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  1. idk why but this song suddenly play in my head
  2. i'll stick to what i voted in the thvote 1. Innocent Treasures 2. Eien no Miko 3. Lullaby of Deserted Hell 4. Eternal Steam Engine 5. Pristine Beat 6. Oriental Memory of Forgathering Dream 7. Rural Makai Esoterica 8. Tomorrow will be Special Yesterday was not 9. Fragrant Plants 10. Shanghai Alice Meiji 17 the order doesnt really matter though
  3. eyy i love this one PC-98 music is simply generally overlook, really disappointing how people just stick to one thing (DAMN YOU EOSD) don't worry i have the worst sense of music in this place yeah i found this music a while ago and heck i loved it the translation in the comments is a bit flawed but.... good enough yeah also wdym by joyful i dont feel it at all, the whole song feel tragic for me. talk about translation i translated this one by someone request, check comments (reply) i just posted also few more i wanted to share this has been a heavy post, hope you can take it both below is male vocal the reason why im not doing really good in the music tourney is because ive been posting the good music in this topic
  4. END OF DAYLIGHT oh man a very underrated track, definitely one of my favorite. anyway about the remix, kinda hoping it mastered better, or maybe it's because the compression hmm.... did a quick listen, basically just jumping through tracks and picked the ones that piqued my interest. Shrine of the Wind is definitely my favorite
  5. been really busy past few weeks and I got hospitalized, but anyway 80's touhou if anyone found more retro touhou PLS SEND
  6. Do touhou and gacha work together? well.. it depends, it's all boils down to the individual opinion whether they want to spend their time collecting digital characters. i played a bit of LW got my favs and now im kinda lost. now all i do is just grind SC to collect them all characters. didnt really care about the ultra fes at the moment. also a bit of topic detour, really love Scarlet Devil Tower saga story. it's simple, no nonsense and has really interesting concept. and really loving how it's formatted as a children's story. unlike the Hakugyokurou Arena, that one is a lot more complicated. and what's with the latest chapter, throwing in more characters that has nothing to do with current events, it's like they desperate to elongate the story. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa also i really wanna play Danmaku Kagura but system not supported...cry...
  7. it's quite funny they taken down the PC-98 tbh. considering all the controversy it has. joking aside, unlike windows games, i don't think ZUN will republish the games, assuming if he even could republish it in the first place. he really killed the game. Mima gone forever.
  8. i found gold also i managed to track down the artist, they make good stuff believe it or not https://music.163.com/#/artist?id=12611077
  9. y'know me, i love this kind of crude musik. but i still dunno what to call this genre. maybe band rock? garage rock? pls someone help!
  10. short warm eiki. wait no, not loli short just average maybe imagine around Akyuu's height
  11. wait didnt the other new guy also Meiling enthusiast? well... hello there
  12. oh hello welcome i dont really understand why you so impressed with the place but hey that's nice so yeah enjoy your stay and Meiling enthusiasts are based Minecraft is still civilized the technical side at least
  13. hmm i'd like to be in Heaven but... i... probably if i can i'd be with Kourin if not then just the human village
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