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  1. he forgot his password

  2. Disscus Touhou Lore here cuz why not.
  3. Just explain a bit of games you like that aren touhou! I'll start with Guardian Tales, it has an amazing story with 10 (11th on the way might be more by the time you are reading this) chapters about different things SPOILER FOR THE NEXT SENTENCE) One is a magic school in the middle of a ghost crisis. There are a lot of characters (including ones you can use). One of my favorites is Lana, who races you in every chapter (and in the side stories) , who calls herself Lightning Counter. Each character has a story wether or not they are included in any of the worlds (chapters) or side-stories. The game is 12+ btw, so at least be 12 if your gonna play it (unless the age rating changes when your reading this). Don't spoil it because there are some twists in the plot. Laura Larua (a quest in world 3). It has a lot of puzzles along with fighting too. It has a lot of references to things such as Zelda or Mario. I´m scared I might describe the gameplay wrong so go play the (free mobile) game to see the gameplay. Anyway sorry for rambling and bye.
  4. Remilia might've put mist in the sky to help Sakuya warm up to Gensokyo (Pretty sure she was having trouble doing that when the mansion was moved into Gensokyo), since the protaganist beat Remilia, could'nt Remilia just change Her fate to winning if she wanted, she legit be a god if she wanted to be one, unless her fate powers are restricted or can effect certain beings, also Remilia´s fate powers' limits are vauge, maybe she can only change someone´s fate to something that makes sense, even then she could just win any battle if she wanted to. Thats my take, I guess
  5. It looks amazing, I can fid the expansions so I guess they are sold out. Also, does the game really need 4 players to function, 4 players can even be the maximum amount of players for a game so Im wondering if it actually needs 4 players to function (like it says it does), thanks and sorry if I seem like an idiot for this.
  6. OK thanks for the explanation!
  7. Ok thank you for the information!
  8. THe topic I added "Touhou RP" can be a structured one with a GM I guess, then there would be a freestyle (Pilot) and a more structured one (my topic I added) so people can do a structured or freestyle RP, depending on the type of person they are.
  9. Are you still doing this? If I got to play (though I doubt I will considering the last message here is over a year old) the Dnd campaign it would be my first DnD campaign so if you want people with more experience in DnD don't let me in lol.
  10. I was wondering if RP profiles existed on this site or if they were only an old site feature, thanks for the answer!
  11. [ok ill try to DM them to see if they wanna continue rp]
  12. I'd love to see touhou x Guardian tales. They both have amazing story and humor too. Touhou event in guardian tales would be epic along with a new side story in Guardian tales. Alternate Dimensions is already cannon in Guardian Tales (the irl world is a different Dimension from GUardian tales and one hero comes from there) so how touhou characters ended up in guardian tales could be explained that way. Also there could be tohou heroes in Guardian Tales like how there's usually at least one hero for each side story. On touhou's side I don't know if a collab would justify a new game about that collab (games take a long time to make) and an update about the collab to an already existing touhou game doesn't fit in with touhou's and ZUN's style in games, so I dont know what touhou would o but the collab would be epic.
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