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  1. Hmm, some different comments, but on to the next round! First a vocal arrangement of Now Until the Moment You Die: Second (and clearly the perfect follow up), is a mix of Rigid Paradise and Corpse Voyage - Be of Good Cheer! And then, a very different vocal arrange of Faraway Voyage:
  2. Alright, moving on to the second round: First we have a lovely traditional arrange of Retribution for the Eternal Night: Second, another folk arrangement, this time of Crimson Belvedere: And third, a piano arrangement/medley of Concealed Four Seasons:
  3. Alright, let's get this started! First off, there was a piano in the Scarlet Devil Mansion? Appearantly so: Second, a nice medley of several of Ten Desire's pieces (True Administrator, Legend of the Great Gods, Great Mausoleum, and Old Yuanxian): Third, something different with U.N. Owen was her?:
  4. Well, once I've got Yuki's submissions, we'll start.
  5. Going to bring this forward again, before we close sign-ins on FIrday.
  6. Okay, I've mentioned this to the staff that are of this expertise, who can probably check on this and explain what happens better. That said, we have had issues previously with false positives on the games. I assume this is due to virus scanner assuming that the patch that translates the game is doing something more malicious when it adjusts the program to perform said translation. I'm not the expert though.
  7. Hmm, I think I will delay starting this one for another week.
  8. New Years resolution: I'll try to do more stuff here. Including more games, but let's start with this. It may or may not be a good time to start, but if not, we'll hold off. This is essentially a game of sharing and rating music remixes that we have found. It's not really much of a competition, and there's not really much of a prize in the end, so don't worry about anyone taking this too seriously. It will go like this: every participant will send three remixes/arrangements/etc to me via PM. Then, I will post three of all the pieces in the thread, and everyone will comment on them a
  9. Here's something old, hopefully it hasn't already been shared like the last thing I put in here.
  10. It had simply been a sub-board that people posted short profiles of their characters on. It was more neccesary when there were many people roleplaying, but here, it doesn't seem needed, at least for the time being.
  11. I am not currently running a campaign. However, a number of members of MS are in a campaign that runs at around 5 PM (U.S. Central) on Fridays, through Discord. If that would work for you, and you're interested, you could come have a look on the Discord server.
  12. [ While the other two are still around, necromancy isn't the best way to try to get something running. It would probably have been best to DM one or both of them to see if they were interested in reviving it together. ]
  13. This was referring to material on the old forum from . . . yeesh, over five years ago now. Some of the staff, such as me and Cejic, were staff on the old forum and thus still have access to it despite it's defunct state. This was an offer to retrieve some old stuff from that forum for returning members.
  14. Oddly, Subterranean Animism makes for a interesting comparison to Undertale as is. A dangerous species (or multiple in Touhou's case) exiled to a vast underground landscape that has formed it's own society, many of which are no longer predisposed to violence towards humans. One of them has a terrible plan that they think will benefit their people ( Asgore/Utsuho ), one of them wants the hero to interfere with that plan ( Flowey/Rin for different reasons ), one wants to help you but thinks you can't handle what's ahead ( Toriel/Satori), some one is friendly despite being obligated to fight yo
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