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  1. i feel like this, yeah although most of the 98 era canon is much less cohesive and often MUCH less detailed than any of windows era there's a lot of fanon theories why this and why that though but barely any info about 98 era is confirmed by ZUN although first thing is 98 games were much more brutal than windows games because spell cards rules didn't exist back then so i suppose lot of fights were to death or severe injuries second: lot of 98 characters were specific to their game only and made appearance only once and never again (this is especially true about whole HRtP cast aside from Mima) i heard a lot of fanon theories that after events from MS and young alice fight (essentialy last fight in the era since shes extra stage boss) she opened/used her grimoire somehow which caused some kind of catastrophe, space rift or whatever which only Alice, Marisa, Reimu and Yuuka survived (especially considering windows alice does hold a grimoire that's never supposed to be opened which iirc marisa tried to do/ask about once) Reimu in 98 era is also smaller (i think) and so is Marisa and Yuuka also changed (hairstyle and eyes color) also remember that HRtP bad ending was literally whole planed exploding (both endings with slight differences iirc) and one of SoEW bad endings was marisa literally crucifying reimu as part of her "training"
  2. actually i feel like 18.5 marisa feels like older than she was represented before, maybe not as adult but like: she has longer hair, seems a little taller to me as well considering we've seen reimu and marisa as kids in 98 era and as teenagers (technically) in current era we might at some point eventually see them reaching adulthood as well
  3. seems like i'm a bit late but there you go! it's the album they're releasing on C100 along with omake single in music case wiki is usually either late, outdated or sometimes just straight missing stuff so it might be hard sometimes (personally i'm using other sources)
  4. my first thought were both Renko and Maribel (if you count them) since they're not only from outside world but also from some kind of university iirc second impression would be saki, mostly because how much she resembles western and howdy stuff!
  5. ooh you're right i missed that but it's arrange including both Now until the moment you die and Civilization of Magic!
  6. Yeah when i found out about sariel (i stumbled upon album with this single) i instantly went off to listen it because she's pretty much my favorite 98 character, i only wish it would be her 2nd theme Civilization of Magic (one of top 10 themes in whole 2hu for me) but it was great experience regardless!
  7. it's finally the time, huh everything i said before + my picks were as following: (if that wasn't obvious)
  8. New Jerico album upcoming at C100! New xi-on at C100! (for jazz enjoyers) New rd-sounds! Melodic Taste! (orchestral enjoyers) very cool As/ Hi Rock (a bit calmer rock enjoyers) eurobeat from K2e Cradle another orchestral (but not only) from Unprepared Orchestra funkot from dat-file-records (very funky)
  9. yeah, i guess haha edit: what? why did my post sent twice, once with quote and once without
  10. damn this sure took a while, huh? considering that we started at 30th May and finished almost 2 months later, been a lot of fun tho and felt actually quite nice to have more members this time
  11. last track feels so nostalgic and makes me remember about circle called sound online which iirc was led by Tsukasa
  12. Very interesting since 18 already had a small doze of roguelike considering how card system works if this is true then it seems that they took it even further here and no run will be the same, i'm definitely looking forward to this (though i'm just waiting for C100 in general so)
  13. 1. This one's really good tech piece Illusionary Joururi is also very good and based theme imo overall song is amazing but i especially like buildup at 3:05 going into most intense part of the song which at the same time is the best part for me 9/10 2. Oh dyz they're cool but as DrunkenFlower said before they like lot of other rd-sounds tracks tend to tell a whole story through the song and that's how i usually treat these not everyone likes it, but i do especially if track is not too calm and also they often are sung by nayuta or merami which are top tier vocalists i also love the guitar solo part starting at 4:55 8/10 3. o, this is oldie although i've never been a huge fan of unplugged stuff since they tend to be not my style (with some exceptions of course) it's okayish but i'm not too fond of u.n owen as well so it kinda adds up 6/10
  14. 1. Whoop Whoop swoopy although i'm not a fan of vocalist there even though i'd agree her voice fits the songs mood/style well overall it's okayish but it's one of these rare cases i would rather prefer instrumental version 5.5/10 2. overall quite repetitive, but i usually do not mind it, cirno theme isn't my favorite but it's decent Komeiji Records rings a bell but i don't think i listened their stuff more than few times at best 6.5/10 3. classic good old demetori stuff if it would be Roku Juunenme (Fate of Sixty Years one) it'd be solid 9.5/10 and while Higan Retour is still pretty good i just don't like that much outside of maybe chorus' and guitar solo parts (i miss old demetori works though and honestly demetori overall since they seem to be pretty inactive nowadays) 7.8/10
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