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  1. I think you mean the Mononobe no Futo
  2. I like D&D but unfortunately since I live in the UK this won't work for me due to time zone differences. : ( Good luck finding players for your campaign though! : )
  3. Good answers. This project actually kinda interests me now my worries about it have (mostly) been brushed aside. The link you provided at the bottom was very helpful to read. Now maybe you already said this in onw of your lore documents, I didn't really read all the lore stuff so sorry if you are repeating yourself, but could you answer some questions about the setting? Firstly, I'd like to know about the religion of your setting - what it's called, what the places of worship are, whether it's widespread or not, etc etc, since that seems to be a main theme in your game considering your main protag is a priestess. (I'd also be interested to know if she is the only priestess around or if she is part of a network of priests and priestesses.) Secondly, I'd like to know what the significance of your version of the 'outside world' is in the plot - because if it doesn't have any relevance, then you might as well not even mention it. Below is a spoiler tab with more conversation about the actual gameplay design.
  4. It's like that problem from a while back where the activity message text was in the wrong order, except it's in the "what's new" section of club pages. Example: The first post here has text in the wrong order. The correct order (I think) should be: "SmugWakasagihime added images to a gallery album in Memists of Moriya's Memepostaaaaaaaboard" (Yes, I counted the number of 'a's to make sure I got it right) The second post here describes something similar, but the text is fine.
  5. Slow but sure, because fast and clumsy is what I already am. Would you rather: fight 1 moon-sized Clownpiece or fight 100 Clownpiece-sized moons
  6. buskerdog

    Crayon Cirno

    I have the feeling some of these random Cirno drawings are going to be useful for me in the future. Y'know, for replying to messages and stuff. My friends who don't know a thing about Touhou are about to be hella confused
  7. Wow, thanks! Although it's a shame we can't import the sounds from the WAV versions, this is still really useful for making arranges that I'm never actually going to play. The shrine seems to have been really active today. I guess it's because of hype leading up to WBaWC release? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  8. How did you import the song into Musescore? Does it import just the instruments or the sheet music as well? Also, is the soundfont imported or does Musescore just use the closest instruments it has to the original? Assuming you did this and that it's not just taken from somewhere else, of course.
  9. I'd have danmaku hypnosis. So, I cast a spell on them or something like that, and at first it doesn't look like it does anything to them; but then when they try to shoot danmaku the shots move differently than normal.
  10. Hey! Come back here! Hope you have a nice time here. We are a friendly community so don't be afraid to post stuff on the forums. Enjoy your time on the shrine!
  11. Ignoring all aspects as to whether it could actually happen or not, what game franchise would you like to see have a cross over game with Touhou? (Ignoring games that are already crossovers in general, like Smash). Personally I would love a crossover between Touhou and Kid Icarus although any new Kid Icarus game would be nice by now. In fact, the number of similarities between the two games is actually uncanny: -Both are games where you fly around and shoot stuff while dodging stuff -Both franchises have sections where you beat stuff up close quarters (On foot sections in KI and fighting games in Touhou) -Both franchises are based off mythology -Both franchises are anime-like -Both franchises have god-tier dialogue interactions -Both have good tunes (but Touhou has more of them) -Both have good waifus -Both franchises' main protagonists are all about dem pits (pun absolutely intended) Of course it couldn't happen even though it makes so much sense but if it did the dialogue would be next level and the potential for pit jokes would be through the roof.
  12. 1) Well, I know a bit of programming, but I'm a novice and certainly not prepared to do something under the pressure of having to work hard enough and regularly enough to live up to a boss's expectations. 2) I make pixel art sprites for my own projects but they're trash lol. 3) Actually, I can maybe offer a few pointers on this (although bullet hell is not the genre of game I'm normally interested in making). I can't say I'm really interested by your project, but I will at least post some of my thoughts on your project as feedback in the spoiler tab below. *protip - you can use the spoiler tab to hide massive text walls*
  13. Well, looks to me like the thcrap version is more polished, which is about what I expected. Thanks, this comparison was really helpful (although I should point out that you could've made it a bit better by putting the same text in each screenshot. As in, two of your screenshots have the 'maybe I'll possess you next' winning text and the other two have the 'You are only loved by animals' winning text'). But yea, "My sister is also loved by nothing but animals, so are you hated by humans, too?" is a much better translation than "Animals always love my sister but do you also hate humans?"
  14. I've been playing using the thcrap English patch but I was wondering if the subtitle mode that comes with the game is a good quality translation or not, and if people prefer to use the subtitle mode or the English patch. I don't really want to play all the story modes over again with subtitle mode just to see the difference...
  15. Drink my sorrows away honestly I don't fully understand Article 13 because I'm a noob at politics and law and stuff, but I get it enough to understand that they're banning memes and doing some other stuff that's bad for the internet. Even if it comes into effect, how would they regulate something as widespread as memes? Idk but I guess if it just kinda happens then maybe I'll organise some kind of gaming meetup thing in my local community so we can just spread our memes offline instead. INTELLIGENCE 100. Q: Can someone plz fully explain to me what Article 13 is in a paragraph that Cirno would understand?
  16. The calendar doesn't lie, stop denying your secret identity as a moon doctor who feels no emotion
  17. I posted this ages ago and I've actually sorted my problem now, but thanks for your reply. The problem seemed to be something to do with deadzones. Changing the stick sensitivity in the settings for Touhou down to 400 from the default 600 fixes everything. Or at least it does for modern era onwards, however classic era doesn't have the option to change stick sensitivity so I still have to use a joystick to keyboard converter for those : / Interestingly, the fighting games (all of them, even the first) don't require me to change any option to get my controller to work. btw switch pro controller does use XInput. The default joy-cons also use XInput when connected to the switch but seem to change to DInput when connected to a PC, for whatever reason. Not that it matters, if you're trying to get the joy-cons to work as a pair with a PC anyway then you're already doing it wrong. (Unless you want to play using just a solo joy-con, but... come on, really?)
  18. Cool I wonder if there are any 2hus associated with my birthday *checks* *sees Kurumi* *looks up who the hell is Kurumi* aaaaaaaaaand it's a PC-98 character... from the one PC-98 game I haven't even played... Well at least I know who Rinnosuke is
  19. I'd rather be a hermit. And fighting off Komachi every weekend doesn't sound all that difficult, if you're a hermit. On an unrelated note, I think this is the best use of the nine ball I've ever seen: Now, here comes Shinmyoumaru with her mallet! Would you rather: -Be giant -Be tiny
  20. buskerdog

    E3 2019

    Oh, I do think it's possible, and it would make sense if it did happen; however the problem with anything being possible is that there just seems to be too many options that could be chosen. At the moment there are just other big franchises that it would make more sense to represent in smash, such as monster hunter (which, weirdly, has a boss and assist trophy in the game but no fighter despite being a big franchise). I'm actually a big Monster Hunter fan and the hunter is my second most wanted character for smash after Reimu. So even if we don't get Reimu I'd still be really happy with Monster Hunter.
  21. I also made a topic about this same problem. And still haven't got a reply
  22. Welcome! Enjoy your time on the forum. We are very friendly here. I think its worth playing every Touhou game, but if you are particularly into the fighting games and are thinking of properly getting into one, but not sure which one to practice, some info that might help: There have been two 'styles' of fighting game in Touhou - the 'ground-based style', which the first three games fall under, and the 'floating style' which is every fighting game after that. It's kinda hard to explain the differences but basically: -Ground-based games are more technical (street fighter-style command inputs for specials, high and low block, etc) -Floating games are easier (single direction input for specials, only one type of block), and also all the characters feel floatier. BUT the battles take place completely in midair. Which is awesome, and very in-fitting with Touhou's style. Also the first floating game did a hard reset of the character roster which either sucks or is great depending on which characters you like. If you want to get into the ground based games, look no further than Touhou 12.3: Hisoutensoku. It has all the characters from it's predecessors + 5 more, definitely has the largest community out of the ground fighters, and uses a refined version of Scarlet Weather Rhapsody's combat system. In fact, Hisoutensoku is actually an expansion of SWR, you'll need both games to unlock all the characters. If you know anything about smash bros, let's just say that Hisoutensoku is the melee of Touhou fighters. As for the floating based games, I don't really know as much about them but the most recent one in Touhou 15.5: Antinomy of Common Flowers, so it probably has the largest community and most refined gameplay. Also you get to use two characters in this one which is pretty cool. I've been thinking about getting properly involved with the fighting games recently myself, but right now isn't really a good time for me because I'm busy. Hope this information helped though, and I hope it wasn't a huge dump of stuff you're not interested in... Also here's some hype gameplay of Hisoutensoku if you're interested: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nT1N7v_MmJ4
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