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  1. Hmm, I've run into something interesting here...
  2. I'm glad I saw this only 7 minutes after it was posted, also WHAT THE HELL I was not expecting ZUN to show up on stage at the end!
  3. @Ken Hisuag There are so many unique themes I love that I could chose but here are just a handful.
  4. Low IQ moment... It's fixed in the mod now.
  5. Something I was listening to a week or so ago, but then I lost. Well, I did some digging and found it again! I like the really strong Monster Hunter vibes this song has going for it! I mean, really, this song could fit seamlessly into the MH soundtrack. And now I've got it here, I won't lose it again! Also, some other orchestral stuff I've been listening to:
  6. Perhaps you'll get a chuckle out of this.
  7. Hello! I hope you have a nice time on the site. Although it's not a particularly active forum it's friendly here.
  8. This walfas channel might be the sort of thing you are looking for. Very heart-warming shorts (with Reimu in plenty of them). https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_9h8k6J8Mz2ZkB9nWIDIdQ/videos Except for "Regret" that one's kinda sad so maybe don't start with that one.
  9. Prismriver left a YouTube link above if you want to re-watch it. Short answer: no, not even some th17.5 news, but there were some cool fan creations shown off, and I still found it pretty entertaining nonetheless.
  10. I have no idea what any of this is but it pleases my ears.
  11. update: *APPARENTLY* the broadcast will be at 7AM EST. You can do your own timezone conversions but for british time this places the broadcast promptly at 12. ^ This information is wrong
  12. source: https://twilightnewspaper.wordpress.com/2020/05/09/17th-reitaisai-to-be-held-via-live-broadcast-on-may-17/ So yeah Reitaisai is apparently going to be held via a live broadcast this year. Now, I have no idea where they'll be hosting said broadcast, or what said broadcast actually entails, but it could be an interesting opportunity for those of us not in Japan?... (who knows, we'll see where this goes)
  13. Link to the original article here but I'm also going to explain it. In summary, in a recent Touhou livestream commentated by ZUN and BeatMario (part of the doujin circle Cool&Create), the two started talking about the PC-98 Touhou games and BeatMario suggested they could be brought to Mini Console (think something like NES Mini or Genesis Mini). To this ZUN responded that maybe Naoki Horii, who is president of the company M2 and also is a huge Touhou fan, might be willing to do it. M2 are a company responsible for handling the emulation for many re-releases of old games for newer hardware, including titles for Sega Ages and the Nintendo Virtual Console - and they also worked on the PC-Engine Mini with Konami, which released recently in Japan. Now, from my understanding this was mostly just banter between ZUN and BeatMario, but then something else happened - after someone transcribed the conversation and put it on Twitter, Naoki Horii responded to the transcript, saying "I'll say it right now, I'll do it". Of course, it actually happening is much more complicated than this - this hardly "Confirms" anything - but it does show there is interest. The idea of a PC-98 Mini is certainly interesting. Like nearly all things Touhou, it probably wouldn't leave Japan, and even if you imported it I can't imagine it would be possible to run translation patches on it, however given that running an emulator uses a lot of processing power and can cause the game to be choppy if your computer isn't that powerful (my laptop certainly can't run the PC-98 games that well), having a dedicated system for it sounds appealing. Anyways, what do you think about this?
  14. recent stuff - these were all posted to Youtube less than a week ago as of posting this. I hope to see more Touhou from these guys in the future!
  15. Some English Eurobeat remixes I discovered a few days ago (a pretty rare find!) and have since been listening to a lot; here are a couple of my favourites.
  16. So, I've just happened to discover something else by the same guy who made the MAD I posted earlier... It's the original Bad Apple... Made using Alstroemeria's Bad Apple... ...And the most amazing part is, if you listen closely, the lyrics are still there.
  17. Reisen and Tewi when Eirin isn't looking
  18. This has been another amazing remix tournament! It was a lot of fun, and for me I've discovered even more songs that I love than last time! (I also see Jssf took my advice and snuck his own picks into the tourney this time.) Of course, Love Song and Kung Fu Master No.9 were particular standouts for me, as you could probably guess by the scores I gave them, but I also wanted to say that Moonbeam Maiden and Inanimate Sounds of Severed Blossoms, Spectacle of Color have grown on me quite a bit. Overall though, I loved nearly everything here. I'm gonna reveal my picks now (although I have already given away 2 of the 3).
  19. Like the Sound of the Wind (idk if that's correct but it's the best translation I could get) I like how this arrangement starts out calm and serene, and then builds this grand sense of scope. I wouldn't say this is my favourite style of orchestral but I still think it's pretty good so I'll give it 6.5/10. Lost My Way As we're more or less at the end of the remix tournament, I might as well say that this is my submission so I can explain something. The thing about this song for me is that I pretty much never remember how the music goes when not listening, but as soon as I start listening to the music I become totally engrossed in it. I really like how FELT have incorporated their style into this, there's some really interesting composition here that goes well with the singing and instrumental choices, and overall I think it's a really cool take on Desire Drive. I'll give this 7.5/10. Even the Blossoming Flowers Will Eventually Scatter Ah, the song that's become synonymous with the Memories of Phantasm anime. Even if you haven't watched it, I think we all know this song. The singing is really, really beautiful in this, and it mixes serenely with the upbeat music. Overall it's catchy and just a really great song. For me another 7.5/10.
  20. Patchouli, Patchouli, make Patchouli appear more please
  21. lmao that isn't my submission
  22. Love Song The best word I can use to describe this song is zen. It's meditative and calming, yet the beat moves it forward with a sure pace, focusing you; what I feel when listening to this is like the flow state, perhaps better known as "Being in The Zone". It's beautiful; the synth that weaves in through the oriental lead creates a combination that just hits in all the right places for me, and the strong vocal lead gives the whole thing a great moving power. Awe-inspiring, yet modest, I'm giving this a 10/10. Jiang Shi of Paradise ~ Rigid Paradise Powerful rock remix. I especially love the turning points at 1:15 and 2:41, they add something new and interesting to the song each time and allow it to keep moving at full speed from start to finish, without burning out. Overall it really creates that adrenaline filled boss-battle feeling without there actually being any boss... so I wonder what would happen if you inserted this into a game's OST? 7/10. No More, Anymore? More, More?! A very varied and unique song, it has a very funky feel to it, and I love the lyrical work in this. Oh, and I love the instrumentation/composition, too. The whole thing is very catchy and interesting to listen to - although, I can't hear the original, even though I know it's meant to be Eternal Shrine Maiden. Still, it's incredibly fun, interesting and really entertaining to listen to. Easy 9/10.
  23. Can't tell if this is an intuitive remix or just god tier shitposting
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