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  1. So, after a very long time, I feel that it is time that I moved on. To retire and leave this community for other places and people. The shrine, much as it has been a home to me on the internet over the years, has also changed much in that time. I am genuinely a generation older than almost everyone else here, having arrived in fall 2012 as a young college student with a lot of time, and now I’m a 29 year old man looking for a house with cheap rent and a job that will cover it. I speak infrequently, and when I do, I can’t put as much time into it as I would like. I have become something of a ghost here, rarely seen and a reminder of the past. I haven’t posted on the Discord for months (if not longer), and I’m sure that there are many new staff that are unaware of my existence. I barely post on the forums, despite them being something that I once worked to have created. I have felt a need to safeguard what I know of this site’s past, I even often feel that I am the only one that remembers the good along with the bad. And of course, I have tried to reclaim something of that past. I remain by sense of obligation, as the ‘old one’ of the community, and by my endeavor to make and keep the new forum. These, however, do not keep me part of the community, do not endear me to what it is currently. So, with the forum becoming more active, my distance from the current generation of this community has become clearer, and with it, my growing feeling of disconnect has reached a point where I believe it is time for me to bow out and move on. This community has meant a great deal to me over the years. More than anything, my creative spirit has grown by my being at Moriya Shrine. The roleplaying let me both write and practice in a way that I never could have otherwise, and from it I learned the inimitable satisfaction of having created something. I’ve seen many others also create something of their own (not all Touhou related!), and even gotten be part of some. This combined with the inspiration of ZUN as a solo creator, has had an effect on me and my desire to be a writer that I couldn’t possibly understate or even fully understand. But this time has passed. My old friends on this site have long since moved on, and my remaining in the hope that those old days will return is fruitless. There is a season for all things, and I have had a season to rejoice, a season to work, and a season to be nostalgic. It is now time, I think, to let go. Without malice, bitterness, or unfinished business. May you all fare well, always remember that the person on the other side of the screen is far more complex and precious than the little words on our pages could represent, and I hope that for some of you at least, that this place will mean as much to you as it did to me.
  2. Similar to what I said in the ZUN's art thread, I believe this is mostly the result of a desire by ZUN to make the characters visually distinct, though I do think that some are also to signal to the player/audience their role/archetype, as Ken said. There's likely some intent to inform the player, but I do think that a lot of it is simply using the setting as justification for visually varied and distinct cast.
  3. Hmm, only a couple of things I think I could say here. First, drawing is hard, especially drawing humans (humanoid in this case), and getting good enough to get the less obvious signs of age down well enough to utilize it is extreme. ZUN seems to prefer building the games on his own, and so this is part of the deal. That said . . . ZUN is actually pretty good on the design. Characters have distinguishing features and gimmicks, and if you're interested Touhou, it's actually surprising how quick you can learn to recognize the characters. Also, in my experience at least, an overwhelming majority of the fanart keeps the characters in there cannon outfits, and are usually instantly recognizable (to the Touhou fans of course), which I think indicates that ZUN is actually pretty good at coming up with the ideas, even his portraits aren't good.
  4. There's a lot there, and it seems you've been busy separating out the topics into different threads, so I'll probably go give full responses there. Still, a few short things: Welcome to the forum! I don't think we've met, but it's nice to see new people being active. The music seems to be most people's first 'encounter' with the series. A good thing, I think. I think the 'darkness' of the setting is product of ZUN dabbling in darker material and the 'Fridge Logic' inherent to many elements of the setting. The tone of the series is almost always light, and I have a long-winded idea about Gensokyo actually being about nostalgia and keeping traditions alive through pageantry, but that's a whole different discussion. Concerning terrible memes, well, I've been apart of this community for nearly ten years, and I've seen terrible memes come and go. This one will as well, even if it doesn't feel like it now.
  5. My favorite character is Alice, and I'll just repost my old post about why again: Initially catching my attention because of her bizarre, but dangerous, playstyle in SWR, I really grew to love this character the more I saw of her. One of the more cool-headed of the cast, her finesse over force aproach to combat, her weird form of combat, the somewhat mysterious past, all of her great themes, but most of all is that there's actually some semblance of character growth during her time in the series. From aloof and vengeful in PCB to a friendly rival by the time of SA, there's a lot potential in her that sadly, we're not likely to see in the official series (especially since she doesn't appear any more). I admit it the fangames that have given me most of my love for the character, particularly her portrayal in Sengoku Gensokyo and Fantasy Maiden Wars Scarlet. I really like the friendly rivalry dynamic that she and Marisa had in IN and SA, they easily have many of my favorite lines from the series, and I always enjoy seeing a fangame that goes a similar path with them. But, to my long frustration, I have a great deal of venom for the Marisa/Alice ship. I dislike shipping in general, dislike it even more when it's applied to a story/series without romance, and what I've seen of the Marisa/Alice ship makes it a perfect example of why. If a fanartist/writer wants them together, the 'edge' and negative parts of the Alice are sanded away, leaving a less interesting character, or if they want Alice to be in love and that be a bad thing, they tear out the positive things, also leaving a less interesting character. I could write a fair bit on what think of Alice and Marisas' relationship (which is definitely part headcanon, no way around that), but that would take a while. I'll probably come back after I look at some more . . .
  6. I'm afraid that visuals is completely outside my wheelhouse, and I've got my own project I'm focusing on regardless. Still, I'm curious what you'll make, and I'll try to set aside time to try it afterwards.
  7. While it's been commented on, I have really talked much about how I keep coming back to fan games remixes. This time in particular I picked three from Fantasy Maiden Wars: Scarlet, one of my favorites for a number of reasons, the soundtrack definitely being one of the highlights (though I did pick one from a later game). Observe! White Wolf! is one I very fond of, despite being different, and honestly simpler, than the original, for it's energy. It's what I think of as Momiji's theme, as opposed to the original stage theme. I generally feel that the fan game mixes are kind of the other direction to go with the music. Most remixes/arrangements will become 'active listening' pieces, that you could/should follow along with or focus on, while most video game music is 'passive listening' pieces, meant to be part of a whole, and having a purpose in that whole that doesn't require you to focus on it. A great deal of my praise for the Touhou soundtracks is that Zun's work can do both well as-is, providing feeling and character to music while keeping a driving energy that is oh-so-neccesary while playing such fast paced games. When the fangames manage to keep this element of the music through the remixes/arrangements, I'm all the more impressed. FMW, though, is interesting in that being a strategy game, it doesn't have to keep the energy level high, but usually does anyway.
  8. Alright. I finally got the numbers worked out (sorry for the delay), but here they are: Highest average song: a tie between Nuclear Fusion and Reach For the Moon x Doll Maker of Burcusti, each at 8.6 of 10 Highest average participant: Drunken Flower, at 7.9 of 10 Other things Only one 10/10 was given that wasn't by the one that picked, and it was for Steps in the Twilight. The range of scores was 3/10 to 10/10, the range of averages was 6/10 to 8.6/10. My personal favorites were Reach For the Moon x Doll Maker of Burcusti and the Stray House Fantastic Legend of Tono
  9. Okay, time for the final round! First up, an orchestral arrange of Flowering Night (with some salsa in there too I think) Second, an arrangement of Autumnal Waterfall: And last but not least, an electronic mix of Bamboo Forest of the Full Moon:
  10. Sorry for the wait guys, but I'm back for the next round! First, and electronic mix of Locked Girl - Secret Room Next, an orchestral arrangement of Nuclear Fusion Finally, a remix of Apparitions Stalk the Night
  11. Alright, time for round three! First, a folk version of the Fantatistic Legend of Tohno: Second, an electronic . . . I think it's supposed to a medley? And third, another medley, but rock this time:
  12. Now, for Round Two! First, an orchestral arrangement of Gensokyo, Past and Present! Next, the Phantom Ensemble, in rock: And third, a techno arrangement of True Administrator ( I think I did it right . . .) https://douyinshi.bandcamp.com/track/falling-pegasus
  13. This lines up fairly well with my own perception of the terms, though I do think it's actually very rare to see any remix that doesn't also arrange the piece to some degree to play to the new instrument'(s) strengths (which I would think it should). In case this needs to be said though, despite the name, I don't see any issue with having the latter here. I didn't pick the name personally, and I doubt the originator thought of the distinction (or maybe they did and decided 'Remix Tournament' rolls off the metaphorical tongue better?) Also, I find it kind of funny that you immediately knew what my pick was. I guess I am the one that keeps bringing fangames into this . . .
  14. Who's ready? Hopefully everyone, because we're starting! Round 1: An electric arrange of Hartmann's Youkai Girl: Next, a mix of two unlikely pieces, Reach for the Moon and the Doll Maker of Bucuresti And finally, more Electro, this time it's a Pair of Divine Beasts:
  15. Well, guess that's it. I'll start tomorrow with what we've got.
  16. Hmm, I'm considering waiting longer before starting. Anyone else want to chime in?
  17. I'm fine with it if have to, but I'm also on the paranoid side of what I do online. So, if you need to, fine, but if you can get it on Youtube that would nice.
  18. Hey, it's been a long time, but I've been away too long. So, I'm bringing back another Remix tournament. For those who haven't seen/participated before, I'll have more of an explanation in here: Hope to see some people I haven't seen for a bit. Maybe some new people too. Entrants: Buskerdog Ken Hisuag Shionne Imeris Drunken Flower
  19. Here's one I found recently, don't know if anyone else has seen this one (being that it was made earlier this year).
  20. It's an interesting thought, though, for myself, I just like the organ. It started with wanting to share Joshscorcher's arrange/remix of UN Owen, then just decided to find more organ. I am kind of sad that every time I've done the "I'll make all my picks themed in some way" I seem to be the only one that likes, though, so maybe I should stop doing that.
  21. I'm sorry everyone, I keep meaning to get to this, but I keep forgetting after work . . . 1: U N Owen was Organ - Another straightforward organ piece, but it works very well with U N Owen. In fact, I would say that the organ actually changes the tone ever so slightly in favor of intensity and menace. Not my favorite version, but definitely one of the better ones. 7.5/10 2: Oriental Sky of Scarlet Perception - A more different one. Some parts that are more relaxed, resembling the original, others more energized and dramatic. Both are nice, and the more dramatic take on the calming piece is great. 9/10 3: Silenced Majority - Definitely different. I might have guessed that this was Last Judgement based on the length, which is a bit much, but the song is good anyway. A (generally) slow paced rock piece with some techno thrown in on occasion, and a few moments that more closely resemble the original piece. Very nice. 8/10
  22. 1: On my own - A rather fun one, despite being not quite my style. The music and voice usually blend well, though some of the electronic gets too loud and overpowers the rest of the music. 8.5/10 2: Shinra Bansho - Another one that is simply fun (and funny in it's own way), energetic is definitely the word for it. Kind of odd that, for no appearant reason, there's something I know from C&C stuck in the middle of it? 8/10 3: Lullaby of a Deserted Hell - Pretty close to the original, but more instrumentation and focus on the sort of nostalgic melancholy of the original. It's good, though frequent use of the piece. 7.5/10
  23. Sorry for taking so long. 1: Folk Soul as Red as a Ground Cherry - Hmm, I had to listen to this one a few times to come to a solid place about it. It's a got a really interesting tone, that sort of slight mystery and melancholy mixed together (at least to me). It's not a very active piece though, in that there isn't a feeling of lot happening despite there being plenty going on musically. It feels more like a background kind of piece than for active listening, and I quite like it as such. I do feel like there's a degree of the notes running into each other as the piece goes on, but I'm not sure if it's intentional or not. Either way, I don't think it detracts from the piece. 8.5/10 2: Kitten of great Fortune - Hmm, similar in a few ways to the previous, but I have to admit that I find this one simpler. Not a bad thing in and of itself, but doesn't leave as much to talk about. 7/10 3: Folk Rock Occultism - Now this is nice. A nice, driving beat provided by strings and percussion, and driving melody with pipes, with strings sometimes stepping in for dramatic effect. Makes me feel very much like a casual battle theme in a JRPG, which is very good. 9/10
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