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  1. today's classical touhou Camille Saint-Saëns - Aquarium
  2. hi i've been summoned pretty nice, i can see myself chilling to this. not the lofi i expected, i was expecting lofi ambient but yes this count as lofi, probably lofi edm but idk lol this also something chill, i think this genre is called R&B RnB also about that news, this just dropped. They selling physical copy of th17.5 and OST 28th of November in retail stores. http://blog.livedoor.jp/satorionechan-koishi/archives/36374352.html no idea about the Digital copy release for the OST.
  3. holyshit didnt realize we have over 300 also that circle previously known as Machikado Mapoze. y'know my top fav circle after disbanded, the lead Nakasaso Sakana made this new circle with the remaining member. and for today i'd like to show this circle wujiu~うーじう~ mainly focused on acoustic guitar a bit of rant, much sadness this is a packed post
  4. also today's genre Ethnic/Ethno or something like that y'know that folk music with hymms and choir chant thingy
  5. i cant' believe he used the dog as instrument i really like this one, he got nakasako vibes although different genre
  6. 最凶最悪の華言葉 sai kyou saiaku no hana kotoba letsee 最凶 "sai kyou" the kanji together means 'the worst'. i think they should be read separately. not to be confused with 最強 "saikyou" which means 'the strongest'. if separated, 最 'sai' means 'the most/extreme'. 凶 'Kyou' means 'bad luck/disaster' as we know this kanji is often related to Yorigami sisters. that kanji is more closely related to evil and wickedness than 厄 'yaku' which related to Hina, is more like a misfortune. 最悪 'saiaku' is the standard meaning of 'the worst' there's no word play in this 華 'hana' means 'flower' but if you know 花 'hana' also means 'flower' what's the difference? why dont they use the kanji 花 that we usually know? the difference is 華 is used metaphorically, in example: referring a girl as a flower華 while 花 is literal flower, the plant. and as i said in the example earlier, this kanji 華 refer to those two girls 言葉 'kotoba' is just the standard meaning for 'language/words/expression/speech' or to be literal 'piece of what we say' *cough* so yeh to put it all together 最凶 was referring to Yorigamis sisters as the badluck duo but how are we gonna combine 最凶 and 最悪? what would it mean? and adding the rest and keeping the mind that 華 is also referring those girls... really crude translation would say 'the flowers worst words of bad luck' but every word from god is a blessing(or curse if we talking about those two) right? aybe 'the flowers worst curse of disaster' 'the flowers worst disastrous words' is it a stretch? i dont feel like it but yeah i cant think better
  7. Usami sisters(?) indeed have the best hat other than that, horns are great
  8. it's October time to bring out the spook
  9. talk about mashups there's an album from Konekkodakkaiya World Rock Classics ~幻想古典再現~ really good for old man like myself info and tracklist: https://music.douban.com/subject/7003692/
  10. rare Electro pop and EDM posting from me
  11. Yoo rare stuff Youkai Modern Colony is underrated
  12. not exactly the streaming speed, more like resolution. just imagine two similar image, one is at 640x360 and the other is 1280x720. The later is higher quality and clearer. like that but for the audio quality video resolution is not the same as audio quality understadn? yes? no? must say yes. a bit harder for a video since you cant tell unless you have access to the codec information. ill give you an example instead you can see the similarities between them is their upload date newer ones tend to have better quality but also newbie uploader may also not very experienced with uploading
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