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  1. Interesting. I made a point of listening to a few and particularly your arrangement of Alice in Wonderland (one of my favorite pieces from the series). It's a rather different style than I usually hear of the usually somber piece, and was quite pleasant. Switching the melody between different instruments on occasion certainly got my attention, and was interesting to hear.
  2. I might qualify, given how long I've been here, but given my introversion, I might be more of an observer than a participant. Though, I'm also a psychologist, so I would like to think my observations would be worth something. That said, I'll mention this to Cirno and other staff on Discord, as they might be interested and be better interviewees.
  3. Given how it's turnbased and how the turns work, play-by-post works just fine. So long as you can get on and post at least once a day, you'll be fine.
  4. It's Halloween time, so maybe we can play a game fitting the season. Arkham Horror, or rather the fan reskin, Gensokyo Horror. For those who haven't heard of it, Arkham Horror is a board game based on Lovecraft's work, players picking characters, collecting items, fighting monsters, and maybe going crazy. And according to rule 9 of the internet, everything crosses over with Touhou, giving us Gensokyo Horror, with Touhou characters and locations. The game is on the complicated side, but I've played and run it a couple of times online (by play-by-post), and it'll work. If there is interest, I'll be posting a lot of reference links here, but for now, pretty much anything you'ld need can be found on wikis. That said, here's the rulebook: https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/ffg_content/Arkham_Horror/Support/Arkham_Horror_Rules_Lo-Res.pdf
  5. I'm certainly curious. Platformers aren't my thing as much as fighters are (and I loved SWR/UNL), but I've played a fair few and it wouldn't stop me from trying this.
  6. I actually do casually listen to battle themes, and the better pieces of the TPW soundtrack are some I return to on occasion. (TPW is also among my favorite fangames). U.N. Owen does have a lot of remixs, and everyone's got a favorite. I like that one for going in such a different direction that the usual (and is fairly pleasant besides) Kitsune's Workshop is amazing. A lot of good arrangements, especially if you like the large orchestral style.
  7. Okay, I've done all the calculations and can tell you guys everything. Sort of. First, everyone highest rated pick: Buskerdog: Oriental memory of forgathering Dream SmugWakasagihime: Crazy back-up dancers Drunken Flower: Photoshop CS Rantos: Shout It Loud! Oriental Forgathering Dream, Unconscious Requiem and Shout it Loud! all receieved a 10/10 (not included the one who picked them). The highest rated song is a tie between Oriental Memory of Forgathering Dream and Shout It Loud!, both with an average 8/10. Rantos was the participant with the highest average between all thier picks, the average being 7.5/10! My personal favorites were Oriental memory of forgather dream (the original is such a classic to me) and Miss Divine (taking a few things I don't normally listen to and making it very good) And while I couldn't during the actual game, this is what I would have picked:
  8. Alright, time for the last set. First, Hartman's Youkai Girl with a little more strangeness. Second, an arrangement of True Administrator with a little english vocals And last but not least, Vanishing Dream ~ Lost Dream
  9. Glad you like it. This will probably be something I do on a semi-regular basis, as it's a lot of fun for me as well.
  10. It happens man, just try and keep on top of it.
  11. It's been a long time to not find ten minutes to sit down . . . but, yeah, moving on. First a rare english vocal song for A pair of Divine Beasts. Next up is Shout it Loud!!! even though shouting is Kyouko's thing it's Mysta's theme. Finally, an intense remix of Luna Dial.
  12. Alright, time for set two! First, a remaster of Sleeping Terror: Then, uh . . . it's called Hotter, Hotter. I don't know anything else about it. (Got a cool picture of Yuuka though) And finally, 'New World' a vocal arrangement of Necrofantasia:
  13. I wouldn't count scores of your own picks, but it's up to you if you want to say if it's yours or not.
  14. While rating by numbers is arbitrary, I can compile them into a percentage at the end so we can see who has the rated song and best average, so that would be preferable. (added this to the OP as well)
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