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  1. Maden is back

    now i can sleep

    1. Maden


      Hey I'm still retired so there's still plenty to do for you guys


  2. hmm reload the page? clear cookies? check router and internet? or just wait for a while after pasting the link
  3. it's totally not me who mentioned about the last day although i probably did pretty nice job motivating him to draw faster
  4. hmm... if we use the server time it gonna be around in... 29h51m from now
  5. psst hey last day submission i uh... just in case since im not sure, better more prep than less. @frankdrawsnear if you read this better prepare something... quick!!!
  6. yo this more lively than last year already gotta step up the game
  7. yoo i like that one, also from a obscure person? i take it. and bongos. me>? im in mexico (mood) lately. the SWR themes really fit in the latin arranges also i forgot if i ever put this here, outta theme but this one will never be boring
  8. oh nice there's quite lot of few imma just comment but no rate ok R.I.P Cannonball
  9. welp imma post here now. i think this all i got. these are quite well known actually, but also rare at the same time i shoulda saved up some but eh...
  10. wait try storing the game files inside your HDD, using cloud storage will cause problems
  11. try disabling your antivirus or whitelisting the game folder.
  12. oh lol nice i rarely see the homepage, just straight up to the highest point where i can see all also im totally not one of the ones that responsible for persuading Maden to use the previous banner
  13. we don't really have new moriya winter theme we got few but we used them all previously try checking the discord torm-sama i rember submitting some in the #website or in #staff-management last autumn i submitted this
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