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  1. 1: Xe - Piano Concerto No 666 ~ Jealousy Fire "We usually use Youtube links," he says . . . First things first: To the one who took the video from Youtube, created a Nicovideo account, and reposted the video there just for this joke, Discount-HolmesTM knows who you are, and I could not be more impressed at the sheer trolly genius at play. Now for the music. While a bit chaotic near the beginning, it quickly balances out into a very impressive piano concerto. Something about it doesn't seem quite classical, yet neither does it strike me as modern. The integration of the source motif
  2. An obligatory reminder that this is open to anybody with even a slighter interest in Touhou remixes! While there is a bit of a time commitment, it does not need to be anything more than listening through each round's submissions and leaving a rating; anything further is optional (though still worth some consideration, imo).
  3. @Dana Iclucia Definitely not your standard folk, but a very creative arrangement nonetheless. It seem this was the perfect time for a Len'en themed month, with the next remix tournament around the corner. This week is game #2, although canonically I believe it takes place simultaneously with the first entry. This is personally my least favorite entry in the series thus far, simply because fewer motifs stand out to me. By far my favorite theme from Earthen Miraculous Sword is the menu theme, Repose That Detests Even Good Luck ~ Need umbrella! The confident entrance of the piece with a leng
  4. I tried out Safebooru, but have found it unreliable. More often then not, the source links don't work.
  5. For this week, I decided to try comprehending the soundtrack of Kid Icarus Uprising . . . again. I tried to get familiar with it a couple years back, but despite generally liking the music I couldn't quite figure out the unifying theme to the full compilation. I still can't figure it out; it goes from orchestral rock to smooth jazz and over to Latin folk, and I figure it's probably one of those games that you have to play/experience to truly understand the music's intentions. However, that doesn't necessarily mean I can't feature it anyway!
  6. It's customary for Touhou arrangements on Youtube to use fanart for visuals, and whether as a legal obligation or simply common courtesy, said fanart ought to be credited to its respective artists. I would like to know if there is a recommended way to find fanart for this purpose, and what the proper methods of attributing credit are (those familiar with my posting habits will recognize that I have usually defaulted to using source-album covers).
  7. Attack of the Remix Tournament. Submissions inbound.
  8. I wish I hadn't been so busy today (I am still considering it Saturday), but I somehow managed to make it here! The nature of the CCM industry makes it a rather niche metagenre for a very specific target audience. But given that I listen to it at least as much as my other favorite metagenre (VGM), it was inevitably going to pop up here eventually. In honor of Resurrection Day tomorrow (I insist it's still Saturday right now), here's an old song written specifically for the occasion, which also managed to perfectly encapture the major characteristics of its era's style. I needed mor
  9. It was overwhelmingly apparent as of Thursday that I would have to feature the Len'en Project here this week; I've considered posting from it several times over the past year, and kept putting it off in hopes of a more fitting time. That time has obviously come. However, in my attempts to narrow down a few themes to represent the series, I decided that such a task could not be appropriately handled in a single post. So now, I am announcing Len'en Month! Each week I'll feature one of the four currently released games. The first game (technically) is Len'en 1 ~ Evanescent Existence, an
  10. I am honored to have been apart of this event, and though I can honestly say I had no expectation of winning, I will nonetheless accept this victory as a representative of the great Len'en franchise and its fandom.
  11. I cannot hope to hold a candle to the genius of today's postings. April Fool's is truly the Internet's holiday. For the sake of participation, I will submit my meager offerings here, and begin planning for next year.
  12. Featuring the music of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is far too intimidating a venture for me to consider just yet, so instead I'm going for the second most relevant Smash title. It's honestly incredible how enduring Melee has been, but anyone familiar with the history can understand why. Obviously, there are certain iconic themes I'm obligated to include: However, the majority of Smash music is, by nature of the game, arrangements. Each game has been characterized by unique musical styles which have contributed to their respective reputations, but this is probably more true for Melee than
  13. I can't remember if I've said this before, but I haven't played any of the games except 15.5 yet. I'm really bad at curtain-fires, so I typically just leave them alone. I was really excited about the rumors of 17.5 being a platformer, that being more my forte. But for all that, reading about y'all's perceptions concerning gameplay nuances is fascinating. Musically, 9.5 and the first half of 14 are my least favorite
  14. As of tomorrow, this thread is officially a year old! The first post featured the circle Paradise of Boundaries, which does remixes in the styles of the individual Touhou games. I've had these two songs on my "to-post" list for a while, and now I'm posting them in commemoration. Luckily one of them happens to be a Suika theme, though I personally think the second feature fits the occasion best.
  15. With all the focus on the Touhou 18 trial, I think most people missed the extra stage update to Infinite Blade Pavilion. But I didn't, so I'm sharing one of the tracks here!
  16. @buskerdog The track in question is meant to be a remix of Curious Old Shanghai Tile, the theme of Rinnosuke Morichika, and plays in his shop (or so I gather; I was not motivated to play the game long enough to find out for myself). Even being familiar with the theme, I'll admit I can only barely pick up on the similar elements. Ironically, I already had a Missing Power remix planned for this Saturday. I personally think it and Broken Moon depict two separate aspects of Suika's character; the one is powerfully assertive and mysterious, as befitting an oni of the Four, while the other is
  17. This past week I received my copy of the Octopath Traveler: Champions of the Continent soundtrack. I was initially rather dismayed to discover two of my favorite tracks from the circulated gamerip missing from the official release, and while I am still very pleased with it as a whole (there's plenty of tracks that weren't in the gamerip), I do wonder why these tracks weren't included. Since this is technically a gatcha game and is updating constantly, it could be possible that they are planning a future music release or releases, but I have no way of knowing if this is the case. Regardless, I
  18. I finally played some of Adventures in Scarlet Curiosity, and with the recent Hachimitsu-Lemon post I figure now is a good time to feature the music (beyond the two pieces already circulated here). The styles are somewhat varied, which makes it difficult to sum up the whole. For the most part, though, I'd say it leans toward hybrid-orchestra, with the "hybrid" ranging from folk to symphonic. A Note: This soundtrack is amazing! But I personally found the game boring, to a point that it began to detract from the music's quality. Whether others have had a similar experience or not, I would s
  19. This would be good motivation for me to do something in the realm of musical composition. I won't promise anything, though.
  20. Revived chatbox seems to have this covered. But in case anyone's checking, greetings!
  21. I had planned to post something, but it looks like you've got it covered.
  22. @Garison DeCrick Genuinely curious if this worked; the link has been changed, and should be available in Canada.
  23. The time has finally come! I have waited months to feature one of my favorite genres of music at an appropriate time. So without further delay, I present a relatively tiny selection of Irish folk in commemoration of St. Patrick's Day. This post barely begins to cover my appreciation for this genre, but it will have to do for now. I am very likely to post more of this in the future, and hopefully feature a wider variety of artists. Happy St. Patty's Day to y'all!
  24. You simply cannot reference that soundtrack without including what is possibly the most famous Eurobeat song ever made. Over-memed? Probably. Nonetheless spectacular.
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