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  1. From the votes, it seems we will be playing G-Mod today. Hope to see people there.
  2. Well, I got several suggestions on Discord, so today I made a straw poll for this. I'll leave it for a few days and see what we get. http://www.strawpoll.me/20720965
  3. That would be a neat idea (as is Tabletop simulator in general), and I think it would have appeal . . . except that Tabletop Simulator is very expensive. I'll add it to the list though.
  4. Miracle Meet is something we try to do every Saturday, to try and get together as a community and play games. It's usually been around noon ( U.S. Central time) recently. Long ago it started as an excuse to have staff and normal members together in voice chat (back when voice chat was a harder thing to do), now it's mostly to try and play games as a community.
  5. Right, so, I'm going to be hosting Miracle Meet next time (and hello if you don't know me, I'm the old guy of the forum), and so I thought I would spend the week soliciting suggestions, opinions, and ideas in general from other interested people on what I would host on Saturday. Basically just fire away any suggestions you have, and on Wednesday (so long as I get enough suggestions for it), I'm going to be making a poll for the rest of the week. A few things to think about with suggestions: 1. A game that can have many players, at least six, as that has been our average for a while, but more is better. 2. The game is easy to drop in and drop out of, so that people who arrive late, or have to leave early needn't worry. 3. The game should be free, dirt cheap, or so common we can basically assume we all have it. Don't want a money gate.
  6. That would depend on danmakufu's licensing. Which means you probably would be better off asking at a danmakufu site or forum. If it's like, say, RPGMaker, then you probably need to use only assets you have made or bought license for (or are freeware), but you really should check with someone who knows more. References, I assume would be fine so long as you are lifting whole conversations or such.
  7. I'm not the right guy for the job, but I've pointed this out to the rest of the staff. I'm sure one of them would be happy to talk to you about this.
  8. I can think of two possible reasons for her to be "the most powerful", first being that she's a greek god, and the greek gods don't need faith to maintain their power, in contrast to what is usually said of the shinto gods. Second, she was the greek goddess of magic, making her nominally the best at magic, and gensokyo is chock full of magic, therefore, she would be the best.* That said, I wouldn't care too much about it, power scaling has always been weird in Touhou. *No idea where the three bodies thing comes from, as far as I know there's nothing like that in the classical myths.
  9. You know what, here's an old thing you young'ns probably haven't seen before: The song is odd, but has some charm to it. I really like the animation though, mostly for the throwbacks to all the games Sakuya was playable in (mainline at least). If you want some emotion, though, there's also this:
  10. Yeah, I agree that's hardly a confirmation. Even if everyone involved was cool with doing it (and it would take more) there would still be a lot of questions and things to resolve. And as you point out, it would be unlikely to leave Japan. It would still be good for ZUN and Touhou to have more official games out there for people to though.
  11. Alright guys, all the math is done, and we'll see what we've got. First, the highest average rated song was: Kung-Fu Master 9, selected by Drunken Flower! With literally everyone giving it a nine! Second, the highest of three picks goes to Buskerdog, with an average of 7.21! And yes, it was close enough for those decimal points to matter. Third, only one song recieved a rating of ten (not counting a rating by the one who picked), that being Drunken's pick, Love Song. Personal favorites of mine are Time of Red dyed World, Love Song, and Lost my Way. And yeah, I threw in a few picks of mine this time, being the two orchestral arrangments of Gensokyo the Gods Loved and U.N. Owen, as well as Rigid Paradise. That arrangement of The Gensokyo the Gods Loved is one of my favorite pieces.
  12. Alright, final round. First, an orchestral arrangement of The Gensokyo the Gods Loved: Then, a vocal remix of Desire Drive! And last but very much not least, a vocal arrangment of The Gensokyo the Gods Loved (because we can't have enough of that piece)
  13. Next Round! First, a folk arrangement of Border of Life: Second, zombie rock with Rigid Paradise: Finally . . . I'm not sure what to call this, but it has vocals?
  14. Alright then, ready for Round 3? First, techno and vocal mix for Corpse Voyage! Second a . . . uh . . . very "Cirno" remix of Beloved Tomboyish Girl. That's cool. Third, U.N. Owen was . . . salsa? Is that salsa in there?
  15. That was pretty quick. On to round two then! First, a fun folk arrangement of Septette for the Dead Princess. Second, a vocal remix of . . . I think it's Maiden's Capriccio? Third, a very different arrange of Maiden's Capriccio!
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