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  1. Imagine they port over all her battlesuits and you have to buy each of them seperately with Genesis Crystals kek
  2. Hmmm... did you try downloading the Portable Version of the app and installing that on an external USB drive, rather than using the default installation package and putting it on the Program Files/C: Drive location? That's what I did for mine at least, since my laptop doesn't have a lot of memory space. So it might not be opening up because there's not enough memory on your hard drive. https://portableapps.com/apps/graphics_pictures/blender_portable
  3. I have two hypothesis: 1) The program I used when ripping the models was X Ripper from Vermillion.net. Though, the models are stored externally on the server, meaning they could only be saved when a user was online using said model. So I'm assuming a capture was made while a person was still loading up as Cirno, causing some of the assets to not have loaded in properly, which is why they're missing. All the fumos use the same base model "naked fumo" after all. 2) There have been a few Roblox updates in the months ago that I took the capture, so this could have caused compatibility is
  4. PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT... again Holy moly MOLY. I just woke up and there's an absolute THUNDERSTORM of LEAKS. First, BAM 5 character models leaked. The weapon choices are absolutely bizarre. Like, Sara, who uses a Sword in Kazuha's cutscene, is now a bow user???? She has an Akechi mask, despite Goro already being in this game. https://streamable.com/psfejj Yoimiya, who, despite having reference material of her being a black haired shrine maiden is now blonde. And Baal, who literally has a whole sword special move, is a POLEARM!?!??!?!? https://www.reddit.com/r/Genshi
  5. Hey, glad to have you here. Always nice to see some fresh faces in the fandom!
  6. PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT Recently, the housing sets needed for your characters to visit your Serenitea Pot has leaked. https://genshin.honeyhunterworld.com/db/item/hc_8001/ And man.... the Cottage Kitchen set https://genshin.honeyhunterworld.com/db/item/hs_38/? To make this set, aka have the characters Razor, Xiangling, Xiao, Tartaglia, Mona, visit your house, you need to have the Wide Stone Stove, a furniture you can only get from purchasing the Battle Pass. What's worse is that, the Wide Stone Stove is exclusive to this month's Battle Pass, which is expiring
  7. Same lol. I'll play anything that's free. As long as Touhou remains copyright free, I don't mind whatever people branch it out into. In my personal experience though... Lost Word, alongside FE Heroes, Azur Lane, etc are the type of gacha games I have on my phone just to get log in bonuses and do dailies for a few minutes every day. But of those three, I feel I make the least progress with Lost Word, since the dailies aren't so great. The other two give you free pulls constantly so you can get new characters occasionally. But with Lost Word, 80% of my characters are from the anniversary ev
  8. Hmmm.. definitely looks promising! I always appreciate getting news more directly from the source, rather than it getting passed through various middle men and having stuff lost in translation.
  9. Same lol. Except, for me, it was less on character pulls and more on daily resin refreshes. I got a little too hyped when reaching AR 45 and trying to grind out the Crit%'s on 5 star artifacts XD Yeah, it sucks like that sometime if you don't have anyone to look forward to coming out. Though, I am curious for the 1.6 update dropping so character models for the 1.7 beta test can leak. There's a lot of names like Yoimiya, Sara, Gorou who we have no models for yet surprisingly.
  10. Honorable commitment. That's why I stay as a F2P, but it can be a temptation, so more power to you. Considering your frequent music posts, you might find it interesting that the whole 1.6 OST just leaked. Nothing too crazy, but some good ambient background noise. https://vimeo.com/557300509 N-ice, also waiting for ayayaka as well, she's my second most wanted after Baal. Apparently she's coming in 1.7/2.0 after Kazuha, so that's hype. I really REALLY hate travelling through water, so her sprint's gonna be a godsend XD Epic. Sadly, I didn't get Hu Tao in March be
  11. It's been a while, hasn't it? Oh man, I'm hyped beyond hyped. I've been a F2P in Genshin back since October, but I never thought to mention the game or give it it's own thread because Ken Hisuag did it justice already on the Musical Discoveries thread. But recently, there's been a leak that shows a story cutscene for the new region, Inazuma, based off feudal Japan. I've got chills. English version: https://streamable.com/ioqsqy Chinese version: https://streamable.com/mf2pmz Japanese version: https://streamable.com/ibvitl Historical Similarities: https://www.reddit.com/r/Rai
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