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  1. You all remember Osana Reimu? if not, you probably haven't watched it yet, i recommend watching Osana Reimu first before continuing in this topic.
  2. FIRST ONE!! Here's my submission: Title : Beloved Noukarin Author : Hasegawa Keita / Vitamin Rice (Circle) https://bato.to/series/60079
  3. and not only that, all posts that use spoiler now deleted. and one more, i can't edit my post in the chatbox.
  4. i usually see the eye icon that creates spoiler drop down in the text editing box. now it isn't there anymore. is it intentional?
  5. Well... for me, i read from the oldest first. but some people read differently. wew... a wall of texts.. AND take note that the music CDs have stories in them So yeah... if you want to start with date, there it is if you want to start from popularity, it's either The Inaba of the Moon and Inaba of the Earth, Wild and Horned Hermit or Forbidden Scrollery.
  6. weird, really weird that game is also weird, i don't recommend putting much effort to that game. but if you still want to get that game, maybe try this. get FreeDownloadManager, that what i mostly use, install and add link manually. that link is what written in that screenshot you took.
  7. oh yeah, one more question. should the "daily life" considered canon? like, Kaguya is not considered a total NEET from the canon point of view. hands off the IoM&IoE since there's too many joke. i prefer to see the Kaguya from CiLR.
  8. heh... seems nice, i already got some in mind. MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!? so where we submit it? in what format, a link or uploaded directly?
  9. huh.. it seems you tried to open the file directly instead of downloading it. i see you using Edge, Edge having problem that saves download files as ".txt" file. dunno about this one, but i recommend to move to another browser. maybe add Download Manager for extra touch. and about that signature, open your account drop down menu which located at the top right edge of the website > account settings > signature
  10. *COUGH* *COUGH* Legacy of *COUGH* Lunatic Kingdom *COUGH*. it even have Lunatic in it's name. another one is Subterranean Animism with Reimu C
  11. i think i found the problem. here's the download log it seems that a closed connections corrupts the file. but here it doesn't show any error in the log, i can open it and extract most of it but still have a single file in the zip that corrupted. now i'm really confused. at the very least i know what happened with the upper download.
  12. i know some download manager corrupts zipped file, but not for FDM, at least not until now.
  13. I tried to download some of the files (Fantastic Danmaku Festival (shooting game), Hollow Song of Birds (shooting game), and Omoito (printwork)) all of them corrupted. some can be opened but don't even show any content, some cannot be opened at all, and some have only few files corrupted. and of course i have tried to download them multiple times *cough* 4 *cough*. i question whether it's my internet or the host or my OS. i use Windows 7 Home Premium download the files using Chrome, Firefox and FreeDownloadManager. and my download speed is roughly around 600KB/s. I guess that it's not build correctly when downloaded. i'm pretty sure this the files are fine. some of my friends tested it and it works, just not when i'm the one who downloaded it. any idea how i can fix this?
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