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  1. Well, thanks to the others posting the name, I believe I found the first one on Youtube. So I'm good. Jealousy Fire: Apparitions stalk the Night: Nuclear Fusion
  2. It's been a long time since I was a normal participant instead of the host, so this will be interesting.
  3. Clearly a question that needed answered:
  4. In the perfectly serious opinion of the ranking old timer around here:
  5. An interesting idea. I certainly hope that something comes of it. Not sure if anything I do would be proper for this.
  6. Kind of sad that this died off so quick, but still . . . I was thinking about starting another Remix Tournament soon . . . but I kind of want to see if anyone else would like to host, as I would like to be a normal participant again at some point.
  7. Outside of musical discussion, I'm not sure what educational merit the official series would have. At least, not that any other games or manga would have.
  8. Probably not, but I can't say for sure. And again, for others, I'm not sure if there's a point to directing questions at Cirno at this time.
  9. So they're plushies, essentially? But part of the Touhou fandom has made a fad of them?
  10. I'm not who you were looking for, but I might be able to field that one (also I don't when/if Cirno is coming back). I believe that it comes from the manual of Touhou 9: Phantasmagoria of Flower Viewing, in which there is a page with various labels for the UI. The ninth label is of the example opponent, in this case Cirno, instead of being labeled 'foe' or similar, is labeled as 'idiot' (or baka originally, but I don't speak japanese and won't pretend I know for certain). This further cemented Cirno's memetic status in the community, and associated her with the number nine.
  11. That's . . . nice? But what [i]is[/i] this Fumo thing?
  12. I'm pretty sure any similarities are coincidental, more likely to be properly attributed to common roots than anything else, especially since Skullgirls main design motif is (female archetype) + (horror archetype) + (references to media genre). This matches to the feminized versions of mythical beings and monsters that Touhou turns toward. *I could say quite a bit more on this topic if prompted I'm pretty sure that the similarities between Legend of the Skull Heart/Skull Heart Arthymia (the actual battle theme) and Satori Maiden are a coincidence (they're also pretty different once the
  13. Well, I have a small collection of such things I've collected, but for a simple one . . .
  14. Here's something of a surprising find:
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