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  1. Futo hat Futo hat I think Kasen's Chinese buns are also pretty cool
  2. Hmmmm Might these appeal to you?
  3. It's time for this month's roundup. And I have way too much I want to post! There are actually some songs in here which I would've liked to give their own posts when I found them, so I'll do those first. Guess this is a reminder to self that I still ought to do regular posts sometimes. And now, onto the other stuff, which is simply a list of very high quality vocal songs, mostly (but not all) falling into the 'rock' category.
  4. I decided I ought to do something to practice my Japanese, so I had a go at these. Sure, I had to look up the kanji, but come on, there's no shame in looking up the kanji... 1. "Renko Usami Dreaming in the Present" I thought this one would be difficult to translate but actually it was easy once I realised 宇佐見蓮子 was a name. So I'm confidant in the accuracy of this translation. Probably an arrange of something from ZUN's Music CDs, right? 2. This one, I understand the meaning but it's kinda hard to put into English. It's something like: "Love-Coloured Breaking Through like a Magician!" ("Magician" could also be substituted for "Witch", idk what fits better.) (Spelling of the word "Colour" can be adjusted depending on your region) That's a remix of Love-Coloured Master Spark if I've ever heard one. 3. I thought this one would be the easiest to translate because it had the least kanji, so I started with this one. I was wrong. I think the meaning is roughly: "To Come to an Objective, Grasp the Newspaper Tightly" There's a lot of words you could change in this though. "To come to" could also be "To reach" and "Objective" could also be something like "Aim" or "Purpose"; I'm not sure how best to phrase it. Also I'm not 100% on the form of the second part of the sentence, I think technically it's supposed to be a request, so the translation of the title might actually be something like "So That I Can Come to an Objective, Let me Grasp the Newspaper Tightly". Drunken has more experience with this than me so I'd wait until he can double check this. But anyway, an Aya theme right? What I've taken away from this exercise is that my Japanese grammar is not all that awful, I just have no idea what the words are without using a dictionary.
  5. This month's roundup is a collection of metal and rock things.
  6. Touhou game jam website is now down. There is now a replacement upload of my game on my itch.io page: https://buskerdog.itch.io/cirnos-tan-plan
  7. This spoiler tab contains things in Ken's spoiler tab nice This is the obligatory post I do where I thank the host for organising and everyone for participating. And I have to say for me at least, wow this tourney got really good all of a sudden right at the end! Ken, did you order these? My favourites are of course songs I rated very highly in the last two rounds; silenced majority, On My Own, Hymn of Haniwa, and Oriental Sky of Scarlet Perception, but there was also definitely solid stuff from before that point too, OHKAMIYOHOTOKEYO in particular stands out in my memory. Props to Ken for figuring out some way to get the last of Jerome's reviews in before he had to head out, and also props to Drunken for getting us to put reviews in spoiler tabs more, it's something he suggested last tournament but it has legit helped a lot for navigating this thread. Well then... This spoiler tab contains my submissions
  8. If I remember correctly, I think the version of Touhou 1's soundtrack featured in Touhou 5's music room is indeed a remastered version. Not sure if this applies for the other games featured in Touhou 5's music room.
  9. This caught me by surprise, I forgot there was going to be a sixth round.
  10. I don't intend to just use this thread to talk about my game! Game I Recommend: Alum's Strata Gems https://touhou-gamejam.web.app/en/work/cjGqpejuGYIyBDyJ/ This is a puzzle game about matching gems in specific patterns while trying to prevent your opponent from doing the same. It's a simple game, but with a surprising amount of depth to it, and it's a lot of fun! Also pretty clever use of Parsee as the main character, as the over-arching objective is to take cards from your opponents, which makes sense seeing as she's, you know, jealousy incarnate. Not sure who this Alum Strata person is, they must be an OC. By the way, the game jam website will go down on August 31st. I imagine most people will upload their games again elsewhere, but if you see something you like be sure to grab it now!
  11. Am I misremembering or weren't you posting art at one point?
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