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  1. i ate a door

    1. Renko


      why do my lungs hurt all of a sudden

    2. Renko
  2. Sorry for sudden inactivity, a relative died and I was away for the week.


  3. I got 0, so I redownloaded but its still the same problem saying "Can not open file as an archive" or "Unknown file format"
  4. Might just be me but I don't see that feature. (I am on a Windows 10)
  5. I have tried downloading multiple times. I used a another program and tried 7-zip already, which didn't work only giving me "Can not open files as an archive".
  6. You can't extract the main game ZIP folder, it will give me a message saying unknown file format when I attempt to extract either file. So then when I open up the game its just a loading screen.
  7. "Voice Moving" Moving ones voice somewhere else. (Example: John Doe says "Hello" the ability can grant me the power to move the voice to anywhere in my vision, and allow others to hear if I wanted to) Why? To get some people to just be quiet.
  8. Hello mario.

  9. I like playing YUME NIKKI, I have barely anything to say, though I like the game because it's a "meaningful" game to me. Nothing really happens, but it's a game where you explore dreams (Or mainly just nightmares) with barely any jumpscares. It's fun to play, and does actually have a ending (Which I won't spoil)
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