac Sound It does sounds like EastNewSound, their style signature written all over the music. idk... it just what it is... maybe because i don't understand EDM. The vocal, idk how but for me her voice sounds like a mix of Yaoshanbailing and Meramipop. The lyrics doesn't really tell a story by itself, sure you will know what she's talking about if you already familiar with byakuren personality. Nothing to comment really, everything just words of encouragement. 6/10 it is a rearrangement yes. lack of 'wow' factor 2. MA.S ATTACK - Akutagawa Ryuunosuke's Kappa I'm having a hard time listening to this it's either i fell asleep or simply zoned out, i cant seem to focus on this track. i managed to catch some of the re-arranged theme but i think i missed lot of it. yeah... i have nothing to comment on, it is just ambient mostly. for the sake of making this post looks long id say the ripples in the background reminds me of a very slowed down version of Erik Satie's Gymnopedie no.1. 5/10 i wouldn't realize this was playing nor i'll choose this in a playlist 3. Noah - The Capital City of Flowers in the Sky such a tangent from the previous one, i know the title and thumbnail says what's in it, but my ears wasn't ready. ooh upbeat Latin.. flamenco? yes flamenco, missing the clicks and shouts, which makes it just.. Latin... i wouldn't say it's a breakthrough with Capital of Flowers since it is the perfect for latin vibes, but either way i love the theme. welp it was short but nice. slightly repetitive, but maybe it's because the nature of the original theme hmmmmm... and is it me or the track gaining more intensity the longer it goes? huh...must've been the wind... 8.5/10 really good I'm a bit picky today eh?
  7. Time has passed, purchases has been made. Audiophile stuff is heck deep of a rabbithole full of snake oils. The vast amount of options and different opinions is quite overwhelming. and after money spent i have come to a conclusion. what matters is simply the performance of said headphone. in graphics language it's like from 144p to 720 or 1080, above that like 2K or 4K is a diminishing return and a waste of money it's not about the tuning and flavors (although get as neutral as possible then use EQ if you want some flavors), it's just about how much detail you can get. also durability is a big thing, massdrop stuff usually has good sound profile but damn they break fast. so yeah basically just get trusted mid-ranges, read reviews and do research. about channel recommendation, there's another one i know that i haven't include since i didn't know he has a youtube channel it is the famously infamous https://www.youtube.com/@crin https://crinacle.com/ drama always going on the world yeah "you shouldn't trust youtuber or some famous figure" etc etc i'll keep that decision up to you. one more thing, about DAC and Amp DAC generally isn't needed unless your headphone picking some strange noises from your PC or Phone, if that so a cheap DAC or apple dongle should do the job. Amp also isn't needed, most of high end headphones can run at 80-90db through laptop, unless you wanna play 110db for hours then get an amp. Wireless also fineee~~ just not so many options.
  8. 1.C-CLAYS - Rest in Dark Night oh this one is on my my playlist, had contemplated whether to submit it in the tourney or not who knows submitted this, it might even be me... i forgot... im so tired of Master Spark, pls more Oriental Dark Flight. regarding the rearrangements, this is an unique one, i haven't heard this style in other re-arrangements. I still don't understand how to differentiate R&B genre. maybe it the feels, it does feel a bit melancholic yet energetic. overall very enjoyable. 8/10 would listen fully and repeat few times 2. Virus Key - 氷精たちの踊り what should the title translation be? Dance of the Ice Faires? It's still winter it counts. Waltz are usually very nice, very elegant. though i don't feel significant storytelling, just a smol litel fairy going around her days. 10/10, would repeat unknowingly for few hours i think classical is either hit or miss for people. 3.O-Life Japan - Dawn Sky of the Myouren Temple ah yes the generic flute for Morning Mood, but hey it works! this one has more story to tell than the waltz before, you can tell when everyone just woken up, then they started their activities and continue brimming with life. yeah wont defeat the waltz, elegance is simply too beautiful. 9/10 would listen and repeat oh btw i got new headphone! everything is much clearer now the hi hats changed from "sh" to "tsk" the kicks change from "db" to "dmm" and more i can make out from vocal lyrics my whole life i've been blind or deaf!
  9. I elongated my headphone cable to 5m.... yeah. Bad move, it's picking all sort of distortions and i increased the total resistance so my PC having hard time driving the speaker. ...I don't wanna cut and re-solder the connector. TsuBaKi - Artemis Wept ooh tsubaki, great circle The image choice is misleading, i was expecting Kagome Kagome Music sound a bit muffled and my headphone is on the verge of dying, i don't know whether it's the compression or mastering or me issue. Pretty nice as per usual from TsuBaki, I love this kind of heavy metal. Though the voice sounding pretty uh... synthesized? It sounds electro-ey. Don't think it's a good choice in this genre. I don't really mind the scream but i understand another might not like it. The lyrics.... I'm too lazy to lookup, but through listening i don't feel any significant meaning 7.5/10 would choose to play Lycoris - Hammersmith in the Sky ooh tape player the moment the guitar plays I know I gonna love this i just love classic rock, it feels nostalgic even though i haven't even born lmao I'm speechless I have nothing to comment. 10/10 Thank you whoever submitted this. totally go in my playlist MA's ATTACK - Hartmann's Youkai Girl I accidentally shouted "OH NO" after looking at the thumbnail and the genre. hope I'm wrong. 10 MINUTES?! Actually not too bad, pretty nice. tbh the drums is the one that carries this whole track. It somewhat has Shoji Meguro esque in it. And the ambient is mostly well executed. I'd say it lack dynamism, while the kicks are nice repeated, it's not the case for the...xylophones? Yeah the xylophones, that part felt repetitive for some reason. Even more, it doesn't help that the volume totally overwhelm other instruments. 7.5/10 would listen to the end. my ears are itchy because all the reverb
  10. okay hate might be a gross overestimation they simply just try to avoid it if they can, especially the elders. the youngsters seems have accepted that anime is just a part of daily life, it just exist. but again this depends on the individual, it's not uncommon for people to dislike moe stuff talk about moe, can we use this term instead? since moe is the most common view of anime. i just reminded what's a bad writing example Lost Word omg pls i cant take it anymore, i dont even know how to talk about this one multiple plot points at once, unexplained coincidences, stretched logic, sudden convenience, plot twists, resurrected characters, character bias, i... dont get me started on the side events *cough* this is off topic about general anime hate already *cough* my requirements for good writing is quite simple 'can i feel the writings?' ------------------------- touhou, it's like pieces of worldbuilding, it's just a collections of concepts. all the printworks so far just an introduction to character, how they behave, how they talk, what they do. so far all the story told is about the world itself and it's residence, not about characters in a world. if you were to spirited into gensokyo you will mostlikely be in awe with the scenery, not the individuals. touhou is the kind of story that people will not enjoy listening but will enjoy researching so yeah wheres the bad part? i will say the emotionlessness, the manga are simplistic in nature. every plot point is very straightforward. that simplistic nature leaves no place for emotion surge. in example the manga Detective Satori, it's just people running around chasing someone. it will be quite repetitive at times yes it has some cool scenes but uh.. how do i say it i feel no emotion, i dont feel their struggle, i dont feel Miyadeguchi hatred. i just read them. if i were to pick a priintwork it'll be CoLA, CiLR and WaHH, it's more focused into knowing the individual than the world. i felt some understanding in them. also PCB and DDC story is pretty neat. i haven't read Lotus Eaters, i should though, considering my name. tbh no i stopped few paragraphs under the video
  11. To put everything simply (and bluntly) it's Japanese animated soap opera. Though anime is like a magic word to make people forgot that the west also made cheap awful stuff. Existing public view even if you only watch the quality stuff, general public already perceived anime as a down bad environment, even Japanese themself think so. it will be super hard to convince them unless they took interest themself. even if you manage to convince them, they'll probably end up greeted with the 'average stuff', confirming their initial opinion as true. Fan services i think i don't need to explain this you get what i mean human nature at the pinnacle Clickbaity Most of them are just made for gathering audience. (in relation of fan service) It's a business after all, the only way to get profit is to gather as many audience as possible. For more extreme example is those "I isekaid as a lustful adventurer in a world consist only women" titles (it's quite hilarious they used isekai as an excuse for defying social norms) Cheap production I don't know if you realized, but there's bazillion anime titles out there. If you were to watch a random anime you'd surely be disappointed. It's all just poorly put together for the sake of filling the market. Getting as many episodes as they could with least effort. Even the popular ones often just poorly written. *cough* i actually having hard time picking an example because there's so many of them hmmm *cough* Touhou (ZUN pls) *cough* If you had read a world class novel or movies or anime you'd understand how distant their difference than average anime. Though it's quite unreasonable to demand everything in high quality. again lowest cost production possible for profit. Quite a bad time to talk about this since last year there's was quite a few amazing anime released like Cyberpunk, Chainsaw Man and Bocchi the Rock. And as an artist point of view Anime artstyle lack of creative freedom, everything built on the same foundation. They had ran out of originality that they had to put complicated design, like pattern on their clothes (ZUN PLS) or tattooed face (Demon Slayer) or multicolorred hair (Vtuber) DON'T YOU KNOW HOW HARD ARE THOSE TO DRAW? I haven't even picked on the animation It took One Piece 1015 episodes to properly lipsync, that simple thing was delightful. Again in relation of cheap production. that includes me help edit: wait why there's two parts of this topic? also use safebooru.org
  12. daily drawing rkgk with at very least 100 full bg or complete artwork at the end of the year which already ruined with literally shattering my monitor at the 2nd day
  13. so yeah basically i came across a channel called DankPods https://www.youtube.com/@DankPods he's hilarious but I'm really looking for headphones. he has made me aware about critical listening and the difference of headphone qualities, especially about audio profile and DAC. EVERYTHING SOUNDS BAD NOW! HELP! like a magic i became aware of all the missing sounds. a couple months ago i only plan to buy a random headphone. Headphones or earphone so yeah quite nice timing since i want to retire my current headphone after it's 7 years of survice. it's a regional brand, very regional it will leak my place. it's a low mid tier. it was "only" $30 but that's heck lot in my currency. the audio profile... there is no official test, only to my judgement: it's quite high on the bass, i felt the punch and still clear, the mids are quite muffled ngl i have issues hearing some instruments especially choirs, and the high end is a bit quiet, not sparkly as they say. it held for 7 years though, so yeah low mid tier. maybe you can share what headphone you're using. so yeah what i plan on getting? (WARNING: Expensive Hobby) i wanted Sennheiser HD58X, it's a sub par to HD600 which is used as standard in DankPods. it's almost the same quality with half the power requirement and half price.HD600 yeah if i want this setup with amp i'd need like $400, easier choice is Beyerdynamic DT770 80ohm at $140-ish. still a lot of money holycrap. also DankPods taught me about https://www.rtings.com/ such a good website 10/10 would recommend. DAC Digital to Analog Converter, basically music player have you ever felt that a music sound different between your PC and Phone? yes i have tested mine and it is different, my PC it has more clarity for some reason and I have no idea about the specs. if there's no difference, you got nice phone.(or bad soundcard(or both)) i haven't fully sold on needing an external DAC, but i need the amp that comes with that if i wanna use high end headphones. AMP Amplifier, power! you thought headphones doesn't need amp? well yes your regular headphones are around 30 Ohms which is able to run easily in PC and Phone but boy... some headphones has 80, 150, 300, or holycrap even 600 Ohm you need amp to be able to listen using said headphones. not very crucial for regular use but something to keep in mind. I should get a graphic tablet first for work.
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