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  1. Yoo rare stuff Youkai Modern Colony is underrated
  2. not exactly the streaming speed, more like resolution. just imagine two similar image, one is at 640x360 and the other is 1280x720. The later is higher quality and clearer. like that but for the audio quality video resolution is not the same as audio quality understadn? yes? no? must say yes. a bit harder for a video since you cant tell unless you have access to the codec information. ill give you an example instead you can see the similarities between them is their upload date newer ones tend to have better quality but also newbie uploader may also not very experienced with uploading
  3. Oh yeah i need to remind y'all might be useful in tourney or even just sharing please be aware with the kbps quality with y'all posts it does really affect your first impression lol i just listened to this a while ago i really like the 0:34-0:40, the arrogance, so exuberant! the vocal really suits this arrangement the first 2 minutes feels really nice, until that electric guitar came in feel a bit too sharp for my taste i like my guitars heavy 3:10 wh-uh? repeat? this soon? feels a bit repetitive for such short time aint it? and later parts are amazing barely related but i just found this 3 fairies musik not rock, idk what this genre, pop? cute stuff
  4. how do you write this? might as well set the date though im not very certain we got enough people hmm yeah, gonna take a while until the next tourney we hafta recruit someone to continue anyway oi Dana, aint there's like one person in your server who comment on every youtube video *wink* *wink* *nudge* *nudge* maybe i should comment more in Musical Discoveries i really dunno what to say though yeah you cant delete message after certain amount of time passed for security options and behavioral control and something like that actually better if you to post new one since i believe no one here check the topic front page, no more
  5. ok guessing time! it's my turn this tourney right? (i wrote this before ken announce the winner and i havent read it)
  6. new MV dropped 5hrs ago from Shinra-Bansho Summer Pop really grateful for this
  7. YOO This cool i've been wanting to join game jams some of my friends are doing it especially when the arranger is Touhou Station but i cant code neither make music kinda feel envious tbh this what happen when you likes parsee
  8. suddenly! im busy in this past few days, but seems fine, i just dont sleep and ohgod electro round
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