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  1. Pretty much. To unlock you just have to beat the game - doesn't need to be a 1cc. And then, to challenge a spell card in that mode, you just need to have seen it at least once. This blessing of a mode is what allowed me to eventually conquer the extra stage. In general, Imperishable Night actually has loads of unlockable content, which is one of the reasons I like it so much. Even modern Touhou games don't have as many unlocks. (In fact, unlockable features seem to have disappeared altogether since 8, except for extra stages.) If you're interested in learning what the unlocks are I'll put a spoiler tab listing them.
  2. The 'random shrine images' at the bottom of the home page and the 'latest images' section at the bottom of the forums page have both broken since the shrine went under maintenance. All the thumbnails for the images are just plain white instead of showing the image, and when I try to click on one I get redirected to a page with this message:
  3. Welcome! by 'finish' do you mean just beat the game, or go for a 1cc? (Btw 1cc means beat the game without using a continue) Either way, you can do it! I was in the same position as you once, and to an extent I still am, but I have beaten most of the games I've played on normal, 1cc'd a few of them, and even beaten an extra stage. As you play more Touhou games, you will be surprised at how much you improve! Not so long ago I revisited Touhou 6, my first Touhou game, and was shocked at how much better I was than before! So even though it might seem hard now, don't give up, and remember you can always come back to the games you really struggle with later! Just a fair word of warning, Touhou 11 and 12 are nightmarishly difficult, don't be afraid to use easy difficulty to finish the game when you have to. Touhou 8 introduces an unlockable 'Spell Practice mode' which also returns in some later games as a feature available by default. Seeing as you've played Touhou 6 and 7, I recommend you try 8 next when you want to move on to your next game - I reckon you might like Spell Practice once you get it.
  4. buskerdog


    Welcome to the shrine. Nice to have you here! Imperishable Night was my first normal 1cc too (praise spell practice mode!). Well technically I 1cc'd PCB first, but... y'know... easy modo... Anyways, enjoy your time on the site, and don't be afraid to post stuff, we are super friendly.
  6. buskerdog


    Welcome! Have fun on this site and with EoSD. It was my first game too : D You're reminding me that I need to go back and 1cc that one now that I'm better at touhou than when I started PS: Reimu best girl
  7. buskerdog

    E3 2019

    I watched it with some friends over discord. We were all quite impressed by Gooigi Luigi's mansion 3, we were ridiculously hyped by the Zelda reveal at the end, the smash bros newcomers weren't bad, and the one person in our group who had played The Witcher 3 was very pleased that it was coming to the Switch. And then there was the one guy who was just here for Animal Crossing. Well, at least he got what he wanted.
  8. buskerdog

    E3 2019

    I'm the same. I'm especially excited for the smash newcomer. Even though I know it won't be Reimu.
  9. I'd visit Makai because it's all wibbly wobbly which is pretty cool, plus I'd like to get a better idea of what Makai actually is. Also its a dimension that empowers magic so it could be useful to visit. Would you rather: Be the maid and gardener of a VERY hungry ghost who you better keep fed. OR be the person in charge of making sure a VERY dangerous little girl does not, under any circumstances, escape the basement.
  10. buskerdog

    Hey Hey

    Hello, and welcome. Nice to see I'm not the only Pokémon fanatic on here, hehe. Funny that a Nintendo direct on the new game was broadcast on the same day I see another Pokémon fan join this community. I was kinda nervous when I first joined this community too since I'm normally a lurker, but its really friendly here and I've managed to become quite involved on the forums. Make yourself feel at home here. omg finally someone recognises the appeal of Keine
  11. I'd have fairy servants so I can assert dominance as the strongest. Also because that sounds pretty useful. Would you rather: Have two horns that stick out to the sides like Suika's, or have one horn that goes straight forward like Yuugi's?
  12. Haiku incoming: This is me when I play an extra stage: "Ah, I'm dead"
  13. So basically this thread is exactly what the title says. Reimu wears red Marisa's in black She wore blue for a bit But then she changed back Btw you can use whatever form of poem you like
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