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  1. 1) Beyond That Door Since this one has animation, I only listened to the music the first time and ignored the video. So this score is based purely off the music alone. First, it reminds me of the Deemo song Yubikiri Genman with the light vocals and soft piano. The medley 1:46 also really reminds me of the other piano songs from that game like “Pure White” and “Wings of Piano”, though it might just be a commonly occurring scale in all piano songs of this style lol. 2:07 gets more intense with the strings in the background and it’s a natural sounding change of pace. 2:36 Ayyy nice
  2. The Reimu mod I mentioned above just released. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2263955842
  3. Hmmmm... good point Ken, that is quite interesting... wait what? hold up something popped up in my dms hold up ... WAIT IS THIS A LEAK!?!? WHAT IS THIS I had way too much fun with this as well lol
  4. 1) Blooming Season 1:26 Is really where this track shines and where I started actually typing my review, since the rest seemed average. Though I only just realized at the end that the singer was saying “Blooming” as a reference to the title of the track. The disco vibe of this track reminds me of “Boogie Wonderland” for some reason lol. Especially with the background trumpets. Overall, it’s only until the first blooming at 1:26 where the song really picks up the pace for me personally, since it sounds so low energy at the beginning. So I’ll give it a 8/10 2) Dancing
  5. 1) Grimoire of Alice I always love orchestral remixes, but this one’s particularly amazing. It starts off incredibly strong with the choir, violins and slight drum beat at 0:18. It’s like Imperial March from Star Wars but way cooler. 2:24 is where the song really speeds up. The original medley of Grimoire of Alice is pretty repetitive, so I’m surprised that they’re able to keep it sounding fresh throughout the whole song. 3:22 Interesting how they chose to have the stage theme play after the boss theme. Rest is what you’d expect until 4:40 comes with a sudden choir and wow it
  6. Just found out that there's a new Touhou character on the Rivals of Aether workshop! It's Hong Meiling. Though the thumbnail text makes it look like it's some sort of meme XD https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2261859841
  7. 1) Nightmare Was wondering why the voice sounded so unique at the beginning until I got to 0:45 where it became obvious it was processed through a synthesizer like a vocaloid. Not that that’s bad or anything, it’s just interesting. My favourite part is 2:42 – 2:57 just because of the crazy melody climb. Though, 1:00 to 1:14 is a close second with the pumping beats. Overall, it sounds above great. Very close to perfect score, but 1:50 to 2:12 that sound slightly off, nothing major. 9/10 2) Blue Desire This is a long one. Maybe it sounds even longer because i
  8. Three Phoenix Kappashiro uploads in a row with VOCAL? BINGO! Or more accurately to the genre, biNGɡō! heh heh anyways… 1) Darkness Power I like the consistent rhythm of this. It’s the kind of music I’d listen to when grinding in an RPG. The voice also compliments the beats well. Alright I’ve come back to this after listening to Plain Asia, and just because of that song, I’m rating this one higher. It was originally an 8/10, but now it’s a 9. That sound effect has made me really appreciate this song so much more. 9/10 2) Plain Asia Not sure what those
  9. Heyo, here’s my reviews. These are just my personal subjective opinions as always so don’t take them too seriously lol… 1) IDOLA DEUS Thought this was SOUNDHOLIC from the name, but turns out it’s techno instead. I really like that background instrument that starts at 0:47, it blends together nicely with the fast-paced drum beats. The way it changes in 1:31 too is super cool. However, at 1:51, it’s just… well… I’m not used to the instrument they use here… It sounds, sour to my ears. Grating almost. Though, I feel personally that the song redeems itself at 2:36 wi
  10. Now that Steve has released, I feel it's a good time to show off the Touhou Smash Ultimate mods that were made in the meantime. Since a lot of different creators made these mods, to make it more easy to follow, I've put all the mods together in one big list. That way, you don't have to search around too much. (Trust me, with the amount of Touhou Brawl mods there are, you don't want to do that lol). https://gamebanana.com/projects/35608
  11. Sponsor X has been revealed to be AQUASTYLE's JYUNYA along with DeNA and xeen. So essentially just some well-known doujin music producers. (rip those who thought it was nintendo sponsoring reimu for smash) They plan to release a mobile rhythm game called Touhou Danmaku Kagura in 2021. The following games were also announced during the anniverary livestream on the 10th. Touhou Unreal Mahjong DLC (the board game, now with even more characters lol) Touhou Luna Nights on the Switch (metroidvania, glad it's not dead, that cirno track has been on the ost for a while
  12. I have been summoned? Hmm... sounds interesting. I'll join. : D
  13. @Ken Hisuag That would be cool to have different characters based off different audio visualizers, like spectrograms, wave forms and other oscillations. Touhou characters also have a lot of lore, so I can see it fitting. This game so far is the closest thing I've ever found to a danmaku music visualizer and it only takes the BPM of the .mp3 file you input. The rest is just pre-made bullet hell patterns. (Btw, RIP Flash) https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/616748 I haven't played Barrage Musical ~ A Fantasy of Tempest yet, but from what I've seen on the Steam page, it definit
  14. Ok, that was a lot more tracks than I was expecting! I never knew custom-fumos could have so much lore to them... I also really like the MIDI keyboard visualization used in all the videos, reminds me of Synthesia. Makes me wish someone could make a program that turns those into danmaku because that would be fun to dodge.
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