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  1. Huh, everyone just came back out of nowhere.
  2. While we're on the topic of the Rivals OST, I thought I'd mention how I appreciate the extensions that some of the older tracks got when the game went into definitive edition. Fight and Flight is still my favourite track, but The Earthen Division wins my award for most improved track.
  3. Wat I already checked workshop today, when did this come up? YO HER MOVESET IS SICK Now this reminds me that I need to get back to work on my own project
  4. I've been wanting to make more topics as well, but I guess last year I wasn't that motivated lol. Anyway, very happy to be starting with this. "The phantom remix tournament" is probably just another one of your star wars references, but it has some legitimately spooky vibes to it. OOOooooOOOOooo... I think I may have some trouble choosing my songs this time, but I'm taking part of course. Ha ha, like I don't have trouble choosing the songs every time...
  5. Controller support in the fighting games can be... lacking, depending on which fighting game you are playing. For IaMP, I believe you can change the button layout using a config.exe, but its a bit janky, and I think there's no way to make the game use the d-pad instead of the joystick. For SWR/Hisoutensoku, you can assign which buttons do which actions within the game's settings menu itself, but there's still no way to use the d-pad instead of the joystick. In more recent fighting games like AoCF it's better, you can configure the game's controls including the directional inputs all from the s
  6. The last time I posted about DJtheS was, well, pretty much at the inception of this thread. Given that he isn't a discovery for me, its not like I feel any need to post his stuff. However, I wanted to share this medley anyway, since it's a perfect fit for the season. Merry Christmas, guys!
  7. There are a lot of original themes from ULiL/AoCF that I really like, and I'm also a fan of IaMP's soundtrack in general (it's a shame NKZ only did music for IaMP and none of the follow-up games), so I agree it's unfortunate no one really seems to arrange those. I had a bit of a look, and while I couldn't find arrangements of the themes you specifically asked, I did find two arrangements of Bamboo Forest in Flames (one instrumental and one vocal), which is probably my favourite of the original themes from ULiL. A bonus of any video about a Mokou-related theme is that you get to se
  8. Perhaps I'm a bit late posting this, but I almost thought this was Yukari, and I still can't unsee it as Yukari.
  9. Literally all I did was say I liked Patchouli once and now Garison has elevated it to meme status. Like, come on guys, I like other characters as well and she's not even my favourite...
  10. I meant DnB as the one we don't see too often. I didn't really have metal in mind when I suggested rock, but you make a point that it often shares similarities with other genres, to the point where it becomes hard to distinguish where it stops being rock and starts being something else. Still, I'd say YaboiMatoi's and RichaadEB's covers are definitely metal (I did like them though). That Bad Apple remix on the other hand was more what I had in mind, and I hadn't found a Bad Apple cover with a good male vocal before, so I'm glad you shared it! On the topic of what makes the difference between
  11. Since Ken has been posting so much chiptune recently, here's some Monster Hunter chiptune remixes by Falkkone for him. (Bet ya didn't know he did chiptune, huh? Although, he only made a few of these.)
  12. "Like", "Thanks", etc. images that show up in the bottom right of posts just have some kind of messy default texture instead.
  13. Unrelated relatively recent discoveries. Although I think I already post a lot of it, I'd personally like to see your take on eurobeat. If that's not so up your alley, my other suggestions are rock or maybe drum n bass for something we don't see too often?
  14. Ever since the new Reimu mod by Oligarchomp + others released, I've found myself inspired and re-motivated to make Rivals mods again. It's not yet ready to show, but I wanted to make this post to announce that I'm currently working on... something for Rivals. In the meantime, I've decided that I want this thread to be able to surround discussion of all Touhou related content in Rivals of Aether, rather than just for showcasing my creations, so I've changed the name of the topic.
  15. Recently I've been going through my youtube history to compile all of the music I've listened to into a list to make it easier to keep track of, and something interesting I found was this; I've been rediscovering a fair number of pieces through doing this but this one in particular is interesting because I have no memory at all of listening to it before, so I guess originally I must have clicked on the video but then not watched it for some reason. It's actually a really unique arrangement, so I'm glad to have discovered it in this unusual way. Also another thing I've re-found is this,
  16. Found out it was a problem with browser settings. Got it working now.
  17. So the other day I made a post and tried to embed a video in it, but when I pasted in the URL instead of embedding the video it converted it to a hyperlink with the name of the video as the text instead of its URL. Example: I tried to paste the URL for this video but the link below it what came out instead. Touhou - The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil by FreyasSpirit in 15:36 - Fleet Fatales 2020 - YouTube It's not just for this video it happens when I try to embed other videos like music channels too.
  18. This popped up in my recommended, thought I should add it to this topic. Touhou - The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil by FreyasSpirit in 15:36 - Fleet Fatales 2020 - YouTube edit: I can't embed videos at the moment??
  19. I was very satisfied with it. I liked all of those pieces.
  20. Hello and enjoy your time on the shrine! We're a pretty relaxed community here.
  21. Okay this is the third music post I've made today, but I'm in a eurobeat mood again and I've been binging a load of new stuff today. Okay bye I'm gonna listen to the new things you guys have posted tomorrow probably.
  22. They're nothing new, just doesn't happen often. I'm still here by the way, got another thing to post...
  23. Yep, I also remember that one being posted earlier. But that reminds me, since I guess a future Halloween remix tournament isn't likely, I might as well share the ones I had in mind.
  24. I managed to find these really good and very obscure remixes, from a pretty long time ago. This channel didn't make that many of them, but they're so good! But as it turns out, he's also started making new remixes again just recently! Oh, and he's doing piano stuff as well! However still super obscure. I think these really deserve to be a lot more viewed for how high quality they are.
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