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  1. Ok, it's time to get this started. First off is a piano remix of Green Eyed Jealousy. Sadly nicovideo doesn't embed, so you'll have to click through the link. https://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm38542185 Second is some chillout metal. ...hang on, what? Thirdly, a techno remix of Nuclear Fusion, with vocals.
  2. Hmm, this got pushed off the bottom pretty fast. Don't mind me, just making this post to keep the topic visible on the main page while we're still waiting for participants. Oh, and since Dana recently dropped by: @Dana Iclucia
  3. The Remix Tournament is once again here. Normally Jssf hosts these, but this time around I'm hosting. I don't plan on doing anything different to usual, though. For those who are regulars to this event, hopefully it's been the correct amount of time since the last one. Also yes, I put the number of this tournament in the title, because otherwise I'm actually gonna lose count of these. For anyone who doesn't know about these, here's how it works: -Everyone will PM me three Touhou remixes. We usually use Youtube links for these. -Then, I will post three of these from differ
  4. Look... I don't mean to be pushy about this every time... but just saying... April 1st has passed now...
  5. Monster Hunter Rise is out now, and I have been enjoying not only the game, but the music a lot. The soundtrack for it has so far exceeded my expectations, which were already fairly high. So, I'm thinking I might like to do one of those OST showcase things similar to what Ken Hisuag sometimes does. I'm not doing it right now, I haven't decided how I'm going to structure it yet and I still need more time to play through the game anyway. But I have a feeling I'm going to need more than one post to do the music justice, which is why I'm making it known that it's possible I could do something like
  6. So that's why Yuyuko is a glutton.
  7. Answer is YES! You'll want to download thcrap from thpatch.net and use it to set up the translation patch.
  8. Simple question. Which themes from the demo of Touhou 18 are standouts for you? I like the stage 1 boss theme and the stage 3 level theme.
  9. I'll admit the controls are jank but I like 7.5, even if I'm not very good at it. And I actually find the controls of SWR/Soku more frustrating to deal with, since it's super difficult to high jump without accidentally buffering flight (unless you high jump by pressing down and then up, but I don't like that input). Attacks probably control better, but this hiccup makes movement feel off to me. But I'm trash at fighting games anyway so what do I know, I mostly just like 7.5 because I like the soundtrack and the campaign mode. I wouldn't say there are any Touhou games are "outright bad", b
  10. I never played Scarlet Curiosity because I wasn't interested in the game's premise and definitely not because I don't play many fan games in general, but wow, that is some good music. The Broken Moon one actually made me laugh a bit the first time it transitioned to Septette. It had me thinking something like: Remilia: This is mine now. What's the original for the second song though? The closest thing I could link it to was Mystic Oriental Love Consultation, but I really can't tell. Also, I'm very happy you posted Onigashima in the Fairyland, because I almost NEVER hear arrangem
  11. Following discussion about events that could be run on the forum, I've decided to try something new, in the hopes that it may stick. With the beginning of Spring upon us, cherry blossoms opening in Japan and Reitaisai coming tomorrow as of posting this, this felt like the perfect time to try this out. What is the 'Spring Creative Event'? To celebrate spring, I've created this thread for people to come together and share their spring-themed artistic creations. What counts as an "artistic creation"? Well, I've put this thread under the "Akyuu's Studio" category rather than any specific
  12. I will continue the swika chain
  13. I'm not someone who normally watches anime, but I recently got into a show because of its soundtrack actually. Those familiar with my musical tastes shouldn't be surprised with what's in the spoiler tab.
  14. I'm pretty sure this is NOT what you meant when creating this thread, but... I got two things for ya...
  15. If you haven't found it already, you should be able to find what you're looking for by looking in your history. https://history.google.com/history/youtube/watch?utm_source=sidenav You can even filter by date if that helps you find it faster.
  16. I've never given much thought to Reimu's alt colours outside of: -Default -Blue (Fighting Game P2) -PC 98 -And a Sanae colour But I like this list. The only thing I'd change is, maybe it's just me who thinks this but I feel like PC-98 would go in the last slot.
  17. Ah yes, Persona 3, the invisible one.
  18. While I was making a new thread about Touhou boxart, I re-found these Touhou x Pokemon crossover pictures in my images folder. As well as this picture of Reimu in the Persona (5) artstyle.
  19. In light of the recent announcement for Touhou 18, I thought now would be good time to make this thread. Touhou boxart looks really cool - and that extends not only from the games, but also to things like album covers. It's not something you really think about when you have the games just downloaded on your computer though, which is why I wanted to make this thread to talk about them since I've always liked how stylized they are. So these are some of my favourites: Interestingly, the Touhou games on Steam also feature some alternate boxart for the steam library page in order to fit the
  20. *mildly annoyed at topic duplication* anyway, I guess you can see all of thoughts about it here lol: https://moriyashrine.org/forums/topic/822-touhou-18-announced-also-release-for-th175/?tab=comments#comment-5367 One of the things I'm looking forward to is the visuals, it just looks like a nice game. But mechanics wise, I want to see how the card purchasing system works, and how it expands upon gameplay as you progress through the game. You'll be waiting longer than that if you want it translated lol. But Touhou 17.5 comes out this March!
  21. Literally like an hour ago, ZUN just dropped information on Touhou 18: Unconnected Marketeers! Conveniently, I also found a translated summary of ZUN's article about the game, which you can read here. Original Japanese article: https://touhou-project.news/news/3368/ A demo version of the game will also be appearing at Reitaisai (March 21st). Full game will release in May. From the details provided so far, this sounds like it's going to be a really interesting entry in the Touhou series. The game features cards which can be equipped to use the powers of different char
  22. There's this guy who makes these insane Touhou wood burnings. The level of detail in these is insane, how can he be so precise using freaking FIRE?
  23. Pretty sure "Cstl" is an abbreviation to make the stage's name fit on the select screen. You can see he did a similar thing before where it says "Bamboo Forest of the Lost" on the image for the item's workshop thumbnail, but the actual item itself is just called "Bamboo Forest". I feel I should use my own twitter more but idk what to even put on there.
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