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  1. Instructions unclear, terrorized local frogs with cryogenics
  2. It is that time of year again. I've not shown my face in this forum for a long time now but the strongest day is once again upon us, and I intend to honour the tradition YOU BETTER NOT HAVE FORGOTTEN I thought I'd actually create a new thread for once, so, my fellow bakas, I implore you to share whatever random Cirno content you want in this thread. The stupider, the better
  3. Next time I have to explain to someone what Touhou is I'm just gonna show them this thread
  4. One month later, I've got a question to those of you who see this. What do you want me to do next with this?
  5. Heh, I remember you mentioning a while back you were dipping your toes into GU, and I've been meaning to ask: how are things going with that? Limited time for gaming has meant limited time for talking about any soundtracks, but I'm planning at last to do a small feature on Sunbreak sometime soon. Actually, at this point there's nothing stopping from doing some kind of feature on it now, but I think for the moment I'd like to wait for an official release of the tracks in the later updates, which will probably happen sometime after the final update releases. Whether or not I even feature any of those tracks is undecided, but I'd like to at least have the full collection available to me before I start anything, seeing as it's probably not far off now. Also, surprised to hear you say that the new tracks in Generations Ultimate didn't leave much of an impression on you. The expansion didn't add much music, but Silver Winged Star (Valfalk/Valstrax) is usually pretty popular. And as always, if you ever need help tracking down the origin for something, feel free to ask me, as my knowledge is generally broad enough to pinpoint where stuff debuted.
  6. Huh, lots of new people appearing on this website lately. Another warm welcome from me!
  7. This is the second to last round, actually. You're right, I should engage the summoning. I've had my eyes away from this for a bit due to studies. Breathes in @Tenkko @Drunken_Flower @sodaodaoda I shall wrangle soda and DF through discord, just kinda gotta hope that Tenkko reappears. He usually shows up eventually.
  8. Hi there and welcome! Hope you enjoy the forum!
  9. Today Yesterday I learned that that calm bit that plays in orchestral versions of Proof of a Hero originates as its own track from the first Monster Hunter, and the original is gorgeous...
  10. (relatively) long timer here, it's great to see someone new on the forum, welcome! It's interesting to see Touhou gain a wider reach through collabs like Musedash, it would be cool to see more things like that.
  11. My favourite official game is either EoSD or IN; in terms of pure gameplay I think EoSD has excellent danmaku patterns and this very raw fun-ness about it, no gimmicks about it. But IN is no slouch in simply being a fun game either, and when you also consider things like its characters and the brilliant last word system, I think it's a truly iconic game. As for fangames, I actually don't play very many of them... but, Komajou Densetsu (and its sequel) left a great impression on me, and the edgy Castlevania-esque redesigns of the characters are also really cool, so that one's my favourite.
  12. This is a reprise of Reimu's outfit from WBaWC! I wasn't expecting to ever see it again but since it's one of my favourite Reimu designs I'm pleasantly surprised!
  13. The title screen art for this game goes hard- HOLY SHIT HOW FUCKING BIG IS REIMU'S GOHEI NOW!!??
  14. One of my big problems with Goyouku Ibun was how, unlike previous Tasofro spinoffs, it didn't give us playable scenarios for new but underdeveloped characters to expand their story, which has always been one one of their great strengths ever since IaMP, so I'm hoping that this game having an expanded playable roster - quite a large one from the looks of it - will fill that gap. Honestly it's not just the 16 - 18 cast that're left in the dark currently, the Touhou 15 casts suffers from this as well with the exception of Doremy. So, although I'll happy to see any characters from these games get an appearance, who do I want most? Well Aunn is already confirmed and also happens to already be a character I wanted to see, so things are off to a pretty good start. Kutaka is also a character high on my list, we got to see a bit of her in 17.5 but not as a playable character. And from Touhou 18, Misumaru is a character I simply need to see more of (THE LORE IMPLICATIONS). Okina, Narumi, any of the animal realm bosses, Megumu and Momoyo are all characters I'd like to see too. It'll also be nice to see some older faces return, like Nazrin we can see in the character select screen. Namely I'm really hoping we see Alice return, I want to know what she's been up to in the years since her last important appearance.
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