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  1. jssf1992

    Chiruno's variety store

    So it's a forum game then? That's fine, just make sure you explain that in the OP. Though, yeah, for future reference the kind of word salad you started with is similar to behavior I've seen from bots before. That kind of stuff sets off alarm bells in staff's brains, so be careful about posting things like that.
  2. jssf1992

    Chiruno's variety store

    Going to need an explanation, or this is just spam. (or worse, you've been hacked and replaced by a bot)
  3. jssf1992

    How did you find Touhou?

    How did we all first find Touhou, and get involved with this fanbase? It seems to me that there's isn't quite a normal path that people take in this regard.
  4. Alright, so you guys can ask me anything . . . within reason of course. Don't be mean.
  5. jssf1992

    Ask me anything (old timer)

    Yes, but I'm quite certain he was meant to be. He's an exageration of many comic-relief character tropes, but when you think about what he is, that actually makes a lot of sense. Actually, if you want to talk about it, I'll just copy-paste my basic thoughts on the game:
  6. jssf1992

    Ask me anything (old timer)

    Persona 4 had been on my video game bucket list for many years, and this past summer I finally had a chance to play it (specifically, P4: Golden on the Vita), and I enjoyed it immensely. It definitely earns it's reputation as one of the best of its genre.
  7. The Endless franchise is having their free weekend on Steam now.  If you are interested in a good 4x game their's are well worth a try.  If not, they also have a rougelike/dungeoncrawler game.

  8. jssf1992

    Ask me anything (old timer)

    If you're asking if it's possible, then yes. I believe you unlock Komachi's by completing everyone else's arcade, and Eiki's by finishing Komachi's. I'm not 100% sure of that however. If you're asking if I personally have, then I think I have unlocked Komachi once in the past, but never Eiki.
  9. jssf1992

    The year looking back

    So, new year, but let's talk about some of the stuff that's happened in 2018. Just to have a chance to share some of the good things that (hopefully) happened to us, or that we've seen/read/played/listened to this past year. While I don't keep up with it properly, I catch up on the MCU every time I'm with the family for a while. Still always enjoyable, and Infinity War was, in my opinion, amazing. Was The Greatest Showman this year or last? I liked it. Played a lot of games (obviously), but three big standouts this year: Persona 4: Golden, The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky SC, and Tales of Berseria. All three pretty much catapulted to being among my favorite games ever (please don't ask me to pick one), and all three I would obviously recommend. Two other games of note for me were Blazblue Crosstag Battle and Soul Calibur VI. The former, while enjoyable enough, wasn't as good as the main BB games. The latter, however, is a great return to form for series, that I really wish I could spend more time with. I got to GM a little of D&D campaign this past fall at college, and I enjoyed it quite a bit, when I wasn't stressed over trying to organize it. Definitely want to do more though.
  10. jssf1992

    Touhou Tournament For Beginners

    Sharing about this on Discord may help, but even staff had a hard time getting interest. As for not having experienced players, I can't think of anything honestly. It may simply have to be on their honor (in which case, a prize would be a bad idea).
  11. jssf1992

    What touhou game is your favorite?

    Strangely, for me, it's Scarlet Weather Rhapsody (and UNL depending on how you look at it). It's a fairly solid fighter, getting a surprising amount out of a simple control scheme, has a lot of great arrangements of already good pieces, and the story, while still as nonsensical as the rest of the series, let's us see a lot more of the characters' personalities than we usually get in the main games. Also, due to how you set up the poll, people would have to choose two games.
  12. jssf1992

    Touhou Tournament For Beginners

    Well, for organization, maybe take a look at one we held before:
  13. jssf1992

    Touhou Tournament For Beginners

    It isn't a bad idea, but you'll need to define it more. What game(s) are you planning on or considering? It sounds like you want to do one of the two-player games, but that could mean either PoFV or one of the fighters, which would make a big difference.
  14. jssf1992

    Who is the strongest 2hu?

    It's just theorizing, given that Touhou doesn't really have much exploration of the unlimited capacity that the character's powers have.
  15. jssf1992

    Official Random Thread

    Something I share around this time every year. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sJi41RWaTCs
  16. So, Halloween is one of the holidays with a real infectious atmosphere, and I always feel like doing something that fits the mood, even if I can't do much to actually celebrate. One thing is that I tend toward games with a more macabre and/creepy style around this time, like Disgaea, Ib, and Skullgirls. Anyone else have something like that?
  17. jssf1992

    Music question

    I'm not sure if that makes a difference, but Tormentium would be the one to ask.
  18. I'm going to try and host some games on Steam tomorrow afternoon, using the Shrine's Steam group and it's chat. I only have a few games apropriate for this myself ( 100% OJ, Brawlhalla), but it'll be open to suggestion.

  19. jssf1992

    Favorite Final Boss themes.

    I had originally thought about making this the next weekly poll, but I decided that's there's just too many options for that. So we'll have a thread for it instead. With a lot of final bosses (especially if you count some of the extra stage bosses) there are plenty of themes to go with them. All of them are good (yes they are ), and they stray into a number of different styles and feel distinct from each other. Personally, I've always gone with Septette for the Dead Princess as my favorite. A cool, somewhat regal feel, but keeping the quick pace needed for the battle at hand.
  20. jssf1992

    5 game profile.

    Hmm, an interesting question . . . Skies of Arcadia KotOR 2 Soul Calibur Tales of Vesperia To The Moon
  21. jssf1992


    Hello. You the same Doq I already know?
  22. jssf1992

    Little Frog's Chromartie Pose

    Ah, well, I guess that was just bad luck then.
  23. jssf1992

    Little Frog's Chromartie Pose

    Ah, what happened to your naming motif? You run out of ideas?
  24. jssf1992

    Old RP profiles

    I have to admit, the idea of some Touhou characters playing some sort of D&D knockoff is very interesting. Just thinking of all the various characters trying to roleplay, and all the different antics they could get up to while doing so brings to mind a lot of potential humor. I would certainly be up for it myself. Also, I think Ceje was refering to not making new site profiles for when one plays new characters, not meaning to not make new characters.
  25. jssf1992

    The True Buffet

    Alice, for her different style, or Sakuya, as a balanced type. Who do you think has the most style in Gensokyo?

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