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  1. I'll be honest, I don't feel up to another remix tournament coming right off the heels of another one. (Also, I'd struggle to scrape up 3 Halloween themed songs and I don't think the ones I already have in mind are that obscure, I feel there's a pretty high chance that someone else will also pick them. Still, I'll upload them in Musical Discoveries at the end if no one happened to pick them.) So, I won't participate this time around. Hopefully this doesn't leave you too short on participants, but you should still have enough to do it if Ken Hisuag shows up, which I'm sure he will want to.
  2. Well thanks once again to Jssf for hosting and everyone else for participating. This wasn't the best remix tournament I've done, but that's not to say there weren't highlights, as there definitely were. I found both Having a Dark Dream and Blooming Season great, I really liked the orchestral remix with two of Alice's themes, and I also loved 4th Radiance - but I want a version with the full thing! Well, guess there's nothing left to do but show my picks now.
  3. Thank you!! I hadn't heard the original, I love this version too! edit: oh yeah you don't yet know that was my pick
  4. Alright, let's finish this up! Beyond that Door I think this is Grimoire of Alice, although throughout the majority of the piece I can't tell that it's based on something. Not that it has to sound recognisably Touhou for it to be good, it's just something I couldn't help but notice while listening. It definitely sounds of "upbeat anime song", which isn't something I particularly love, but I like the simplistic beat the music has, it works really well with the rest of the parts. Overall even though I don't love it I do think it's good. It gets a solid 6/10 from me. Flight of the
  5. Blooming Season A very jovial sounding remix. I'm not really sure what genre I would call this, but the trumpet is definitely the standout; and the singing compliments it very well. I'd very much like to hear more Touhou music in this style, if anyone knows where I could find it. I wish I had more to say about this remix since I like it so much, but I just can't think of much else to describe it. 9/10. Dancing Doll I find the violins at the beginning to sound quite grating, and the electric guitar feels a bit... echo-y? But quality of the instruments aside, my biggest problem wi
  6. Grimoire of Alice / Alice in Wonderland Orchestral MMMMMM YES ORCHESTRA I've been looking forward to finding some new orchestral pieces in this tournament. I feel we've had loads of techno pieces coming up in the earlier rounds, and while I do like those, there's normally more variety each round, so I'm glad that there's lots of very different stuff coming up now. As for this orchestra, it's kind of difficult to rate it because it's two pieces in one lol, but I'll do my best. The first section is very powerful and kinda militant, but I do like the kind of menacing feeling it has
  7. Other "Idola Deus" I was talking about in remix tournament:
  8. N.I.G.H.T.M.A.R.E -Nhato Remix- Oh yeah, when it has Nhato Remix in the title, you know it's gonna be good. This has a really catchy vocal, a funky bass line, great variety and progression throughout the song which keeps things mixed up, interesting, and most importantly moving; and all the different layers of instrumentation just work so well with each other. Don't get me started on that main chorus. 8/10. Blue Desire I like this synth remix, it feels very bouncy and also atmospheric, and has this nice upbeat energy to it. I can't think of anything in particular it does well, i
  9. Scores given to your own picks do not count towards their overall final ratings, so it's just a matter of giving your own opinion really. Don't worry, there's usually always at least one person who gives their own track a 10 and this isn't the first time that person has been me. In general, how you choose to handle your own tracks when they appear is up to you. I like to rate them without saying they're my picks, and then reveal what my picks were at the end, although sometimes I will also reveal some of my picks for the sake of explanation when I review them, like I did here.
  10. Darkness Power Ah, another one that I've heard before. I'm not a big fan of the intro, but it picks up later, especially with the vocal. I think I recognise the voice from somewhere else... let's see who sings this... Mei Ayakura? But that name doesn't ring any bells at all to me... I wonder what it could be that I'm thinking of? Overall, I do like it, a respectable 6/10. 聲ナキ詩 This one is so soothing, I literally can't listen to it without yawning... zzzzzz... And once you get to about halfway through, you are fully hypnotised. I'm not really sure what score to give it, but I th
  11. Tasofro are releasing the next demo for Touhou 17.5 tomorrow (18th October) (Reitaisai SP 7).
  12. Idola Deus: Idolatrise World is just such a hype song, I've heard many remixes and this one too is one I'm already familiar with. I like how it leans into the techno instruments a lot, but also has layers provided by more traditional sounding instruments, and that electric guitar that joins in towards the end. This song seems to walk a very fine line between building tension and releasing it. Not my favourite Idolatrise World remix though. 7/10. I actually happen to know of another Idolatrise World remix with the same title. It's pretty underrated too, probably would have been good t
  13. Sponsor X (aka. danmakuJP) have created a website to celebrate Touhou's 25th anniversary. Of course, it's all in Japanese, but the website is very pretty and easy to navigate, so I implore you to give it a look regardless. The website has a gallery of all windows era game characters, organised by game; a timeline of Touhou's history detailing every official release (including print works and music CDs) as well as events and notable fan releases (manga, music, games etc.) of each year; and a page of Touhou keywords and explanations that are used within the Touhou community. My Japanese is far,
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