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  1. F I R S T just found this a while ago and i can't stop laughistening.
  2. just a topic where ya post Strange, Unique and even Questionable musics. as long as it enjoyable at least. not limited to Touhou. so ya can post anything you like.
  3. cool, now time to fill up Ken's Musical Discovery topic and yeah, you can guess which mine on how i rate them. rate/10
  4. 風のごとく CarrotWine, seems this place like em eh? they great indeed, be careful not to overlistened. This arrange feels beautifully grand, really fitting to describe Gensokyo. this a good piece 7.5/10 Lost My Way actually i have a bit distaste with FELT with how often they took forever to start a song. i feel it that way for this, though this one not so bad, i feel it was like the usual, until 2:16 damn that's awesome. i think that more than enough to compensate the slow beginning. 9/10 Even the Blossoming Flowers Will Eventually Scatter I can hear it already, from only reading the title. They've been everywhere. There's good news and bad news. Usually start from the bad one, as you may guess, im tired of this song... the good news, it only this song, i still like senya in general since I've learned my lesson from diao ye zong. but too bad you pick this one. 5/10 hhee, me in this tournament is basically lookin for somethin new. not much of em but i found some that are nice though, thanks for the sharing.
  5. uh.. so... idk what to answer so imma straight ask a question Q: anyone alive?
  6. actually i haven't listened to Sound Sepher much, hafta get it goin i guess
  7. ... it Jssf then imma just put this here
  8. wut yhe fucc my reading ability is useless in forums... i rarely miss in other places
  9. DAMNIT i was gonna say it's Ken but idk why i change
  10. damn that MAD is mad, i still dunno how someone make MAD videos but that looks like hella lotta of work like that is insane
  11. for some reason i just love Chinese mix thanks to Ken Hisuag (i guess it's him) for submitting this Rigid Parade from dbu in the Remix Tournament, i rembered this remix exist
  12. Love Song quite a piece from Muon Kagura, ain't expect this from them since mostly they make electro stuff idk lol. athe vocal, Mai-san really powerful this time, i can feel shivers and peace at the same time while listening. Though this one got a bit of electro element in it, they managed to keep the Zen (thanks buskerdog, im not sure what to call it before) feeling to it. Zen/10 i'll try to transliterate it, but expect catastrophic error Jiang Shi of Paradise ~ Rigid Paradise hhe ive been listening to dbu lately so nice. I love some chinese fest vibes here and there. plus rigid paradise is high on my list. i dunno about the little bit of rock but nice. 8.5/10 No More, Anymore? More, More? *sigh*... rember when i say I've been listening too much? im sorry but I'm tired of Diao Ye Zong on general, they great but i just can't... Tho some song still high up in list like Nokosareta Namae and Irodori bonus track and Takeyabu no Naka. Others... yeah... help i just can't... 5/10 *sad noises*
  13. finally new music disc in Minecraft after so long. new artist, new style. the community is contemplating whether this fit the whole peaceful ambience by C148 with all those cool tunes and bangin. but since this a music disc it maybe fitting since you play it on your will. i think it cool nonetheless Lena Raine - Pigstep also if possible i wanna know the exact genre for this kind of music, i surely want to listen some 2hu in this genre. The name suggested that this is a Dubstep, but it too broad.
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