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  1. I've caught up with the Interlude chapter now and it's a shame those characters still haven't arrived yet, despite making a few appearances already. Sumireko was the main focus and she even had a new costume, so there's no reason for her to be missed out. This applies for the others too since we can see them in battles. I'll admit that I was very happy to see Parsee again and I really like how she's been depicted in the story so far. I might have replayed her cutscenes a few times :) I'm also confused with how they treated the MC. It seems like she's way younger than we expected, instead of being around the same age as Reimu and Marisa. Seeing Nemuno and Sannyo give her headpats was very cute though. Since the global version likes including new characters with events, I'll probably have to wait even more before I'm finally with Parsee. Maybe we'll see her if Hina's Cheering Saga gets another rerun. At least there's a few we can expect to have soon. If Gensokyo of the dead or Prismriver march is next, then I can't wait to see Tojiko and Raiko with their costumes.
  2. Don't worry Count, take as much time as you need. There's a lot that has changed recently with lostword, so it's completely fine if you want to leave it for now. My opinion hasn't changed much, but I'll continue to stay updated on the game until then.
  3. Ten Desires Miko is here for global and I'm happy to see another classic variation. I really like this arrangement of true administrator, also Tojiko and Futo make an appearance too! Shame we didn't get to see Tojiko playable before her though. I'm still going to save my exchange ema as well. They really should have included the festival characters and I don't think we're going to receive these exchanges often.
  4. As disappointed as I am with the game, I'm happy to see Ichirin here now. Nice to have all the UFO characters and hopefully the earlier games will be completed next. That being said, I don't them to focus on the recent UM cast instead of the characters that were on jp for over a year now.
  5. I couldn't describe the disappointment I felt when I saw this on the livestream. At the same time, I'm not surprised given the recent content for the game. I really thought these were just cute summer outfits. It doesn't really matter what story explanation there is, they shouldn't be epic variations at all. Also, I might give up on referring to the characters by their universe classification. There's too many at this point, including this new one. My heart is going to break if Epic Yukari and Relic Alice arrive quicker in global than the others. While some of those alts look cooler than others like Marisa, I still have no interest in trying to get them. They're just going to be overpowered and everyone else that aren't epics or relics, won't have their stats improved. In fact, I don't even know if I'll be playing the game anymore by the time they're available. Just like you and a large amount of the community, I'm tired of these decisions and I want to take a break as soon as possible. I'll be more than happy to once characters like Raiko and my beloved Parsee are finally here. I'm also going to be sad thinking about everything I invested in this game and whether it was all worth it in the end. At least one thing is certain, my dislike for gacha games has skyrocketed after LostWord.
  6. Thanks for compiling all the controversies and sharing it with us Count! If I wasn't sceptical enough already, hearing all this makes me want to stay away from it completely. I'll make sure to share this with as many people as I can too. Shame that ZUN himself probably doesn't make these decisions and it's handled by his legal team instead. They might be more interested in making touhou popular than focus on the quality of these gacha games.
  7. I guess the only thing I don't understand is why some people ignore the official depictions. They just view the characters based on how the community treats them. That might be an issue with fandoms in general, but at least I don't have to agree with them either. Meiling for example, is sometimes hated for being lazy or weak. I still thinks she's the best gatekeeper in Gensokyo. She's cool for mastering different types of martial arts too!
  8. Hey again! My favourite would be Dr Pepper, but I also like Irn-Bru a lot! Having a cold can on a hot day is just heavenly. Can't say no to having plenty of water either. Also Scarlet, appreciate you making this site more active recently!
  9. By the way Scarlet, I see that you have a screenshot of Celeste as your header. I love that game so much! The music, the level design and the story are just amazing! It's still one of the best indie games I've played!
  10. I actually haven't played much of Pokemon myself, but I'm interested in the series. I guess having a world where you can discover different species, which all have their unique charm is very appealing. Most of the character designs are cool too!
  11. You have the boxed copy, nice! I'm really happy that more people can enjoy the Persona series now! Hopefully more companies decide to take a similar approach. :)
  12. Hi again! I just love playing through a variety of games, especially jrpg's like Persona and Dragon Quest. I'm biased towards Mario 64 though, mainly cause it was one of the first I've ever played and I still enjoy watching the speedruns too!
  13. Honestly, I can give reasons why most of them are the best. I'm going to have to say Parsee though, since she's my favourite. Jealousy isn't the main reason why either. I just love her design and her theme so much! Her beautiful green eyes and adorable elf ears are worth everything!
  14. It's a shame Danmaku Kagura will be closing it's servers. The game seemed to be doing really well, but I guess it still didn't reach those expectations. I'm glad they were able to include so many amazing songs and artwork though. The roadmap for the last of the content is great too. I just really wanted to see a global version and the gameplay was more interesting to me compared to other touhou gachas. I feel like LostWord might be the only one to survive, since Good Smile Company is huge and they probably have enough support to keep the game around for years. I'm not a fan of the current state of LostWord either, since it feels like they're trying to make as much money now over anything else. I've mentioned this before, but I might be done as soon as I have the last of my favourites. Even if I don't like gacha games that much, I agree that the constant hate will bring the community down with negativity. Thank for sharing that tweet and to you guys for letting me know about the team behind Arcadia Record. Even if I did check out that game, I don't want to keep supporting them if they continue to be involved with shady stuff. I haven't heard about this news, so thanks for sharing too! It would be interesting if this was an actual bullet hell for mobile, but that sounds more painful. To be honest, I just don't want to see a future where touhou is only known for gacha. The best thing the community could do is keep sharing how amazing everything else is.
  15. I want to say Nemuno, mainly cause she has a similar accent in LostWord. Though, I wouldn't mind seeing everyone else act Scottish.
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