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  1. I'm not sure what the keyboard controls are. I play with a controller.
  2. Every time I open the game, it resets my key configurations to the default. Any way to rectify this?
  3. You need to tell your anti-virus to allow the application or else it will straight up delete it.
  4. My first exposure to Touhou was by this guy on Twitch who went by the name Yggdrasiface. I watched him for half a year without really looking into the series being lost as to what game I was watching him play. Then he streamed an alttp randomizer while the Touhou Maiden bgm was playing in the background, asked for the link to the playlist, listened to that for two months, then I started actually looking into the series and five months later, here I am. If I had stopped watching Yggdrasiface out of sheer overwhelmness, I would not be here. Looking back, I’m amazing I managed to continue watching with zero clue as to what Touhou was for half a year.
  5. what is patch bat? Are you referring to the batch file?
  6. If your game is still crashing, there is a code that unlocks the extra stage for every shot type I'm not going to post it here since it's kinda convoluted, but if you're curious, it's on the wiki under the gameplay section. And it does work. I tested it out.
  7. oh hey look, Moriya Shrine's on my desktop.
  8. I don't really understand this. what's the button layout? like, which is the shoot key, focus, bomb, pause; that sort of stuff?
  9. I got it to work with a controller. I honestly prefer controller to keyboard
  10. so I just change the BugFixTh10Power3 value to zero, right?
  11. how do I configure the fighting games into this? there's no Thcrap
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