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  1. Might as well throw in my two cents. First, yeah, it would be kind of cool to how Reimu would look in Smash, but honestly, I would see Reimu being way back in terms of possibilities. While Touhou may be decently well known in Japan, and have a small, but growing fanbase outside of it, there are a lot of other franchises and characters that are more popular/well known/in demand. The only reason I can think of for Reimu to be more likely is that I've gotten the (obviously very distant) impression that Zun is a chill guy and probably wouldn't ask for as much money as others would. Of course, I also say this with no grasp of Nintendo's business model, so . . . Second, an influx of new fans just really means more of everything. More newbies, more noobs, more creators, more haters, more artists, more trolls. There would be a disproportionate amount that would think ill of the series because "your character got in when it should have been my character", but that would (hopefully) pass. Sadly, I can tell you that there are already people out there who hate Touhou "because it's popular".
  2. [ any particular thoughts about what their relationship looks like, or just wing it? ]
  3. [ Hmm, any thoughts on maybe Marisa meeting her old master, Kurzov? ]
  4. Help I got the Death card in P3P wot do I do aside from baiting my mates

    1. jssf1992


      I sadly haven't played Persona 3.  So aside from pointing you to GameFAQs, I'm not sure.

    2. Swag_Koishi9898


      oki thank u for responding anyways

  5. (I must say I agree with quite a bit of what you said) Obviously, I would love to see some of the style that we had at the old forum, though that remains to be seen. I've thought about using the forum to find/organize some D&D (or maybe Pathfinder), but I hesitate on that count (partly because I'm trying to organize one irl as well, partly because I don't know how it would go). Question: Do you use both the forum and the Discord?
  6. That's certainly an interesting perspective. Personally I've always thought that the music was a big part of why I could press on with the game, instead of giving where I might with other games.
  7. [ Do you have anything else? What kind of story is this, where is it, what's going on? ]
  8. So it's a forum game then? That's fine, just make sure you explain that in the OP. Though, yeah, for future reference the kind of word salad you started with is similar to behavior I've seen from bots before. That kind of stuff sets off alarm bells in staff's brains, so be careful about posting things like that.
  9. Going to need an explanation, or this is just spam. (or worse, you've been hacked and replaced by a bot)
  10. Yes, but I'm quite certain he was meant to be. He's an exageration of many comic-relief character tropes, but when you think about what he is, that actually makes a lot of sense. Actually, if you want to talk about it, I'll just copy-paste my basic thoughts on the game:
  11. Persona 4 had been on my video game bucket list for many years, and this past summer I finally had a chance to play it (specifically, P4: Golden on the Vita), and I enjoyed it immensely. It definitely earns it's reputation as one of the best of its genre.
  12. The Endless franchise is having their free weekend on Steam now.  If you are interested in a good 4x game their's are well worth a try.  If not, they also have a rougelike/dungeoncrawler game.

  13. If you're asking if it's possible, then yes. I believe you unlock Komachi's by completing everyone else's arcade, and Eiki's by finishing Komachi's. I'm not 100% sure of that however. If you're asking if I personally have, then I think I have unlocked Komachi once in the past, but never Eiki.
  14. So, new year, but let's talk about some of the stuff that's happened in 2018. Just to have a chance to share some of the good things that (hopefully) happened to us, or that we've seen/read/played/listened to this past year. While I don't keep up with it properly, I catch up on the MCU every time I'm with the family for a while. Still always enjoyable, and Infinity War was, in my opinion, amazing. Was The Greatest Showman this year or last? I liked it. Played a lot of games (obviously), but three big standouts this year: Persona 4: Golden, The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky SC, and Tales of Berseria. All three pretty much catapulted to being among my favorite games ever (please don't ask me to pick one), and all three I would obviously recommend. Two other games of note for me were Blazblue Crosstag Battle and Soul Calibur VI. The former, while enjoyable enough, wasn't as good as the main BB games. The latter, however, is a great return to form for series, that I really wish I could spend more time with. I got to GM a little of D&D campaign this past fall at college, and I enjoyed it quite a bit, when I wasn't stressed over trying to organize it. Definitely want to do more though.
  15. Sharing about this on Discord may help, but even staff had a hard time getting interest. As for not having experienced players, I can't think of anything honestly. It may simply have to be on their honor (in which case, a prize would be a bad idea).
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