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  1. Welcome! Hope you have a nice time here. Well then if you're anything like I am, I'll assume you like eurobeat music... if you hadn't discovered already, there's a lot of good Touhou eurobeat out there. Trust me, I would know... Do you listen to much Touhou doujin music in general? If so, you may find this of interest: https://moriyashrine.org/forums/topic/913-rt6-revenge-of-the-remix-tournament/ We have quite a lot of active music threads here in general, I guess it's quite a popular topic of discussion so I would recommend those if you are interested in music.
  2. Hello and welcome. Have a nice time here yourself!
  3. Yo, I'm within 3 hours of the remix tournament announcement! also, how do these always come at the perfect time? I was gonna do this but then I guess Jerome commented while I was still on this page
  4. Monster Hunter Rise soundtrack showcase Part 4/4: Wait, it's not Japanese?
  5. Monster Hunter Rise soundtrack showcase Part 3/4: The Chase
  6. I've been listening to some Touhou 18 remixes from Chocolate Fantasy recently, a Eurobeat circle who are new to me. I was going to share their song MINING & EATING, but I've also been catching up on the posts in this thread from when Unconnected Marketeers released and found that Ken has already shared it, so instead I'm gonna share this Kitten of Great Fortune remix from them that's become my latest addiction. I imagine we're going to start seeing a lot more touhou 18 arranges when Autumn Reitaisai comes, as that's the next big event where doujin circles will be selling new releases. Looking forward to hopefully hearing some Eurobeat of Ore from the Age of the Gods.
  7. imo 11 is harder. I can actually beat touhou 15 (pointdevice mode), but I can't even complete touhou 11 let alone 1cc it. I actually made a bit of a rant about it in another thread, tldr I hate the way touhou 10-12 handles continues. If we're talking about legacy mode for touhou 15 then I guess it might be harder than touhou 11, but if you want to judge the game as a whole then I don't think it's fair to exclude pointdevice mode, seeing as it's the default option and the entire game is basically designed around it.
  8. Monster Hunter Rise soundtrack showcase Part 2/4: Monster Hunting
  9. ^ was basically going to say the same thing as the person above me. The automatic patching program is handled by Touhou Patch Center (www.thpatch.net). Their main page also has a handy infographic showing what languages have been completely translated for specific games and what ones are started but still in progress. From my understanding it works sort of like a wiki, so I assume it shouldn't be too difficult to join and start translating.
  10. Nice stuff. Although, it appears you've pasted in everything twice lol, you may want to fix that. By the way, I did some researching for you and found that the MHGen Arena theme is called "Draped in Valor". And regarding the difference between MHGen and MHGU, the latter is basically considered an expansion to the base game. You could make the distinction to point out which songs came from the base game and which one game from Generations Ultimate, but I don't think anyone will really mind it, seeing as you bundled in the Monster Hunter World: Iceborne themes under Monster Hunter World anyway. You've also used some of the Japanese names for the monsters in some titles, but again I don't think it matters much.
  11. I'm back from my hiatus! Time for something that is long overdue. Yup, It's time for that Monster Hunter Rise OST showcase. I'm going to be going over this in a few different parts highlighting some of the different kinds of tracks used in the game, but to start with I'm going back to my first experience of the game with the demo, using some of the songs that were in it to give a taste of the soundtrack as a whole. Part 1/4: Introduction
  12. You absolute legends. Thank you guys. Hopefully I won't be needing to ask about any other videos like this in the future, but it could happen.
  13. @Ken Hisuag The last song from this post is now deleted, and despite my sleuthing around, I haven't been able to deduce what it was. Can you remember? If anyone remembers / has a way to know what it was, I'd be grateful.
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