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  1. Who's ready? Hopefully everyone, because we're starting! Round 1: An electric arrange of Hartmann's Youkai Girl: Next, a mix of two unlikely pieces, Reach for the Moon and the Doll Maker of Bucuresti And finally, more Electro, this time it's a Pair of Divine Beasts:
  2. Well, guess that's it. I'll start tomorrow with what we've got.
  3. Hmm, I'm considering waiting longer before starting. Anyone else want to chime in?
  4. I'm fine with it if have to, but I'm also on the paranoid side of what I do online. So, if you need to, fine, but if you can get it on Youtube that would nice.
  5. Hey, it's been a long time, but I've been away too long. So, I'm bringing back another Remix tournament. For those who haven't seen/participated before, I'll have more of an explanation in here: Hope to see some people I haven't seen for a bit. Maybe some new people too. Entrants: Buskerdog Ken Hisuag Shionne Imeris Drunken Flower
  6. Here's one I found recently, don't know if anyone else has seen this one (being that it was made earlier this year).
  7. It's an interesting thought, though, for myself, I just like the organ. It started with wanting to share Joshscorcher's arrange/remix of UN Owen, then just decided to find more organ. I am kind of sad that every time I've done the "I'll make all my picks themed in some way" I seem to be the only one that likes, though, so maybe I should stop doing that.
  8. I'm sorry everyone, I keep meaning to get to this, but I keep forgetting after work . . . 1: U N Owen was Organ - Another straightforward organ piece, but it works very well with U N Owen. In fact, I would say that the organ actually changes the tone ever so slightly in favor of intensity and menace. Not my favorite version, but definitely one of the better ones. 7.5/10 2: Oriental Sky of Scarlet Perception - A more different one. Some parts that are more relaxed, resembling the original, others more energized and dramatic. Both are nice, and the more dramatic take on the calming piece is great. 9/10 3: Silenced Majority - Definitely different. I might have guessed that this was Last Judgement based on the length, which is a bit much, but the song is good anyway. A (generally) slow paced rock piece with some techno thrown in on occasion, and a few moments that more closely resemble the original piece. Very nice. 8/10
  9. 1: On my own - A rather fun one, despite being not quite my style. The music and voice usually blend well, though some of the electronic gets too loud and overpowers the rest of the music. 8.5/10 2: Shinra Bansho - Another one that is simply fun (and funny in it's own way), energetic is definitely the word for it. Kind of odd that, for no appearant reason, there's something I know from C&C stuck in the middle of it? 8/10 3: Lullaby of a Deserted Hell - Pretty close to the original, but more instrumentation and focus on the sort of nostalgic melancholy of the original. It's good, though frequent use of the piece. 7.5/10
  10. Sorry for taking so long. 1: Folk Soul as Red as a Ground Cherry - Hmm, I had to listen to this one a few times to come to a solid place about it. It's a got a really interesting tone, that sort of slight mystery and melancholy mixed together (at least to me). It's not a very active piece though, in that there isn't a feeling of lot happening despite there being plenty going on musically. It feels more like a background kind of piece than for active listening, and I quite like it as such. I do feel like there's a degree of the notes running into each other as the piece goes on, but I'm not sure if it's intentional or not. Either way, I don't think it detracts from the piece. 8.5/10 2: Kitten of great Fortune - Hmm, similar in a few ways to the previous, but I have to admit that I find this one simpler. Not a bad thing in and of itself, but doesn't leave as much to talk about. 7/10 3: Folk Rock Occultism - Now this is nice. A nice, driving beat provided by strings and percussion, and driving melody with pipes, with strings sometimes stepping in for dramatic effect. Makes me feel very much like a casual battle theme in a JRPG, which is very good. 9/10
  11. Sorry for the delay. 1: Touhou Jihen - Not sure what to call this either, but I rather like it. It has a fun energy to it that reminds me of some Disgaea music. 8/10 2: Complete Darkness - Straightforward, but well performed. A good piece on a good instrument is a good listen. 8/10 3: Get in the Ring - Fast paced and energetic, and so pretty fun. 8/10
  12. Alright . . . 1: Faith is for the Transient People - Quite nice, though I don't feel that there is much added other than the electric guitar. It works fairly well though. 7/10 2: Plain Asia vocal (I think) - This is different . . . it's most good, but the occasional rapid electronic sound gets on my nerves. 6/10 3: Futatsuiwa from Sado - What? We have a good electronic mix of the theme, pretty faithful to the original and rather good piece, but we also have somebody that shows up and . . . I don't know, starts trying to rap? What even happened? 4/10 ( As I'm sure many have noticed by now, I'm not very good at explaining how I feel about music. )
  13. Well, I meant it more as a joke on calling a pipe organ a pipe piano, but I understand that.
  14. Star Spangled Jester: Hmm, fairly good. There are a few times near the start that the pitch is too high and hits the irritating area, but otherwise a decent piece all around. A nice set of instruments and used rather well. 7.5/10 The septette in organ Which is a combination of two wonderful things. Sadly, it's pretty straightforward, not really any deviation from the original piece, and . . . not the best performance, as on more than a few occasions I can't help but notice the notes running together. 7.5/10 sadly due to the performance. Blue moon This one is curious. I think I detect a few different styles, or at least some different instrument choices than one would expect for a rock piece. It still has the nice 'spooky fun' vibe that Pandemonic Planet has, and I think the voice mixed well with it, but I can't say much on it otherwise. 7/10 . . . this choice of words hurts me . . .
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