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  1. Nice to see this back. Sorry I've been busy and putting it off, but cool to see it up again. (and the Star Wars references returning) I'll pick out some pieces and get back to you!
  2. Here's something different:
  3. Tis fine, it can take a bit to get to grips with the lore, what of it there is. Hope that you have a good time here.
  4. I certainly won't stop anyone else from hosting. It's nice to get to be a normal participant. Mine were
  5. A good thing to be inspired by, as it happens.
  6. As ranking old timer, I'll definitely set aside some time to take a look through this. I've thought numerous times of making a "Forum Fantasy" -esque project for the Shrine, but I've never gotten very far, partly due to uncertainty of how such a thing would go over, but maybe this will be such a thing.
  7. Bad Folk Apple Primordial Rock Everlasting Nap
  8. Calm Necrofantasia Folk Eyes ~ Metal Moon Dancing with the Appiritions that Stalk the Night
  9. Here we go Esquaria (I can't tell what this is supposed to be) Jazz Paradise 8-bit Voyage of a Jazzy Passenger Ship
  10. Here I am again. Sorry I keep being late. Dark Pegasus Perpetual Snow I'm assuming this link is safe, but that is definitely a site I've never heard of or seen before . . . Faith is for the Transient Jalter (sorry, couldn't help it)
  11. Here we go! Jazz-Colored Master Spark: Diochromatic singing butterfly Electronic Plants
  12. Sorry to keep you waiting. Jazz, Past and Present Maiden singing a capriccio Latin Umbrella Dancing
  13. Well, thanks to the others posting the name, I believe I found the first one on Youtube. So I'm good. Jealousy Fire: Apparitions stalk the Night: Nuclear Fusion
  14. It's been a long time since I was a normal participant instead of the host, so this will be interesting.
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