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  1. Despite how I only really like one entry in Kid Icarus, that being Uprising, it's still one of my most favourite series. I remember when I was young, watching Chuggaaconroy play through the game, despite not owning a 3DS. Heck, I still don't own a 3DS. Makes me wish the game would eventually get ported to the Switch, but with Sakurai's latest comments, I'm extremely doubtful. https://www.siliconera.com/sakurai-throws-cold-water-on-a-another-kid-icarus-uprising-game/ What makes the game stand out is it's personality. You have all of these quirky characters from different places cracking jo
  2. That's right. The site banner has finally changed from the April Fools Day. Now I'm no longer stuck talking to Len'en. But, you're probably asking "Garison, will the club die here? With no new posts?". And to that I say, with my own free will, I will continue to uphold the Len'en club. Even when not being forced to, because I truly love Len'en, and that's what being a Len'en fan is all about. Not just having Len'en as a one off joke, but as a way of life. ... Nah I'm just kidding, screw Len'en. See ya!
  3. I can't believe I've finally broken free from the Len'en curse. Thank you. I feel reborn, like a new person.
  4. Yeah, a lot of links are dead. I assume because they keep updating the webpages, so the links no longer point to the correct addresses. It's a problem that affects a lot of sites, not just the boorus specifically. In cases like that, I usually just reverse image search for the source with TinEye or Google Images.
  5. THIS IS NOT A DRILL. I REPEAT, THIS IS NOT A DRILL I rarely post in all capital letters, so that should alert you all of the substantial importance this moment has for me. I originally started this thread because I sent a request to Mr Nick's Hand Picks on the educational site "Teacher's Pay Teacher", asking for him to feature the Touhou Project in his excellent material. Well now... https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Touhou-Project-Token-Board-6714919 THAT'S RIGHT. THE FIRST PIECE OF EDUCATIONAL TOUHOU CONTENT ON THE SITE. I am grateful for you all in being h
  6. Ever seen Sese Kitsugai and thought... ...man that arm cannon reminds me of the Sans Mii Gunner Costume that made it into Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Like, she already looks like a skeleton, and she has that undead feel. Plus, you can see a strong amount of energy emminating from the inside of that cannon. Other references are Mega Man obviously, also Okuu (Utsuho Reiuji) from Touhou. Barret from Final Fantasy 7 and... actually, I might be here all day if I name them all XD. But I love the other forms she has as well. It's like a Pokemon evolution, with EX bein
  7. Surprised to see that the summoning ritual actually worked! I guess the Spring Remix Tournament is considered non-canon lol
  8. Ever listen to Adagumo no Saragimaru's theme and wonder... What is the "Mono Eye" she's referring to. It's easy to mistake it for the Eye of Senri, considering Jynx's profile picture, Tsubukara's relation to Tsurubami and overall how frequent "eye symbolism" is used throughout the series. http://lenen.shoutwiki.com/wiki/Adagumo_no_Saragimaru But, here, it refers to Yamata no Orochi's eye from which she was born out of. Orochi is a dragon with eight tails, not to be confused with the Hakurei Dragon that Touhou fans specualte whether or not exists. https://en.wikipe
  9. I disagree. Do not change the homescreen. As long as April 1st continues, I can continue to praise the Len'en Project.
  10. I am currently living an Evanescent Existence.
  11. I always check on Safebooru for art I want to use in a video, since anything on there is there because the artist gave the site permission to keep it up.. Then, when you use the image, link to the original Pixiv, Twitter, etc. on the Statistics tab with the person's Pixiv username, @ Twitter handle, etc. That's what I do at least to cover myself. Of course, since anyone can post stuff on there, there's some rare cases where someone posts an artists art without permission. In this case, the artist can file a dispute, but it may take a while for the artist to notice. So I recommend staying away
  12. That sounds like the name of a Len'en Track lol. JSSF Stage 1992 Boss - Roman Torchwick's Theme - My INTERNET Died on "Thursday" ~ And I'm Sad, I Missed This
  13. Tsubukara Enraku and Tsurubami Senri. They're names both start with the letters Tsu. But, if you didn't know about Len'en, how would you fill out the rest of the "Tsu". For anime fans, they might think of the "tsundere", being a combination of tsun, to reject in anger and dere, to fall in love. For weather fans, they might think of the "tsunami", a natural disaster caused by a series of waves in a water body. For other people, they might think that it's pronounced "ti sun", but obviously it's said like "soon". So there's a lot of different opinions of Tsubukara
  14. Ever heard of ROBLOX? Well, maybe because of the newest Touhou trend "Become Fumo" on the site. But did you know that ROBLOX, the game maker software itself, has it's own OST? Surprised? Well, more surprising is that the music sounds really really good! Like, I'm talking, almost-as-good-as-Len'en here. (And Len'en music can't be topped, so that's essentially perfect). Here, take a listen. You might not notice at first glance, but a lot of these songs were the inspiration behind many more popular ones. For example, there's "Dignity's Childhood" which served as the inspir
  15. HELLO LEN'EN LOVERS!!! Every time I listen to Suzumi's theme I can't help but think of Xenoblade Chronicles 1. And, no, it's not because of the music. Len'en definitely has it's own... unique... music tastes. But the title itself. Obviously, the name "MONAD-1" is not directly referencing the Monado, it's just a reference to the Monad from Gnosticism, which is the Supreme Being. Which was, in turn, inspired by Greek Philosophy. Ok, I did not expect that Monado picture to be that massive XD. But yeah, that's the Dajin Daily Discussion for today. Just an interesting L
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