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  1. my phone on the verge of exploding so no thankyou. i only see the artworks. the end.
  2. ive been doing 2hu music test recently getting familiarize with obscure themes https://cd.thwiki.cc/quizen# doing kinda not great with 50-60% score each run but yeah, yeah. so yeah this week submission
  3. if you cant find the lyrics, that's mine. maybe imma do the guessing next tourney imma pass the hosting, i can't fool anyone if i cant comment although i also having hard time to comment.... wait, i also cant guess if i host also garison been missing? he usually the first one to comment. exam season? nay he's old.
  4. you're not alone i havent played since th16 release that also explain why aint familiar with new themes i can easily rip out the music but again I HAVENT DOWNLOAD THE NEW GAME AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA not mentioning i need to upload it too... i need better internet try searching in youtube? have you checked our dead circle? https://moriyashrine.org/files/file/680-moriya-records-album-melodic-procrastination well yeah the song aint there but the arranger made 2 in it
  5. GARISON!! YOU!! also the music man is obviously busker
  6. SCHOOL SETTING!!!???? OHNONONONONONONONONONONONO NO it does not need to be in shcooals, look at nocturne for example the protag just wander around, the whole world is just like one large dungeon. perfect setting for gensokyo you mean like who you play as main protag? the one who you start with? i dunno, i still havent put much thought on this. originally i thought you play as reimu, gathering friends through negotiations. much like SMT series. although that make the fusion mechanics harder since.. ya know.. fusing 2 touhous to another will cause much conflicts in
  7. ah sorry i was in a trip for few days i dont wanna type long on phone
  8. OH HEY Raven's jig yeah they are great ya know Redtails? the music channel https://www.youtube.com/user/redtails he's the owner of that circle. amazing eh? how an appreciator grow up to be a producer my fav from em is this one
  9. Thankw! SUIKA MUSIK also here my submission also while listening to O-Life Japan Dark Pegasus in the Remix Tourney i think of this
  10. what. this a strange round also i havent catch up with the new themes, i still at th15 and few newer ones imma back later after a lot of listnin
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