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  1. The other day I was talking with some of my card/board gaming friends, and I said "we need to play the touhou card game that I have never even heard of but almost invariably exists somewhere" Touhou community never disappoints. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.
  2. I won't dither on with my thoughts of all of the pieces (I haven't got particularly much to say on all of them anyway), but number 9... My God... It absolutely swept me away. The music along with those stunning images made me think about an open world Touhou game with this sort of music, a slower pace, and a somewhat darker tone. Almost something like Zelda: Breath of the Wild. I don't even know how that would work, but I want it. ZUN plz splash out all of your budget XD. Anyways, I'm ranting about unrelated things now, so here is my contribution :D. === CAUTION ====== CAUTION ====== CAUTION ====== CAUTION === === CAUTION ====== CAUTION ====== CAUTION ====== CAUTION ===
  3. I don't care for leaks, never have, never will. But this. This is gold. Also one thing I have noticed recently is there actually seems to be quite a lot of support for Reimu going around. Maybe I just hadn't seen it earlier, but it's almost like there's been this burst in popularity for her, at least in some corner of the internet. Not that it affects her chances of getting in, but it makes me happy to see that people at least want her in, regardless of if she actually makes it or not.
  4. Do you get any kind of error message? I don't know about this error, but maybe try running the Japanese version of the game and see if it works - the problem could be with the patch rather than the game itself.
  5. Although it would depend on when it is happening (because timezones and stuff), I'm certainly interested. I've never played Arkham Horror before but I play a lot of board games / role playing games so I'm up for this. I went ahead and read the rulebook, I've got a sort of general understanding for how it works now. So yes, I am interested, I definitely want to take part if it happens at an all right time for me.
  6. This is not a glitch, you have to complete Sanae's campaign first in order to unlock the others. However, you can download the scorefile to unlock all of them if you want them all available from the start. Please note that there are actually only three campaigns in Hisoutensoku; Sanae, Cirno and Meiling. (Hisoutensoku is considered an expansion of Scarlet Weather Rhapsody, so the characters that were already in that game don't get new campaigns. Of the 5 new characters, Suwako and Utsuho are unfortunately left without any campaign at all.)
  7. Touhou 17.5 has been announced! And it looks like it's going to be a... platformer? I think? This game is another collaboration between ZUN and Tasofro (hence the distinctly not-ZUN artstyle), however it's also going to be the first official Touhou game Tasofro have made that isn't a fighting game (they have made platforming Touhou fangames in the past, though). What do you think of this? I'm really excited that ZUN is letting Tasofro do something new with the series again... who knows, maybe this will spawn an awesome series of platforming spinoffs, like how we have several fighting game spinoffs? Anyway, while at this stage there is a lot we don't know, there's one thing I do know: those sprites are crisp af.
  8. I really like this idea. I opened the tab expecting there to be 3 - 5 songs or something, then was a bit blown away when there was something like 27... I don't have time to listen to all of that! But I listened to the first few, I quite liked the first one. Anyway, keep doing this, it's an excellent idea, I'll certainly share some songs too when a theme comes up that I know a good song for!
  9. buskerdog


    Hello there! Look forward to seeing you in the community. EDIT: If you like making memes, there's a club for that on this site.
  10. everything in lower case (EXCEPT WHEN USING ALL CAPS) all characters have bad spelling names such as: -raymoo -maris -sanee -raisin -yoomoo -chirno the spelling should be bad meme spelling in general Also comic sans font would be nice.
  11. I like all of your picks, you should have snuck them into the tournament : D
  12. Idk why it was changed but I can tell you the difference between the two patches. The new patch is the thcrap patch, it's a wiki based platform that automatically updates. However due to compatibility issues it does not fully work with the pre-hopeless masquerade fighting games. 12.3 in particular has issues due to being an expansion of 10.5. However worth noting is that if you have the thcrap version of 10.5 (and have it in the directory where 12.3 is looking to check for 10.5), 12.3 will use assets from that to fill in some more translations, the particularly important ones being the menus and the weather names. However it still leaves card descriptions and character names untranslated, and the 5 new weathers added in 12.3 (calm, diamond dust, dust storm, scorching sun, monsoon) are also untranslated, as the translated image assets do not exist for them. The old patch was the Gensokyo.org patch, not exactly sure how you install it but you can find it on gensokyo.org, and you can find links to it on the Hisoutensoku wiki.
  13. Shinra-Bansho - Unconscious Requim I don't love this, but I think it's okay. The creepy cuts certainly fit Hartmann's Youkai Girl, and they make the song more interesting, but in places I thought they felt a bit jarring. As for the main parts, they're good but I'm still not really captivated by them; perhaps the reason I don't like this a lot is just because I'm not a big fan of Hartmann's Youkai Girl. Score: I guess I'll give it a solid 3/5 FELT - Puppet in the Dark I actually really like the long intro of this song, there's something about it and the whole song that feels a bit... edgy? (Maybe that's not the right word...) Anyway, I really like the contrast of the lower energy sections with the powerful chorus. Wait, isn't that what I said about the other FELT song? There's probably a pattern here... And speaking of that chorus, it's a really powerful chorus, amazing. All that being said, her engrish could do with some work. Score: 4/5 Lost Dream Remix Another PC-98 song that I'm not familiar with... Unfortunately, I don't really think this remix does much to make it more memorable, and I can't really put my finger on why. Maybe it needs some ZUNpets? Score: 2/5 All in all, this remix tournament was super fun! For anyone who might care, here are what my submissions were:
  14. Miss Divine - Norowareta Night This is pretty good, although I had to try really hard in order to hear 'A Pair of Divine Beasts' in this. The music is nice though, and it's pretty catchy. My Score: I guess I'll score it right in the middle, 2.5/5 Shout It Out Loud!! - Akatsuki Records You can never go wrong with Akatsuki Records; as usual you can tell how much fun Stack is having while singing this and as usual the Stack Bros have written an arrangement that really compliments her voice well! Also, I love anything Imperishable Night. Totally not biased. My Score: 4/5 Homicide Moon - IOSYS WHAAAAAAT!!?? An IOSYS song that ISN'T A MEME??!! Now this is a rocking arrangement. The guitar lead is really powerful, and the whole thing has an awesome driving energy to it. My Score: 4/5
  15. Sleeping Terror Remaster I'm not as familiar with the PC-98 songs as I am with the windows era songs, but this sounds really good! Very catchy. If Lotus Land Story got a windows era remake, this absolutely sounds like it could be the new version of this song. My Score: 3.5/5 HOTTER HOTTER This really doesn't sound like anything special to me. It just feels really... generic. I don't think the electronic sounds are particularly good either. My Score: 1/5 New World I think that Necrofantasia is one of the hardest Touhou songs to arrange, so I'm always impressed when I hear it done well. The transitions between parts of higher energy and lower energy keep it interesting and the transitions themselves are done well and at good points. My Score: 3.5/5
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