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  1. I also had rice, but with a spicy curry! By the way Mevs, it's nice to see you bring up more relaxed topics like this. It's also nice to meet someone from Brazil too!
  2. Danmaku Kagura's service has now officially ended. Despite being another touhou gacha, I love all the illustrations and songs they managed to include in the game! There was a surprise announcement at the end of the farewell livestream too! Phantasia Lost is a continuation of Danmaku Kagura and it's arriving on steam in 2023! I hope they'll be able to include most of the content from the main game to this new version. Lastly, it was really nice to see all of the players being credited at the very end : )
  3. Here is the content announced from the 2.5th anniversary dev letter of jp lostword. Reimu and Marisa now have an Epic swimsuit variation. As much as I love both of them, it's just disappointing to see characters that should've been costumes instead. Tewi and Mokou also have Ultra festival variations on the way. I actually thought blue Mokou would be an Epic character and while she does look cool, I'm still not interested with any of the Ufes. They're probably just focusing on these characters now, since everyone from Touhou 6-18 has been implemented already. However, there's another Mokou arriving shortly after. Her MV variation doesn't have a introduction video yet, but I still believe the Relic characters didn't need to exist at all. Even ZUN seemed confused about them in the dev letter livestream. The Prismrivers finally have their fantasy rebirth outfits and they're all beautiful! Lyrica looks really cute while she's sitting on her piano! For the jp christmas event, costumes for Eiki, Narumi and Eika were revealed. I think all of them are adorable! Since the global version likes to include costumes with new characters, we might see Narumi and Eika arriving soon!
  4. Tojiko!!! She's finally here and I'm glad to see PCB Yuyuko arrive earlier too! We'll probably see Satori and Koishi in the next dev letter!
  5. New Keine MV! I really like this one and the presentation of their videos are always amazing!
  6. As you both said, I think it's natural for anyone to move onto another series that they enjoy. It doesn't always lead them to forgetting about touhou and it's nice to see artwork of other stuff I might like too. Though, I'll admit it's kind of upsetting to see them move away or even take a break from drawing, especially if they've done a lot for the community. Some artists were one of the reasons why I love my favourite characters so much! However, I'm still going to support most of them regardless!
  7. More UM characters are on the way to global! Really happy to have Chimata, Momoyo and Mike arrive now! I'd love to have all of them and hopefully we'll see Megumu very soon too!
  8. A lot has been revealed for the September jp dev letter. Firstly, we have a new Epic and Ultra festival character on the way: Even though I'm not interested in any of the Epics, I'll admit that I love this piano arrangement of her theme! However, I'm not a fan of Koishi being depicted as psychotic, so I'm satisfied with her SA version. I also love this arrangement of 3rd eye, but there really isn't many reasons for me to have Ufes Satori either. I think the Komeji sisters were announced sooner to make as much profit as possible. Unfortunately, there was another MV character announced too: There isn't a video showcasing Sakuya at the moment, though I still don't think any of the Relic characters needed to exist at all. On a positive note, here are the new costumes and fantasy rebirth outfits! I think Sagume and Doremy look absolutely beautiful! Their outfits are much better designed compared to the regular dresses that other characters received! Miko and Saki look equally amazing as well!
  9. I'm going to be honest here. I think some people are taking the results way too seriously. At the end of the day, the popularity poll is just meant to be something fun for the community. It shouldn't affect how you feel about certain characters and themes, since it's your vote that matters the most. That being said, I love all the characters, so I'm happy with any outcome!
  10. It's a shame that people would only consider spending ridiculous amounts of money for these types of costumes, no matter how shallow the gameplay is. Even though swimsuit characters should've been costumes instead, I'm just glad that lostword isn't focusing on over-sexualising them. There's also a dev letter arriving sooner than expected. Wonder which characters are arriving next, apart from the ufes ones.
  11. I saw this as well and it's amazing how the artist has included all these locations! The drawings for each specific area are nice too! I think this would be great for anyone to use as a reference.
  12. Sumireko appeared for me, so I'm glad to finally try her out in other modes! I was also thinking about using my exchange ema for Raiko or Wakasagihime whenever she arrives. I think Eosd Daiyousei and Koakuma look cute and since this is their classic versions, I don't seeing them at all. I wonder which game they will stop at for making these variations. Personally, I think the characters up to Ten Desires is enough, but they'll probably work on this for everyone. On a separate note, will you guys be voting in the annual popularity poll this time?
  13. Finally, two characters we've been waiting for are arriving in global now! Really happy to see Raiko and Sumireko! They may have been way overdue, but it's satisfying and a relief to know that we can play as them now! We can have their cool costumes too!
  14. You're right Count in that the topic is interesting, but I feel like we've already provided developed answers in other threads. I would be kind of repeating what's mentioned in the 'Flanderization of touhou characters' and 'Touhou fans are a lost cause' thread. Nothing wrong with a simple answer this time though!
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