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  1. Gonna try and get this in before Jssf posts the first round. Second day of the year I thought it'd be interesting to check Youtube for Touhou of that week, to find the last of old year and first of new. One specific acoustic arrangement sent me down a rabbit hole, and I ended up finding a bunch of really old but really good guitar solos. So here's some of those.
  2. For obvious reasons, I won't normally post independent remixes here. However, I believe an argument can be made for their inclusion into the metagenre of VGM. Arrangements most often take their source material's contextual situation into consideration, and I've yet to find a remix that can take the game out of the music. In several cases, my first exposure to a soundtrack that I would later consider among my favorites was a remix. In commemoration of that, here are three such pieces which introduced me to larger spheres of VGM.
  3. For the final chiptune artist feature (though certainly not the end of chiptune on this thread), I present . . . actually, I'm not sure which is his primary alias. It's either "pigdevil2010" or "Pigu." When I said my submission to RT3 wasn't the best example of Touhou chiptune I knew of, this was the guy I had in mind. Unlike most of the previous features, his style encompasses both retro and experimental, while also making use of a variety of chip types. I specifically considered his Egoistic Flowers as a tournament submission, but ultimately decided against it. Just to rap it up,
  4. You might want to message DF and Amamiya, since neither of them have been on the site since the announcement. Also, if anyone else thinks they might be interested in joining, it's been a lot of fun in the past!
  5. Tower of Heaven registered as a Flash game on my browser, so it should be noted to try it by Monday if you're interested.
  6. It's about time we covered Rivals of Aether. I probably don't need to sell it, but . . . Composer flashygoodness has a unique style to his chiptune that settles on the fringes of the genre; he's able to create impressively complex arrangements of sound that set them apart from retro style, but aren't so far from it that it has to be considered something else (Undertale might be a good example of that; maybe CrossCode?). There's also a slight reverb that gives his pieces an airy feel; I'm unsure of the intended effect, but for me it adds another layer of complexity to the sound. As
  7. While we're waiting for DF and Amamiya to return, I'd like to tag @Renko and @Maribel in case they might be interested.
  8. This is not intended to be an extra chiptune feature, but . . . +TEK's recent album featured guest artist Rumya, and I was struck by the style of the extra arrangements. They remind me a bit of Rivals of Aether; an airy, floating chiptune that still maintains exhilarating energy. Also, it seems Jaz:3 visited recently, and I just happened to find this accordion remix the other day.
  9. I wanted to be careful about this first post of the year. For some reason, this piece stood out to me. Happy New Year, everyone! I'm about done with the chiptune features; there's only one more artist after this one, and I'll have covered the highlights from my perspective. I chose to use +TEK in RT3 because the sound of his productions appeals to me strongly. While it is still technically chiptune, it's on the far fringes of the genre (especially in the latest album), and I'm not comprehensively sure why.
  10. Starting the new year off with some excitement! I wasn't expecting this for another three months, and I couldn't be happier!
  11. With that, the year is on the verge of conclusion. In commemoration, these are my personal top five video game OSTs of 2020. For the record, I haven't played any of these; my experience with them is almost entirely musical. If anyone's willing, I'd love to hear what soundtracks stood out to others this year. For reference sake, I'm also including a record of the postings made on this thread over the past year (plus the time previous, since there wasn't much). As of initial posting, it only includes the tracks which are currently available; some links are broken, and as such I can't
  12. I was trying to determine what my personal top five soundtracks of the year would be, and could only think of four that had really stuck in my mind impactfully (discounting DLC soundtracks for games released in years previous, such as Cadence of Hyrule). So I sat down to quickly look through a bunch of OSTs that I'd been putting off to see if anything stood out. To address the obvious: I can appreciate Darren Korb's work on a technical level, but it does not immediately appeal to me for casual listening. I've come to enjoy Transistor, but it is an enjoyment that was developed over time. I
  13. Nope, that's new stuff to me. It's a bit difficult to tell if it's a remix or a mashup (or perhaps, in the vein of the recently referenced DJ the S, both?). I haven't had much luck in the past finding enjoyable mashups, so I tend to be skeptical of them. If this is a mashup, it's very cleverly edited together and actually rather pleasant to listen to. Chiptune feature: pedipanol. One of the only musicians I've come across who composes non-Touhou remixes in the PC-98 style, and does well at it, I might add! Since my recent searches for requested styles of music, my recommended
  14. For future reference: Touhou-related music (theme remixes, style remixes, and original themes) should be posted in one of the threads dedicated to it to avoid confusion. For the record, I have posted Touhou-related music in this thread.
  15. I shouldn't be here today. I wanted to post these yesterday, and preparations took more time than I had anticipated. These are some remixes I had considered worth holding onto for a future tournament. In the past, I've chosen submissions based on my desire to hear others' evaluations. I'd held back on these pieces because they are from fairly well-known artists. Merry Christmas, y'all, and I'm sorry for not getting these out sooner.
  16. I'm late! I really wanted to [finally] feature Okami properly, which isn't easy to set up because the OST is massive and full of seven second jingles. Plus Christmas preparations have taken up my time, so I've only managed to listen through the first disc of the soundtrack. I'm still considering it a win, and now I have a good excuse to revisit it later. What makes Okami unique is its incorporation of traditional Japanese folk instruments and music. One might be inclined to assume this limits the stylistic range of the soundtrack, but this is far from the case. As such, I consider it
  17. Also, on the heels of having just taken some requests, I'd like to make a request of my own. I have not had much luck finding remixes of the original themes from Urban Legend in Limbo or Immaterial and Missing Power. Specifically I've been looking for arrangements of NKZ's Wanderings and U2 Akiyama's Bell of the Antipodes, respectively. No particular style, just something imaginative.
  18. Okay, I swear I'm not doing this intentionally, but I just found out that ShinkoNet is releasing a new eurobeat album at the end of the month, and this is beginning to get weird. Also, guess what other genre he remixes in! Additionally, here are some specially selected arrangements to balance out the post. I'd like to draw attention to Aka Kyuketsuki's piano arrangement abilities, since she's more well known for Touhou style. I fully intend to be back here before Christmas, but just in case I'll wish y'all a merry Christmas now. Merry Christmas!
  19. I was thinking of rock and metal as synonymous, but comparing the Bad Apple remix against the other two does evince a distinction. Perhaps pop rock? some searching later I'll have to keep an eye out, but in the mean time I believe I've found the perfect remix to cover your requests. Rock, DnB, and . . . Yeah, I'll keep looking. I've always thought both of Sanae's themes had unnecessarily long titles. But hey, at least neither of them are The Darkness Brought in by Swallowstone Naturalis Historia (Dark Side of Japan).
  20. I did not know Falkkone did chiptune, and it's a pity he doesn't do more because these are really good! I'm glad someone else posted Yume Nikki. I dislike the game myself, but I can understand the endearment it has with others. This Friday marks the two-year anniversary of this thread. In commemoration (actually I'm just using this as an excuse), I'm returning to the first game posted on the thread: A Hat in Time. I don't know what piece specifically was originally posted, and I intentionally avoided the most popular tracks in my initial post (with the exception of Rush Hour), so I'v
  21. Found something! It's not full choir, but it is four part harmony! The circle is 幻想郷グリークラブ, or the Gensokyo Glee Club (but the English name is less likely to bring up search results).
  22. I was wondering what the arrows were replacing. Oh well, advance and adapt. Still no chin-stroking/thoughtful reaction. Digging through the folder for these videos had made me more anxious to empty it further, so here's some bonus stuff unrelated to the topic at hand.
  23. I've had this sitting in my folder for several months now. It's the first half of a double remix, but I didn't appreciate the second half as much and went looking for a shortened video. I've actually been holding a few for potential tournament submissions, though at this point my Tournament Worthy folder is getting rather full. Maybe I'll drop a few for Christmas. Also there's this!
  24. Hang on, I'm not done yet! I realized I had a couple of pieces saved in my backlog folder that I'd forgotten about, so I might as well get them out now. I'm not sure what the choir genre is. I can think of remixes with elements of choir, but nothing that's exclusively choir (pity that Psamathes didn't do any Touhou in her Sacred Groves album). My inspectional searching only turned up arrangements like this: The harpsichord in this piece is amazing, but I doubt this is what you meant. Perhaps acapella will suffice for now?
  25. This was meant as a joke, and I didn't expect y'all to take it seriously. But I'm kinda glad you did. I haven't had much experience with eurobeat. I like it well enough, but I haven't come across much that stands out to me. My disinclination toward English vocals that aren't Irish folk or CCM also tends to stunt my appreciation. Still, I do have a Touhou eurobeat album on Bandcamp. I actually prefer the Voyage 1969 remix on this album, but that isn't available on Youtube and I don't feel like formatting a video right now. The only other Touhou eurobeat I'm familiar with i
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