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  1. Yes, still three. Well, I don't know how quick we're starting, but it's up to you.
  2. As foretold, a new remix tournament right on the heels of the last, to take advantage of the time of season! We seek out the songs that show the Halloween Spirit! So yeah, another Remix Tournament, but this time with another special restriction: in some way, these pieces should be related to Halloween. Doesn't mean it has to be scary or creepy, or even necessarily in minor, just where you can justify it making you think of the season. Hopefully, we'll get this going in a couple of days. We're starting on Halloween at the latest . . .
  3. For the record, Ken's thoughts on what everyone picked is right on the dot. Personally, I intentionally set out to use only Alice's themes this time, though in hindsight, I wish I had gone with Mystical Chain instead of Fantasy Maiden Wars . . .
  4. I won't reveal my picks just yet, so we can see how others respond. That said, I'll clear up that I'm not quite a participant. I share some music (because I love sharing music), but I don't score anybodys' picks nor can I "win".
  5. Huh . . . this was strange. The averages all around (mostly*) were very close together, making this looks rather odd, but let's get to it. The Highest rated song this time was Buskerdog's N.I.G.H.T.M.A.R.E. pick, with an average of 8.5! The participant with the highest average across their picks was Garison Decrick at 7.1 (and yes, it was that close)! The two qualified (not given by the same who picked the piece) 10s given were to Drunken Flower's picks of Blue Diamond and Sky Dust! Personal favorite of mine were Blue Diamond, Sky Dust, Seal Sword/Alice in Wonderland, and
  6. Number crunching is underway, please wait warmly . . .
  7. Okay . . . we're on the last set. We really burned through this didn't we? Starting the end is . . . another Alice song: Second is a nice arrangement of Lunatic Princess: Finally, we have . . . I'm not sure what this was originally, but it's techno now.
  8. We really are going through these really fast. Next up is mix of A Flower Studded Sake Dish on Mt. Ooe: Then, a remix of Doll Judgement: Finally we have a remix of A Star of Hope Arises in the Sky:
  9. We really are doing this fast aren't we? Personally, I quite liked Sky Dust, partly due to my liking Cosmic Mind quite a bit . . . Next, an orchestral of Grimoire of Alice and Alice in Wonderland: A bit complicated here, our participant had hard time finding this, so, we have a long video, but it's the first song. And it's an English cover, no wonder it was hard to find . . . Finally, a . . . different mix of Grimoire of Alice:
  10. Well, all in a day, let's just rocket right on then! Up next is a vocal techno remix of The girl's secret room: Then we have a remix of Desire Drive Third, a vocal arrangement of Cosmic Mind
  11. I usually save my thoughts for the end, but to throw in my two cents about the "door sound" it made me think of an old rocking chair, so instead of being off-putting it was nostalgic. It makes me think of my grandparents house in the country.
  12. That was rather quick, but that's cool, now we're right on to the next round. First, a vocal mix for Power of Darkness Not sure what to call this remix of Plain Asia, but it's good. Finally, a bit of . . . folk rock? Is that a thing? I think this remix of Ancient Temple of the Netherworld has some of both at least.
  13. Alright, it's about time we got ourselves started. Starting with a remix of Entrusting this World to Idols Second, a piece called Fourth Radiance Third, a . . . Flying Marisa? Yeah, that makes sense.
  14. I would like to get us started tomorrow or Friday. If you're joining us, Drunken Flower, you need to send me your picks.
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