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  1. Cannonball and Dankagu has proven it needs a serious effort and strategy to run a gacha game with recent situations, i have very little hope for Arcadia
  2. composition? you mean the art theory composition? or you were looking for a setting like gou said? i'd say keep it simple; thirds, triangle, symmetry placement (not perfectly symmetrical, only where the character standing) golden ratio or diagonal thingy or root3 or golden triangle is way too complicated
  3. didnt realize Tenyuhuang made the soundtrack for the disappearing of gensokyo RD really likes Kosuzu theme, iirc there's like 4 arrangements from him??? me like too
  4. when i see this round tracklist 22: Nami Haven - Rough Sea (Blacklolita Remix) Tenyu? Tenyuhuang? been a while since i heard that name, although this is a remix by other person. how do i start this ngl but this feel repetitive for me, the slow part feels really slow relative to the real time. the middle upbeat part is kinda nice though, im not liking the quick pause thing though. and then at the very end, the climax, it feels too crowded eh aint that bad, the infamous me and EDM relationship 6.5/10 23: Diao ye zong - The beautiful world Diao ye zong suffers the same condition as Demetori for me (but slightly worse). although this mostly applies only for instrumentals and merami vocal. if it's nayuta or kushi, i still like them. Diao ye zong mainly focused on the storytelling, some of the lyric might feel a bit forced into the music. while quite a lot of people like the storytelling, i personally prefer stories to be told vague or even purely by instrumental and mood, it leaves the audience to fill in the gap with their own imagination. my favorite part is at the 6:00 7/10 24: Meng Shi - U.N. Owen was Her? a track from 2005!? rare stuff!! who the heck is Meng Shi, "孟世" is read Mōse the string was quite loud in my first listen but then it got better in later replaying, idk what happened. after a lot of listening, i cant find any holes other than my grudges to U.N Owen it's perfect 8.5/10 ...rare? it's still available in bandcamp yes still rare, quite incredible a doujin track from that age to hold that long. hmm sus hat and even peppy liked it holyshit
  5. i havent even had the chance to play the game, i wanted it sooo baadd again, system not supported rhythm game is my thing, and if you know me i listen to music a lot
  6. Beach House - Space Song that is the first one that came to my mind. i'll also slip in SMT3: Nocturne - track 223 Staff roll any music that has ending credit feel in it, they are calm, full of satisfaction and yet sad. "it's all over, i can finally rest". I always find myself vulnerable to existential crisis. it filled me with curiosity and despair. those music is me longing for the suitable end. oh for touhou music, Eternal Shrine Maiden. it's not a staff roll theme, but it has the vibes. this one has determination and acceptance feel in it. curiosity and determination goes along together, so does despair and acceptance. eternity, forever, infinite.. im really scared of those words (back to existential crisis). dedicating your entire life for one goal. it is very plausible, yet also sad, you basically sacrificed yourself. whoa a deep talk
  7. 19: Water Color Melody. - M.E.P.H.I.S.T.O. oh Water Color Melody this is a vocalist only circle, you may recognize her from Cinnamon Cinnamon from the 1st round. the arranger and everything else is a guest. i personally liking the vocal, idk i just imagine this is how Renko sound when singing. she has quite a large vocal range, the character she singing are on spot, it's like she's frustated and doesnt care anymore. i do hear G-Free in the instrumental part, especially the guitar. quite heavily modified. 8.5/10 i really like the singer character. 20: Komeiji Records - Elegant Ice Maiden i didnt expect the kicks, i was expecting piano oriented musik and then! i also didnt expect the FM synth. the main melody sounds like carbon copy, i barely notice any modification other than the added instruments in the back tbh i dont know which one is the good one, the super faithful arrangement or the almost unnoticeable re-arrangement like the previous song. eh 5/10? (i just dont like cirno (and the theme)) why is she so popular i never understand even back when i just started touhou 21: Demetori - Higan Retour ~ View of The River Styx oh have we ever had demetori in the tourney? i feel like they're too famous to be here. although we just had shibayan and diao ye zong previously, but idk, this feels too well known. nowadays i only listen to demetori for my absolute favorite tracks only. everything else they made seems have mushed together into 'demetori music', most likely because my super long exposure with them. it's still a banger though, i can even still recognize all the theme they did. it's just.. my mind goes blank, no think mode. 8/10
  8. aw come on they removed the snare that was the selling point for me this one is softer but the previous one had more impact
  9. time flew so fast 16: Touhou Gengaku Kyo - Demoness of the Underworld according to Japanese mythology, Yomotsu-Shikome is a... hag.. of the underworld sent by Izanami to chase Izanagi. im wondering what that name implies to this track. the album is named after Izanami, so that could mean something. after a bit of research, ohmygod the album is quite a deep rabbithole, it even has a sister album from Izanagi perspective. i think this track is meant to be listened together with whole album. i want this album... wdym the booth.pm is out of stock, WHY! definitely tragic song. it's tragic since i cant seem to get my hands on the remaining tracks it's supposedly a simple track, only consisting 3 instruments; piano, violin and a cello. even though, the arranger seems have given a lot of thought into this track, each note and progression tells a story, you can even feel the emotions. they know what to express, i can clearly understand what they trying to convey. i'd say it's a 10/10 according to the info, all 6 tracks of the album is Mary the Magician, can you believe an album made from a single track? even after hearing the crossfade, they all are not the same to each other, each one is unique. the arranger must really love this track, then i understand why this arrangement is so amazing. 17: ssbbmaster - Where is that Bustling Marketplace ~ Immemorial Marketeers i have to increase volume 200% relative to the previous track, is this one muted or the previous is too loud? although the previous is my usual hearing volume. hmm i feel the brass section is a bit muffled, they are not bold enough. i'd say the same for the percussion at the opening, although they have more intensity in later part. i think this a mastering issue, the whole track lacks treble. so yeah i can sense the track wanted an epic boss feel, and it's definitely has acquired it 8/10 the flute never came back. 18: S.S.H. & Aether - Shanghai Scarlet Teahouse hmm i feel this one is a bit more hectic rock synth? i mean they've made rock synth before yeah but i usually listen to S.S.H for their heavier stuff. i think this track is from their first touhou album. the build up is quite amazing and i love the guitar riff. is it me or there's a large amount of Shanghai Teahouse arranges that use synth? im just a bit annoyed with rap, it's so sudden and caught me off guard the vocal itself reminds me of Roughsketch, they probably has connection but i cant seem to find any mentions in their site and wiki. 7.5/10
  10. wait what holyshit there's 2nd page so yeah i wrote that above in 2 nights the first night burnt my head the 2nd night i do proofreading and some extra since you like tanks cyborg? mech? armor? you can get quite quboid with all those 3 also i forgot to say this but you can find me easily in touhou discord, especially moriya.
  11. ok so some explanation has the same content in some area. but i can't just put everything at once. so you will see some repetition in my explanation. 1st batch 2nd batch
  12. CAUTION DENSELY PACKED POST you got a drawing tablet? well yea i know someone skilled enough to use only mouse, but drawing tablet makes a huge difference. not to be confused with graphic tablet, yeah it's better than drawing tablet but only so slightly. ok so to the advices Mindset advices: Basics, construction and theories advices my advice for now copy someone, your favorite artist probably do a breakdown of their drawing i have a video for that. i think this the best way to learn hey give the man a break looking to an undressed woman is taboo back then- even now it's still taboo! that's what happened if you dont have references. keep the hair simple, abandon individual strands, group them together overdetailing is something you want to avoid all the time 5th probably the nicest, smooth and simple, just the highlight too much. also my edit
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