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  1. fixed almost all the albums of these fanmusic circles Mohican Sandbag O-Life Japan thonly.cc also for last month that i have yet made the changelog Demetori Floating Cloud Foxtail-Grass Studio KachiKachi Yama
  2. i made this for him also last year's also i just realized this is last year thread
  3. 11 downloads

    Artist: Foxtail-Grass Studio Year: 2011-10-16 (Touhou Kouroumu 7) Track Count: 4 Track List: キンモクセイ 風舞う紅葉と実の薫り きのこたけのこ 夕暮れ赤とんぼ
  4. 9 downloads

    Artist: Foxtail-Grass Studio Year: 2011-08-13 (Comiket 80) Track Count: 4 Track List: アサガオ 日陰と帽子と風鈴と 氷だらけのアイスコーヒー 雨のにおいに誘われて
  5. seems like another DirectX failure (graphics) Touhou are so old that newer PC got problems with em solutions: play only at 640x480 for all games have you tried our DirectX Package installer? https://moriyashrine.org/files/file/37-dll-installer/ (i recommend the Offline installer)
  6. okay first of all, i plan to upload during full moon if you wondering why i post in the middle of the month instead of the beginning of the month. a-aint late or anything. but i still missed the full moon. let's start this month the snow falls slowly Waltzing in timeless melody this one is really hard to find sorry but no album for this month... why i pick this theme.
  7. always rember frogs go mlem mlem snakes go pbbppbpthpbthppth welcome to the community
  8. *Note: some character may not appear in the game
  9. yes. we know half of the site is down and we still tryin to re upload them all please wait warmly
  10. fixed the tags of SWR OST and AoCF OST so yeah... i shoulda focus more on the missing files but instead i fixing the music tags but yeah... it got the proper tags now
  11. Please wait warmly, Girls are re-uploading

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