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  1. Time Will Tell Part 2: Electric Boogaloo Hey it's me again, 10 hours later, I've been thinking and thought "Hey who posted the song Time Will Tell?" Now, you're probably thinking that "Time Will Tell" who posted it. But I think I can predict who posted it already based on the evidence I've gathered. Remember in the previous Remix Tournament when Buskerdog posted an unlisted video under the channel name "busker's archive"? Well if you look at the channel profile picture, it's actually the same picture as the one that shows up in "Time Will Tell" https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC
  2. Time Will Tell YOOOOOOOOOOOO T.STEBBINS LET’S GOOOOOOOOOOOO Discord, I'm howling at the moon, And sleeping in the middle of a summer afternoon Discord, whatever did we do to make you take our world away? (The Moriya Shrine Discord server in a nutshell lmao) Straight up, just seeing this song here, instant 10/10. Whoever put this song here has godlike tastes. Of course, I’ve listened to this song before, but it’s still awesome. No matter how many times I listen to it, it never gets old. Will I ever get tired of this song? Hmmm… only TIME WILL TELL I don’t care if it has like a bajillio
  3. Hey welcome! Always nice to see fresh faces on the forum. Hope you enjoy your time here! : D
  4. Oh man, this was a tough round. A lot of really strong picks all around. I had to purposely limit myself from giving everything a 10/10 XD But really, all of these songs easily have the potential to become 10/10 tracks. Retribution for the Eternal Night Very elegant visual filter at the opening. For the beginning, I really like the main instrument they use. Plus, the flutes add a nice touch. 0:40 Really sounds like an Age of Empires track. I know I already made my Age of Ethanols reference back in the Musical Discoveries thread, but it sounds very very similar to it that I can’
  5. I'm glad to see your response. To be honest, I was curious what you would say considering you were the one who uploaded. And my suspicions were right that you'd give it a 10/10, though I understand why and it is a justifiable score to give. Anyways, I feel it's definitely about motif representation. I just gave Nguyen's Flight of the Bamboo Cutter a listen. While they are parts that change in octave randomly in the song at the beginning 0:29 and a few off-tone notes in after around 0:51 I can tolerate those much more since they follow the same melody. There's a sense of direction, like I
  6. There was a Piano Spotted in the Scarlet Mansion? Hat spotted. Also spotted is that split second flash filter at 0:01 where the screen goes green and purple. Though, I’m assuming that’s a rendering error and not some secret hidden message lol. Musically speaking, this was an excellent piano rendition of, Ludwig van Beethoven's Piano Sonata No.8 in C, Op 13 "Pathetique" 3 Rondo: Allegro. But seriously, I couldn’t recognize this song immediately until around 0:20 so there was a bit of mystery. Anyways, the piano sounds really somber and relaxed. Maybe I’m biased consideri
  7. Green Eyed Jealousy I like the strumming pattern they use with the chords, specifically how the string hits make a good percussion tool to keep the rhythm. I can't imagine how much of a nightmare that'd be if they included bar chords though lol (where you cover a whole fret with a finger) Besides obvious Shakespeare, Green Eyed Jealousy always reminds me of Greensleeves. And not just because of the name, but because the melodies can sound pretty similar. Ball Dance Impressive finger work. I find it's always so much harder to play individual notes on a guitar
  8. Guess that's why they call it the "phantom" remix tournament... Cause everyone suddenly just disappeared. i couldn't resist
  9. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2357574273 The creator of Wriggle Nightbug buddy, EikiStan, has released their first playable character... or should I say first two playable characters? This combines Tenshi's and Iku's Hisoutensoku sprite attacks into one combined character. I'm definitely surprised to see so much Touhou content coming to Rivals this January, but I'm all for it!
  10. Oh whoops. That last part with "Cute duet, sounds like a march" was supposed to be quoting the arrange you posted. No idea why it's showing Alice's theme again under "Drunken_Flower said" XD
  11. That sort of music style reminds me of that Touhou Age of Empires fangame, Age of Ethanols. Though, looking back on it now, while the original AoE wait dangit i can't use acronyms Age of Empires use very similar traditional instruments, the OST in Age of Ethanols is pretty uhhhh modern sounding... my backstory with empires is kind of weird though, since i remember getting it from a cereal box lol The Hakugyokurou theme sounds very funky & jazzy. There's even a sax. Sounds like something straight out of "Café de Touhou" (12:05) With Chireiden's theme, Satori's part at the start
  12. If anyone's seeing this after Monday and would still like to try it, the game's relatively well-known enough to have been archived on numerous third-party Flash game players. Personally, the one I use is Blue Maxima's Flashpoint, since it's free and has the biggest catalogue of Flash games currently, including Tower of Heaven. But there's others as well. https://bluemaxima.org/flashpoint/
  13. It's funny you mention Undertale since they actually helped program the game before it released. https://undertale.fandom.com/wiki/Undertale_Developers Though, it would have to be 2 years later for them to actually do music for the game in the form of a remix of Asgore's Theme for the Collector's Edition soundtrack. https://vgmdb.net/artist/11185 Interestingly, if you look on the timeline above, this was also around the same time that they composed the Rivals of Aether soundtrack. So they both sound very close musically. In fact, it's so close, that I oftentimes se
  14. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2329107619 Zwataketa has released their Flandre Scarlet mod for Rivals of Aether! They've been working on this echo fighter ever since they released their Remilia Scarlet one last year, so it's nice to see it out now. It's also cool how she has MT Dedede Stadium and Dracula Boss support similar to Buskerdog's characters. Honestly, I thought I would stop there, but there's more. I'm genuinely surprised by how much Touhou content is being posted on the Rivals of Aether Steam Workshop. https://steamcommunity
  15. At 11:30 in this recently popular video, a speedrunner they featured was shown using the infamous Yukkuri voice sample. The specific video this clip can be found from comes from the following below: While it is a reference, I'd say it's more so a reference to the fan culture surrounding Touhou rather than the Touhou Project itself. Since, obviously, the sound bank was not officially created as a part of the Touhou Project, but rather sampled from the voice synthesis program "SofTalk" as described in the link below. https://utau.fandom.com/wiki/Yukkuri
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