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  1. Meet Yamame any day. Spiders? fine. Creepy sentient dolls who try to poison you? NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE Would you rather: Have Kaguya's five impossible treasures, which possess incredible magical power or Have Suika's gourd of never ending sake
  2. Out of the Touhou games I've played (everything up to 11 so far (not counting some spin-offs), currently playing through 12), my favourite is definitely Imperishable Night. I too could write an essay about why I think this game is one of the best in the series (in my opinion), but that's something for another time. Admittedly, the fact that IN is also the only Touhou game that I've beaten the extra in so far probably contributes more than a little to my liking of this game and its characters. The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil also deserves an honourable mention for being the game that got me so captivated with the franchise to begin with, plus it has a top tier soundtrack.
  3. Personally serve Kaguya because unlike Flandre she probably won't kill me on the job. Also because I love IN. Would you rather: be able to use danmaku IRL or be able to dodge danmaku (so basically anything flying towards you) IRL
  4. They're both quite really dumb. Can't I just trick them into going with each other?
  5. I'd rather meet Reimu because she's my favourite character because being peppered by magical pieces of paper probably hurts less then being cut with a big heckin scythe. Also, running into Komachi means I'm meeting Shiki later on. I'm not taking my chances with Shiki. Would you rather: Work for Remilia Scarlet and live in the Scarlet Devil Mansion OR Work for Kanako Yasaka and live in the Moriya Shrine?
  6. buskerdog


    I love how you can see Reimu's teacup popping out of the pile of money
  7. m8 you're in the wrong thread, there's already a thread about this made 3 days ago here.
  8. So which game will you be getting guys, Wily Beast Version or Weakest Creature Version? Oh wait wrong game franchise.
  9. I got it this time thanks, I didn't realise I had to press it immediately after resetting.
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